Court Grants Jolly Beach Hotel An Extension To Provide Relevant Document Relating To Workers’ Salary

Starfish Jolly Beach Resort

Jolly Beach Resort and Spa has been given an extension, by a High Court judge  until July 23rd to produce a document outlining the full calculations of back pay owed to workers, and the outstanding union dues.

The extension was granted Friday after management of the resort and the workers’ representative, the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union (ABWU), appeared before a magistrate.

It also came after the hotel’s management missed the initial March deadline to provide the said documents on account of the Covid-19 restrictions that were imposed during that same period.

Deputy General Secretary of the ABWU, Chester Hughes, said yesterday that both parties will return to the court on July 24th for a hearing of the substantive issue. The union took the matter to court after the resort reportedly refused to pay outstanding wages and
salaries to the workers.

The union official also claimed that management also refused to pay monies, which were deducted from salaries, into an appropriate account at the Antigua Commercial Bank (ACB).

That amount was expected to go towards a retirement fund for the workers.

The court matter came less than a week after the workers voted unanimously in favor of accepting severance from the hotel, and to close this chapter of their employment.



  1. Someone should be arrested for not depositing the employees monies into their retirement funds account at ACB.Where are the Jolly Beach Hotel CFO and CEO in this matter of urgency.Those monies in my opinion.Should not have been deposited into one lump sum account.It should been set up in every qualified associates names.Then those individuals should be able to see the balances into their accounts at will.So they would have an idea if no monies were going into their accounts.They should also get paper and or electronic statements quarterly where necessary.Treat it the way you would service a 401K account.I am fully aware that there are no 401K accounts in Antigua and Barbuda.However,those of you with such accounts would know that of which I am referencing.

  2. Hotel workers should be able to see their thrift fund account balances too but these thieving people want to do as they like with people’s money as if its theirs. I hope when the people who are planning to leave the hotel sector are ready for their thrift funds it will be readily available are you too thief and love tek advantage of people..

  3. Jolly beach is the only hotel I see do alot of stupidness,but yet they want the staff to kill out themselves and go above and beyond when the management team doing alot of bullshit.I can tell you those staff of Jolly beach work very hard.If you work at Jolly beach you can work any where else.I do hope the staff get all their monies,back pay,thrift fund and vacation monies for those who didnt take it this year.I do hope those persons in charge and responsible for all this goes to prison.And I ask the Court not to take it lightly.These are people money you playing with.Jail them if you have to.Jolly beach is the only place I see do alot of bull shit and they get way with it.

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