Corthwright Marshall says plans for cross-country special economic zones appear to be a ploy for recolonizing the people


The Browne Administration’s plans to set up a number of Special Economic Zones across the country seem like a recolonization ploy, says Corthwright Marshall, the United Progressive Party Candidate for St. Mary’s South.

Marshall was making specific reference to the recently signed Western Imperial Special Economic Zone (WISEZ) agreement, in which over 500 acres of land will be used to create a commercial, manufacturing and residential development between Jennings and Five Islands.

In an era when Caribbean people and others are seeking to decolonize their ways of thinking and living, Marshall says the Prime Minister is thrusting imperial developments upon the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

Marshall says the United Progressive Party will not pursue this type of project if it attains office in the next general elections. (REAL NEWS)

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  1. Court, what is your plan. Will you shut down these special zones now existing (or being planned)? Will they be kicked off the island? Will they be compensated??? What’s your plan!

  2. Dumb statement. If you are going to make this statement, then you must follow it up by showing how the Zones will not benefit Antigua. Making this statement with no further explanation leaves the reader wondering whether this is pure politicking.

    • That’s the UPP handbook for you:
      -NO VISION
      -NO PLAN

      This is why the DNA refused to join then in the Global Ports protest. Joanne said they still using the same old “playbook”

  3. I Feel Cheated.
    By the headline,,,,why even print this 1mans baseless opinion.
    I expected he to lay out to the reader,,,,y he had this perspective.
    But no.
    Them U,,, Printed this

  4. Come on Corth, give us the details of your plan? IF you win, will you shut down these places, will you confiscate their property, will you run them off the island???? Enquiring minds want to know. Corth, are you listening? Or are you just playing politics?

  5. Everytime I see his photo, that’s what comes to mind too. But maybe that’s just his look 🤔

    Maybe Dr. Benjamin can check him out for free or the know-it-all Alister Thomas who hallucinates, sees little men and claim his “ancestors” woke him up and urge him to stupid things 🤣🤣🤣

    He annarl mussa Nak he head pan concrete pavement 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 woieeee ma belly 😆🤣😂

  6. “Antigua and Barbuda Governor General Louise Lake Tack is leading a delegation to China this week.
    The Governor General will be participating in a cultural forum and meeting with “key government officials,” according to a government statement.” May 15th, 2013 , CARIBBEAN JOURNAL

    The usual dog whistle from opposition politicians. With the Asian village project they argued the Asians would colonize us. Now it’s specifically the Chinese who will do it. When they were in office, the plan according to then Ambassador Shoul was for us to diversify our tourism by marketing to the Chinese. He spoke of the importance of us learning their language. Millions he claimed would come to A&B. UPP politicians would often visit China, and tell us how they are our friends. Now they are in opposition China is the enemy. Its like how Lovell supported the YIDA project when he was in government, now he is not, its no good.

  7. The UPP expect to win election with these LOSERS ?

    Corthwright Marshall cannot explain Himself properly

    Franz De Freitas Always begging for food.

    Alister Thomas living in a house and not paying rent.

    Gladys Potter as DUMB as a DOOR NAIL.

    Serpent just a BIG MOUTH..I heard Serpent quit the race.

    Alex Browne Same as Gladys Potter ..As dumb.

    Cleon Athill NO hope

    And the list goes on. The one in St. Peter ( Peter REDZ ) BIGGEST JOKE in the Caribbean.

    and the list goes on.

    UPP DONE. ( HAROLD should not be leading UPP with that HIGH COURT CASE )


  8. I am the owner of lands near that Western Economic Zone. I paid my annual taxes,I have my land Deed in a safe dry place. Anyone touches my property,it would be hell to pay.Tenman and Company may try and decipher my intentions.

  9. I heard the radio interview on Observer in full that this article was based on. Some who post here probably heard it too. Mr. Marshall clearly made the point that government policy should not be to strip the country and people from normal benefits like taxation, duties and so on as this so-called development does for life.

    He said reasonable caps should be put on how long such waivers should be in place for. He argued for more local business development policies while not excluding foreign investment, but that foreign investment should not come with the displacement of local people and their potential to operate businesses here.

    I agree the article is extremely short. In does not do much to set out the context of Mr. Marshall’s case. So a young person like me may wonder what is the full context of it. But in spite of that this issue has been in the public space for several weeks. Who among us are so focused on the idea of an alternative plan that we dismiss the fact of how absolutely destructive the special economic zone policies are for our country and people.

    No mention is made by the critics here of how the laws authorizing these zones create a state within a state. Also that these so very wealthy people have their investments subsidized by us because the government committed us the country and tax payers to provide them with all infrastructure needed in the zones. The investors are also CIP agents. So they can sell our passports and reap revenues from the sale without lifting much of a finger. They can import labour at will and for all positions without paying one cent in work permit fees at any time at all. At the same time the zones have their own bodies that are in charge of regulating their actions so DCA and Department of Environment have no legal authority to stop or supervise their actions.

    I know these things because one evening in early October some of my girlfriends and I read the resolutions for the YIDA special economic zone and Western Imperial Special Economic Zone. And there are more horrors in the resolutions. So if we care about the country’s sovereignty and our political and economic destiny into future generations this will irritate and anger anyone who is not easily fooled.

    When my friends and I were at state college fifteen years ago issues like the impacts of colonization and economic concessions to foreign run businesses without performance clauses were discussed one of our classes. We thought it was just theory or at best history. We have lived to see our own people putting modern day colonial economic nooses around our necks.

    So the distractions which some people posting here are trying will not work. Young women like me and my friends have their eyes wide open. We are appalled and angry that any government could do this its own people. The modern day pieces of silver that our heritage and sovereignty were sold for is a betrayal of the highest order. We will neither forget or forgive them.

  10. my two cents is that people should read the resolutions the government pass in parliament. If you read dem and you see nothing wrong with dem you either of dem then you dont care about this country or you you truly casn’t reason.

  11. Mr Marshall, are you a politician? You surely don’t sound so. In fact, you sound like a technician. There is no fire in your pronouncement. That is what an opposiition politician would do.

    “Marshall says the United Progressive Party will not pursue this type of project if it attains office in the next general elections.”
    Is that it? No outrage? No fire in your belly to rally people to your cause?
    But, I forget. UPP politicians is as dead as a doornail. They have no fight in them. Their belief is in the legal system and that it will prevail because they know they have right on their side. Hogwash! This party does not have a single Antigua politics bone in their body.

    Look at the bus issue. It is a bogus case. UPP feels they will win because the law is on their side. Wonder if they would wake up the next day and realize that is the controller of the Antigua legal and political system that might prevail.

  12. Is something mentally wrong with the Analyst? Is he a member of the hyena family?
    Why does he think he has to be laughing this dunce, stupid, insipid laughter everytime he calls into the radio stations? Does he think it is cute, because it is not. Does he think that he is so bright that his dotish laughter means “can’t you see what you I saying, you foolish people”?

    He used to do it on Crusader alone. So I stopped listening to them when he comes on. Now he is on all the stations. Last night, I had to run from Knight because I was becoming so offended by him and his jack-ass type laughing. Is everything a joke for him?
    It is annoying and offensive. Analyst, cut out the laughing crap.

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