Comptroller Says Murdered Customs Officer Was Not Involved In Fraud Probe


Comptroller of Custom Raju Boodu is denying that Nigel Christian, the murdered Customs Officer was involved in the 3-6 million dollar fraud probe at customs.

“He is not involved in any investigation in the last 6-8 months or so. He is not involved in any active investigation,” Boodu said.

Based on this he added that “it is a puzzling thing, what is the motive behind this who did it and what for.”

Christian was allegedly abducted from his home in McKinnons around 5:30 pm on Friday 10th July by four men.

He was later found along a dirt road at Thibous in the vicinity of New Winthorpes Area, with what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds to his upper body.

A $50 thousand reward is being offered for information leading to the capture of his killers.

Boodu told state media he is “simply shattered” adding “I don’t have words to describe how painful it is and how destroyed we are.”

He said, “Nigel has been a competent and very passionate senior customs officer…and displayed a very high standard of professionalism in his work, he is my brother, my eyes and ears. It’s a dastardly act of cowards and the entire customs fraternity is mourning and we will do everything in our power to bring justice to our beloved fallen officer.”



  1. Deepest and sincerest condolences to the family. Such a tragic loss !
    The heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked.
    To those who perpetrated this hideous act….I know you will read this post. Do remember that all our actions will come to light. You may believe that you have gotten away with this, but my friends; the Great Creator does NOT SLEEP AND SEES EVERYTHING.
    Turn to Him now. Surrender yourself and seek forgiveness from God.
    No sin (crime) is too much for God to forgive.
    Why would you live the rest of your life with this on your conscience….unless you are lacking in this department. Wake up, my friends. You will stand before the judgment throne soon. Would you prefer to be destroyed in a lake of fire or spend all eternity in peace and happiness ?
    The choice is yours: God calls on you to surrender and repent. Even the thief on the cross was forgiven and will one day soon be in paradise with his Forgiver. You can too.


  2. The story done change! Now he was nothing to do with that investigation. Nothing to do with his job at all. It was just a case of mistaken identity. A tragic loss of life.You need to start ballistics library of all the police/abdf gun in Antigua and you will close every unsolved case. Mek the cheque out to Chubblesum when ya done

    • There is such a thing that exist in Antigua and Barbuda… Ballistics are kept of all service weapons here in A&B..

  3. The people of Antigua believe in Divine justice, BUT we also want justice on earth, which is also Scriptural. These killers, wicked and evil people without a conscience, must be found and arrested. After a fair trial, and upon conviction, justice demands that they hang by the neck until dead. DEAD. A life for a life! Yes, they should be given an opportunity repent, BUT the death sentence must still be carried out. They will never kill again! Yes, bring in Scotland Yard, the FBI, Cuban Intelligence, Haitian obeahmen, Chinese investigators, and whoever else can hell to find these nasty, evil scumbags and bring them to JUSTICE.

  4. My condolences to Christian family. May the Spirit of God comfort and strengthen them especially his mother. I am a mother myself and I can’t imagine what she is going through at this time. Lord Jesus, rootup those who are responsible for this act of crime and exposed them in the public eye. How can they be so evil in taking a life that they didn’t create? They better repent because their evil sins will fall on their next generation.

  5. This is lie to help cover for the persons involved. Not just the persons who actually pull the trigger, but more. This fraud case and its outcome has the potential to bring to light the misgivings of the high profile persons, possibly and allegedly this same comptroller. This poor country will forever drown un corruption and the innocent unfortunately have to suffer. Just now we’re going to hear it’s concluded and not a person will be pay for stealing life and money from this country. Smh

    • Interesting food for thought. Since Nigel’s name has never been linked to the BLACK MARKET ECONOMY, your line of reasoning and conclusion must be given further thought.

  6. This is really heartbreaking. This means he was murdered for nothing. Someone thought he was involved in the investigation and had to silence him only to find out he was not. Guess criminals make mistakes too.

    • It is all assumptions and rumors that it is linked to the fraud Investigation-,but do we really know if that’s so.Therefore we should not begin to talk mistaken identity-,since we do not really know the motive…

  7. A what Antigua come to? There is so much greed and corruption in this place that now it is manifesting itself in murder. This looks like a gangland murder to me. He either bad played somebody or someone wants to shut him up.
    Condolences to the man’s family.

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