COVID lockdowns had ‘little to no effect’ on pandemic death rate, study says


A new study has warned that lockdowns aimed at curtailing the spread of COVID-19 in the United States, United Kingdom and other European nations had ‘little to no’ effect on deaths by the virus but “enormous economic and social costs”.

Against this background, the economists who conducted the study advised that such lockdowns should be rejected as a pandemic policy tool in the future.

The study, led by Steve Hanke, a Johns Hopkins University professor, found that restrictions imposed early in the pandemic – including stay-at-home orders, compulsory masks and social distancing – only accounted for a 0.2 per cent reduction in COVID mortality.

What’s more, the researchers asserted that border closures had almost zero effect on COVID mortality, reducing deaths by merely 0.1 per cent.

Shuttering nonessential shops was actually said to be the most effective intervention, resulting in a 10.6 per cent drop in virus fatalities; the report suggesting that this was most likely due to the closure of pubs and restaurants where alcohol is consumed. School closures were linked to a smaller 4.4 per cent decrease in deaths.

In one of the studies under review by the economists, there was said to be no difference, or even a slight increase, as it related to COVID deaths occurring approximately 14 days after lockdowns came into effect in various European countries and states across the US.

Authors of the original studies highlight, however, that their findings should not be interpreted as evidence that social distancing behaviours are not effective.

Notwithstanding that warning, the economic researchers have peddled various explanations on how lockdowns were not effective on curtailing deaths, while admitting that their review did not answer why lockdowns did not achieve their ultimate goal.

The economists claimed that lockdowns may have “unintended consequences”, including isolating people at home that may have resulted in them passing a bigger viral load to their family members, causing more severe illness.

However, critics have come out strong against the researchers who are specialists in economics, rather than medicine or public health.

The economists have been accused of cherry-picking studies to suit their narrative

Among the criticisms is that they originally identified 18,590 global studies into lockdowns, which they claim had to be whittled down to just 24 to answer their research question.

The review reportedly left out a popular paper which claimed that three million lives in Europe were saved due to the spring 2020 lockdowns.

Additionally, the researchers reportedly left out studies that examined early lockdowns in countries –such as China, Australia and New Zealand – which managed to suppress COVID and record significantly low pandemic deaths through very strict lockdowns and border controls.

Further, critics point to “the biases of its authors”, some of whom it is being alleged were always vocal relative to lockdowns and vaccine mandates on social media.

The lead researcher of the study, Hanke has allegedly been an outspoken critic of “economically-damaging” COVID-19 curtailment measures.

Still, Hanke and the other economists have concluded in their study that “lockdowns ‘marginal at best’ benefits needed to be compared with their ‘devastating effects’ on the economy and society”.

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  1. Economists , not epidemiologists, did a study on covid measures? What sort of utter rubbish is this?! Everyone knows, and look at the graphs from 2020 if you need convincing, that the moment lockdowns were brought in the curves started to go down and eventually went to almost zero in many countries including the US Australia and NZ. If you reduce the number of new cases then you must reduce the death rate. Lockdowns did this, and only those with a vested interest or conspiracy nuts would say otherwise. The science doesn’t

    Please post a link to this study so we can actually find out how competent these “researchers” are and what they really said

    • @Arnold…as it pertains, to the “curve” the one and same used by the media, epidemiologist and governments to push for #LOCKDOWNS is called the COEFFICIENT OF VARIANCE or COV, the prefix in the etymology of the business name COVID-19.

      Google COV and you’ll see the same “curve” which is affected by the numbers put forth by those pushing this planDEMIC, the largest transfer of wealth, hence, the reason why ECONOMISTS would understand, the CON GAME being played on HUEmans.

  2. To think one could contain a VERY contagious respiratory virus with lockdowns, curfews, social distancing and such was stupid and arrogant. Public health need leaders that are smart and humble.

    • @Sugarapple…a wah a guarne!? And, as we already know, the ROOT of COVID-19’s etymology the ID – is not only IDENTIFICATION it’s the ID/EGO in the psychological behaviour(arrogance, narcissism, tyrant, bully etc.) of HUEmans!

  3. And in the meantime that little backstabbing bitch Gaston Browne living like a king, the life of Riley, enjoying the squalor while many here can’t pay bills, put food on the table and provide for our families.

    Now is the time to get rid of Gaston Browne. Anyone but him.

    If Antigua was a kingdom, Gaston Browne would be a king.
    However, Antigua is a country.

    • @Wadad1…and The Great Leap Forward(research its history) killed between 50 million to 80 million Chinese(historians differ on the numbers due to the CLANDESTINE nature of the Chinese Culture Regime).

      How much info about this(Lockdowns work in China) is reaching the rest of the World, knowing most if not all info coming out of China is CENSORED?

      We should be thankful, to those few Chinese doctors in 2019, went against their Communist leaders and went on a social media platform, to warn and inform the rest of the World what was coming out of China.
      The RISKS which they took cost them their lives but HUEmanity will forever, owe them. Think of what would’ve happen if #ALL of the VARIANTS were released at once, from the #Bat #Soup!

    • Why would we trust anything coming out of China? Back when they were claiming no deaths cel phone companies were losing thousands of customers and cremation urns were selling out. China is a perfect example of the social consequences of lockdown. People are starving to death because their buildings are chained off. One family was taken to quarantine and their child starved.

      • Yup, I agree with your point of view. Have people already forgotten how they WELDED SHUT apartment doors to keep their people locked down at the start of the plandenic?

  4. Again, yet again COVID-19 is a business model fashioned from the template of the ROARING 20’s(1900 – 1950).

  5. As time goes by we’ll see more of this as the media becomes more willing to print common sense. Maybe next we’ll hear about the 300+ studies on Ivermectin. Maybe in another year they might even be willing to speak about vitamins. The only thing worse than finding out the truth late is the sinking feeling that you heard before…long ago.

    • Forgot to mention that DARPA had informed Fauci from the beginning that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were effective against the China virus.

      • Actually it is Chlorine Dioxide… not the same as ‘bleach’
        …and it works. Look into the studies.
        No, you don’t inject it…. you ingest it.
        …and No, it won’t make you rich (as far as I know)

  6. At best, the results of this ‘study’ are ‘indeterminative’.

    “The economists have been accused of cherry-picking studies to suit their narrative”

    The review reportedly left out a popular paper….
    and, the researchers reportedly left out studies…
    Further, critics point to “the biases of its authors”.

    I’d like to believe this ‘study’ (my personalized bias) but I can’t take it seriously.


  7. Lockdowns did not save lives, rather they destroyed lives says extensive new study – those that demanded them like the professional liars Fauci, Whitty, Vallance, Ferguson, and their like and politicians around the world must be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. They must NOT be allowed to get away with their fascist abomination

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