Condolences and a Call for Action in Memory of Lateefa George


It is with profound sadness that we extend my heartfelt condolences to the George family, who recently suffered the loss of their beloved Lateefa George. Lateefa’s untimely passing has left a void not only in her family’s hearts but also in the hearts of the entire community. Her story serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for improvements in our mental health infrastructure.


According to reports, Lateefa George, a 27-year-old native of Antigua, passed away between October 30 and 31 while under the care of Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital. Her mother received the devastating news of her daughter’s passing on the morning of October 31. Lateefa had been receiving treatment at the hospital for an extended period, making her loss all the more significant.


The George family is currently seeking answers regarding the circumstances surrounding Lateefa’s passing. They remain unaware of whether her death occurred at Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital or another medical facility. In response to these concerns, the family is planning to retain legal representation to initiate a thorough investigation into the matter.


The passing of Lateefa George is a tragic event that underscores the pressing need for a comprehensive review of our mental health care system. It is essential that individuals grappling with mental health challenges receive the support, care, and treatment they require in an environment characterized by compassion, empathy, and nurturing.


In light of these developments, we join the George family in calling for a detailed investigation into the circumstances surrounding Lateefa’s passing. Clarity and transparency are essential to provide her family and the broader community with a comprehensive understanding of the events leading to this tragic loss.


As we navigate these difficult times, it is our shared responsibility to approach the situation with the utmost compassion, empathy, and discretion. Lateefa’s family is grieving the loss of their only child, and they deserve our unwavering support as they navigate this painful journey.


Lateefa George’s memory should not be overshadowed by this tragedy. Instead, we should celebrate her life by working towards positive changes in our mental health care infrastructure, ensuring that others may receive the care and attention they need.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the George family during this challenging period. They are not alone, and our community stands united in seeking answers, understanding, and ultimately, change.

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  1. This is sad tragedy. My condolences to her parents and other family members. I feel your pain and I sympathize with her family. On 29th December 2021, my brother Leroy Caesar was killed by Ziggy Beazer. Leroy also had Mental issues and was placed in a holding cell at St. John’s Police Station with Ziggy Beazer who murdered him. Our family is still waiting for Justice for Leroy Caesar. I pray that the family of the late Lateefa George get some answers. May Lateefa’s soul rest in Peace.

  2. I’m sorry to hear of unfortunate end to a young life. Nothing can replace the loss of a child. Mental health can be so debilitating, if not correctly treated. In the moment of frustration, anger and unanswered questions, bouts of blame can occupy one’s mind. Facing reality can be arduous in the heat of the moment. Calm natheless, is required while her memory is celebrated. I pray for her parents immediate family and close friends during this challenging period.

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