Couple facing charges after their dogs attack passersby


A couple whose dogs are said to have viciously attacked two passersby are facing criminal charges in the Magistrate’s Court.

Glen and Shermain Prosper are charged with causing their dogs to attack, failing to register their dogs, failing to microchip their dogs, causing the dogs to run at large and causing their dogs to worry two individuals.

The incident is said to have occurred on December 5 when the complainant and her six-year-old granddaughter were walking through Lightfoot.

They were reportedly attacked by three brown dogs at around 12.30pm that day.

The complainant is said to have held on to her granddaughter so tight that they ended up on the ground.

She reportedly cuddled the minor in an effort to protect her and allegedly received most of the bites.

It is said that the pair’s screams caused residents to rush to the scene and they managed to scare the dogs off.

But by that time the complainant had already received bites on her thigh, back and leg while her grand-daughter was also bitten on her thigh.

The woman reported the matter to the police after being treated at the hospital.

Upon investigating the matter, the police reportedly saw video footage of the female defendant leaving her property with the gate open an hour before the incident.

The Prospers were subsequently slapped with multiple charges and brought to the All Saints Magistrate’s Court yesterday where they were each granted bail in the sum of $5,000 with a $500 cash component.

The duo, who were represented by lawyer Sherfield Bowen, were also told to surrender their passports, present two sureties and report to their nearest police station three times a week.

They are set to return to court on March 28.

Meanwhile, their dogs are said to have been seized by the Dog Control Authority.

According to the Dogs Registration and Control Act 2006, the defendants could be fined up to $500 for each charge or be imprisoned for three months.

The magistrate may also “make an order … that the dog be kept under proper control by its owner, or, in the case of a second or any subsequent complaint in respect of the same dog, destroyed”.


SOURCE: Observer

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  2. For a “dog bite?” Where in the world are you criminally liable for a dog bite? Only in Antigua. If there were evidence that the couple released there dogs to attack someone then I can see you doing all those things to them, but were are the evidence that they did that? Making people into criminals for a “mistake of your dog left your yard” is so unjust.
    I live in Canada people get dog bites everyday I am yet to hear of arrest, passports surrendered, report to police station and all that BS. Let the police go and fight crimes and keep the people safe and stop the crap.

    • U sound so chip it, a u the dog should a bite. If it was my family member I would deal with them dog. Do u know dog kill ppl .

    • George u sound so dunce its not even funny! Its called negligence and the owners ARE responsible for the dogs…. no one cares if u live in Canada!! Had it been your daughter or family u would not be chatting shit!! Shut the hell up!! I hope they put down these dogs cause its obvious the owners cannot control them!! Some of u people who write these messages seriously have to get yall brain checked!!

    • You have a responsibility to ensure your dogs are on a leash or contained within a fence. yYes you should be held liable for your dogs attacking someone outside of your yard. And you’re absolutely wrong about only in Antigua. Make ya dog bite somebody in the US. You will learn. Y’all so ignorant in antigua that anybody that move away shame a r u and nah waa come back. Just a bunch a bat.

  3. These things are realy BS.
    Wa them fu do nar do.
    How people out that commit crime thief rape and them narlook fu them.
    Any way them them self need to look out for too.

  4. All you chatting like sets a Idiots.
    The dogs are well kept well groom go doctor faster than some a you that a chat like sets a donce head.
    Maybe you a plan fu go thief so that mek you think the dogs should be dead.

    Tell them tap tease the dam dogs them when them a pass the road.

    That dam.neibour that had the footage about the dogs and shearing it around.
    Hope when them bus a you ass with the drugs a you will have the footage too.

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