UPDATED: Unvaccinated CBH workers hinder COVID enforcement measures


Health Minister Molwyn Joseph announced over the weekend the “unfortunate” news that several Central Board of Health workers are unvaccinated.

He said this was hindering efforts to enforce COVID-19 protocols.

“The enforcement agency of the government is Central Board of Health and … a lot of inspectors of the Central Board of Health are themselves not vaccinated,” Joseph said.

“And some of them are saying they’re worried about going because they might catch the COVID so we’re trying to work around that.”

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  1. What about the people with serious underline sickness that their doctors suggested to them not the take the vaccines. If they do it will be a 50–50 chance. What are we going to do with these people? For example, skin lotion and soap, there are people out there who an allergic to some of these products because of the ingredients. Also, some food items people are allergic to.

  2. What does their vaccination status have to do with them doing their job? The same job that they have been doing since the onset of covid when no vaccine was around.

    Have they refused to carry out inspections?? NO!

    Mind you, the inspectors attached to CBH is the only health department assisting in the covid fight that do not receive any form of risk allowance or covid incentive. Yet, they go out daily not knowing what they will meet out there.

    Molwyn come again! You need to explain to the public why is it that vaccinated persons who have a negative test are allowed to enter the country without any form of quarantine, when all of the research shows that vaccinated persons can catch and spread the virus just as the unvaccinated.

    Study that imbecile incompetent Sir!

  3. Molwyn’s mouth come in like toilet….cause a bare shit he a chat! I wish he would talk the truth.

    1 inspector had an issue with inspecting Royalton during the recent covid outbreak. This does not speak to all of the inspectors. This same inspector still goes out and carry out her regular inspections of bars, restaurants, salons etc. however she was hesitant to inspect the hotel because there were KNOWN COVID POSITIVE PATIENTS.

    Tourism authority were the ones who initially inspected the hotels and told the hotels what meausres to sharpen or implement, so now shit hits the fan, why involve CBH. CBH isnt only for the “dirty work”…..

    The persons who are on government payroll that collect $350 per month as risk allowance or the $1000 per month as covid relief fund (some even collecting $1350), why yall dont send them.

  4. Health Minister Sir Rolls Royce have any medical background or experience in the medical field?

    We all know he have experience getting Rolls Royce vehicles lifted over the Port fence.

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