Contact Tracing Ongoing For Passengers On Last Friday’s AA Flight

Chief Medical Officer Dr Rhonda Sealey Thomas

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rhonda Sealey Thomas says contact tracing for the American Airlines flight 2405 from Miami on Friday 19th June 2020 has begun.

Twenty people on that flight tested positive for the coronavirus. Dr. Sealey Thomas says the process is underway to identify individuals who may have come in contact with them.

The CMO told a news conference on Wednesday “for the American Airlines flight some of the persons would not have been tested and they are being considered as close contacts and they will be tested.”

“Right now we doing contact-tracing for the AA flight and those persons will be given an RNA PCR test.”

She said one challenge has been that those on the AA flight” have been quarantined at various locations, some at home and some in hotels so we had to identify who was in what location.”

The CMO was asked whether she was concerned about the persons in self-quarantine breaching protocols.

“I am always concerned about persons although we do stress quarantine and we trust persons a lot of time to do what they are instructed to do . I am always concerned that they do follow instructions. I mean it’s human nature and we have been following up with those persons to make sure that they have been complying and in stances where they have not been complying, we taking measures to mitigate any effects.”



  1. Some of what persons would not have been tested??? The people on the flight or their contacts on the island? Didn’t the government say all arrivals were being tested? Once again continuous attempts to mislead and confuse us about what is actually being done. Only a matter of time now before the community spread starts and after that the health services will be very quickly overwhelmed

    • No they said tourists were being tested, returning nationals will be quarantined for 14 days. The latter has the option, after 7 days to get tested (once at a government facility) and if negative they can finish up the quarantine at home

      • But tourists are not being tested. There is a big difference between what they are saying even if you can make sense of it and what is actually happening. The fact that we now have a record number of cases on the islands tells the truth of what is really happening. And you think these are not just the tip of the iceberg?

        • Guy stop lying, persons need only go to trip advisor and you will see tourists making clear they are being tested. Here is one:

          “Sandals Grande Antigua, June 2020. Terry and Melissa Leslie. Wow! Where to start with this complete disaster that I booked nearly a year ago after an A+ visit to Sandals Grenada the previous year. I’ll use bullets and try to be brief so that interested readers can get my frustrated annoyance at the end of this trip without having to listen to me vent, which I have been doing since Monday of my arrival to Antigua. • Arrival – (1) plane of about 70 people stood in line at the airport for 3+ hours, being watched by about 30 security people as (3) and (1) doctor checked us all for Corona virus. My temperature was checked at least 3 times and I was STILL nasal swabbed for the virus. ..”

  2. Seems like every tome this woman opens her mouth a disaster falls out. Clearly, she is clueless as to what’s going on. Does she sound like the person leading the charge?

    Just to clue her in, I’ll share the experience of someone who came in a flight early last week. The passenger was visited by a nurse the following morning. The nurse took temperature and advised the passenger to take temperature 3 times daily and send the reading to her (nurse) via WhatsApp. More than a week later, the passenger hasn’t seen the nurse again. Does that sound like they lnow what they’re doing? Other than being a responsible person, what’s to stop the passenger from going out and mingle? Any talk of a protocol is nothing but a pipe dream

  3. Tired of all non antiguans in leadership position. She is not exceptional. Her performance at the press conference was apalling for a CMO. Time to get Dr Zachariah in that position.

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