Commissioner Asks Government To Seek Scotland Yard Help In Solving Nigel Christian’s Murder

Attorney General, Steadroy Benjamin and Police Commissioner, Atlee Rodney


The Commissioner of Police of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda (RPFAB) and his Deputy were invited to discuss the issue of seeking assistance from two police departments that have, in the past, granted expertise whenever the Antigua and Barbuda police investigators believe that they have reached a point requiring outside assistance.

The issue has arisen as the RPFAB intensifies its investigation into the murder of Customs Officer Nigel Christian. A reward of $50,000 has been offered by the Gaston Browne administration to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest of those involved in the murder.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States has already been in touch with the RPFAB since that department has a presence in the region.

The Scotland Yard Police of the United Kingdom has always shown a willingness to dispatch experts to assist in investigations. The borders of the U.K. are closed at this time, but that body would likely make its experts available as soon as that condition changes. The Commissioner has asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs to seek the assistance of the Resident Commissioner of the U.K. in Antigua to seek their assistance.

Meantime, the investigation by the RPFAB into the murder of Mr. Christian continues.



  1. One day the Commissioner of Police says that there is no need to seek external assistance in the Nigel Christian execution. He went further to say that expertise existed in the region and any help required could be met from regional expertise. Today the Commissioner of Police has requested the assistance of Scotland Yard. Mr. Commissioner of Police you have made the right decision and I commend you. The execution of Nigel Christian is too serious a matter to leave any stones unturned.

    • Charlie, are you still campaigning for some office or somethin? Just curious. Yes, it is time to bring in Scotland Yard. What about our friends from China and Cuba? They have good investigators, too. Don’t forget the Canadian RCMP.

      • Just wondering why anyone would consider calling in investigators from
        China and/or Cuba? Antigua is a former British colony with deep and long ties to both the US and Canada – JustCome China and Cuba have no interest in doing anything except taking over people land.

      • Interesting that you would call China “our” friend. The same communist China who has turned a free, democratic and thriving business hub Hong Kong into a communist suppressed and bankrupted hell hole for the Hong Kong people. The same communist China that is determined to take over Taiwan, control the South China Sea islands, interfere with India’s borders, ludicrously thinking that they can take over Russian city Vladivostok and so their aggression list around the world continues. Opposition in China can mean internment and your body parts extracted and sold before being thrown in a furnace. China has, without doubt, debt trapped Antigua with way overpriced loans and we are and will be paying the price for this racist so called “friend” for a long time to come…not least of all don’t forget China knowingly exported the Wuhan virus to the outside world which has caused a tremendous loss of loved ones and cost trillions. That is who you call a “friend”?…with friends like that who needs enemies!!

  2. OK OK That’s what we will do from now on. Next time there is a murder just sit back in your chair and call Scotland yard. The man was driven not 5 mins from his home and shot roadside in daylight hours but you need assistance with that. Seen. When they tell you who did it make sure you arrest them this time! Not like the Dollyhouse murder !

    • Little island the police can not solve murder case, si they call for foriegn help what a shame in this day and age thousands of dollars will be spent Ablp have no balls.

      • It take what, 3 months to get an arrest for Bruce Greenaway ? Why is it so urgent that we have outside help ? You must know the caliber of bullet. You must know the type of vehicle involved. You have more evidence in this case. Ask the family to plead to the killers conscience on tv.

      • Plenty murder and robbery solve in Antigua every single year without help. They trying to make this look like some big mystery. Why they don’t release what caliber gun ?

  3. Antigua has gained independence from Britain long ago, and they use that stance at their convenience. Whenever there is a murder, Antigua should have their own special ops or police. Why is it Scotland yards responsibility!?!

    Maybe Antigua law enforcement needs better training to more than just arrest people who don’t wear masks.

    Why is it the FBI and America’s problem? The reason the FBI can solve murders is because they are trained and little does Antigua know, if there is a local or state murder in America, the FBI does NOT help that city or state. Only if it’s a federal crime or special circumstance. ANTIGUA IS NOT AMERICA PROBLEM!

    The government brags and boast about how Antigua is one of the leading countries if not the leading in the Caribbean yet they DONT HAVE RUNNING WATER, NEED TO FLY PEOPLE OUT FOR SURGERY, CANT PERFORM THEIR OWN AUTOPSY, have to wait for weeks for someone from Barbados or Trinidad AND NOW THEY CANT SOLVE A MURDER !

    Everything of importance they run to someone else.

    Train your people, root out corruption and grow a pair Antigua! Stop beg help.. no British or American citizens were they victims. It was an Antiguan. TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN ANTIGUA.


  4. The Commissioner of police probably took Mr. Pompey’s advice, when he aired on voice of the people. Good move Commissioner, this bigger than you, but if no flying can take place how Scotland Yard going to get here. They should call FBI as well.

  5. There is no shame in asking for outside assistance. We are a small island, with a police force that is not used to dealing with such crimes. The FBI, Scotland Yard, and others simply have more experience. We should be thankful hat our police force does not have the experience to deal with these things; it means that we are still a relatively safe place.

  6. I agree with you, Blackjim. There is no shame in asking for outside assistance. We must not forget to include help from China and Cuba. They have experience in these things and don’t put up with any nonsense. These killers must be found, and any big boys who are behind them. The courts will have to give them a fair and legal trial before handing down the death penalty to those who are guilty. I’m sure there are people out there who know something, and they better start talking. Bring in all the help we can get to crush this evil amongst us.

  7. The United States of America just executed (this morning) the second killer for the week. Another was executed earlier this week and yet another is scheduled to die before this week is up. It’s time we get the gallows ready.

  8. .A photo shoot just for asking for outside help. Give me a dam break. What the hell is all the smiles about? A man has lost his life in a most brutal way, others are scared and there are smiles.

  9. They stalling for time because they cannot admit who did this so soon after Bruce Greenaway. 4 men in camouflage leave a man dead along a road that lead right back to Camp. You don’t need Scotland Yard to figure it out.

  10. I posted a previous reply but some how it appears to have been deleted.
    I will say again that Antigua needs to send Police Officers to Countries where they can be trained in Techniques in Murder Detection and then bring the Experience and Train Others.

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