Construction workers from Antigua can vote in Barbuda, PM Browne says

New Barbuda Airport Runway

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says Antiguan workers who have been employed in Barbuda for the last several months can register to vote there.

He reports that there is already a marked increase in new electors on the voters list in Barbuda:

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  1. Just because you know the majority of Barbudans go vote ya selfish no good Hitler looking moustache don’t care about nobody bastard

    • Trevor Walker do you know the game ” Bedee Bedee do you know what’s hang over your head?” If not hear is your first lesson… Trevor, Trevor, what’s hanging over head ? Well enjoy your final days in office until Election Day comes;

  2. Is Barbuda the ‘legal residence,’ of the construction workers?
    PM Browne and ABLP are leaving no stone unturned, to win the upcoming Elections!

  3. One wonders why this is an issue since the law passed under the UPP, just before the 2014 elections, makes clear that once you can prove 6 month residency ( citizens of A&B or commonwealth citizens who have lived in A&B for at least 7 seven years), qualify to be registered to vote. One would think considering Barbuda being so underpopulated, just like Antigua, it would welcome immigrants. GB needs to have parliament change it based to a month, as currently applies to Citizens who live abroad (Eg CIP citizens, A&B persons living in the US). The disparity is unfair to locals

    • @tenman aka the 🦎🦎of the Hughes!
      Your argument doesn’t make any sense, as in, “unfair to locals.”
      This is about the padding the Barbuda Constituency with voters, #WHO’RE under, the control and of influence of ABLP and the GB Administration.
      Your example of residents in the diaspora, doesn’t make any logical sense, since, they will not all register and vote in the same Constituency, as will be the case with Barbuda.

      If, what you are asserting, as being “unfair to locals,” is true, and r make sense, then if a local resident, legally resides in Newfield, works at the Port in City West, then decides, six(6) weeks before the election, to change their residency to a hotel, or rent a room at a boarding house in Villa, as several of the Barbuda Construction workers do, on Barbuda, that Tenman Hughes from Newfield can vote, as a City West Resident?

      • Why Argue with a POLITICAL HACK big batty kisser. who only comes out when it’s time to sucker up. The so-called candidate spewing to make Barbuda and ECONOMIC POWER HOUSE foolishness will need all the help she can get. This is nonsense and should be challenged. She knows it’s not right she is just sucking up again. Remember words do not teach it is with experience one gets knowledge.

        • Boss normally I would ignore you but just this time I will respond. Its shameful how you have now changed. Recall the talks when you used to tell me you used to chauffeur former PM BS. The long stories of hiow you tried to get that Mount St John job, but they rejected you. Recall the talks when you would request I assist you in getting a high paying job (CEO) here on the public dime. Recall the requests you made that I help you save you failing biz. Interestingly now I am good for nothing. Boss unlike your selfish **, for me its country first, not helping some some self important hack who is nothing but a expended fart. TIVA Healthcare, Inc, I am surprised has not recognized yet that you are all talk? Rebecca, needs to open her eyes

      • Boss stay out what you have no knowledge of. Our registration process involves scrutineers from both sides. These scrutineers are not just volunteers but get paid at the public purse. If they knew of a legal reason to deny a registration, they would have attempted to stop the registration. If their objection failed either they or someone else has the right during the objection period (before the person makes it on the final list) to object. This objection would then mandate a hearing where the registrant and the claimant would have to prove their case. Boss you and skye need to focus more on your new chosen country, where clear efforts are being made to disenfranchise persons of coloir. Interestingly watch you try to do the same, perhaps out of ignorance, to legal residents.

        • Watch you, your feelings hurt and resorting to cussing to try and find comfort. Guessing you were one of those thumb suckers. Not my fault you could not get all the concessions you wanted for your biz. Watch you with your 10K investment, arguing you should get the same level of concessions as someone investing 100 million. Don’t blame me that the biz you placed in such a weird location failed, due mostly to bad planning. Even your friend (fellow blogger)was laughing at you (have the emails to prove it). We could not figure how to your mind a biz would succeed with such poor planning. Mind your own business, Afterall its you who confided (even blogged it online) in me you were through with A&B since at the time you blamed the nation for your biz failing. Boss grow up and take personal responsibility for your failures. Its shameful watching someone as old as you acting childish

        • Editor are you really not ashamed to allow this foul language on your website. Or do you get a kick out of it. I mean for God sake have some pride and set some standard.


  4. I knew this would happen, even before I see this post. Jobs were advertised and I won’t be surprised most of the workers that got the jobs is because of who sent them or who they know.

    • Did u know that the vehicle now known as the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌 would’ve been registered in the name of a politician as opposed to the government of Antigua and Barbuda?

      Did you know that the WADADLI POWER CAN’T wouldn’t be new or give us value for money?

      Did you know that King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe would’ve plunged this country into the IMF latrine?

      Did you know that Lovell would’ve allowed a certain hotel to hold on to ABST monies that belonged to the government coffers?

      Did you know that Lovell would’ve sent Scotiabank workers on the breadline?

      Did you know that Lovell would’ve ran ABIB into the pithole?

      Did you know that the CAN’T PARK at East bus station would’ve turned out to be a ratta condominium and rob the youths of a sports field?

      Did you know that Baldwin Spencer would’ve denied accepting money from John Ashe?

      To be continued……


        Did you know that the computers in the private building in ENGLISH Harbour were really meant for Barbuda but that the man who bought the colour TVs for Barbuda took them

        Do you know that the WPP was valued by the ABLP at $ 100 million. Ask HURST.

        Do you know that under Harold Lovell Antigua and Barbuda was on track to become rich. CHECK FORBES MAGAZINE 2 June, 2014

        Do you know that under Gaston Browne that tax concessions were given for life , let me repeat for life to YIDA
        So your children, your children’s children and your children’s children would never, ever ever ever a dime from a YIDA

        Did you know that under Gaston Browne that tax concessions were given for life to Western Imperial Special Economic ZONE for life.
        Let me repeat, for life. So your children, your children’s children and your children’s children’s children will never ever ever ever see any benefits

        Did you know that school children say that Gaston BROWNE gave away concessions so that he could get his house rented

        Did you know that a certain top canine made SWISS American Bank go bankrupt

        Did you know that Gaston BROWNE mashed up the CIP. HE made us lose the Canadian VISA status

        Did you know that dunce Gaston should have listened to KUBLAI and not given away Callaloo to the sheik they now can’t find.

        Do you know that a poor man died mysteriously in a fire in Point.
        Do you know that people on the streets are pointing fingers at a certain canine re the frequent fires in Point. ( They say that he wants to get the black people out by any means necessary)


        • Did you know that international banks (offshore) licensed in A&B do not pay any corporation taxes here for life (SEZ is also offshore)? Under UPP there was a major push to get more investments in this area. One such new investor was the persons who took over Meinl Bank. You do know the chief person’s ( Luis Franca) at Meinl worked closely with Harold Lovell? Under UPP he was made Honorary Consul to Brazil. The purchase of the bank, during HL’s tenure, according to media reports was to launder moneys. Do you know who was later found to be the lawyer for Meinl bank? Yes the man HL who now wants to be out PM.

        • ERIC ( THE RED ) April 4, 2022 At 9:06 am
          ABLP can call election at anytime because it will be a clean sweep as follows.

          LATEST. POLL

          ABLP. 17 SEATS



          BARBUDA. 00. SEAT




      • @SMH
        Guy, or girl, or whoever you be, you have it bad for Lovell.
        Even your own red people saying you ah overdo now. They say your boring. What Lovell do you so? You love him? He tek way anybody for you?He have anybody you want and can’t get? You realize that you sound so obsess that you need a shrink? Man, get hold of yourself. You are getting closer and closer to Clare Vue. You only making Lovell look good because nobody could understand why you after the man so. Get a grip, SMH. You are sick.

        • Lovell LIMPY JOE has nothing to offer man or woman. LIMPY JOE in private life and LIMPY JOE in public life!! A spineless, selfish, weak coward who hides behind the 💄 🐖🐷🐽 skirt. According to the vagabun “WOMAN MOVE OUT DE WAY” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

          Lovell Limpy Joe leh go the coattail tarl. Something sweet e bad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Call the election now. Let’s see which side will actually win the seats. Harold Lovell for PM. The energizing force needed to lead the nation. UPP 17-0

  7. TENMAN HUGHES I just spouting a lot of nonsense. With respect to the construction workers in Barbuda (although it is my understanding that most of them commute daily via the ferry and others spend a week at a time), I am sure they all have residences in Antigua where they would have registered to vote. To vote in Barbuda they be will now have to show proof of residence to change the voting constituency to Barbuda. I hope the BPM is on top of this since this is a ruse for the ALP to pad the Barbuda voting list to win the election.

    • Its a shame its so hard for you to learn new things. Think back to the results when others were challenged just before the 2014 elections. Its their (construction workers )decision. Facts are they have spent most of their time in Barbuda. When night comes in general its there they are laying their hat/ head . Pity you can’t be happy that Barbuda is no longer a ghost town. Its growing. The stagnation and decline, like the UPP., is something of the past. Then again you enjoy being in a place with no growth since you fear change. A&B (together) moving forward

    • “PAD voting list”????? Is that what Bruce Goodwin did when he boast and brag on Observer radio that he loaded a plane with only UPP students to ENSURE THAT TREVOR WALKER WON HIS SEAT??? Only students who Bruce thought were anti-ABLP were allowed on that flight home. What an “ambASSador”!!!!!!! Discrimination against citizens at the hands of a UPP-appointed amabssador. He went as far as to take credit for Trevor Walker winning his seat. Don’t you recall the infamous interview? That was the interview in which he made it clear that the UPP was anti-foreigners. He called our CAribbean brothers and sisters “paupers” and derided them and their countries of origin. Do you need me to send you the clip? Bruce Goodwin said he single-handedly determined who boarded that fight home BASED ON THEIR POLITICAL PERSUASIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. If people go to Barbuda to work and come home every weekend, they don’t live in Barbuda. They should vote where they live. All Gaston is trying to do is pad the numbers for Barbuda to win the seat. This is illegal, but we were expecting this. Trevor Walker, consult your lawyers.

  9. What would happen if those workers are already registered to Vote in their Constituencies? They are Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda. However,they cannot and should not be registered in multiple places. I see some uprisings in our future,it would be worse than 1968.Stand firm and defend our rights. Antigua and Barbuda is not owned and or willed to Gaston Browne and his Merry Men.

    • No one can be registered to vote in two constituencies at the time. That is why you have to request a change of registration. The PM doesn’t live in his constituency, but he is registered to vote there. He owns a home there and that is his registered address for voting purposes.

  10. “expended fart” aka SPENT FORCE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 If your claim to fame is that you went to school with King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe and you keep yapping like a POMPOUS, BRAGGA-DOSHUSS dimwit, then it’s no wonder not even Baldwin”sharpen u cutliss back and belly” Spencer took you seriously 🤣😆😂 At least u appear to make an honest living peddling two likkle neem bush and soursop bush here and there. Clearly a severe case of LARSE-YA-MARNIN-ANNA-CHAI-REGAIN-YA-ATTANOONitis 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Talk about self-aggrandizement and over estimating your own importance. Classic Limpy Joe King Lyadd symptoms.

    Meanwhile in the 🇺🇸 where you pledge allegiance to, black men are still dropping like flies at the hands of your government and law enforcement agencies. Time for you to lobby your 🇺🇸 government.

    Antigua and Barbuda can handle its own affairs 🇦🇬

    “expended fart” = SPENT FORCE 🎯



      UPP 12 SEATS
      ABLP 4 SEATS
      BPM 1 SEAT



      • Speaking of 🌽… least you have. The 🐍 has 26 acres wallowing away and nat a ting planted. So tank Gad u hab 🌽

        The 🐍a fu just heap up and dash way 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #26Acres

    • ERIC ( THE RED ) April 4, 2022 At 9:06 am
      ABLP can call election at anytime because it will be a clean sweep as follows.


      ABLP. 17 SEATS



      BARBUDA. 00. SEAT



  11. Mouth open an tory jump out. The playbook to win the Barbuda seat has been revealed.

    If this is allowed, all these transients will most certainly be voting for the ALP. BPM better beware of this sinister plot.

  12. What a twist of words. I knew this would happen. The PM said those workers that have moved to live in Barbuda and live there for six months and more can vote in Barbuda if they want to. And that is the law. Anyone that lives in a constituency for six months or longer can request to be transferred as a voter. I know this is what Trevor Walker and the BPM have been afraid of for a long time. But guess they cannot change thew laws and make it that only Barbudans can vote in Barbuda. We are one Unitary State and Barbuda is just another constituency.

    • You are saying that Gaston is registered to vote where he does not live. Never mind he has a house there, this cannot be legal. Don’t you have to live in a constituency for six months to vote there.

  13. @tenman April 3, 2022 At 7:35 pm
    My friend. Don’t bother with them. It shows that they are losing it. And cannot have a decent discussion. they have to resort to bad language. Their very low low side. Do not let them get you into the gutter where they belong. All they wish and hope for is that people like you and me stop exposing them. They want a free reign. And I think the editor is enjoying this. They have no standard whatsoever. Conversations are going down the gutter.

    • Yeah he could not stop the F bombs. Reminds of a spoiled child who did not get his way. Its all just further proof that he lacks emotional intelligence. Just strange how things have changed. Same man years ago used to via posts tout my research skills. Recall the applauses from him for my suggestions of how to improve things. Tellingly even back then if you were critical of anything he said, he would label you worse than dog (eg when I disagreed with his belief that weed would save our economy). Praises to God that he took the decision to leave A&B because staying he he would have ended up in prison (lack of self control)

      • @tenman…the #chameleon and most definitely, a b no doubt!
        One think is certain, you’re still trying to know who da huck I am.
        You cannot character assassinate me!
        Pay attention, to your #Twisted-Lips. It’s a sure sign, of a deficiency and an imbalance.

        • Suspect you mean thing not think. As for thinking and wishes, I have no desire to be anything like you. It would disrespect my ancestors considering how far they took the baton I now carry, that I start having a loser mindset. Unlike You (recall you blaming ANU for your biz failure) I take responsibility for my mistakes, ensure I learn from them, hence grow

          • Well said tenman 👏

            Leave the losers, has-beens and failures outside in the latrine pithole to wallow in regret, self-pity and self-induced vitriol.

            We here in Antigua and Barbuda will continue to give to nation building. 🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬

            #StayFocused #HaterzGonnaHate

  14. Reading some of these comments about who “Live” where…….Isn’t that the same thing with those people who live (reside), pay their personal income taxes abroad and want to vote in our local election? That’s what happen when one party tries to outplay the other. POLITRIKS!!!

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