Condition of national facilities is cause for Sports Minister to resign and a contributing factor to youth crime


REAL NEWS – The condition of the country’s sports facilities – especially the run- down YMCA – has prompted Damani Tabor to call for resignation of Daryl Matthew, the government minister responsible for sports.

Tabor, the public relations officer for the United Progressive Party (UPP), says he is appalled at the Browne Administration’s level of interest – or lack thereof – in keeping the various sporting facilities in top shape.

And he notes that there has been a general decline in sports, along with the abuse of athletes, by the Antigua Labour Party Government.

For instance, Tabor refers to the situation at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground, which is being impacted severely by the dust from a nearby Chinese cement plant.

The lighting fixtures at the stadium, he charges, are being destroyed.

Further, the UPP officer says, the Browne Administration continues to disrespect and disregard local athletes through inadequate financial support.

According to Tabor, the decline in sports can be considered a contributing factor to the recent increase in crime among youth.

However, he believes that a strong, well implemented sports policy could be the answer to a reduction in violence and criminal activity among the Nation’s young people.

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  1. Mr.Tabor, since you know that there is a problem,why don’t you,and other members of your Political party, help to put things in place for our youths,and support the present government as well.

    • Taxes and COST OF LIVING WILL RISE RIGHT AFTER THE BY-ELECTION, MARK MY WORD. Antigua and Barbuda done under Gaston Brown Taxes and COST OF LIVING WILL RISE RIGHT AFTER THE BY-ELECTION, MARK MY WORD. Antigua and Barbuda done under Gaston Brown

      @ Just a socialist


  2. Daryl Matthew’s has been exposed for his lack of foresight in not upgrading sports facilities in the country.

    My word man, if elephants 🐘 🐘 🐘 can be trained to dance, lions to play, and leopards 🐆 🐆 🐆 to hunt, surely YOU can be taught to govern properly Mr Matthew’s?

    The Honourable Damani Tabor is correct in highlighting the correlation with lack of funding and upkeep for sporting activities in the rise of crimes amongst some of the youth, and with this, also adding to the lack of guidance and mentoring programmes.

    The UPP are showing why they will EVENTUALLY govern the country (although they will need 2-3 terms to correct the ABLP’S MISMANAGEMENT, MISALIGNMENT of the country, and the “alleged” MISUSES of funds, i.e, CIP and NAMCO).

    Thank goodness the UPP are stepping up to the political platform, and now looking to the future so they can govern for 2-3 terms after the ABLP have been voted out of office in 2027 – I’m so glad I changed my allegiance.


    • BRIXTONIAN ..The Opportunist / CROOK. Sorry NO Senate seat for you. You jump from ABLP to UPP…Now you want to come back to ABLP ….Hell no.

      • @ GILES

        there can be no senate seat, because the last one was kept for the THE FRAUD, TURN-COAT, THE UNPRINCIPLED (just like the other unprincipled, e.g, Laming, Donna, Colin, Daryl, Melford, Chet, Namba, Driftwood, who sold their souls for a few pieces of silver, ‘rather than suffer persecution with the children of God’).
        Who will vote for Brutus? Et tu brute?

      • @ GILES, hell would have to freeze ❄️ over before I ever vote for the self-enriched ABLP. Ask your compadre @ From The Sideline. He know how it goes 😁


  3. I agree more needs to be done especially in track and field, where we presently have one athlete who will continue to qualify as A&B representative on the international front, but that’s as far as we go..Olympics just around the corner and I would really like to see us with a full squad especially in the fields. Where are our high jumpers, javelin, shot putters, discus? Pole fault might be a bit too difficult an expensive for us i remembered using bamboo back in the day. Long and triple jump is right there, come on coaches and your programs it’s 2023 and we are still mediocre you’re not producing,
    UPP favorite word is “resign” forgetful of the fact that Williams was far worse than what we have now, at least our athletes now have a certified track to run on.

    • @ Carvaa

      You called the right name: Williams. He was always a part of the same party you serve, worship and adore. It was not enough just for you to state the obvious, but you must bring UPP’s name in your ‘Carvaa’ rampage

  4. What do we pay these Ministers for? They get big fat salaries, allowances and perks and all we hear is excuses. Waste of time. Everything in this country gone to the dogs. When you can’t keep proper records in an age of digitization it means that you have no vision. ABLP is just a reckless administration.

  5. What has not the Gaston Browne government brought into disrepair? Daryl Matthew took what, 5 years to put a track down at Yasco and the final product is nothing short of a disgrace? He continues to botch our festival and don’t get me started on education.
    He had all sumner to put plans in place to address the heat in the classrooms and to date, nothing,Nada. Expect anything else? Beginning with Gaston Browne, every last one these ALP ministers are just visionless and incompetent. The solution is to consign them all to the dustbin of history. Permanently.

  6. You know it makes absolutely no sense to respond to any idiot that thinks he says something stupid. I don’t want to be dumbed down by these crazy stupid people. I need some intelligent discussion. Oops I’m on the wrong website, I guess. Won’t find them here.

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