Covid-19 Cases Jump To 15 As Six More Confirmed in Antigua & Barbuda


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has confirmed that six more positive Covid-19 cases have been confirmed for Antigua & Barbuda.

This brings the total number of confirmed cases to 15.

Browne said the new cases were from tests today from a sample of 14.

He said, three imported and three appear to be community spread.

“This is to caution our people to continue to respect the protocols of personal hygiene etiquette, social distancing, quarantining and isolation as appropriate. A word to the wise is sufficient,” he said.

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  1. The full blame for what is happening in Antigua and Barbuda should surely be placed at the foot of the Prime Minister and Minister of health full stop. A few weeks ago when we recorded the first case in Antigua and Barbuda the ports should have been closed and only charter flights with returning Antiguans welcomed. The ball was dropped in my estimation because the ports were left open to all and sundry who has $$$ in their pockets. It was a simple plan to execute but yet they found a way to botch this simple operation. Operation bring back nationals was so easy to execute that even a grade 6 kid could have done this.

    Step 1:
    Send a memo to consulate overseas letting them know we are closing our borders for the time being.

    Organize charter flights to get nationals who are stranded in foreign country.

    Step 3:
    Let them know terms and conditions. Let them know before hand that a quarantine of 14 days is mandatory once you boarded that flight.

    I guess this was too hard for them to execute. It was only on the last jet blue flight out of JFK and air Canada flight that the government ordered mandatary quarantine, thus letting previous flights and passengers who were not screened nor quarantined to roam freely through the streets of Antigua. The government dropped the Ball and has no one but them selves to blame.

    Now their damage control is to blame the “wreckess shoppers at the supermarkets and churches” , saying if any outbreak don’t blame the government . These people arn’t for real, they have already taken themselves out of this equation.

    Someone has to take the blame and I unequivocally lay solely at the foot of the government, no if, buts or maybe. They dropped the ball big time. STOP BLAMING THE citizenry for your inept leadership. It is not always about the dollar PM.This could have been avoided if you have put the health and well being of the nation first and not $$$ and Cents.

    This is not politicAL just plain common sense. a lot people lack this is the nation.

    • I agree 100% and have heard these same sentiments from many others too. On top of that, when the announcement finally came that we were to be under 24-hour curfew, there were no guidelines to accompany that statement. The public was left scrambling to get food, water, gas because no one knew that the markets and other essentials would remain available and we could leave our homes for a short period each day. The mad rush at the markets is 100% the fault of the Government. That is not good leadership! A plan should have been in place to immediately release guidelines and information so the public wouldn’t panic. Officers should’ve been posted at each of the main shopping centers to enforce social distancing, with proper protective gear (PPE), gloves, masks, etc, to set a good example!! What a disaster!!

    • Well said…..except

      who is out stay out, why risk the liverty of a 100k for a few hundreds…..

    • i echo your sentiment 110% , the government is to blame and now they are trying to turn the tables and blaming the citizenry .. just gee me wan break … I blame u Gaston (World Boss/Top Dog and now Tap Rass) Browne and I blame u Molwyn rolls-royce Joseph , who is in and over his head and is age is showing and he need to resign and go rest he leather face…

  2. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now advising Americans to wear masks whilst in public (going to supermarkets, etc.) because newer studies suggest that covering up one’s face is important to prevent inadvertent transmission.

    However, officials have stressed that medical medical masks remain in short supply, and should be left for healthcare workers. We need medical masks for the sick, or those (nurses, doctors) on the front lines, caring for patients of coronavirus.

    Nevertheless, we can make our own homemade face mask or use clean cloth or fabric to cover our faces whilst in public.

  3. Community spread is the most dangerous of this virus.15 known cases of Covid-19 is a bit much for Antigua.Which has a population of many medium size cities in larger countries.Folks listen to the Medical professionals in this matter.Not to the politicians in Medical matters.

  4. And many people who have been in contact with this New Yorker and the yachtie now spreading it bout the place ?? I am begging ppl tap tf dey ah you yard before we reach 700 a day like Europe.


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