COVID: Doctor says more young people presenting with strokes


Head of Medicine at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center Dr Jason Belizaire says symptoms of COVID are changing to include strokes in younger people.

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  1. Everything that is happening these days has to do with Covid-19. There was an article in the Washington Post last year about strokes and Covid-19.It had to do with mostly men between the ages of 30 and 40 years old. Blood clotting was the cause of concern.

  2. One thought or two.
    Health crisis, yesterday, today and tomorrow. It’s time to act!
    Develop a Culture of Health. EAT BETTER and EXERCISE MORE so that we can all, especially the youths, be better together.
    Plant, Eat, and Trade (PET action) fresh Fruits and Vegetables.
    Grow Herbs in the garden and use them.
    “You are what you eat.”
    “Health is Wealth. Wealth is not Health.”

  3. I think it’s time for some serious reevaluation about where AUA stands. It’s seems as though the health of the students is a joke. How so? If there are “protocols” place. Let’s get real. Social distancing is not properly implemented. Why are there 15+ people in a classroom at a time without social distance. Why are there 30+ people in anatomy lab at a time & again no social distancing? Why are there increasing cases of covid in the school and nothing being said? Why is it that other schools in the island and other Caribbean schools remote & AUA insist we attend in person? How does the CDC make Antigua level 3 and AUA still does not consider remote learning? Similarly, How is there no space in the hospital & AUA response to the students is a medevac? This is disgusting & just insulting. Clearly the only thing that matters is our money.

    • Therefore they required in-person classes.

      That things are being run incompetently is a feature of AUA and especially their local staff.

    • They are keeping it quiet because that alone will contradict everything they are trying to put out. how are cases rising there when it is MANDATORY for everyone on campus to be vaccinated?😂 yet they are so sureeeeee that the vaccine stops the spread lmaoooo

  4. Firstly. How is this man giving health advise? I mean. Wtf?!
    What you are describing is the side effects in the Vaccine. Just look at the Yellow Card in the U.K. and Vares report in USA. Stroke / myocarditis is a side effect form the miracle* Vaccine.
    If you think we are getting all the Vaccines no other country wants and we aren’t getting side effects…. y’all are some dumb mother fuckers!

    *im being sarcastic as fuck

  5. The Health Ministry should see to it that all food vendors prepare their dishes with less salt. That should be a standard practice. After all many Antiguans do eat out. The advice should go out to restaurants and hotels. Less salt cooking salt intake for a more healthy life.

    • How about more fruits and vegetables, and less junk food, more complex carbs and less simple carbs, more water and less sugary drinks. Salt is an essential nutrient; sugar is much more dangerous.

  6. side effects of the VACCINE. THE VACCINE. THE “VACCINE”. That’s the cause not covid so stop the BULLSHIT LIES.

  7. The risk of strokes and blood clotting are known side effects of the supposed covid vaccines. Check out the US VAERs site. Just saying….

    • Blood clots are also known to be cause from the virus spikes. When the spikes damages the lining of blood vessels platelets aggregate to plug up the holes which can cause clotting. In the early outbreaks of covid it was mosty microscopic blood clots that were formed in the capillaries of the that CANNOT be detected by CT scans or MRI that caused much of the respiratory distress. Once this was realized, the use of anticoagulants became part of the treatment protocols. So, tell the Covid infected persons to take a daily aspirin.

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