Couple Robbed By Knife-Wielding Bandits


A couple was reportedly robbed in Botanical Gardens Saturday night.


According to reports, the two sat down and were about to have a bite to eat when they were attacked by bandits armed with knives.


The victims were reportedly forced to hand over their money and cellphones.


The robbers reportedly made off with important documents as well.

Police are investigating the matter, which reportedly occurred around 9:30 pm.

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    No matter the activity, ‘…Swimming or …Bite To Eat,’ dangerous places to be after dark.

    Mighty Sparrow tells us what happened to ‘…Two lovely White Women,’ when they travelled to Africa.

    They were reportedly eaten by a ‘…Cannibal Head hunter.’

    One was eaten cooked, and the other eaten raw’ [You Tube: Congo Man].

    It boggles the mind why anyone would ‘…buy food from a Cook Shop’ or ‘…brought food from home’ to be ‘…eaten at the Botanical Garden at 9.30 pm’, only to be attacked by robbers.

    No denying that the victims may have been robbed.

    Tom Jones sings, ‘…Don’t let the Green Grass Fool You.’

    From an investigative perspective, grabbing a ‘…Bite To Eat,’ ‘…Don’t let the victims fool you.’


    But what kind of food, ‘…Red Snapper; …Salt-fish; …Ken Tucks; …Ham; …Beef or Chicken Burger?

    Not sure if ‘…Ras Smood’ eats fish product, but sure, no dealing with the others.

    Got to be fish and potato chips.

    These can be eaten anywhere and at any time anyway.

    However, avoid eating them at ‘…Beaches and Gardens,’ particularly at night.

    Less than one minute, robbers can cause, if not one of these, all of these; ‘…vexation; …frustration; …indigestion; …interruption or dissatisfaction.’

    Stay in the light, or better yet, stay at home.

    • What a ridiculous comment!

      Yes, let’s all stay at home and never ever venture out again… Ever!!!

      Or better yet, let’s have a police force and government focusing on crime, so that we are all able to come and go as we please! We have a tourist economy that is only a fine line away from being shaken by crime on the island. Do we have to wait for another one to be murdered before we clamp down on crime? I don’t see why I have to stay in, because that’s a safer option than going out of my door.


        Describe it what you will.

        Not ‘…ah darn problem.’

        Do know that ‘…Where Ignorance and Stupidity in Bliss,’ it is folly to be Wise.’

        Any person who sees a comment like that above as ‘…Ridiculous,’ then such description of ‘…My Island,’ is not only ‘…Naïve,’ but also borders ‘…Stupidity.’

        Also know that anyone who harbors such view is free to ignore it to his or her ‘…disappointment; …demise; …detriment or destruction.’

        Sure not living in a ‘…Utopian Society.’

        Thus, most certainly, one of these will happen.

        Don’t blame it on the places ‘…Where Angels fear to tread at nights, and ‘…Don’t Blame Me’ [Onion: Burning Flames].

        By the way, ‘…Are you an Angel?’

        Except pictures portraying such character or that portrayed by the ‘…Antigua Girls High School’ for their Christmas Programme, never seen one.


          Have seen ‘…Radicals and radical behavior,’ but not ‘…Radical Angels.’

          Believe they are ‘…obedient and wise.’

          If otherwise, they couldn’t be in Heaven.

          Maybe around the ‘…devil.’

          Never seen him either.

          Thanks for reading.

          Just observed a typo error; should be ‘…Where ignorance is bliss….’

          If no time constraint, Editor may edit the word ‘…in’ to …is.’

        • Neither, naive nor stupid sir… and unlike you, I’m able to communicate my point with less characters, puns and quotations.


            This is rather interesting, but certainly not surprising.

            Not sure about ‘…wild boars,’ but do know that ‘…wild Goats’ can be tamed.

            See, you are now credited with one of the more ‘…Respectful Comments.’

            Guess you now understand there is no need for ‘…Verbal Savagery. ‘

            CErmle would like this.

            What the heck? Life would be fascinating without a bit of ‘…punning’ or humor.’

            No harm was ever intended. No Sah.

            ‘…A little bit of humor,’ they say is ‘…Relished by the wisest men.’

            Please, don’t trouble ‘…Trouble’ [King Short Shirt].

    • 🏏🏏🏏Cricket season is in full swing, and the golf swing(s) keep getting better.
      I also still love fish from the sea, roast, fried, escoviched (but staying far from the ‘winking stewed doctor from Williki & Cedar Grove; dem say it sweet,
      but U might end up wid de nickname Cuno-Muno).

      None of that farm raised variety.

      A part of the family were into fishing from Chamil net, to daggah-log to hauling pots…

      And, since the topic is food, and where it should be consumed…
      Yes, I will eat some yard fowl too…
      Yes, I will enjoy some goat water as well.

      I live with “common sense,” not by rules and laws which surround, and pen me in like an animal in a cage or pen.

      I learnt to “eat to live,” and not live to eat. Of course, exercise, detoxification, fasting, etc are a part, of the learnt regiment.

      Damn, this is suppose to be about SAFETY, being safe in Sapces, be they private or Public, after dark!
      While, I agree that one must be vigilant, and careful especially after dark when choosing how to enjoy the beauty of our flora and fauna, so as not to be, robbed, raped, murdered, or become the victim of a crime, Law Enforcement MUST continue to be proactive, and be one or two steps, of the criminal minds which have become a nuisance, to Our way of life.
      Yes, I know that in todays culture with the influx of the “thuggish” mentality, and its proliferation in our culture, for whatever reason(s), this “thuggish” culture MUST be addressed comprehensively, and immediately, otherwise, as you can already tell, they’re not even scared of hell, since, not even Priests are safe, in their sanctuary counting their hard earned, blessed monies.

      This thuggish shit has become a real mess!

      Stay positively bless…


        Brethren ‘…Ras Smood’ shall lead some of the ‘…resisting and in denial baldheads.’

        What you have written is absolutely true.

        However, if this’…Smood and Passionate Brethren’ wishes to keep;

        (a) ‘…His Life;

        (b) …His Locks;

        (c) …His money;

        (d) …His comfort;

        (e) …His freedom and comfort; and

        (f) …The 4 plants and 15 Grammes; and continue ‘…puffing’ or ‘…bubbling a pot of Ital,’ then he must stay away from ‘…dark, desolate or deserted places at nights.

        Sure this ‘…Smood Brethren’ may not think this is ‘…Ridiculous Advice’ as well.

        • Pompey, me nar lead nun bady, but me left-right-left, lef-right-left, or is it right-left-write, write-left-right…

          …could be, “one step forward, two steps backward, dung inna Babylon!”
          …Or, “one step forward, don’t step backwards, dung inna Babylon.

          Yes, Sir! Laughter is food for Our Soul, especially when the Spirit with its wild and unruly self, throws Common Sense out of the window, and expect a lame, and lazy body to catch it before, it hits the ground!

          Before, I go any further, let me say that, I’ve being reading your comments, opinion pieces, etc., since the days of CARIBARENA, and even though, your “style” of writing can at times get in the way, like an intended roadblock, detour, or obstacle, your “style” of writing stretches the imagination, beyond the obvious.
          Everything Is For Everyone, yet Everyone Is Not For Everything!

          I could elaborate even more, but this issue, of Crime and Criminality is not about your “style of writing,” likes and dislikes, but moreso common sense rationale when dealing with such, and the fact, that this is your field of expertise!
          Now, speaking of, field of expertise, I am of the opinion, that Law Enforcement to include the Defense Force, the UNDPC(the one head by Lt. Kroft. I have a hard time recalling, those letters in their correct order), the RPAB, MUST begin to utilize the STING OPERATION METHOD…
          a…using drone technology to monitor the operation(s).
          b…using decoys(couples etc, in isolated areas, beaches, parks, even Burma Road; wired for audio and video, along with heat and infrared sensors.
          c…trackable and traceable items such as wallets with chips/sensors, the same with phones.

          In other words, use old fashion methodology coupled with new technology, to get and stay, one or two or even four steps ahead of these Criminal minds.

          We cannot afford, nor accept the “one step forward, two steps backwards” mentality when it comes to dealing with this onslaught of Criminal activities, on Our Communities.

          Go well, as JF II would say!


            Ras Smood shall fear no evil.

            Very good suggestions in ‘…Combating and Curtailing Crimes.’

            You are not too far off with the letters, ‘…Ras Smood.’

            It is ‘…Office of National Drug Control and Money Laundering Policy,’acronym ‘…ONDCP; and

            ‘ …Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda (RPFAB).

            Know that ‘…Rasta’ eats no ‘…Pig Meat or the Pig Head.’

            So know for sure that ‘…Ras Smood’ is not ‘…Pigheaded.’

            Now, as much as you seems to be ‘…Wobbling and Weaving’. ‘…Ras Smood’ Shall ‘…Lead the Baldheads’ out of ‘…Criminal Harm and Danger.’

            Likened to the ‘…Iranian’s Retaliatory Ballistic Missile Strikes’ on the United States Military Bases on Iraqi soil,’ though interesting, the back and forth comments, are over.

        • “Weaving and Wobbling,” Hmmmnnn, more like…

          …Trust no shadow after dark
          …Thus, I n I must listen
          …with, good reason
          …when, the big dogs bark!
          …fully cognizant, even though militant
          …there is much significance!
          …in the term,
          …the Stone which the Mason’s refused
          …shall be the Head corner stone
          …and, even though they’re Free
          …they, must comply
          …with, the Unseen hand
          …which, gave them a Bly,
          …in this little island.
          …therefore, to be penny wise
          …and, pound foolish
          …could, be my demise
          …as, I n I becomes the main dish
          …of some Big Fish!
          …thus, I have to channel
          …Mohammed Ali, fu real, fu real.
          …and, bob n weave
          …floating Smoodly like a Monarch,
          …yet, harpooned ready
          …with, the venom of the African killer bee.
          …’cause, I n I never know
          …but, the more I grow
          …I, must pay attention
          …to the rise of, Adam n Steve!
          …and, the pollster may not like me
          …for, these simple facts
          …yes! Tenman knows that!
          …well placed propaganda
          …can, be just as deadly
          …in Our land called Dadli
          …as, the recently found anaconda
          …so, the Wobbling n Weaving
          …is to disguise my moves!
          …for, I n I never know
          …who’s spying on, the bottom of my shoes!


            Enjoyed every line of it

            Favorite lines though;

            ‘…Cause, ‘I n I’ never know;

            ‘…So, the Wobbling n Weaving;

            …Is to disguise my moves;’
            For ‘I n I’ never know;

            …Who is spying on the bottom of my shoes.’

            Know what ‘…Ras Smood,’ always keep your shoes on , just in case ‘I n I’ had to run through cassi bush.’

            That is, if ‘I n I’ not forced at gun-point to take them off and run.

            If it happens, then ‘I n I’ must run on any ‘darn’ thing.

            You would still have life and the name ‘…Ras Smood.’

            Can get another pair at ‘…Cool and Smooth.’

            Just tell them that ‘…In I’ was ‘…Cooling and Smooding,’ when suddenly, ‘I n I’ had to run.’

            Can’t tell them that ‘…Sand flies bite ‘I n I’ down dey’ though.

            ANR is kindly urged to save this gem of a poem for repeats.

          • Pompey, at some point in Time, I might revive my old studio skills, put a proposal to the Management, of ABS-TV, to produce several localized stories, pertaining to Our unique GEM, and its lifestyles.
            I know one such, would be BURY de HATCHET – this is where, We would take a look back into the tumultuous days between the RASTAFARI and the system in general, to include the RPFAB.
            Without going into details, just so you know, running bare feet through “cassie bush” is not strange or new to the Rastafari, because, this is what we had to do, to get away from, a younger you, chasing the smell, of the Chalice, as I n I lived a ‘Nightmare Party…’

            Anyway, appreciating the reasoning, compliments too! There’s much, much more I’d like to share, and will do so, since, SHARING is not s burden, it’s the footpath, to Enlightment…

  2. A new culture is developing in this beautiful paradise…. Youngsters are gravitating heavily to style & fashion….. Technology & electronics are a also a part of the formula…… These youngsters are committing these crimes, not because they cant get a job or they are hungry but its a fast way of getting these resources so that they can go around and boost their self image……. If & when these culprits are caught, the law needs to deal with them severely….

    • Did the article say this crime was perpetrated by youngsters l. No it didn’t! And is it only youngsters want to be in the lastest fashion around town? I don’t think bluddy bloke. Every time a crime is perpetrated y’all older folks jump on young ppl like they’re the only ones doing wrong. But guess what you’re wrong again. Take a good look in the mirror before cast any stone on the young ppl.

    • The prime minister causing them to rob ppl? Plz do elaborate……..

      If u got a kid I hope u don’t blame the prime minister for them failing an exam or becoming one of these bandits 🙄
      Everything ain’t always political.

      Take these officers out of the stations at night time and put them in these “un-safe” areas so our nation’s people and tourists alike can enjoy our beautiful island at night time jus as much as b4 the sun sets.

      Lock down Fire Station car wash!!!!! Put dem on d rd!

  3. Pompey at times come up with foolish statements. Why must people lock their houses because of bandits. They also attack you in your house. The Police need to get off their ass and do patrols day and night. They cannot be every where at the same time but they think scrump evilare not seen. Too much is happening. The bandits know the police are absent so they take over.

    • @wicked….Pompey is an ass. Plain and simple. more than half of the shit he writes comes out of ass and the other half is yet to be read. Do as I do when you see his name no even stop to read.
      Then to top it of he plays pun with words, while calling people names!

      • Why do you have to say such nasty things? What happened? No need for using profanity. Profanity users are usually lacking something. Sad. You are making things worse. Please. Life is hard enough without all this.

        • @ CErmle..let me say again!! .Pompey is an ass. Plain and simple. more than half of the shit he writes comes out of ass and the other half is yet to be read. Do as I do when you see his name no even stop to read.
          Then to top it of he plays pun with words, while calling people names!

          Before you talk about my nastiness deal with the ass that call people “all manner of evil with his play of pun!! By the way, ‘…Are you an Angel?’


        Should not even be ‘…honoring’ the last two apparent ‘…Bitter Commenters’ with a response.

        Very interesting, reading ‘ Ass’ comments.

        Please, do not feel bad to read.

        Makes ‘…Rawlston Pompey’ feels glad to write them.

        If there is ‘…utter or complete lack of understanding,’ still ‘…Don’t Blame Me.’

        Even so, that is exactly what they should do, ‘…not stopping to reading’ comments of any ‘…Ass.’

        Running the risk of being transformed into a Pony.

        Sounds better much than being referred to as ‘…an Ass.’

        Fully aware that ‘…even when danger is staring some people in the face,’ viewed from ‘…incivility and bitterness, and to some extent ‘…simplicity of mind,’ who is to expect comments that are inconsistent with ‘…rationality; or …have an appreciation for reality, and understanding of human nature, behavior or disposition?’

        By the way, they aught not to be reading this comments.

        They should be ‘…concentrating on the news and what is happening to others and avoid becoming the next victims.’

        Moreover, they should be ‘…riding the Ass.’

        But on one condition though, ‘…cut it some grass.’

        Then they can be ‘…reading while riding.’ Howz Dat?

      • Let’s be real, as much as we are talking about not locking up in houses, there are so many other places you can go and hang out and be safe. But in Antigua or not, being in a dark isolated place in the middle of the night such as the beach or botanical gardens in simply unsafe. And we all know that people are having sex. And at those times its normally to cheat or else why go those places? Scenery? Nah… you cant see anything at night. Just exercise common sense and let’s be adults. We definitely cant dictate the robbers: kids or adults. Stay responsible.


          Few could have said it better ‘…Nell.’

          Not sure doing what, but certainly ‘…Too Darn Busy’ to be aware of the surroundings, when the ‘…Trees or Knees are Moving.’

          Can’t see or hear ‘…Ah Darn thing at night.’

  4. Isn’t the park has a 24 hours security guard system in place?
    Cost of living and minimum wage in Antigua and Barbuda need to be look at seriously. As someone stated earlier in a comments above that the youngsters are gravitating heavily to style, fashion, technology and electronics. Also a new culture has/is developing in our beautiful paradise. Lord Jesus, please help us in healing our land.

  5. NAMELESS- i could not agree with you more, i just did not want to put it so harsh but he is. In addition to playing with words and calling people’s name (I dislike the latter).The persons should deal with him.

  6. NAMELESS- my big fingers touched something wrong. To contine, he writes some long episle as if he writing a statement in a murder case. I am short winded so i cannot read them. He knows so much since he left the Force.

  7. NOT condoning the alleged crime, however one has to use better judgement when making these decisions as we see/know crime is on the rise and law enforcement cannot be everywhere. In the Botanical Gardens at 9.30 at night is not a wise decision for anyone “where ignorance is bliss it’s folly to be wise” and if some feel they can/want to ignore the lack of security in some places then be the criminals guests. Yes folks get robbed in their houses so why increase the risks at that time of the day?


      Though not necessarily guided by emotions, know that there are still ‘…many more rationally-thinking commenters like you.

      It pleases ‘…Rawlston Pompey’ to know that people are ‘…Hooked On Reading.’

      The responses by an insignificant few, ‘…uncouth’ as they may have been, it is still thrilling to read their ‘…less than splendiferous views.

      The nicely coined words ‘…Criminal’s Guests,’ puts you in a different category in contributing to the readership your ‘…rationally thought-out and sometimes thought-provoking comments.’

      In summation, while a few seemed ‘…emotionally disturbed, you have been ‘…rationally consistent.’

      Commendably, you have sought to Inculcate a ‘…sense of self-preservation’ in brains’ that seem ‘…Smitty.’

      Your head and brain are certainly not ‘…full of Smit.’

      Do believe that this word is misspelled.

      The computer so indicates.

      Still not correcting it though.

      See what might be better understood or can be ‘…reasonably inferred from it.’

      That which you have written on this page could never be said to be so considered.

      Likened to ‘…Nell,’…Tell Them Alex; …Tell Them.’

  8. Sorry for who robbed the priests. Rawlston i see your point, stay away from certain places cause you never know who’s lurking in the dark, and another thing is that these crimes happens frequently in these areas at night, beach, gardens, bushes.


      Only providing public education.

      It would be remiss of ‘…Rawlston Pompey’ not to respond to a very ‘…Sane Comment’ by the ‘…Antiguans.’

      Beaches, Gardens, Bushes’ and desolate places are habitats for ‘…Sea crabs; …African Snails and . Cuban Frogs.’

      Therefore, except to catch them, there is really no need to be at those places in the night.

      Though the criminal element does not discriminate, potential victims could help to reduce the ‘…Crime Statistics.’

      There are no better ways than what ‘…people like Ras Smood; …Alex and you’ have suggested.

      Absolutely correct.

      The unsuspecting never know who would be ‘…lurking’ to rob or harm them.

      Though it may provoke sad feelings, many may recall the ‘…savagery of a senseless criminal act’ perpetrated against’… 11 year-old innocent school student ‘…Jemuel Samuel.’

      Her throat was ‘…viciously slashed’ by an unknown assailant, yet to be identified and/or apprehended. [2006].

      This occurred in broad daylight at the ‘…Botanical Gardens’ [2006].

      Clearly, a dangerous place to be at night.

  9. Stealing iPhones is useless. They don’t work when stolen. These kids are disgusting. Maybe if the intact family was the norm here then things would be better. People here have to stop sleeping around and making so many kids.

  10. The phones can still be use, all you have to do is manipulate the software. The police can ketch these criminals easy, all they need to do is pretend to be a couple in botanical garden and as soon as someone attempt to rob them , shoot them stiff dead.

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