Covid outbreak hits Carnival Cruise despite every guest and staff member being ‘Vaccinated’


Somewhere near Cozumel in the Caribbean Sea, there’s a cruise ship that had zero unvaccinated people aboard but that still suffered an outbreak of Covid-19.

This goes against the narrative that the reason for “breakthrough cases” is due to too many unvaccinated people mingling with those who have taken the experimental injections.

The Carnival Vista, which departed from Galveston, Texas, on July 31, has issued strict face mask protocols and ordered infected people aboard into isolation. Mainstream media is already busy blowing it off while the cruise company is patting itself on the back for reacting swiftly.

In a statement to FOX 26, Carnival said, “We have implemented our new fleetwide mask policy early on Carnival Vista, given that we are managing a small number of positive cases on board. Our pre-established protocols of vaccinated guests and crew, testing, enhanced medical capabilities and contact tracing anticipated the potential for positive cases, and they are designed to adapt to various scenarios.

“We have identified and tested close contacts and anyone who tested positive is in isolation. The decision to implement the mask policy was made in an abundance of caution, given our focus on the health and safety of our guests and crew. The voyage will continue as planned and we are dedicated to continuing to provide our guests with a fun and safe vacation.  We appreciate the support of our Carnival Vista guests, who have been extremely supportive as we implemented the policy Wednesday evening.”

Notice how they call it a “small number of positive cases” while giving no indication of what “small” means to them. Is it 2? 10? 50? Considering the massive ship can hold over 4,000 people, “small” could mean anything. Every mainstream story we’ve seen this morning has blindly accepted and even highlighted the phrase “small number” without inquiry into exact numbers. This is not journalism. It’s narrative-building.

Ever since it became clear the “vaccines” seem to have little to no stopping power when it comes to Delta Variant infections, the White House, CDC, and mainstream media have attempted to paint the spike in “breakthrough cases” as a result of those dastardly unvaccinated. But nobody aboard the Carnival Delta is unvaccinated, a fact that everybody at Carnival and the media is conspicuously ignoring.

If unvaccinated people in close quarters had caused an outbreak of Covid-19, media would be screaming about it with exact numbers and obligatory scolding. On a ship with no unvaccinated people, outbreak details are kept intentionally ambiguous.

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  1. Great article! They can’t hide the truth forever. It has been patently obvious, for sometime now, that the asymptomatic spreaders are the vaxxed
    It’s only a matter of time before a vaccine resistant variant will emerge…and that’s when sh*t is gonna hit the fan.
    Naturally acquired immunity is broad based, because your immune system responds to the entire surface of the virus. The CV-19 vaccine induced immunity is narrowly focused on the spike protein, and as such, allows for immune
    The US media biggest advertising $$$ comes
    from big pharma (9.5 billion in 2020).👀🤫

  2. In the U.S, it has been noted that vacinnated people can catch Covid. However, they rarely (over 99%) require hospitalization or die. The new variant of covid is spreading like crazy. I know the covid vaccines are controversial in Antigua. Do your research folks! Stay safe

      • From the start of the worldwide coronavirus vaccination campaign, the anti-vaccine movement and vaccine skeptics picked an unfortunate case study: Israel. The country shot to the lead of the pack with an aggressive vaccination campaign, but its results weren’t as instantaneous as these critics suggested they should have been. Cases in Israel kept rising for a little while! So they pitched Israel as evidence that maybe the vaccines didn’t really work that well.

        But then the vaccination effort actually took hold. Israel dropped from a high of around 10,000 new daily cases in January to a seven-day average of as low as 10 last month. It began logging some days with zero deaths in April, and has recorded about 100 confirmed deaths in the last three months. If there is one country that reinforced the efficacy of the vaccines, it became Israel. And if there was one country that epitomized the sloppiness of the anti-vaccine movement, it, too, was Israel.

        – Washington post

        • “95% of severe patients are vaccinated.”
          “85-90% are fully vaccinated people. We are opening more and more covid wards. The effectiveness of the vaccine is waning/fading out.”
          -Dr. Kobi Haviv (@ newsistael13)

          • I researched what you said, unsurprisingly, you only gave half the truth. 95% sounds like a lot. But 95% of 72 people is 68 people is not many for a hospital in a city the size of Jerusalem (850,000 people). There would surely be a lot more people in hospital if there wasn’t so many people vaccinated.

            A look at the hospitalisation graph for Israel would confirm this.

            Also, different vaccines have different protection levels against the delta variant. The pfizer one (in Israel) seems to be less effective than astra zeneca (used in UK)

            In another tweet by Ran Israeli also provides more details about the situation at the Herzog Medical Center in Jerusalem:

            “72 Corona patients are hospitalized, and another 7 patients are soon expected to arrive.
            25 patients -> in critical condition.

        • You did notice that my comment was a Ran Israeli tweet, so how I am giving half truths? Did you notice something else in that tweet that I didn’t mention?
          Further, my comment to the other responder about the vaccinated being hospitalized is not rare what part of that it not true? See how much more lies you can catch me on. LMAO!

        • Selective reporting is great propaganda.
          Before the vaccine persons with comorbid complications were reported as died from covid which which show high covid death.
          After vaccinations, vaccine persons with comorbid complications were reported as died from comorbidities not covid. So there appeared to be a reduction due to vaccinations.

    • ”Stay safe”? ”Stay SANE” would be more appropriate. People really don’t want to believe that they’ve been duped.

    • Again with this do proper research from all areas your not a professional journalist cause you only taking one side of the story and broadcasting it around to fool ppl, Fox is not a reliable source of information and you know it but again with the war mongering in the country. But every dog has it day

  3. This was exactly what i was waiting on.The very moment.To those stupid ones who commented and opposed of force vaccination ordered by the Government.And here we are now…A cruuse ship of vaccinated people have covid.Who knows whats next.If these people will be hospitalized oe if they would be deaths.I tell yall wake up.The vaccine is nor for everybody.Some it will harm them some it wont.

  4. I had the chickenpox vaccine as a kid in Antigua. Then in my 20’s caught chicken pox on a regional flight. But I had only two spots and was NOT ill.

    While others without their vaccine were sick in bed for days! Does this mean the vaccine didn’t work because I still caught chickenpox?

    Of the nearly 4 billion people already vaccinated, worldwide fewer than 0.001% have died from Covid-19. Yes, some of us will still catch it, especially the delta variant, so why wait to catch it while unvaccinated?

    Our parents, grandparents and previous generations took multiple vaccines so that we could have better lives today.

    My uncle-in-law told me last month that during the war, they had to take as many as six vaccines at a time before being dispatched to some countries. All to fight for the next generation. He was one of the first in line for the AZ shot and is in his 80’s.

    Now today, we are the ones required to step up. How is that going?

    Antigua has a proud history of having one of the most vaccinated populations in the region, starting from school.

    From school, we’ve all had multiple vaccines that protect us to this day. So what’s happening now?

    It seems to me that the covid vaccines allowed an outbreak of covid to have no significant impact on the cruise itinerary. That now is reason to be suspicious??

    • Exactly Hayden.

      People see what they want to see.

      This story accuses others of “narrative building” when it is far from unbiased itself

  5. Regarding then “lack” of details. If there’s a bug on a cruise ship pre-covid / pre 2019, did they give exact numbers of who were sick on the ship?

    Most of the outbreaks on cruise ships prior to covid were not deadly. But often they would have to cancel or disrupt the itinerary if a bug or virus infection spread.

    So ii all the crew and guest are vaccinated, it means the risk to those on board is low. So why would they need to even care to extract exact numbers?

    If it was a bad flu outbreak, no-one gave numbers either. However, the risk now with covid19 for the vaccinated is even less than the flu.

    So again, why would they need to subject those on board to figure out the exact #’s? This is the new norm and proof that life will continue despite covid.

    • Yeah but this is the first MRNA vaccine ever made. I dont mind taking it. But let me wait little it longer to see how the people in the trial respond over time. They injected everybody with instructions on how to make a specific protein. Then your immune system learns how to fight it. The first vaccine of its kind made in record speed. I need more time to get comfortable.

  6. Pfizer has a new condom. It may not keep you or your partners from getting HIV, but if you do, you probably won’t even know you have it. So go out, have fun, knowing you’re protected from hospitalization and death.

    Please note this condom is only effective with “HIV”, not “hiv”, “Hiv”, “HiV”, “IVH” or any other variant.

    …the new Pfizer condom has also been proven 98% effective in preventing pregnancy in cases where the male has not eaten rice, spinach, or ducana within the last 24 hours.

    The new Pfizer condom…because you deserve to be protected…well…kind of…

  7. Again with this do proper research from all areas your not a professional journalist cause you only taking one side of the story and broadcasting it around to fool ppl, Fox is not a reliable source of information and you know it but again with the war mongering in the country. But every dog has it day

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