Court orders LICS Limited to pay former employee $90,000


STATE MEDIA: The High Court has ordered equipment supplier Lics Limited to pay a former employee 90 thousand dollars for injuries he sustained on the job.

Gah-Yin Wong suffered injuries to his eyes, face and upper body following an explosion at the company’s oxygen filling plant October 2012.

The claimant, then 27 years old, was rushed to hospital where he spent a month, including two weeks in the Intensive Care Unit.

When he returned to work, he was on sick leave several times.

The company, which hadn’t compensated Wong for his injuries, dismissed him May 2014 as unfit for further employment.

As part of its defence, the company denied it owed Wong compensation, contending he was negligent and either caused or contributed to the accident.

Earlier this month, Justice Rohan Phillip ruled the company breached its statutory obligation under the Labour Code.

At the time of the explosion, the company had supplied Wong with gloves, but no goggles and other protective gear as required for his work.

Meanwhile, the judge determined Wong, who hadn’t been wearing his gloves, was negligent and contributed to the accident.

He later awarded the former employee 80 thousand dollars for pain and suffering and 40 thousand for loss of amenities.

The 120 thousand-dollar total was reduced by 25% to 90 thousand, accounting for Wong’s contributory negligence.

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    • Glad to see the Labour code being adhered too. I know of a case where a serial Greek offender to the labour code and laws of Antigua and Barbuda exploiting Antiguans and barbuduans , Dominicans, Jamacians with no permits by not paying medical, health, social, education levies and also not
      Paying wages for up to 3.5 month no holiday no overtime. Yet
      The business is still running in Old Road Village and in Jolly Harbour. I say this should be stopped. Slavery is illegal no matter who the masters are and how much money and rich friends they Have! Fix is labour department you know the cases you’ve been sitting on it for over 6months

  1. Exactly! Why would a court have to order this! These Antiguan companies are wicked and heartless. They close down, go out of business, and don’t pay off their employees and the employees just have to take it.. because half the time they aren’t held accountable by anyone.

    Now this man not only loss part of his vision but his quality of life for him and his family and they have the nerves to treat this man like this !!?!! Smh. Just a damn shame.. on you LICS !!!!

  2. The accident happened in 2012 and the guy was dismissed in 2014, yet this is only finishing now?

    The slowness of the legal system here is disgraceful. The sayings ‘justice delayed is justice denied’ and ‘the punishment is the process’ come to mind.

  3. Notice that the judge agreed that he was negligent, lesson to all employers don’t hesitate to press the fire button when you have these kinds of employees, they will destroy your business.

    • Guy clearly you do not read. The judge felt he deserves some not all of the blame. You would note based in the 25 percent discount, and quantum ordered, the blame was mostly on the company. Guy perhaps you can tell us how gloves will save you from damage during a chemical explosion? They provided no Google’s or other related protection (eg protective suit ) for a chemical explosion

  4. Antigua courts system is the worse ever .. they be ashamed .. one case will take 15 years. Inefficient and pathetic

    • Abi insurance, is another one. During lock down a curfew breaker at 4am hit a parked jeep in a mechanic yard and drive off. The mechanic woke up and ran out, chase the man few blocks and confronted him then the offender ran off leaving the rented vehicle behind. 10 days later the rental company Raddys rental refused to report accident to police so the victim had to do it himself. It took 5weeks to get the police report, 2months to catch the offender, 2 different legal law offices and now 6months later ABI want to write off a $22,000.vehicle with a rebuilt engine, no body filler it was excellent condition by asking the victim to settle for $10,000. Rather than pay damage value of $14,000.damage. now tell me who the he’ll ABI be so? Dem me it mandatory to have insurance to drive but when these things happen demons no war pay pole and ten dem time bulshitting people. Whey de justice deh?!!!

    • @Ms j Why don’t u stfu u think is Antigua court system one slow. All over the world same fck but u rass nah lub Antigua so u come here chatting ya shit

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