COVID-positive woman in her 30s fights for life at SLBMC


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  1. Here some news: Dr. Duncan can’t manage nothing. Its time again for an Antiguan Medical Director. But this time, pay the antiguan a nice salary.
    Blah Blah Blah, vaccines save lives but Gaston making bad decisions and now people sick to death with worry.

  2. Who decided to reopen the borders without testing and quarantining ALL people on arrival.

    There were ZERO cases of C19 on June 1st 2020 before the borders were recklessly opened.

    Every single one of these deaths is on this failed government

  3. Whether the patient is fighting for their life or having a beautiful Sunday morning breakfast is nobody business and should not be brought to the public for discussion.
    The patient family is the only one that should be privy to this information

  4. Gaston Browne controls the narratives on all things in Antigua and Barbuda. Remembered those times you were laughing and spouting off at other Caribbean Nations. When the Covid-19 numbers were on the rise. You you blaming all and sundry. Who are you blaming now GREAT ONE,GASTON BROWNE,for the blowing up of Covid-19 in Antigua and Barbuda?

  5. We were told by a doctor on A.B.S. television that ALL of the variants were brought into this country.

    I guess that the unvaccinated opened the borders for these carriers to come in….

  6. The freeDumb fighters and their supporters are right? People have a right to choose life or death? With the vaccine you have a 90% chance of survival if you get really sick but that’s a chance opposition parties all over the world are willing to take to get the votes of that moronic demographic. It may cause deaths but that’s a small price to pay to get into political office. Most of those double talkers are vaccinated though…you better believe it.

    Don’t listen to medical experts….continue to get your “data” from people on social media who can’t even spell or have political agendas. Next time your car breaks down or you are building a house don’t speak to a mechanic or engineer. Consult social media or the closest opposition politician. Listen to “experts” who will tell you things like their great-grandfather house still standing before they had steel so you don’t need steel to build…..use straw and cow dung.

    Gov’ts around the world should let Darwinism play out and let Covid remove a good amount of these idiotic genes from the human genepool!

  7. First of all they need to shit up Jlies cause his name should not be jtruth. He has so many minions that follow him cause they don’t have a mind of their own. And most of them vaccinated & under there lying about it because they scared of him & what he thinks. At one point he wanted to start his own party & can’t handle someone saying anything about him. The minute someone say something about him under his live or something he doesn’t like he starts to bash them like a little fucking boy. And his little minions start to chant outside outside block! Block they are so train to not have their own mind that they can’t even see it. He preach love another & be there for each other & in the same live disrespect someone because of his thin white skin & bipolar head. He is unstable as much as Gaston Brown. This joker thinks he can run a country he can’t even run a play ground. His followers would eat his shit if he ask they are the lonely ones that don’t have love in their lives. They are looking for love & they think they getting it from him. Him & his gay laugh !!! Say he is a man & don’t support battyMan but he laugh just like one. Why can’t any of his followers tell him when he is wrong? Cause they know they would be block & put outside. It’s he one know everything! He one always right no body else know anything but him ! At lease that’s what he wants everyone to think. He telling his followers to stay home from work & half of them don’t have a job broke just like him so staying home is already their thing. He is the most unfair social media influence ever!! And he trying to be world wide with his nasty ways & one minute love your brothers & sisters to NA TELL NOTHING CAUSE I don’t believe in your god. Who the hell is he to tell the world he right & they wrong? Bipolar at its best yet none of his followers can tell him he wrong. You either agree & shit up & pray he doesn’t block you. These persons need help & counseling after watching him . Poor Followers!!!!! If anyone die from Covid charge his ass for their death. I bet you sooner or later he takes the vaccine but telling the others not to take it. Who in their right mind would listen to JTruth? He come on his live & beg in a sinikin way to make it seem like he is not doing it cause he knows his followers won’t pick up on it. He will say he doesn’t have this or that so they start to send cash app & so ungrateful complain about they amount they are sending but still say he thankful 🥲 He is using his head on these people & they don’t even know! SMH LOCK HIM Up ! But his computer specialist he always talks about don’t exist. He is such a liar 🤥 worst that Gaston brown. His block list is long because everyone disagree with him for something or the other & he put them outside the dance. Real white man soft like pop😂😂😂😂😂. MOVE UP!!!

    • Yep…mind control. All dramatic and distasteful.
      But people go to the party because they are bored, then they get caught up.
      Independent thinking is not popular in this country. So Brown and Dias will have followers.
      I think we need distractions in this time. Now people are home, workers cant go to gym after work and nothing else is there, we are dying internally.

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