Couple stranded on Green Island rescued

Coast Guard

A husband and wife have been found on Green Island after going missing on Tuesday when they visited the offshore island on an excursion.

The couple was said to have gone on a tour and became displaced from the rest of the group.

The Coast Guard began to search for the couple into Tuesday night with no luck.

However, on Wednesday morning they found the couple on the small uninhabited island, where they had waited out the night.

Both the husband and wife are said to be in good health. (Daily Observer)

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    • @geeman ABSOLUTELY

      and while we’re about it, Hodges Bay Club should have their license revoked, be fined heavily & closed for a decent period of time.
      They have flagrantly ignored the rules & protocols of this nation since April 2020.
      Waste of time Min Tourism going to ‘talk’ to them, he done that before to no avail.
      C’mon Sir Health & Commissioner – didn’t you close down & charge various restaurants in English Harbour after Christmas for this self same thing?
      OR is the REAL story about the female ‘influencers’ and sexxxy tricks for sad old politicians?
      It’s definitely not about revenue because participants in fam trips are usually freebies.

    • @geeman
      I am sure the tour operator said that they are leaving promptly at 5:00PM; if you are not here then you are on your onw.

  1. Was this a legal excursion. And if so why did the tour operator not make it their business to go back for them. Are these tourists or locals?

    • Does it matters. Whether they are locals and or tourists.No they were neither locals or tourists.They were the TAP DAWG POODLES.Therefore,no one should have gone back to rescue them.

    • Approved tour operators can still go to the off shore islands, only locals upon their own boats cannot.

  2. Green Island is a beautiful one off of Mill Reef. In my opinion that is pure negligent on behalf of that couple and the tour operators. I have been on many tours around the island.They would tell you before we set sail.The things to do and not to do.Straying far from the boat when anchored near the off shore islands is one of those.The Government gave the okay some weeks ago for cruises to visit off shore islands.

  3. Basic safety measures weren’t followed.

    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?

  4. This story s a bit vague. Like was it a sea excursion like snorkeling or diving or was it a hiking excursion? What were the age of the persons the was left on the island? Where ears they From? And Soo many more questions and information missing🤤 this could have been such a juicy story. I’m glad that they are ok though. The company who ran that excursion have some serious safety questions to answer.

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