LETTER: Samantha Marshall could be a future Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda


Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter, admittedly, because of my own personal admiration for the Member of Parliament, even though I am not a comrade.

I am also writing to determine, based on feedback, whether I am the only reader to Antigua News Room who shares that view.

My view is that Samantha Marshall can be a good Prime Minister for Antigua & Barbuda. Now, this is not to say that Gaston Browne is not holding down the fort quite solidly, but, even Browne has indicated on a number of occasions that he doesn’t plan to remain prime minister for a very long time.

It is reasonable to expect therefore that the ABLP, sooner rather than later would begin succession planning. I humbly hope that when that time comes around to change leader, Samantha Marshall will put herself forward.

She should make herself available not because of the symbolism of being the country’s first female prime minister but because she can do the job.

Samantha Marshall has the experience, the qualifications, she loves her country and she loves her constituents. These traits can be broken-down even further to highlight her people and management skills.

I really could go on and on but I know others will add. I admire Ms Marshall for all the attributes that I highlighted above but also because she is personable, firm, fair and a problem solver who is no stranger to hard work.

Please publish my Letter.



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        • @Tuna
          Any body other than another labour government. Their leader has big chat but does nothing for the people or the country. Look at the condition of the country. Covid has exposed the ineptitude of labour. The primary concern of this government is getting rich. Keep them in office and Antigua will continue to be a filthy place with little or no infrastructure.

  1. Sounds like a fifth grader wrote this for composition, “People I admire.” Nothing outstanding was mentioned in this letter just a repetition of “I admire her very much for basic tenets.” Anyway, how do you all feel about Maria Browne for the position?

    • Maria Browne needs to open her mouth and talk to the public before she can ever be considered for leadership. She is as meek as a mouse.

      • If we wait a while Gaston may get his son elected, just like he did Maria, as the heir. Don’t we realize we have a dynasty?

    • Maria ? By the the time you read this I’m still laughing . She clearly doesn’t have the intellect and that’s being generous and that’s not just by me .

  2. This sounds like a person than get the most H&T christmas time talking out of emotions.

    Great leaders have excellent communication skills not just speaking eloquently. The way they speak to people is very important as a leader

  3. Agree with the writer of the letter…..have stated similar comments some time ago. She has worked hard through opposition days, legally and politically and now continues to shine amongst the ‘Boy’s Club’. Hopefully she will not back down when leadership challenge comes around for the newBies!

    • Honestly, Sam needs to save the party.
      Getting very tired of the male egos and talking down to people.

      Shine in 2021, Sam. Show out.

  4. Ms. Marshall strikes me as a hardworking, humble, patriotic and lover of people type of person. I have heard the current PM express similar sentiments about her potential to become the first female prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda.

    I’ve seen much action on her part as the Minister of Agriculture. Wish her all the best and God’s guidance.

  5. But hopefully voters will throw all these bums out and get some real leaders like they have in St. Kitts.

  6. Samantha Marshall is doing a great job , no matter where they put her however i wish she would change some of the policies when collecting monetary fees from the court due to delinquent payees ..I do believe that she would be a good prime minister

  7. She has the same color hair as the American Soccer player,Megan Rapinoe.I think there was a story that Megan got engaged in Antigua.

  8. I am surprised at the comments regarding Samantha Marshall and weather or not she can be the next prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, surprisingly; in this day and time any thing is possible. Prime Minister Gaston is truly an example of these words, “ who God bless no man curse”. If one chooses such a path one must prepare himself and in preparation, one must know that Nothing is impossible with God and he will also prepare the path to bring one before great men. Samantha trust God! he has the last say!

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