Court declines injunction seeking to stop Barbudans from voting in Antigua


The Antigua Barbuda Labour Party is reporting that High Court Judge, Justice Clare Henry has struck out the application to prevent Barbudans from voting in Antigua in next Wednesday’s general elections.

Trevor Walker of the Barbuda Peoples Movement had been seeking an interim injunction to block the vote after claiming the move was not supported by law.

However, the ABLP says Justice Henry agreed with the Antigua & Barbuda Electoral Commission, which argued the challenge cannot be made until after the elections since it was made after the writ of elections was issued.

The majority of Barbudans are still living in Antigua and the Electoral Commission is moving forward with plans to have Barbudans on the sister isle transported to the mainland in time for the polls.

The T. N. Kirnon Primary School has been selected as the polling place for the Barbuda Constituency.



  1. No surprise here. Look who the plaintiff and his lawyer are. Continuing to make an ass out of oneself seems to be the aim of some people and their minions.

  2. No student of Antigua’s political history should be surprised at the decision. Not because it is right, but rather, because of the person making the ruling. I recall years ago, when functioning as the Revising Officer for St. John’s, Rural North, she adjudicated on an objection to Austin Lapps being registered in Rural North, as everyone was aware that he resided at his hotel in St. George.

    At the appointed date, while being pressed to establish whether he in fact resided at Trade Winds in the Rural North constituency, Lapps said he lived in a house free of rent; did not pay for electricity water or telephone; did not purchase LPG for the property, and no mail was delivered to him at that address. Put simply, he could not provide any evidence whatsoever to demonstrate that he resided at Trade Winds. When all reasonable persons thought that this was a done deal, and Lapps would be transferred from Rural North to St. George, someone posed the question whether he had clothing at the house. Naturally, he said yes, and the Revising Officer ruled that this was sufficient proof that he resided at Trade Winds.

    He was not removed from the Rural North register. You can draw your own conclusions from this brief history lesson. When you look at these and other rulings, you can also understand why some people are hesitant to support the CCJ as our final appellate court.

  3. When you label them to be inept they have a problem with that. But that is just the fact. They are an inept bunch of people.

  4. Tabor added that there will be a petition after the election for the constituency of Barbuda, but only on one condition.

    “The plan is, if Mr. Trevor Walker loses on election day, then, of course, we will file an election petition to challenge the results because our position is, an election cannot be conducted outside of a constituency and that is a fundamental issue that the court will eventually have to pronounce on,” he said.

    Basically the move will only be challenged as illegal if Mr Walker does not win.

    Barbudans, vote for him or you will find you may have to go over the whole process but in Barbuda instead. Really a man for the people, not for himself at all.

    • LMAO!! If it’s one attorney who could NEVER get my money is that Tabor dude. He just made an arse out of Trevor Walker. Not even Justin “not ready” Simon was this dumb. LMAO!!

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