Corey Mills sentenced to 21 years in prison for killing Syrian restaurant owner


Murder convict Corey Mills was sentenced to 21 years in prison for killing 38-year-old Syrian Mazem Daher in 2016.

The sentence was handed down by High Court Judge Justice Ann-Marie Smith on Tuesday.


The sentence can only come up for review after Mills serve at least 10 years in prison.

Mills admitted he shot Daher at his restaurant on Old Parham Road when he and Ian Daniel carried out a robbery at the establishment on April 23, 2016.


The defendant pleaded guilty to murder in November of 2018.

His co-accused Daniel pleaded to the less serious charge of manslaughter and will be sentenced after he undergoesa  psychiatric evaluation, which was requested by his lawyer.


  1. Yet those who rape children are in jail for a lot less time. The rape victims are victims once again and this time by the justice system.

    The system needs overhauling. This killer needs to be executed not drain our tax dollars or make his family pay to feed and clothe him. Those supposed 1st world countries against execution can go ahead and take people like this scum and pay for their upkeep.

  2. Thank You Antigua Citizen! So true
    Or the man who killed the transgender only got 7 years but you kill a Syrian and you get 20. How do you determine whose life is worth more .. the local person is worth less!?!

    This system is broken !!!!

  3. How come the pilot that smuggled the drugs got 18 years but people out here raping and murdering getting seven and shit .

  4. It is always better to kill than to be killed. When you realise that 21 yrs in prison sentence is only 14 years in real time it is not that bad. Under the current system criminal activity is not punished much as only in some instances the criminal is caught and successfully prosecuted in court.

    The killer still have life and that is the most important thing. The dead is gone forever no matter what dreams they had or how much their family loved them. People work so hard everyday to achieve worldly goals not realizing that someone could decide to take their life and still keep theirs with the worst thing is spending a few years in jail at the expense of the government.

  5. Boss u commit the crime so make up yr mind to serve the time….. It is pathetic that criminals of such nature have to live on tax payers monies. Not only has an innocent life been taken, but a void has been created, leaving the victim’s families and friends in torment & misery for the rest of their lives….. Should you had come to the court where BLUDDY BLOKE is the judge, then it would be an eye for eye and a tooth for a tooth meaning you would face the hang man’s noose


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