Court lifts Asot Michael injunction against ABLP


A sweeping injunction obtained by Asot Michael on November 12 restraining the leadership of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party from taking certain actions, has been lifted.

This is a legal blow for the St Peter Member of Parliament in his spat with the Central Executive of his party.

The injunction had been obtained by Mr Michael in part to block moves to bar him from attending meetings of the Central Executive.

The Central Executive had communicated its position to Mr Michael in a letter dated October 22.

In addition, Mr Michael’s injunction had sought to stymie moves by the ABLP to replace him as its candidate in St Peter, as well as stonewall the implementation of any decisions taken at the executive meetings at which he was absent.

Madam Justice Jan Drysdale ruled that the injunction be lifted when the matter came up in the High Court on Thursday, except that Mr Michael will still be able to attend meetings of the Central Executive.

Meanwhile, attorney representing the ABLP leadership, Dr David Dorsett says he is prepared for the next steps in the matter including filing a defence to Mr Michael’s litigation and to await the case management process.

Prime Minister and ABLP leader Gaston Browne, who has been miffed by the legal action, is resolute Mr Michael will not run on the party’s ticket in the next general elections.

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  1. PM you and the St. Peter candidate watch you all back.. If what you inferred about the palm Sunday shooting is correct… then uneasy lies the head that wears this man’s crown!!!

    A wounded animal is capable of anything to survive particularly in this case where the addictive hold on immense power is being taken…they will be in a very public place while mischieve is being carried out…who has ear to ear let him hear!!

    • @Spar Par…

      Wah dem say….

      …wah dun gone bad a marning
      …nar cum gud at night
      …even though it cyan be disturbing
      …and, down right disrupting
      …I, know dis a wan certain thing
      …Asot, nar give up widout a fight
      …and, U might be right
      …’cause, as dis ting heat up a tek plentee #WARNING
      …and, hope dem no haffu call Mr. Tibbs
      …fu cum solve de murdah,
      …or de suicide, In De Heat Of Night!

  2. This guy seems too much into himself. Obviously, he will NOT be the candidate for ABLP in St. Peter or anywhere else. Dude, it’s time to take down your tent and go home to your wife and kids, and simply call it a day. You know I’m right!!!

    • Packing it in and going home is not something he is capable of doing. If he is not involved in ALP politics, he will try to destroy everything. Be careful as to how far he can and will go. You may be amazed at what one man will do.

    • @ Betty’s Hope-less: Were you aware that Gaston Browne borrowed $12 million from an Investor in Barbuda namely PLH? I am fully aware that things were going south before Covid-19 in 2020.However,I did not realize it had gone that far south.Where by the Country had to borrow monies from PLH.That in itself is damn shameful.That man could not Manage a bagel shop.Talking about himself being a Banker.If you worked in a Bank,you are not a damn Banker.Plus Gaston Browne worked for a Penny Bank.Where the hell is that bank now? Gone to Hell !!

  3. Interesting photo. He looks lost and disoriented. Is it true that when he helps people he keeps a record so that he can dash it back in dem face?

  4. De Ass has it all figured out. For him some of us, already
    conditioned by our historical past, see absolutely nothing wrong with being bought and sold in today’s environment. Note the number of black African women and girls forced into modern day slavery in the Middle East!!!! Ethnic cleansing is a very real possibility in Antigua and leading the pack? De Ass of course with his filthy millions, followed closely by those of his ilk who are anxious to dump us all into the dust bin of history and others fully entrenched in spreading their business empire at mind boggling pace. Antiguans, wake up
    Pay attention!!!!

  5. Corruption the a norm in Antigua. We have the most corrupt bunch of politicians in the world. Our entire civil service is corrupt.The PS’s play up to the politicians to get appointed to boards. Show me a Civil servant that is serving on a board unless it is the law that governs the board and I will show you a corrupt civil servant. These days the PS’s travel as fast as ministers and collecting per-diem. The most corrupt PS ever is now an ambassador and sits on several boards. Awarded for corruption. Baba black sheep was made rich by Dani-pole – bus operator because he love nice things. He got him nice cars from his employer and Baba-black sheep become a road contractor. Now stinking big belly and rich and flipped to the red umbrella. Now chairman to the board and the comptroller is his deputy ( lookku corruption. We imported an east Indian to stem seaport corruption. He started out well and independent. Now he is playing politician and serving on board in St.John’s. Under his tenure two officers murdered and unsolved , top dog signature forged and he to racking in – the more boards the more money. So after two hundred years of slavery only corrupt politicians can run Antigua. We don’t have any Antiguan that can manage our sea port revenue collection. That is our biggest collection point and East Indian done gone in politicians pockets . How can we change this imbedded, systematic, culture. Electrican coming and the general public will be given a once in a life time opportunity to share in the sink Antigua deeper into the quagmire. The general public will now become the employer and the employees the corrupt wealth politicians and seeking wealth politicians will be bribing John public to rehire them. Duty free , land will become available and side walk to tump your toes . Again Indian in control will be accepting duty papers to save his bosses asses from getting fired by John public the electorate. Corrupt to the fullest. Only in Antigua.

  6. Frankly speaking, you said it all. Antiguans must wake up before it’s too late. I am not saying they should not take hand out but they must not vote for the labor party, that’s like committing suicide. It is quite obvious that Gaston and and all the government ministers are corrupt and liable for their heinous actions. Asot no different but he should run independent. I don’t know why Gaston think Antigua belong to him. Time to get rid of the idiotic dictator.

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