Courtney Walsh ties the knot with Antiguan belle


West Indies cricket legend Courtney Walsh tied the knot with longtime belle Anique Goodwin in the bride’s native Antigua over the weekend.

The wedding ceremony was held at the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, before a lavish reception with over 200 guests at the historic Clarence House in English Harbour.

Among the guests were Walsh’s fellow West Indies cricket greats including his opening bowling partner, Sir Curtly Ambrose, who was one of the groomsmen; and former captains Sir Vivian Richards and Brian Lara.

Walsh, 57, represented the West Indies from 1984 to 2001, captaining the regional side in 22 test matches. The Jamaican was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame in 2010.




  1. Antiguan men love to play house with women …i know hes not ANTIGUAN why antiguan dnt love MARRIAGE and the stupid women who stay with them 20 & 30 years with NO COMMITMENT ….QUIK to marry a white women or any other nationalities but their …..


  2. Inter Islanders wedding are the best way in which we demonstrate One Caribbean. My marriage is one of those. I wish the couple a happy and blessed marriage and may they live long together.

  3. Congratulations my bro. Tek dat for all the haterz who think jamaicans and Antiguans cant unite. Not all Antiguans are full of hate and discriminate!

    • Yes a classy educated man of stature …..A Hands down QUALITY MAN

      NOT a bleach out face poor or non educated petty nickel n dime bags street hustler one who cant even speak standard english …. where any real woman of class taking a looser like him…to wipe her azz in a latrine?

      Antigua decent women want decent men i would think …nationality shouldnt really be an issue IF HE IS QUALITY

      Sidenote: she has been with him thru all his many discretions 2 kids and lost youth dammm rite he finally married her …some women fail to let go investing too many years…. so for many women better late than NEVER

      I wish them many years in BLISS

  4. Rudeboy4life, that’s a shame if people think that. I am Antiguan and my best friend is Jamaican an she has stuck to my side in good and bad times. She has always had my back, even more then some family and friends. There is good and bad traits in everyone..There are good and bad people everywhere in the world. Unfortunately Racism of skin, nationality etc exists out there. Few bad apples spoil the whole bunch when it comes to society.

    I try not to judge anyone.. I have friends (Black, White, Chinese, Indian )from all over the world and I am proud of it. I see nothing wrong with marrying outside of race/nationality. Marry for true love, how someone treats you, respects you etc.

    You have to look deeper, way below the anger, the hurt, the hate, the jealousy, the self-pity, way down deeper where the dreams lie, son. Find your dream. It’s the pursuit of the dream that heals you.

    As the Indian(American) Standing Bear said: The color of our skin doesn’t matter. We all bleed the same blood, the same God made us all, and we may call him something different but we all come from that same place.

    I feel like we are all fighting against one another..” We are never going to find healing for our land by yelling and screaming at one another. We’re not gonna find it by fighting one another. The only way that we can do that is by coming together, by realizing that we may look different on the outside, but we all bleed the same on the inside

    One Love !

  5. Rudeboy4life lowe them. People hate on color, nationality and everything in between and Peter always pay for Paul.

    Judging people by race or nationality is bad. It’s indicative of a primitive and shallow mindset. Race and nationality are wholly human constructs applied by non-critical thinkers in an arbitrary and capricious manner.

    Would you judge everyone with blonde hair harshly because someone with blonde hair wronged you? Probably not, right? So why do it with race or national origin?

    Of all the great things my parents instilled in me, probably the one I am most grateful for is this: judge each and every person you meet on their individual merits. For example, I know a guy who happens to be English and totally rubs me the wrong way. But I don’t dislike the English as a whole just because this one guy is a jerk; I know other English folks who are awesome people. It’s the same with anyone else. No one person can be held responsible or held as a representative of their entire race, religion, culture, etc. There are good and bad people of every background.

    Race and nationality doesn’t determine one personality, education, opinions, tastes, abilities, and basically everything that matters in a human life.

  6. @ Tick Tock…..i couldn’t agree with your statements more. Sadly tho your views are not common practice in this country…u are in the minority. Ppl are hated and discriminated against everyday in this country for no other reason than their place of birth. Im talking facts..cause ive been in that situation many times.

  7. @TRudeboy4life, don’t worry, and I know the struggle is real. I have met a few people from abroad (USA and other Caribbean islands), that on hearing I am Antiguan make incorrect assumptions about me but on getting to know me, realize that they were dead wrong. Sometimes the the only way to learn is to experience it yourself. One day the people doing it to you will get it done to them by someone else. They will realize that the same hate they have to you they will feel it in regards to them being Antiguans.

    Its also a shame when Black people put down their own never mind someone else. I have been in shops and because I am black I get looked at as if I am going to steal something in my own country and yea I am a decent well brought up lady…I probably could buy out all the things in their store. When you travel to places in Europe, its a relief ..sad to sa,y and I am not talking the States or even Canada (better then the US any day) but Austria, Netherlands…no one watches nothing. You go in a store, no one crowding on you etc, no one cussing you about skin or nationality.

    One Love

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