Covid-19 Guidelines For Emergency Shelters


The National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) is advising residents of the Covid-19 guidelines that will be implemented in the public shelters.


They are listed as follows:


  1. Temperature checks will be conducted on arrival at the shelters.
  2. Individuals utilizing the shelters will be required to wear face mask. NODS encourages persons to bring along their own hand sanitizer.
  3. Shelter Managers and Volunteers are also mandated to wear face mask.
  4. Hand-washing stations will be provided.
  5. Shelters will be in possession of hand sanitizer and cleaning products.
  6. A designated space in the shelter will be assigned to families and or individuals that will allow for Covid-19 physical distancing protocols.
  7. A space is to be identified for a sick bay to isolate persons who are showing signs of sickness. Physical distancing must still be maintained within that space.
  8. Reports of sickness should be made to the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) at 462-4206 who will then contact the appropriate health authority.
  9. Individuals with children are expected to keep them within their designated space and under control.

Meanwhile, a number of shelters around the island have been opened.


They are:


St. John’s Rural North:

Cedar Grove Primary School

Yorks Community Centre


St. Phillips North

SeaGlans Central Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Glanvilles Secondary School


St. John’s Rural South

Ottos Comprehensive School

St. John’s Church of Christ


St. John’s City West

Zion Church of God, North Street


St. John’s Rural West

Five Islands Campus Gymnasium

Greenbay Primary School

Mount Zion Baptist Church

Grays Farm Seventh-Day Adventist Church


St. Phillips South

Bethesda Pentecostal Church



St. Georges

Bethany Gospel Hall

Potters Primary School

New Winthropes Primary School

Pigotts Primary School

Sir Novelle Richards Academy of Science and Technology

New Winthropes Seventh Day Adventist Church

Potters Seventh Day Adventist Church


St. Mary’s North

Ottos Weslyan Holiness Church



St. John’s City East

Princess Margaret Secondary

St John’s Pentecostal Church House of Restoration

Paradise Gym

Villa Seventh Day Adventist Church


Residents are reminded that when going to a shelter, they should walk with food, water, blanket, sheet and other essentials needed as these will not be provided at the shelters.