Consumers urged to check dates on goods


The Prices and Consumer Affairs Division continues to caution consumers that the date a
good expires on should never be taken lightly.

An item should always be used before its
expiration date as its safety cannot be guaranteed after this date, and consumption of
expired food items may result in food poisoning and could also be fatal.

Consumers are to be mindful that the shelf life, or the length of time packaged food will
last without deterioration, is very important to know, especially if they are stock-piling.

A product that has passed its shelf life might still be safe, but quality is no longer guaranteed.

Consideration should also be given to Use By/ Best if used By/ Best Before dates. This
information is given by the manufacturer and informs as to how long the product should
remain at optimal quality.

Sell By dates are typically found on perishables like meat, poultry and milk, and are guides for stores to know how long they can keep an item on display.

It is very important that these dates are strictly observed. Goods, especially food items
should not be offered for sale after their sell-by dates have passed.

Traders can be held liable for selling food items after the sell-by date should food poisoning occur. Consumers and traders are advised to pay attention to these dates.

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  1. The Toothless Tiger that pops up when it suits them serves no purpose if consumers can’t get any redress from this weak Division. This press release is just their usual lame-ass attempt to pretend they give a damn or that they are doing some semblance of “work”

    How many supermarkets in Antigua will either:
    A). Have no price displayed for certain items
    B). In some cases the price displayed is different in the system when you get to the cashier

    You reach out to the Toothless Tiger Division and dem run 🏃‍♀️ you round yasco with all the incompetent BS until you get so frustrated, that for the sake of your blood pressure, you just mek dem learn.

    Why on Earth should a customer have to keep asking “How much is this”??? It’s damn annoying

    Check for expiration date eh. We’ll it seems the Prices and Consumer Affairs Division already EXPIRED before it was even manufactured.

    Don’t be fooled by the interviews they give on ABS thinking that giving information to the public equates to a high level of competence and professionalism in reality when you contact them. The Division is as useless as wanting to use a tiny toy car 🚗 in hopes it will take you up Market Street.

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