Coroner’s inquest halted following attorney’s objections

Attorney-at-law Wendel Robinson

A coroner’s inquest into the death of an inmate of Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) four years ago was stopped when the attorney for the deceased’s mother raised objections about the manner in which it was being conducted.

The inquest was convened before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh to deter- mine how Codaryo Joseph, who was serving a sentence for murder, was discovered dead in his cell at HMP in 2018.

Codaryo’s mother, Sheryl Inigo-Joseph, has been trying to determine the cause of death of her son for some time, but so far no answers have been forthcoming.

Codaryo was buried without a coroner’s inquest being convened to determine, among other things, his cause of death and where culpability for his death lay.

Inigo-Joseph engaged the services of leading criminal defence attorney Wendel Robinson who filed an action in the High Court seeking an order for a coroner’s inquest to be convened and, if necessary, for Codaryo’s body to be exhumed for examination.

Robinson contends that soon after he made the application in the High Court, a coroner’s inquest was “hurriedly convened” with- out his knowledge or the knowledge of his client.
He added that he only learned of the matter when he made an unexpected visit to the very courtroom where the inquest was being held last Friday. Robinson said he learned at that time that the inquest had begun one week earlier.

It was at this point that Robinson said he raised objections to the manner in which the inquest was convened and questioned the methodology of the selection of the jurors.
He described the events leading up to the coroner’s inquest as being “highly suspect” and lacking transparency and objected strenuously to the manner in which it was being conducted.

Robinson has reported that the coroner has since discharged the jury and decided that a fresh panel of jurors will be selected.

The deceased’s moth- er will also be properly in- formed when the matter is to be reconvened.
Meanwhile, the High Court hearing has been adjourned until October as requested by the Attorney General’s Office to allow settlement negotiations to get underway. (POINTE XPRESS)

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