Convicted murderer Kenneil Martin granted special privileges to pursue University studies


Once again, there is much outrage and consternation as convicted murderer, Kenneil Martin is granted special priveleges to pursues University studies.

According to well placed sources, Martin who is serving three (3) life sentences for the 2008 murder of honeymooning couple Benjamin and Catharine Mullaney; seems to receive special privileges repeatedly during his sentence in 1735.

He was crowned “King Kenneil” when he won a prison talent contest seven Christmases ago, (2015) winning best rap song and best dressed.

Now, reports are that he has allegedly been awarded this scholarship to pursue higher education.
Questions are being asked as to the selection process; how and why someone who brutally murdered tourists on their honeymoon could be selected from all the prisoners serving time, some for low level, petty crimes with very short sentences.

Martin shot the couple in cold blood and robbed them of cash and valuables.

Many see it as a very hard slap in the face to the surviving family of Ben and Catharine Mullaney.
Attorney General, Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin, tell this nation and the Mullaney family where is the justice in this? Pray tell! — Broadcast News

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  1. This sounds like some TURKS LEE attention-starved sorry excuse for an article. How’s your GoFundMe coming along???

  2. Avatar photo Really becoming Lala land Land of make belief. That's what you get for having a lazy reactionary do nothing AG but extremely good at tear 💨 gassing it's people.

    Just curious I left Antigua when I was a young boy . In all the years he’s been in office can anyone say what he has done for the community no seriously maybe it’s me not getting the right info 🤷 ⌛.

    • NO PERMISSION was granted for that protest
      NO PERMISSION was granted for that protest
      NO PERMISSION was granted for that protest
      NO PERMISSION was granted for that protest
      NO PERMISSION was granted for that protest
      NO PERMISSION was granted for that protest

      • No permission was granted to Gaston , Mary-Clare etc when they marched up long street etc without permission. Were they tear gassed?

        Useless Idiots, what an apt description. No matter what you say, Cutie and Gaston will pay for teargassing the people and their children. (AT THE BALLOT BOX)

        • If you followed the case you would have learned that the foolish cop decided to snail mail the change in route about a day before the event. They followed the usual route. As far as election day, you know in your heart, it will again be labour all the way (no seed for UPP and their affiliates). Lovell, a few days ago, was getting the (post election) campaign ready for when ABLP raises the water rate after the election.

        • NO PERMISSION GRANTED BY PARLIAMENT to purchase the WADADLI POWER CAN’T. $320,000,000.00 WASTED on “NEW” engines courtesy UPP

  3. Where is the GUN that SHERFIELD BOWEN used to SHOOT TESSA BARTHLEY???? 🤔 👀

    Was he MARRIED at the time of the shooting? Will he call for stricter gin control laws? Is he the Shadow Minister of GENDER AFFAIRS????

    Where is the bloody GUN that SHERFIELD BOWEN used to SHOOT TESSA BARTHLEY??? 🤔 👀

      • In 2005, Bowen was convicted and sentenced to five years for manslaughter relating to the shooting death of 23-year-old Tessa Barthley.

        Where is the GUN that SHERFIELD BOWEN used to SHOOT TESSA BARTHLEY??

        Was he MARRIED at the time of the SHOOTING OF TESSA BARTHLEY?

      • While in prison I am told Mr Bowen afforded his help to fellow inmates by helping to teach them. If a policy which does the same is an issue, why does the UPP not also shun Bowen for trying to help his fellow inmates? Isn’t prison also to reform?

    • “Sherfield Bowen, 44, appeared in St. John’s Magistrate Court and was formally charged with murder in the killing of Tessa Barthley, his attorney Dane Hamilton said. Barthley, 22, was shot in the neck Dec. 16 and put on life support. She died Tuesday of a heart attack, hospital officials said.”

      Where is the GUN that SHERFIELD BOWEN used to SHOOT TESSA BARTHLEY 🤔 👀

    • A fake TENMAN has emerged. Notice how they are using our normal monikers to spin things.


      • Yeah I see it. Their way of trying to cause confusion it seems with the help of ANR. I do notice that most times even before my comment is released, there is a response from some UPP aligned person. Have to admit, I am honored by their attention.

      • JUST SAYING I am looking forward to the day when all of you will stop using monikers. Start using your REAL NAMES and stop hiding behind monikers. Be men and stop being little boys.

    • @FAKE tenman/ wannabe but could never be tenman

      LOVELL IS A SPENT FORCE 🎯 When Limpy Joe King Lyadd is so owl and desperate that he can attract the likes of SHERFIELD BOWEN who used a GUN TO SHOOT TESSA BARTHLEY you know that he’s lost all his marbles!!! You know the end is nigh for upp when it SNUBBED SHAWN NICHOLAS and chose a KILLER over its general secretary. As far as is known, Shawn Nicholas DID NOT use a GUN to SHOOT TESSA BARTHLEY so why the blatant snub????🤔 👀

      • Avatar photo Smh ANR is good source of info but you can't hang out all day everyday on the site just to be one of the first to comment . I pity the ugly iguana 🦎 I mean fool that lay next to at night 😂😂😅

        ,@ Smut I mean Smh playing with your phone again.
        Your parents never told don’t speak when adults are speaking.
        You run your mouth 😂 on every and anything no one takes your comments seriously.

    • Guy/Gal I am now wondering if ANR is aiding you in your theft/lie? Its so hard to create your own alias?

  4. This man along with an accomplice killed 5 people!!!!! Let that sink in. Rafique Kareem Harris was a university student who did not complete his studies because his life was taken from him by the hands of this criminal and his now deceased partner in crime. This is a slap in the face to the families who have to grieve the loss of their loved ones everyday! Some still awaiting justice. Antigua is a dolly house place. Wicked people, wicked place!

  5. So after he studies and awarded a diploma or degree, how will that benefit him as he is serving three life sentences? Enquiring minds would like to know.

    • Let him or his family pay for it. Why burden the taxpayers with his education? This man almost single handedly destroyed Antigua’s tourism product, and now he’s getting ‘special privileges’.

      The beach is only the beginning but if you murder our visiting tourists in cold blood you will be rewarded with a full scholarship to University.

      • @Dessalines, Have you FORGIVEN YOUR DADDY YET? do it now before it is too late. Forgiveness heals. Love your father. you would not exist without your DADDY boy. Love is the answer.

          • @ Dessalines

            No wife. you are confused! but I ask for and extend forgiveness each day. What about you? Tomorrow is not promised. Make it right with your DADDY while the door of mercy remains open.

      • The article states he was awarded a scholarship. It may have been from a prison advocate group.. I don’t think it should be state sponsored though.

  6. Q: Should criminals in the prison be given the opportunity of learning and education?

    A: NO ONE should be denied the right to EDUCATION. If the criminals in prison are provided with education and work skills, their life could turn towards a better and crime free future.

    “Few evidence-based reforms have as much untapped potential as postsecondary education in prison. Incarcerated people who participate in such programs are 48 percent less likely to recidivate than those who do not. The odds of recidivism decrease as incarcerated people achieve higher levels of education”

    • Was just telling my buddy Dessalines of a Netflix series (For Life) I am watching where a convicted prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment, took his time there to become a lawyer (at tax payers expense). We need to encourage educational pursuits, and not ignore the great societal benefits even imprisoned persons can use it for (I concede Sean Bird is an outlier but even education can’t fix laziness). Imagine this man (Kenneil Martin), like Sherfield Bowen did, using this opportunity to help inspire other prisoners to embrace education. It would most likely mean, those who follow his example, when they do leave prison, there would be less chances of them returning (reduces recidivism). One of the issue facing convicted prisoners is due to lack of education, when released they find it more difficult to find employment. As far as the process which allowed him to get the scholarship, I await a press release from prison official’s, since this can also aid in helping other inmates to know of these opportunities

  7. Avatar photo The grate Charles Tabor at times response to the usual foolishness is energy wasted .why entertain these entertainers

    Tencent man
    Crazy Kristi
    Hopeless Betty
    Just Saying nothing
    Among others can’t see beyond Redism and political tribalism..
    I sometimes read the comments to understand maybe a different point of view but with this bunch you learn nothing .
    It’s a one way street

    • Yeah u were definitely tutored by Franz
      “the G-R-A-T-E Charles Tabor” you say??

      You mean you “grate” Tabor and mix him in the batter for your Good Friday ducuna???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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        One word typo error and lol and you jump 🤸 for joy such a silly little boy .
        The usual 🤡 performance by clearly a not very smart individual a child in an adult body
        Unlike you I had a meeting to attend and quickly sent it off . There are folks that are dependent on me to put food on the table.
        How many families depends on you for anything .
        😭😂 How could they with a brain that small I’m surprised you know how to get on to ANR . So many have gone and left us and would love to have one more day with their love ones.
        This is your life on this platform nothing else nothing more truly a waste of space.

    • Careful when u cross the street that the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌 nah run over you 🤣😂😆 in keeping with “an eye for an eye” as u say 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. @Reply to The grate Charle… Its “ten”man because my wife’s name is ten (short for tennesia). Still happy after 13 years that I am her man. Please note you need to spellcheck great because the way its written its almost as if Charles grates on your nerves. You do know his colleagues consider him a joke?

  9. “IF” he is serving 3 life sentences , where he plan to use that degree? Just asking. Unless somebody knows something we don’t know!!!

  10. And so what if he is prison for life. He can’t make use of his time and get an education? The RAG TAG QUEEN seems to have plenty time on her hands. Why don’t she and her sister FOOTS IN NECK go look some hard work to go to pay back the $500,000 she got for her first class medical treatment.

  11. You labor people are bitter. You need some therapy. Your soul, eyes, ears, heart need cleaning. You are hateful, spiteful and just sick. This world is a circle just in case you forgot

    • @Tired of UPP

      BITTER = Gisele Isaac “i have some people I’d like to kill”
      HATEFUL = Bruce Goodwin UPP Ambassador aka “paupers”
      SPITEFUL = Harold Lovell BADPLAY Joanne Massiah
      SICK = Jackie Quinn who got THOU$AND$ from MBS while other ppl cant get

  12. N.B. * * *

    Mr. Martin is not the only inmate who was granted the opportunity to enroll in the LIFELONG LEARNING UNIT at UWI FIVE ISLANDS.

    There are at least 3 others who will further their education too. I wish them well. Meanwhile Alister “inTERllectual” Thomas is yet to present his secondary school certificate ( much less the TITLE DEED FOR THE HOUSE HE CURRENTLY OCCUPIES).

  13. So… when he gets the degree, you will suddenly find that he should not be wasted in prison so you will have to let him out. Tell me something? Couldn’t you find another program where this young man will be able to work and make amends for ending 2 people’s life? Miss Paula, will you be crowing as you did on my radio station if it was two somebody for you he killed? You sounded so upbeat, did you stop to thing you should not have been so bubbly about such a thing?
    One last thing, do you all think that the UK government not watching how you are rewarding a man who killed two of its citizens? Think they will reward you with grants and donations? Set ah foolish people.

    • relax you angry bitter badminded hater!

      “the scholarships were provided by a benefactor who partnered with the unit.”
      He suggested that people should be celebrating the fact that convicts are desirous of leaving the institution in a better mind frame that when they entered.

      The attorney said the negative comments are usually from people who do not have a relative in the penal institution, adding that the conversation changes when the situation is reversed.”

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