Controversy Surrounds Baby Daddy

The registration of the name of a police officer as the biological father of an infant born to an identifiable female was said to be steep in controversy.

It was reported that while relatives of a male identified as the biological father were seeking custody of the infant,  a police officer’s name appears as the infant’s father on a Birth Certificate purportedly issued by the Registry of Births and Deaths.
As a consequence, trouble was reportedly brewing over who might be the biological father and who shall have legitimate custody of the six-month old infant, the gender of which was not disclosed.
The infant was said to have been born to a financially depressed female  at the Mount St. John Medical Center (MSJMC) in early January 2019.
It was unclear who obtained the Certificate of Birth from the MSJMC, and who may have caused the police officer’s name to be included in the Birth Certificate.

The officer was said to have a legitimate matrimonial relationship with his live-in spouse.

Half-hearted efforts by the mother to regain custody of the infant have reportedly been futile.
This has prompted speculations that there may have been some questionable or fraudulent arrangements between the police officer, his spouse, mother of the infant and a practicing attorney.
Sources close to the family have revealed that since there has been no legitimate record of adoption, the mother of infant may have been the beneficiary of some form of compensation, unknowing to the reported biological father.
These were said to have angered the infant’s grandparents who have reportedly obtained a copy of the Birth Certificate and have threatened to report the  matter to the police.

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  1. I am just so surprised how casual and easy we take these matters which will die a natural death just after this news cycle. It is just like the baby, who was placed on the verandah of a home in Grays Hill months ago which till now we have been unable to find its mother in a small place like Antigua.

  2. Whewwwwww …WHO actually has custody of this baby

    Is it jus me …..when you have an unmarried parents doesn’t the b/c has ONLY THE MOTHERS FULL NAME…..THE FATHERS NAME ISNT ON b/c…but the child can carry the SURNAME ….or things have changed?

    Why not take a DNA TEST? ….what’s all the nuisance drama

    • Vodka things change. The bady daddy name is place on record as long as mommy gives the name, then they both go to the courthouse and sign, the father must sign his name at the court house to make it legitimate

      • @VODKA
        This is not the normal practice in Antigua. In most cases “IN ANTIGUA” the child is given the fathers last name by the mommy. Yes lately, we are seeing it more where the mother is using her last name, you know, if the couple is not married.
        There are may situation that women used these days that prompt them in the decision. Like if the man have another woman, if she and the man broke up. But for spite, if the baby daddy is a married man she tend to give the child the married man last name to fully trap him and an “in your face” type deal to the wife.

  3. One baby…. many daddies…….. This must be another Lottery Game….Jackpot… baby. These are modern day Soap Operas. Maybe it’s time we have a modern DNA lab around here to reveal the true identity of many fathers and would be fathers. So many men are fathering kids around here thinking that the child/children is their biological own when they are not even the first cousin. The sad tale is that if some vaginas could call names, they would be calling many names and this could spell trouble for families. This Rastaman friend recently told me that his girlfriend is pregnant, and if the baby isn’t born with “locks” he knows it is not his child. He clearly using the wrong yardstick.


      What if the birth produced conjoined twins with two heads, one with ‘…Locks’ and the other ‘…Baldhead?’

      That would be dread.

      Guess one could be called ‘.. Baldhead Audley’ and the other ‘…Baby Ras.’

      Which one would the Rastaman claim?

      When names start to call, might just have to ask ‘…King Zacari’ where to ‘…hold Baby Ras.’

      Not what you are thinking though.

  4. B***s*** if it was a regular man and not a police officer who sign the birth certificate this would not even make the news. This be happen everyday in Antigua and around the world must be a slow newsday ANR. #clickbait

  5. The child is in the custody of the Police officer and his wife. The matter was reported to the Police about three weeks ago but the mother and grandparenr do not know what is happening.

  6. This is no criminal matter so why really is the police involved? Makes no sense to me at all. Not because he is a police but police officers needs to know there role in society.

  7. Extra extra. Me hear from a reliable source that the girl give the child to a boy who she say is the baby father and when he do a DNA test some months later it came up negative as to not his own. Hey gal, who really are de baby daddy?

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