COVID will remain a significant threat years after herd immunity


Prime Minister Gaston Browne is predicting that COVID-19 will remain a threat to the country years after “national immunity” is achieved.

He says this is why residents must be vaccinated ahead of plans to fully reopen the country at the end of the year.


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  1. If you had believed that this “herd immunity” was ever achievable then I have some magic beans to sell you. They can always blame the “unvaccinated” because only they are catching and spreading it…right…right…?

  2. Completely agree.
    Herd status will not stop the virus.
    It is here to stay for decades unless the doctors find a better vaccine and those who are not vaccinated will be more likely to suffer from the virus.
    Other countries have high levels of vaccinations and have had high levels of contamination but they are still suffering containable hospital numbers but their deaths are down.
    The present vacines just give us a degree of protection not the final answer.
    The virus appears to love people who have a ‘contained’ medical condition and can make their future life a short one!

    • Nothing tarl go so cause vaccinated suffering just as much and will some more. There’s no point of it really cause it doesn’t do what it’s suppose to…in contrary it is.. (depopulation and population control)

  3. There will never be any herd immunity with the vaccines. Dr Fauchi said that herd immunity would be achieved when 80% of the population was vaccinated. Now that people in countries with 80% vaccination rate are still catching covid, these same so called experts are pushing buster shots. They now say buster shots will be required every year. Hope Antigua has the money to buy the vaccines. Big Pharma wins again. Did they program the vaccines to the expire after six months? Anyway most Antiguans did not get the mRNA vaccines.

    • Those other vaccine makers will be coming out with their boosters also. There is no way they’re letting Pfizer & Moderna rake in all the loot on
      extra jabs.

  4. This is simply confused. Herd immunity is not just some number. It obtains when the immunization rate is such that the vaccinated are so protected in sufficiently large numbers that the unvaccinated are protected as well. If it is truly reached, covid will no longer be a threat. If it is a threat, then it is not reached.

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