Comptroller appears to be ‘the fall guy’ in forgery case – Lovell


Harold Lovell is scoffing at an apparent “confession” by Comptroller of Customs Raju Boddu, who claims the Prime Minister never instructed him not to refer an alleged forgery case to the Police.

In 2019, Prime Minister Gaston Browne told the public his signature had been forged in relation to a multi-million-dollar fraud that took place at the Port/Customs Department. However, up to last month, August, Commissioner Atlee Rodney said the matter had never been reported to the Police.

Speaking on Observer Radio, Lovell said he is baffled by this fact, especially since the alleged forgery involves the Prime Minister’s signature.

He says that, in such a case, it is not for the Prime Minister to have the Comptroller call a radio station and deny that he was instructed not to pass the matter to the Police for criminal prosecution.

Accordingly, Lovell says what Browne did was highly inappropriate.

Lovell — an attorney by profession — says that whether instructions were given or not, he finds it peculiar that a crime like forgery went unreported.

He says it can be a very serious matter, and that for certain types of offences the Forgery Act carries a sentence of life imprisonment. Therefore, the alleged crime should have been reported to the Police immediately.

According to Lovell, the Comptroller of Customs is seemingly being made “the fall guy” in this matter.

Last month, Browne told the public the matter was under investigation and that persons were being questioned by the Police. However, the Commissioner quickly issued a statement contradicting the Prime Minister, declaring that the matter had never been referred to law enforcement.

Browne then said he had misspoken, having confused the Port matter with another investigation.

One critic, an accountant by profession tells REAL News: “It’s a pack of lies and cover-ups, with left hand not knowing what right hand is doing, see. That is why the Police were not called in and why the Cabinet does not want Scotland Yard here.”

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  1. ELECTION TIME. Lovell trying hard to get EXPOSURE . Would not help you Lovell. This will be the twelth ( 12 ) time losing elections. After you will ride away into retirement. So We expect anything from you. Antiguans are tired of seeing and hearing you. BYE BYE LOVELL.

    • TWELVE 12???? wow! He admitted to Darren Matthew Ward that he had LOST MORE ELECTIONS THAN HE’D WON, but “12” is a lot. Are you sure?

  2. The PM is a crafty tactician.

    Mr Lovell needs to up the game by insisting that the Minister of Finance discipline the comptroller for failing to report such a egregious crime to the police.

    The Governor General must have an interest since his Prime Minister’s signature has been used by another for self gain. The GG must be concerned about the depth of this.

  3. Mr. Lovell needs to be reminded of the ‘Fencing Scandal’ in which an internal inquiry done by him reported that their was grave over billing and misappropriation of government funds. Yet he refused to do something about it or report it to the police and even to make the entire report public. s if it was his money paid for it. The only minister at the time that was thrown under the bus by Lovell was Winston Williams. And then Lovell also needs to be reminded that to date he cannot account for taking up over five million dollars of our money from the Treasury for a Romantic Rhythm show and never accounted for it. And who did he throw under the bus for that? Dr. Edwards. But he doesn’t realize the buck stops with him. When they ask him how he could sign the Credit Swiss loan without having an out-clause he again throw others under the bus, saying he did not vet the agreement it was a committee chaired by the legal person Karin DeFreitas. When he was representing the former GG in her lawsuit against the government for certain benefits and it showed that it was incorrectly calculated he again throw someone else under the bus. In this case he blamed the Accountant General for giving him the figures. Lovell never takes responsibility for things that went wrong under his watch. A real sad case this man is. Can never be a real leader, cause real leaders take responsibility and admit when they are wrong.

    • @From The Sidelines…

      A…The forging, of the CFO, of any Corporation is not only a crime, it’s punishable in more ways than one.

      B…The forging, of the Leader of a Nations signature, is not only a crime, it’s a breach of the Nations security, at the Highest level, and can be possibly prosecuted, as a treasonous act, against the Nation.

      C…Gaston Browne – PM is not only, the Nations CFO, he’s also the Leader of the Nation, which makes the crime, of forging his signature, whether by Brer Anansi, Cornell, Ashley, Lion the Liard, or any other punishable to the FULL extent of the Law.

      From, these forged signatures of the Prime Minister, the way in which it has being handled, by the Prime Ministers office; to the ASSASSINATION of Nigel Christian, to the lack of accountability, at the Customs, a department under, the portfolio of, Our CFO, and PM Gaston Browne, stinks, it stinks, ee tink to rass, to the point, whereby its stench is do obnoxious, being that it’s #365 times more potent, that the stench, of the #Nightsoil Shit Cart which would collect, the faeces, from the latrines in St. John’s, and dump their tons, upon tons at Dredge Bay.

      This stench is so obnoxious, coming out of the Customs, and in defacto, the PM’s office, cannot be washed away, by taking a daily sea bath, in each of our 365 pristine beaches daily.
      It stinks, ee tink, ee tink. And, is the #Real #True treasonous act, against, Our Nation.

      • @Sideline
        Deflect, deflect, deflect. If I am caught stealing, should my excuse be that you stole first? Stop making excuses and writing the same foolishness. Deal with the present.

      • @Ras Smood, Jane Doe & Melchesidec
        Nowhere in my comments did I defended the action of the Comptroller of Custom neither if that of the Pm not to bring charges to whomever did the crime.
        I only pointed out to Lovell that when he was in office in office and crimes were committed he did the very same thing of not bringing charges to anyone if the culprit contractors. In the end we ended up with millions of dollars being fleeced out of the government treasury. And when the ABLP came to power this very same Gaston Browne said he will not waste any government money to go after these contractors. All he hoped is that they will pay back the money. And some still had monies outstanding which he refused to pay them. He could have gone after Winston Williams at that time as well but he choose not to do so. And I was one that was not in agreement with that. Cause the way I see it is that certain ‘white color crimes’ are always going un-punished in this land. You see it at the way the Medical Benefit Enquiry went. The main culprit such as the woman I think John was her name was to made to pay back the monies. It seems as if Gaston is not willing to be responsible for someone to be going to jail if he is the reason for it. That is why he publicly stated he was not for the case against Ms. Isaac.
        In the past quite a few bank employees were accused of fraud and almost all were just let go and no criminal action taken against them. In my book if you do the crime you must do the time. But I guess I have no empathy when it comes to that. Lovell is trying to score political mileage out of a simple criminal issue, and all that will and can out of it is that the person involved is going to jail. Nothing whatsoever to do with the PM. And again when he was faced with issues of the same he refused to give it to the police for action. That makes him a hypocrite a very lousy one too.

        • @From The Sidelines…the issues, presently, at the Customs Department, has nothing to do with, any allegations, charges, pending charges against, Harold Lovell or any other, individual that you mentioned. Period!
          This is about, again, the forgeries, of the PM signature, to the again, ASSASSINATION of Nigel Christian, to the ongoing investigations, or lack thereof, and the involvement, of the office of the DPP’s in a case, of this magnitude, prior to the conclusion of the investigations; smells like #CoverUp is in the works!

          This is why, the Nation needs a #THIRD PARTY to look into decades, of #malfeasence, in the Nation.

          The PM Gaston Browne – must take responsibility for this mess, at the Customs.

          • Since you have the facts of the conspiracy theory that you are preaching you should come forward with them so that we all can be wiser and support you. But for now I just call it as I see it a wild goose chase, hoping to get some political mileage out of a normal crime that is handled by the police. And again me calling out Harold Lovell for his hypocrisy is quite appropriate and to the point as he only has a political interest. The only thing that I blame this and any previous government for is that they have not closed the many loopholes at our customs department. Antigua is small enough to realize when someone is living above their living standard, based on the income they earn. And some custom officers clearly have been living above theirs. The ONDCP must do a much better job when it comes to social profiling of individuals. Especially those in positions where they can be compromised. They are easy to identify. The human element is always the weakest link in a system of control.

    • @Sideline
      I would like to gree with you fully all the things you mentioned are wrongs. Guest what ABLP in power now and if these things are not accounted for then perhaps it was all politics.

      How do you reconcile all that with a circle of people using the PM’s signature. What if the signature is used to enter into nefarious activities with foreign interest. Will that be ok to?

      Sideline will you compare it to something the UPP did to justify the wrong?

    • From the Sidelines:The Prime Minister is like the Head of State.He has more power than the Governor General in my opinion.He is the most powerful person in Antigua and Barbuda.He said with an open mouth on a mic.That a Customs Broker forged his signature.That is a very dangerous thing.How do we know that others did not do that same thing.He went on to say,not alleged.That those forgeries amounted to about $3 million.Those funds are the people’s money.He/She stole from all of the people.It was not Gaston Browne’s and or Max Hurst money.So the Police should have been involved from the first day.Forgery is a crime in Antigua.By now,someone should have been arrested.In my opinion,both Gaston Browne and Max Hurst interfered with justice.I do believe that forger is a Party Insider and friends of persons in very HIGH PLACES.Because an ordinary person would not have access to any instruments being used by the Prime Minister.With his signature on it,like a stamp for instance.The law is the law is the law.No one is above the Laws of the land,no one.

      • You are twisting the words of the PM he said two things and you make it sound as one. he said someone was able to manipulate the ASYCUDA system and rob the government of $3million, and the next thing he said was that another broker has copy his signature and placed it on a warrant and that was a warrant for a duty free car.
        And another thing I must say to you all. The only reason we know about all of these things is because the PM is being transparent and comes to us on the radio every week and tells us things that we normally won’t know. Yet you guys want to take this very same transparency and claim he is not telling us the truth. Very contradictory if you ask me. During the UPP time we were left in the dark as to what happens in Cabinet on a weekly basis. Only when we have whistle blowers we would find out things. Then we hear about a docusment that a goat left on someone’s door step. These government has a transparency like none. Every week our reporters get the notes from Cabinet and they can ask questions. And the PM himself comes on the radio and gives an account and takes questions from whoever that calls in. If anyof you is so hell bend that he is not telling the truth, why not confront him on the radio show and let him answer your question or be made a liar. But I guess you guys do not what it takes.

        • When I listened to Gaston Browne.He never mentioned the acronym,ASYCUDA.Let his Radio Station replay that darn tape of Gaston Browne.I stand by what I have written.He knows the person involved.His darn words.Get the CID Police involved.Let them investigate and arrests those thieves at Customs and beyond.

        • @Sideline
          Does the PM and his ministers always tell the truth? He was on Point FM on Saturday saying that during this pandemic he only had to borrow $8million. I think he should check all his previous statements on the large amounts he had to borrow.
          The PM previously stated that the government was a preferred creditor of Jolly Beach Resort. Now minister Nicholas is saying the government is lower down the totem pole than the shareholders. (Observer Sep 10, 2020). Since when shareholders have rights above preferred creditors? Wonder who these shareholders are.
          Seems the shareholders will walk away with whatever is left from the liquidation and the government and former employees will be left holding the bag.
          Tell me if Gaston and his ministers don’t lie.

          • Why not ask him yourself. Just call in on Saturday or send in a Whatsapp if you do not want your voice to be heard. but I have not heard the PM tell any lie as yet. And if and when he miss-spoke he is man enough to correct it. That I can tell you for sure.

    • If there was ever a fencing scandal, why not the ABLP keep fanning the flame on it? Was that just a smoke pipe looking for something to pin the former UPP Ministers? If they can bring facts like forgery of the PM signature, then I will believe the fencing scandal. The former UPP minister who was/is the center of this fencing scandal is now in bed grass with the ABLP.

      • The fencing scandal was a fact. The part of the report that was presented by Harold Lovell claimed the very seem thing. I believe the investigation was headed by the Accountant General. But as I said Gaston Brown said he will not pursue anyone. He will not use government money to go after people. And I said I don’t agree with that stand. Because again white color criminals are left off the hook. No consequences at all for their actions. And yes the very same minister that was thrown under the bus saw that his then enemy was the one that gave him a hand and even gave him a job. That is how the UPP treats it own. While Gaston is known to have empathy for people. God Bless him for that. It was that same spirit that caused him to move to ensure no Barbudan was left on the Islands when another hurricane was threatening to come and destroy them after Irma. And that operation will one day go in the history books of this country as the biggest evacuation ever. When you are living amidst a history making event you don’t often realize the magnificent of the event.

    • Boy you guys have no shame, the same man that was front and center in this scandal is now a card carrying member of you party

  4. Lovell is on his way out as leader of his party. Why is he bringing this up? That should be the duty of the Hon. Jamal Pringle, the only elected leader of the party in Parliament. Lovell, just step aside and let Pringle due his job. Thank you sir.

  5. Well! well! well! When will we as a people get over the practice of trying to justify wrongdoing by government by simply saying that it was done by a previous government. It looks as if we do not believe in the platitude that “two wrongs do not make a right.” With respect to the Customs fraud, I have been saying from day one that it was a matter for the police to investigate and not he Comptroller of Customs. The Comptroller of Customs under the Customs Management and Control Act is only empowered to investigate minor offences at the Customs Department. Any infraction committed at Customs, which would involve a sentence of imprisonment for the perpetrator if found guilty, such as the present alleged fraud, must be investigated by the police and not the Comptroller of Customs. What is so difficult for this to understand by the Commissioner of Police and the Comptroller of Customs. In fact, when the Commissioner of Police said that he was only interested in the shooting of Cornel Benjamin and not the fraud committed at Customs, he was failing in his duty big time. The Rule of Law is being trampled on by those who should be upholding the law and no one gives a hoot. This society is just a big JOKE.

    • For the first time I totally agree with you. But lets make it clear I was not defending any wrong. I was only pointing out the hypocrisy of Lovell. And I stated cases of fact. Another case was the alleged molesting of an under age girl by the cousin of one of UPP’s Minister of Legal affair and Agriculture. The case was hushed so quickly and the young man was flown out the country before any charges could have been brought against him. And we all sit and were quiet.

      • @From The Side
        Ok Mr Lovell is a hypocrite…

        Can you please speak directly about the forgery issue and clearly state if it is a criminal offence according to your consciousness…

        oh what the course of action must be to rectify the issue….

        • And I guess you have a problem understanding what I said. I am for lying charges where they need to be. People who do the crime must pay the time. But We have a PM who seems to be very compassionate when it comes to these things. It seems he doesn’t want to see anyone no matter who suffer if he can avoid it. God has Blessed him with that character. No me. i will put your backside in jail. But I do not say this with a christian heart.

      • Sideline I have always heard the PM state on the matter, let the chips fall where they may. This issue he made clear the person(s) will be made an example of. As far a Lovell last time I checked he was the FM with the Cool & Smooth container fraud which allegedly involves one of the brokers (the main culprit) in this matter. There possibly would be no customs fraud issue, if this matter had been seriously dealth with. Should have been fine and confine. In terms of a matter they should have pushed to the end, I would say its the ABI group matter. It continues to cost this nations millions. Look currently at the Jolly Beach mess

        • And tenman there also I disagree with the PM. And he again said it he doesn’t want to see the top of Antigua’s elite in jail. He rather have them pay back whatever can be paid back. White Color crime going unpunished once again. This is a weakness of the PM in my opinion, but on the other hand looking at it from a biblical perspective he has too much compassion. And after the 2014 election I told him he should finish the UPP and put the nails in their coffin, but he didn’t and as Weston used to say, we don’t take prisoners that is how I see it. Because as Bob Marley sings it, “He who fights and runaway lives to fight another day.

          • @From The Sidelines…”the PM…and he again said it he doesn’t want to see the top of Antigua’s elite in jail.”
            Now, whatever or whomever gave the PM, the authority to be chief Law Enforcement officer, as having the final say, as in #WHO’RE prosecuted for crimes they commit, and who’re not?
            This is why, this whole mess at the Customs, stink like Night Soil Shit Cart, running around St. John’s.

            Now, do you get where the #CoverUp, #Truth and not conspiracy begins, and ends?
            Again, you said it…”the PM…doesn’t want to see the top Antigua’s elite in jail.”

  6. Brethen what stinks you asked? I know growing up , normally its the person who is claiming they smell a stench, is the one who has bad dental habits. You claim the matter was handled badly. From what I have read both cabinet and the PM from day one asked publicly for the police to investigate the matter. The PM on point fm since last year made clear, whoever did this, if he had his way, will be persecuted and essentially made an example of. I don’t know if you live on a different planet, but globally police investigations, especially when you are speaking about something like this, take awhile before persons are charged.Recall the police raiding someone biz, and some charges being laid (think this more related to the customs broker who was killed). While you follow Lovell as if he is the pied piper and you a rat, perhaps you should ask him, why criminials charges were not laid against the broker aledgedly involved here in 2012. Back then there was fraud involving a container cleared for Cool and Smooth. We were talking over a million dollars in taxes (major fraud) hence this was not a small matter. Recall at the end of it all, the broker simply paid a fine. GB was finance minister in 2012? Was bribery involved, of persons high up the political chain, in 2012 to essentially hide things under the carpet and not have the broker spend time behind bars? Is this why he suspects it is happening now?

    • @ tenman
      Ok Mr Lovell is a hypocrite your point is well made.

      What is your opinion on the current issue of forgery and what do you tenman think should be done about it.

      If no report was made to the police how would the police know that a wrong was done? Do you think the police should operate on facts, hearsay or gossip? Or should the police tune in to Pointe FM to get official reports?

  7. @ TABOR

    Tabor You are working very hard for UPP. It is a pity that you would not be compensated because UPP would NOT be voted into POWER in your LIFETIME. I applaud your TENACITY. You are surely a Defender of Harold Lovell. I cannot understand Tabor why you cannot see the CRAP that Harold Lovell is saying. For a well LEARNED Person Tabor you accept too much IGNORANCE from UPP !!!

  8. @TABOR
    Tabor did Yiu listen to the interview on Observer radio last evening with SERPENT ? What a disgrace . Serpent is a CUSS BUD. This Man cannot answer a SIMPLE question. Serpent is one of UPP ACE Candidate. What a BIG Joke. The Gentleman from DNA said that UPP picked anyone just because the Person is POPULAR. Perfect criticism by DNA. What say uou TABOR !!!

  9. Tenman Hughes you are still woefully missing the point. As From The Sideline rightly said he he not defending any wrong. I am looking at this matter purely from a legal point of view. You can say all you want about the Prime Minister and his call for the guilty party in the fraud to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It was the selfsame Prime Minister whose first comment on the matter (as well as his Chief of Staff) was that they were only concerned about getting the money back. If these statements by the Prime Minister are not contradictory I do not know what is. Do you know what effect his initial statement could have had on the Comptroller of Customs and the Commissioner of Police? Anyway, the comments of the Prime Minister, especially his initial comment, were unfortunate and grossly inappropriate. Again Tenman, the law is being turned on its head because the Comptroller of Customs had no authority to investigate the matter, that was for the police. Now the Comptroller of Customs has completed his investigation (as he told the Nation) WHAT NEXT?

  10. We have become a nation that remember and condemn the past than present things that are in front of us because of color(politics). Color has cause division among us that our judgement becomes biased. I look for a day when we may hold leaders accountable for decisions they make and stop looking on what this and that party use to do to protect one and hang the other. It is the only way we can see progress

  11. CARSON .B. I am not defending Harold Lovell in any way in this matter i.e., the Customs fraud. My position on this matter should be quite clear by now. From a legal standpoint, the Comptroller of Customs had no right to be leading the investigation. Yes ex officio he would have some interest in the investigation. However, any crime investigation is for the police and any major crime investigation at Customs is even moreso for the police. Under the Costums Management and Control Act the Comptroller of Customs is only given the power to investigate minor breaches of Customs regulations. Again, this whole affair was turned upside down but why should any of us be surprised by that since it looks as if we live in an upside down cartoon country.

  12. Wow. Everyone seems to know when this is not telling the truth or that one not telling the truth. Or when this one or that one is covering up. I recommend that the ones who knows when there is a cover up or a lie been told come and tell us the public what’s going on since you have the evidence.

  13. Living in this country is an exercise in forbearance. The blatant lies told by those at the top to those who are too weak to say show me the evidence, are getting more and more. PM’s signature wasn’t forged, that is why there is no investigation. There is nothing to investigate. What is there, is just the usual coverup, deflection, and dramatization. To call any names will mean embarassment for many and we can’t have that, oh no. The only solution is what is the usual m.o. keep the fictional story consistent and the truthseekers/speakers muzzled.

  14. Pinocchio Tabor , this was the PM according to ANR (PM On Customs Probe: “Let The Chips Fall Where They May” October 13, 2019). This report was when he made the revelation about the said fraud (If Lovell had taken this stance in 2012, the main broker (one fined in 2012)and alleged repeat offender would not have an opportunity to do what’s alleged). Clearly your leaders tendency to tell untruths (referring to your false statement that the PM was only concerned about getting back the defrauded funds)is rubbing off on you (bad company)

    “Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said that “punishment” is the best way to deal with the customs fraud which has cost the government millions in lost tax revenue.

    He is also warning that the matter won’t be swept under the carpet, notwithstanding those who are found liable.

    Browne said the government has learnt there has been a “rampant looting” of governments taxes by brokers and others…The country’s leader also had a special warning to customs officers “ if you facilitate any such processing of warrants, you’ll be guilty of an offence and I want to remind them that the customs acts provides for fine and imprisonment.”

    He added, “I have told the comptroller of customs and those doing the investigation, let the chits fall where they may, we cannot have this kind of plundering of government’s money without consequences

    “As far as I am concerned their licences should be revoked and they should be made to pay back the money.”

    “Unless you punish people it will get worse,” he stated.”

  15. Get the documents that was forged and place them alongside previous signatures that was not forged are there no forgesingaturologist here?

  16. Tenman you can repeat and repeat and repeat whatever Gaston Browne has said about the Customs fraud, it does not change the fact that his first comment on the matter was that he only wanted the money back. Let me repeat again so that it may penetrate your cranium, that statement by the Prime Minister completed coloured the matter to the Comptroller of Customs and the Commissioner of Police. The statement should not have been made. It was a serious criminal matter and the police should have been allowed to do their investigation not the Comptroller of Cudtoms. We will see whether the matter is swept under the rug or not. If Customs has completed there investigation so long ago when will the arrest, trial and imprisonment come according to the Prime Minister’s narrative that you so gullible push. As one of the minions and sycophants of the Prime Minister, I would just ask that you be objective and stop justifying ills of the present government by saying that past government did the same. With that mindset we will never get over the political morass and decadence that permeates our political culture. Please endeavour to raise the standard so that we can move forward as society from the decadence.

    • @Charles Tabor…OK! So,
      Hmmmmnnn so, the Chameleon has being spotted!
      One moment Tenman, the very next moment, , the very next, Jr, too?
      And, they’re ALL commenting, at the same time, on the same subject!
      Makes one wonder, what other Monikers he uses or hides behind, in this forum.
      According, to reports is a Computer Wiz Kid, and being a #CHAMELEON in this Virtual World would be a breeze, to someone with his capability!

      Never Trust a #CHAMELEON. At least, a snake will shed its skin, but remain a snake! A chameleon changing colors is akin to, a masked robber!
      Leroy King is scheduled to be sentenced soon, in America. I am quite sure, the chameleon has taken note of this, and he should for more reasons, than one!

  17. FTS your party in power. Why they dont give the evidence to the police about the fencing matter and romantic concert. You are such an idiot. No wonder you were stripped of the red passport.

    • I agree with you Judju beard…. all the ABLP has to do is provide the police with the facts evidence of the fencing matter and the romantic concert. They’re are so lie that the only thing the ABLP can charge the UPP for is the few old buses.

      • And I said that I agree also, but the PM has different mind. He doesn’t want to waste government resources going after political opponents. Yet you want to accuse him of such. Dam if you do dam is you don’t.

        • From The Sideline a few times we are on the same page. Despite all that Tenman has stated about the Prime Minister’s comments on the Customs fraud, he must understand that you cannot have it both ways. It is either you just want the money back or you want the law to take it full course and the chips fall where they may. Now, which is it in the Prime Minister’s case Tenman the former or the latter? That is my question to you.

          • I would love to have seen both. You pay back the money and you go to 1735. Especially the ABI Board members. Many of them are well off businessmen and women and we now know why that is so. They milked the bank. So lets sell all their property and then put them in jail.
            But Tabor I’m speaking not as a Christian. Although I profess to be one. If you ask me if I’m for the dead penalty I would say Oh Yes, but if you ask me if as a Christian I believe in forgiveness I would say yes to that as well. Remember the story with Jesus and the woman caught in adultry. When Jesus ask the accusers without sin to throw the first stone they all walked away. I guess I would be one of them as well. That is why I admire the PM for his stance yet disagree at the same time.

  18. This is a very serious matter. No time for politics. For god’s sake a guy was murdered and another seriously injured.

  19. This issue is not anymore serious than a man driving his car one late night and hit a woman at the side of the road. Then drives home to get his farther and the police than kills the entire case and not a drum is heard from any politician. Not UPP not ABLP. And not a drum is heard from any reporter, not discussed on any radio program. Only a few persons such as myself and Tanny Rose constantly reminding people of this grave unjust that was done. Only when you kill an animal on the road you do not have to give account for that. Not saying that the driver was at fault. Just saying he was never made to answer for the life he took. And this has been going on for many years now. And the Chief Of Police should be held accountable for that. is this woman’s life really that worthless. Tragic road accidents happens all the time.

  20. @From The Sidelines…😂😂😂😄you’re, all over the place, from Coo-Coo Hole in Freetown, to Booby Alley, to Boggy Peak, to Jaberwack, like “FIRE in U Back Seat!”
    You better, grab some water running around, in a daze, from the hot, hot “Pepper Seed,” the PM feeding you, in your Good Boy Bowl, as a part of your meal.

  21. From The Sideline both punishment is possible i.e., imprisonment (going to 1735) and restitution (paying back the money). However, if any punishment is meted out to whoever is found guilty of the Customs fraud I am sure it will be paying back the money.

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