COVID-19 claims life of man, 60


*Statement on behalf of Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre _(SLBMC)_*


*Dr. Albert Duncan,* SLBMC Medical Director said:


We can confirm that sadly, a *male* patient, *age 60,* who had underlying health conditions, has passed away at Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre on *September 14 _(today)_,* at *6:58pm.*


He had tested positive for COVID-19.


“Our thoughts and condolences remain with the patient’s family and loved ones at this difficult time.”



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  1. This retarded still use the copy and paste statement….where this mongrel coming from? For sure out the space.. from the Galaxy…NIGGER TARADUS…come on…contract some one who have more desire and abilities than you… guy….not play tied

  2. How many people have died from C19 in the last 3 days?

    Would be an entirely different situation if the government didn’t reopen the country in a reckless way back in June 2020

  3. A person don’t have to die of covid to be recorded as covid death, he could be tested positive for covid and being stabbed to death, hit by a truck it will still be labelled as covid death, but when someone has Aids or cancer, and got hit by a truck or being stabbed its not recorded as death from those diseases.

    Does that make sense

  4. Amongst my people I have found that there has been a lot of COVID misinformation spreading around. This COVID misinformation causes confusion and sometimes leads to people making decisions based and speculation, untruths and information from sources not based in science. Conspiracies are rampant and only serve to further muddle the waters through which people are trying to navigate to come to their own personal decision on whether to vaccinate or not. I respect all person’s religious views or right to chose what we do with our bodies. What also I think should be respected are FACTS, or act least these facts be taken into consideration when we make our decisions. We jump into planes without question made by engineers and scientists having confidence that they have done their due diligence using science and scientific FACTS to ensure that the product they have produced is safe and serves the purpose it was built to do. We don’t sit on the plane and question it’s aerodynamics, the man hours of wind tunnel testing, the thousands of meters of wiring nor millions of lines of code programed in the computers that control these modern marvels. Yet everyday planes crash globally, yet it doesn’t stop us from travelling, we reinvest our confidence in the scientists who made the craft and the pilots who are experts trained to fly them and jump on the next plane. I say this to express that we need to trust people who are trained and have invested serveral years (in the field of medicine and biotechnology sometimes decades) to their craft and stop thinking we know more than them or be so quick to be distrusting after a few google searches. A lot of people who are buying into these conspiracies or pretending to be experts in fields that are way out of their depth have never even read the Terms & Agreement of a lot of apps and subscriptions they use, things that track them and collect all sorts of data and meta-data about them. Yet these people claim to have a “third eye” and pedal foolishness about population control and “The government is out to get us.”

    Below is the link to a YouTube channel of a board certified pulmonologist. Dr. Mike Hansen. His videos are very informative and explain very well to the professional and to the layman about the COVID pandemic and it’s evolution. He also has content covering a lot of different topics. He has also to this day seen and treated 100s of COVID patients. I am a proud son of the soil abroad studying with aspirations to return and contribute to our medical sector. I don’t affiliate with any political party but I bleed every color of that Antiguan flag. I honestly just want to see my people safe, regardless of race, creed ,socioeconomic background and making informed decisions. The rise in deaths is alarming now.

    My condolences to all who have lost loved ones and family to date during the pandemic

  5. This has nothing to do with the government will you open in the country Grenada has not open the country and look at what’s happening in Canada we need to follow the science simple we are not we will live and not build generational wealth we’re just existing come on Time to go up

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