Couple bound and robbed at beach


A man and his female companion were kidnapped from Runaway Beach last night by gunmen who also made off with their motorcar.

Reports reaching Antigua News Room (ANR) indicate that the duo, of Potters village, was at the beach in a parked silver Hyundai Accent motorcar (A43502) when three masked gunmen approached the vehicle.

The couple was, according to sources, pulled from the front seat of the vehicle and placed on the back seat where they were handcuffed together.

Reports are the gunmen then drove the vehicle to the couple’s house in Potters where it is further alleged that they stole a silver Suzuki Vitara SUV (A48634).

The bandits then left the scene with both vehicles and left the couple behind still handcuffed. They, however, managed to get free of the cuffs and went to a police station where a report was made.

ANR was told that the duo accompanied officers in search of their vehicle and at about 3:15 this morning the Vitara SUV was found abandoned in Freetown.

There was, however, no sign of the Hyundai Accent motorcar or the assailants. Extensive searches were done in Freetown, Bethesda, Potworks Dam and Parham areas.

Police are conducting investigations into the matter.

This incident reportedly occurred about 10:15 pm Tuesday.

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  1. Where is our national crime plan? Do we even have one? This is now becoming ridiculous and our law enforcement agencies are ill equipped to help us…..Singapore did invest heavily in their civil defense and police force before they embarked on their cultivation of wealth

    • My good friend cool your nerves. Any crime is regrettable but no need to just rag up the police. Even in Singapore (a country with some of the lowest crime rates in the world) as of June this year, there were about 400 thefts from vehicles and about 70 vehicles were stolen.
      Crime fighting is not just about police and law enforcement agencies. Are we teaching (not just telling) our children that stealing, raping and murder is wrong. With freedom comes responsibility, Singapore is one of the countries in the world where many basic human rights are trodden upon. In Antigua let us get back to basics. When we start to fear God and keep in commandments the crime rate will go down.

      • Cut the BS and tell us how many murders Singapore a country of 5.5 million had this year? We had 20 so far and counting which is a new Antiguan record. Singapore had 4 so far. We do not live in Singapore so I do not care how many cars were stolen. Every time we complain about feeling unsafe in our house you idiots come and deflect and change the subject. We need to rag on the police, they get paid to curb crime and they are doing a piss poor job.

  2. The top brass of the police force are not Antiguans and do not understand either Antiguan or Jamaican culture. You cannot fight what you do not understand. Wendell needs to go. He is the most incompetent top cop Antigua has ever seen.
    Where do everyday criminals get handcuffs anyway do they sell them at Shouls?

    • Funny the same thing was said about Mrs. Christopher and she was not only the first female commissoner of police but also an Antiguan
      So what when the givernament gives Mr. Roberson the boot who are we going to replace him with white retired police men again like what was done to Mrs.Christopher

      • Yes she was, and Robinson makes her look like Batman. He clearly holds the position of most incompetent cop ever. We did fine before him and will do better without him.

        • What the population of Antigua and Barbuda needs to do is stop critize the police and assist them y’all only know police when something happens to u
          Y’all sound so stupid if u have all the answers then become a police officer and go solve the crimes and stop the on going turf war

          • The populace dosen’t trust the police. To many officers are criminals or in bed with them . Why would anyone assist the police and be fearful for their life.
            Antigua needs witness protection handled completely by an outside agency , that once you enter witness protection Antigua will have no idea where you are. Top brass needs to start chapping heads in the police Dept. Real talk.

      • I do not care if is aliens they bring, once the job gets done. So because someone is Antiguan or black mean they get the job or we want efficient and EFFECTIVE, results oriented, send a Venus or Mars if they there to come get this crime thing under control please and thanks.

  3. Maybe its the police officers committing the crimes. U can tell they are police by their comments. Have we solved any of these recent shootings and thefts? NO…. Get y’all asses out in private vehicles and plain clothes 24hr patrol etc get shit done. Antigua laws are too slack. We have a young midget teen girl walking around pregnant and the mother nuh lock up. Until its their family they aint doing shit but who feels it knows it

  4. As usual this great nation is getting worse,you don’t feel safe in your own home now,something has to be done,otherwise tourist will not be coming back .Antigua wake up.

  5. Raise the standard! Raise it boldly!
    Answer now to duty’s call
    To the service of thy country,
    Sparing nothing, giving all;
    Gird your loins and join the battle
    ‘Gainst fear, hate and poverty,
    Each endeavouring, all achieving,
    Live in peace where man is free.

  6. As s tourist who loves Antigua, I am a little worried these days. I’ve been told by locals, the police drive the beach in Jolly Harbour with their lights flashing? How are you suppose yo catch criminals when you announce your arrival? Perhaps an outside source needs to be procured for better training and discipline. You don’t want to be another corrupt and uncontrollable Jamaica.. there shouldn’t be any acceptable margin of crime.

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