Commissioner of Police Statement on the Death of Corporal Common

The late Corporal of Police, Clifton Common

The Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney is publicly expressing sympathy to the family, relatives, and friends of Corporal of Police, Clifton Common on his sudden passing.

He said he is very disturbed by the tragic loss of a veteran officer, and deeply regret the entire incident.

As the head of the Police Force, Mr. Rodney has reached out to the immediate family of Corporal Common and will continue to be in contact with them.

He continues to provide support to the staff at St. John’s Police Station, as they come to grip with the loss of a colleague officer.

Commissioner Rodney stated that a full investigation is currently ongoing into the circumstances which led to the untimely death of such a reliable officer, whom he described as quiet and dependable.

Corporal Clifton Common served for twenty-nine unbroken years in the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, having joined the rank and file on January 15th, 1992.

He was attached to the St. John’s Police Station. He died at the age of 51 years.

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  1. Condolences to Mr. Common family. I Pray that God Almighty will strengthen you during this your trying time.

  2. Condolences to his family no doubt due to this tragic situation.
    The ironic thing is a day prior, many of ABLP clones, lackies and boot lickers were castigating the young lady for speaking to and about the need to strengthen the services being offered by the Government, as it pertains to #MentalHealth.
    I wonder how many of those individuals would feel, if this officer were a close friend or family member. Would their comments be the same, as “she’s an attention seeker?

    • RAS SMOOD I could not agree with you more. This is a very tragic story for all concerned. Condolences to the family of the officer who lost his life. However, while it is sometimes unnecessary to engage in counterfactual analysis, I cannot help but ask if this tragedy could have been avoided if proper procedures and facilities were in place to deal with the mentally challenged perpetrator of the crime other than to place him in the police cell in Newgate Street. I would not be surprised if just being in that cell drove the young man even further over the edge. As I said this is a very tragic event for all concerned.

      • @Charles Tabor…a wah ah guarne? First off, I think this officer’s name should be placed on a plaque, and hung in the halls of the Parliament building, along with his story as an officer of the Law, and from all reports, a good one at that. This will serve as reminder, to those in the Government, who are aware of the issues of surrounding mental health, yet in some regards have being neglectful. I say ‘some regards’ because I’m not privy to data, nor am I licensed, to analyze #MentalHealth.

        Bluddy Bloke stated, “The actions of the young man was not a result of his mental illness only, but it derived from the violent behavior/culture of the environment he has grown up in.”

        Now, as that sinks in for as we look around us, whether it’s white collar crimes, or blue collar crimes, they’re both contributing to the violent culture which we’ve adopted, many moons ago, and the chickens are coming home to roost.
        We need to get rid of the partisanship which steers the Nation, and be more pragmatic about problem solving, especially when it comes to crimes and their impact on the Health both physical and mental of the Nation.


  3. I am deeply saddened as to how this police officer died. Unlike many police officers who use the force to flex their muscles and stamp authority, this officer was quite the opposite… He was very quiet and always by himself…. i certainly extend my condolences to his immediate family and the police fraternity…. My sympathy also goes out to the mentally ill young man….. The actions of the young man was not a result of his mental illness only, but it derived from the violent behavior/ culture of the environment he has grown up in

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