Commissioner of Police summoned to Cabinet amid spate of criminal activity

Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodeny

The Cabinet invited all heads of the security services and support staff, totaling twelve officials to address the issue of youth violence, robbery by young males bearing guns, and the report recently of rape of a young mother during the daytime.

 The Commissioner of Police informed that sixty five percent of all reported crimes occur in the City of St. John’s; thirty five reported robberies occurred for the year thus far, and nine illegal guns were taken from the streets thus far in 2023.

Not many incidents of Youth on Youth Violence have been reported since the execution of a plan put forward by the Uniformed Bodies.

However, the Police have concluded that older criminals are using young men to commit crimes.

The Police proposed the introduction of CCTV cameras in and around St. John’s, so that images of the criminals can be captured.

The Police also proposed a VHF radio system to reduce the response time following their receipt of a reported crime or a reported automobile accident.

The cost of the radio system is estimated at $350,000 USD.

The Commissioner also reported that just a little more than 600 active duty officers and about 200 fire police make up the RPFAB.

A little more than 2,000 additional police officers are required to meet the force-strength that would be ideally able to address adequately the crime situation throughout the nation.

The Chief of Defence Staff of the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force (ABDF) informed that 120 additional soldiers are required to fulfill the calculated quantum of soldiers to match Antigua and Barbuda’s population.

He also reported that not only an increase in manpower but VHF radios, military assets and training are also required.

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  1. Really? We need 2000 police officers???? These are the recommendations to Cabinet?? Surely the media get it wrong! The police has more transport than ever before; they have an old vhf system that works but not maintained and replenish; supervision is a problem; their strategy need to be revised and assessed to see what is working; juvenile court system is a complete waste of time; let alone much more marijuana use and it’s adverse effect on the mental health of many. Solving rate for murders and serious crimes are at an all time low. What scientific evidence of intelligence lead the police to the conclusion that the older criminals are advising the younger?? This is not borne out in the arrests and charges laid period! The Criminal Justice System is at its worst and need a complete revisitation. Some departments in the Force and many hardworking individuals are being stifled. The PSC has to take a lot of the blame for sidelining hard working officers, while others fly up… there are so much that can be said including no forensic analysis are being done; none not even for the most serious crimes like murders and robberies! The criminals have no fear for police officers anymore as their presence pose no real issue! They respond when they feel like and there is no accountability. When crime is on the increase, those in authority should stay in office and go out on the work floor than travel more than ministers of government! The Force is no longer motivated period! So it is a myriad of issues which must be looked at holistically. And this thing about inviting Commissioner to cabinet is not always genuine. Policies must be driven from the Minister… provide resources; engender the environment for strategic discussions and don’t try to pass the buck! They in cabinet sometimes like to use the opportunity to berate the police when they themselves are not providing the means… but the police must make better use of the resources available. I see a police officer give evidence in court a month ago and still going to court everyday listening… so I say to myself, certainly the Force is not short staff at all! There are too much officers doing nothing…. For one month sitting in court doing nothing and he already give evidence! What the hell!!!!

    • 💀〰✝️✝️✝️OK @E…Did Wendell R. morphed into “E”? Yesterday when I read this comment, if I’m not mistaken, this comment was written by a former COP – W.R.

      Anyways, this comment speaks to a Perfect Storm brewing, The Perfect Crime Storm. What the Nation is feeling are the breakaway gusts from Thea main storm.
      #Beware! #Be_Aware! Be prepared for the WARNINGS⚠️☣️☢️⛔️are coming from one who was in the know and is still in the know!

  2. This fool can’t even speak English. What is the point of summoning him? The senior ranks of the police need to be replaced. They are totally useless.

    • There are too many “quit and stay” police in the organization. Mentally they have already quit the job but stayed for the salary. Some have no home to go to because they have wasted their time. Their only power lies in the uniform that they wear, that is why they can’t leave, they are powerless without it. Crime will continue to be on the increase because of unemployment and those who are working is hand to mouth living from paycheck to paycheck. Gaston Browne administration needs to take better care of the security arm of this country and stop holding people hostage because they demand better standard of living. Politicians need to stop traveling to any and every little meeting overseas that can be done by zoom. This country needs a laxative, too much backup sh*** in the system.

  3. It will be a waste of tax payers money to put up CCTV cameras. The criminals are wearing masks and can’t be identified. There have been many crimes caught on camera and they remain unsolved
    AI based cameras are what’s needed to unmasked the mask criminals. If y’all really want to do something about crime, do what will work. Don’t just try and placate the citizens with useless ideas.

    Next Level should mean artificial intelligence in law enforcement and surveillance equipment.

  4. Morals in the force are at a high time low and when I mean low I mean gutter water low. Alot of persons would have take up the challenge and pushed themselves to pursue higher education and are still being overlooked. The only commissioner whom would have done a good job where crime fighting is concern is then Mr.Robinson himself. Now I fear for my my mother and sisters when they leave home because all I can think of the road is no longer safe. Bring back morals, review qualified persons, let the top brass work. Each time the Police get officers there is a complaint of shortage. Gimme a break….

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