Couple shot in Pigotts


Gunmen reportedly opened fire on a couple in Pigotts village around 7pm tonight.

According to media reports, a man and his girlfriend were standing outside a popular hang-out spot when gunmen walked up and began shooting.

The man was reportedly shot in his shoulder and a bullet grazed one of the woman’s arm.

They were taken to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre where they are reportedly being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Police were said to be combing the area for the shooters who reportedly fled on foot.



  1. Same this is ask when the low life bandits robbed elderly man yesterday..police use to patrol pigotts paynters, wares, fitcreek areas nightly..where are they..haven’t seen them in over a year

  2. What is really taking place in our beautiful isle, a land of sun, sea and sand….. A war must be declared against these criminals who are disguised within our community….. Our police presence need to be seen & felt 24/7….. If we dont have enough personel in the force, I am sure the army can assist and there are many persons who would like to work under cover with the force….. Years ago the undercover movement proved very effective…. They were refer to as informers …… I am sure they will be an asset to our security.

    • Disguised? They’re not disguised trust me. They live amongst us, cause trouble daily and jeopardize our kids but yet still nobody does anything.

      All turn a blind eye and when police ask questions they all act dumb.

  3. Keep in the back of your mind that people are not randomly shot in Antigua. They are mostly the victims of their lifestyles. Stay in your house, treat people right and mind your business.

  4. Prison life is sweet to them. No rent to pay, three meals a day, work release and getting paid for it, TV to watch. What more can a man/woman ask for?

  5. There are no good police or detectives in Antigua anyone they dont care like the golden days my brother was robbed one pm in the street at gray’s hill took his gold chain plus his money to pay his Bill’s this was done in the day masked men with a get away car and a gun police call they said the plate was stolen but no follow up shame and disgrace

  6. Pigotts? Isn’t that where the man who last saw Vincia James alive is from? No amont of sports in that community can keep them outta trouble?

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