Asot Michael granted injunction over ABLP efforts to discipline him


The High Court moments ago granted Member of Parliament for St. Peter, Asot Michael, an injunction against the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP).

The ABLP has been seeking to punish Michael for violating the party’s Code of Ethics.

Michael appeared before the High Court this morning with his legal team headed by Hugh Marshall Jr.

Michael’s attorney, Hugh Marshall Jr., has argued that the Tribunal has no legal standing and is therefore incapable of deliberating the issues related to his client before or handing down a decision.

If Michael was found guilty by the tribunal, a number of disciplinary actions, from a reprimand to expulsion from the party, could be recommended.


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  1. Lord the country ah head south and all that is being compounded is confusion after confusion in this place!!!!

  2. Good going Asot.Based on the argument presented to the Court by your Lawyer a few weeks ago.The Court had no recourse but to rule in your favor.Do not backed down from the moustache one.Show your fellow citizens how to stand up to that tyrant and bully.

  3. …#FallingDominoDay!
    …or, #FallenAngel Day!
    …the #BadBoys, Come out to play!
    …and, some S.H.I.T. is on the way?


    Date: Dec 26, COVID-19
    Place: Point Plaza, Antigua!
    Time: 03:00 – The War is On!

    ………SEE DA 👀👀👀👀……

    …the Falling Domino or, the Fallen Angel.

  4. Asot remind me of cry baby Trump. He doesn’t realize it’s over. Now just ride off into retirement. Thank you for your service. It’s over. Soon the people will elect someone else in your place.

  5. One thing for sure, he finish. As others have said, “Thank you for your service”, now get outta here.

    • @Conrad the Red…I hear you, but let’s no “be,” nor “play” naive!
      I wrote about this #Saga approximately a year ago, and how it could possibly, play out. My good friend #Tenman, or #John French II, can pull me up on this.
      I, know that, ABLP and its supporters, not all(Asot is still very much a #Force to be reckoned with in Labour, and he has support. Hugh Marshall just represented him, is still doing so, which shows that, there’s a coalition/faction willing, to go the distance), again, many of ABLP supporters, would like to see Asot sail off, into one of those #FortJames, serene sunset, but I don’t think so, it doesn’t look so, and the #AyreVegasOdds are, it won’t be so! Not, just yet!
      Asot is still out to Fete, Disco Dumplin Style…’#Mashing Up De Party!’

  6. Asot to all of those Minions.Who would want you gone.Give it some time and release the items in your vault.Dribble it to the online media. Let them quake and poo into their lined diapers.LOL. Me lob foo see ugly. Especially when it is among them thiefing politicians inna Antigua and Barbuda.

    • @BLACK-MAN…u hear trouble!😄😅🤣and, U lub trouble!😄😅
      …compliments of King Short Shirt! A lang time wan, dis YAH be…

      …Trouble! Trouble! Trouble! Gaston?
      …Trouble is me name? Asot!
      …and, wen #Trouble, trouble; #Trouble
      …sum body’s, bound to end up wid de Blame!
      …and, might end up!
      …six(6) ft, in de Cemetery!

      Somebody, innah #Trouble.
      Dis YAH, a bubble lang time!

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