COVID PANDEMIC: Here’s what a UPP government will do differently


The leader of the United Progressive Party Harold Lovell has responded to a very popular question among social media users.

Many have asked what will the UPP do differently to manage the COVID-19 pandemic if they inherit the government.

Lovell responded to this question at the recent Diaspora Progressives Forum.

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  1. Lovell shut you M****A S***T. It is goo thing Antiguans aint dumb to know you talking crap you fork tongue M****A S***T. You taking about following protocols yet you and your henchmen and henchwomen covertly supporting the picket which is a mass gathering even and hence fertile grounds for covid. The murderer in your party speaks about not violtating the right to picket when ironically their picketing is against the measures you folk tongue M****A S****T is saying you will uphold. Is who really trying to fool bwoy.

    You harping about social programme. Where you go get the money from. You and your henchmen and henchwomen very action derailed the economic prospects of this country under covid sow where you gonna get money from. Your party’s covert action to date is wanting to see the numbers in Antigua escalate so you can seek to gain political grounds.

    Go back so bwoy you fork tongue M*****A S****T.

  2. What’s telling is during the time he was Finance Minister, much of the programs they promised the election proceeding were not delivered eg unemployment insurance. Not even a framework was established though it was a manifesto promise. SS made clear we could not afford it. Something like that you start before a crisis since the funds will have to be garnered via employee deductions. Now look at Lovell, we are in a worse situation than during the global economic crisis since then the country did not have to be shut down, yet he has now discovered treasures in opposition. Back then it was Lovell who would always remind that it was belt tightening time hence social programs were cut

  3. The fact remains that Harry is aging out. He look old and haggard. I hope his health is holding. (There are so many rumors.) Nonetheless, he failed as a Finance Minister and must not be given the opportunity to fail again. I like Harry as a person, but not as a politician. He’s looking so old. I really do hope he’s okay???

    • Yeah there are definitely health issues. Not sure if his heart will hold up under the stress and demands of campaigning much less if by some miracle he were to become PM.

      Heart health is crucial.

  4. This is not a riddle. Factually match the left with the correct answer on the right:

    (a) #HFWL (i) Murderer
    (b) Pearl (ii) Statistically a looser
    (c) Bowen (iii) Loud Mouth empty vessel
    (d) Serpant (iv) Snob

  5. So is Lovell saying he and his team are Wizards??? (rubs chin) When UPP get in power the people automatically listen and follow all protocols….They will magically find money to help business owners like pulling rabbits from hats….Good Lord who raised them…..

    • Copy and paste from “how to be a politician in Antigua and Barbuda” say the things they think the public wants to hear. Lord knows Gaston Browne and ABLP full ah 💩 but I will take my chances with them. Not them beauty pageant contestants in UPP.

    • “Wizards” 🤔

      Maybe they plan to put another calabash at the crossroads. Wilmot Daniel will let us know for sure.

  6. A whole 10 minutes of nutten Harold get me
    back me ten minutes….chuuuups…… Sorry I must speak properly stweeeeeps !

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