COMMENTARY: Wendell Robinson: Down The Tunnel Of Despair

Former Police Commissioner Robinson

Rawlston Pompey

In a Law enforcement career, and likened to every aspirant to the legal fraternity, including ‘Kelvin John,’ Wendell Glenroy Robinson’ seized every opportunity in educating himself, increased his intellectuality and to advance professionally. Pursuing studies to achieve these were not only costly, but also distressful. Subsisting upon ‘Sardines, English muffins and biscuits’ the occasional meal, he survived and eventually succeeded with his legal studies.


This commentary looks at; ‘…The Kelvin John-chaired and procedural blunder-making Police Service Commission (PSC).’ It further looks at one of three judicially determined Cases in favor of former Commissioner of Police Wendell Robinson, Barrister-at-law. It particularly looks at; (a) ‘…The Victimizing; (b) …Acrimonious behavior; (c) …Litigious; and (d) …Contemptuous attitude to Judicial Decisions,’ particularly the Judgment of ‘His Lordship, Justice Peter Godfrey Smith’ [ANUHCV2018/0202]. A Case that supports his Case is that of; ‘…Berenice Freeman v Attorney General et al’ [BVIHCV: 2008/0383].  


The litigious; (a) ‘…Seven (7)-member; (b) …One Secretary Government employee; and (c) …Budgetless,’ appeared hell bent in making female officers not conceived hemorrhaged, and have left some male officers, harboring feelings of a state of pregnancy. For the past three years, the ‘Commission’ has shown an unmistakable litigious propensity. None more evident than the litigious ‘financially-handicapped run’ through the ‘Judiciary.’ This appeared to have been sustained by an apparent ‘Parasitic Relationship’ with ‘Law Firms,’ with and without ‘Associates.’


The decision to engage ‘Non-Departmental Legal Services’ to fight against aggrieved officers, brings into question; (i) ‘…The professional competencies of Legal officers; (ii) …Availability; (iii) …Accessibility; and (iv) …Obtainability of‘Legal Services’ from an adequately staffed ‘Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs.’ It further begs a fundamental question; ‘Why the professional advice of ‘Principal Legal Adviser’ to the Government, Attorney General, ‘Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin,’ if not sought and given, has not been utilized by the ‘Commission?’ The non-revenue generating‘Commission’ and incurred expenses for legal services suggests an urgent need to reined the membership in or wash out.


To several ‘Police officers,’ the ‘Commission,’ under different Chairmanship, has been ‘Mercilessly Brutal’ in their treatment of them. Where it had been most evident and blatant, aggrieved officers had caused the ‘Judiciary’ to be visited, either upon the ‘Commissioner of Police or the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC). The respective Cases of; (i) ‘…Senior Sergeant Olson Hector; and (ii) …Superintendent Cecelia Francis,’ make the point. In their respective cases, the former, even when the ‘Exigencies of Duty’ appeared not to have permitted, was to be subjected ‘Forced on Vacation’ [May 20, 2005].


In these discussions, the cases of; (i) ‘…Former Commissioners Truehart Smith QPM; (ii) …Gary Nelson; (iii) and (iv) …Wendell Robinson,’ necessarily makes good reference points. These have all mounted challenges to their ‘Suspension or Dismissal. In the Case of the former, then members of the ‘Public Service Board of Appeal Board (PSAB),’ found no justification for the ‘Suspension. Consequently, it reversed the decision of the ‘Commission.’


Most troubling, however, was the disregard shown to the authority that resides in the constitutionally-established ‘Appellate Board.’ The ‘Lawless Membership’ of the ‘Police Service Commission,’ felt, and showed no compulsion to comply with the ‘Appellate Decision’ ‘Public Service Appeals Board’ [CO: 1981: Section 107: Supreme Law: Section 2M]. It now begs the fundamental question; ‘…Who or what benefits are derived from the long-drawn-out litigious proceedings involving former Commissioner of Police Wendell Robinson?


The ‘Judiciary,’ one of the ‘free institutions,’ whether, rightly or wrongly called, ‘The Bastion of Hope’ owes every respect by all law-abiding citizens. Only the lawless Undoubtedly, it has been highly regarded among the ‘Founding Constitutional Principles.’ It provides for the interpretation of laws that shall apply in the administration of justice.’ It is the law the ‘Constitution’ speaks a; (i) ‘…Symbolizes the public conscience; and (ii) …Subjects the State to it’ [CO: 1981: Principle: ‘D’]. To all intents and purposes, it states; ‘…The people of Antigua BASTION and Barbuda ‘Assert’ their conviction that their ‘Happiness and Prosperity,’ can best be pursued in a ‘democratic society’ [Principle: C: 1981].


The ‘Judiciary,’ constitutionally established to tame the; (i) ‘…Executive; and (ii) …Legislature’ behavior of the Government; (iii) … Keep check on the Ministries and Ministers. It was also intended to address callous (a) …Departments; (b) …Statutory bodies; (c) …Agencies and Agents; and (d) …Commissions,’ has not only been subjected to systemic abuse, but also has been seen as the most contemptuous. The malevolence and acrimony exhibited by the membership of the ‘Commission,’ continue to bring embarrassment to both those that selected and appointed them. Policy-makers shall act decisively and remove any scourge from the ‘Commission.’


The cases of then ‘Suspended Commissioners (i) ‘…Truehart Smith QPM and Vere Browne’ also vividly makes the point. Both had refused to be manipulated into shame and disgrace. Then with a ‘Litany of Complaints,’ both incurred the wrath of a ‘Police Service Commission (PSC).’ Instructively, if that ‘Commission’ was provided with ‘an Axe,’ its members may have severed the leg of any ‘Police officer,’ whether or not it was to be amputated ‘below or above the knee.’


The journey for then ‘Corporal Wendell Robinson’ began as difficult, as it may have been for the many aspiring young and ambitious individuals. Though financially-challenged and virtually starved for cash, he entered ‘Law School.’ Unlike many that had prostituted upon the ‘Police Service,’ becoming ‘Chefs’ and other ‘non-related police work,’ he had used it as a spring board to a ‘Legal Profession’ and for enhancing the prosecutorial and Case File Vetting’ withing the Police Service. Likened to the successful endeavors of ‘Maria Browne,’ a ‘Cabinet Minister’ in the Gaston Browne-led administration, he blazed the trail and succeeded in his legal studies.


His return to active ‘Police Duties,’ saw him applying and acquitting himself exceedingly well. This speaks to his loyalty and his commitment to the ‘Rule of Law.’ With rapidity of promotions, and with the ‘Suspension of Commissioner,’ he was well-positioned to fill the void or vacancy. The stage was set for his upward mobility to the coveted rank of ‘Commissioner of Police.’ Fortunately, when his superior ‘Commissioner Vere Browne’ was slighted, he had sufficient confidence reposed in him by ‘Prime Minister Gaston Browne’ [CO: 1981: Section 105 (3)]. He eventually assumed command and control of the ‘Police Service.’]; That may have been his ‘Moment of Glory.’


Likened to former Commissioners ‘Truehart Smith OM, QPM [2003] and Vere Browne’ [VI News Online: January 15, 2015], that may have been the time his administrative and whatever else troubles began. That which may have started the ‘Story,’ is not for this commentary. In fact, it mattered not where a leg is severed as long as it severed. In the cases of then ‘Commissioners Smith and Browne,’ though their crime was that of ‘Independence and Defiance,’ both were ‘Summarily Beheaded.’ Aptly described in a well-articulated submission to the ‘Public Service Board of Appeal’ [CO: 1981: Section 107], then practicing attorney, the unconquerable ‘Sir Gerald Anderson Watt KCN, QC,’ in uncompromised mode, submitted that; ‘…The whole suspension was done in connivance with the political directorate [Montserrat Reporter Vol xvii No.12 April 4, 2003].


While the records will show that he was the first to be appointed Chairman, the other two were attorneys ‘Terrence Small [2002-2004]; and current ‘President of the Industrial Court, Charlesworth Browne’ [2005-2008]. They neither took delight in evil connivances, nor joined or support the ‘Commission’s membership’ in perpetrating evil against any member of the ‘Police Service.’ These attorneys/members were not unmindful of their own humble beginnings. They had shunned that which may have been reasonably suspected to be rife within the ‘Commission.’


Unlike today’s membership that has been reportedly working in tandem to inflict pain or cause mental anguish to police officers they despised, these former members admirably stood for that which appeared to them as ‘Fair; Right and Just.’They were ‘Model Commissioners.’ They were neither hindrances, hurdles nor obstacles to their expectations, dreams and aspirations. Both reportedly took the principled position and relinquished their membership when the forces of evil reportedly sought to influence their conscience to ‘sell their Souls to the devil.’ They were more people-centered and cared more for; (a) ‘…Career development of all members; (b) …Personal advancement; and (c) …Longevity of tenure within the Police Service.’


There was no doubt that the appointment of a practicing attorney and ‘former acting Judge’ [British Virgin Islands], Kelvin John,’ had been a prudent choice for the ‘Chairmanship of the Police Service Commission’ [2014 -]. An attorney-at-law and the third to be appointed to the ‘Commission,’ he was not the only practicing attorney to gain membership. He assumed the position when by an act of ‘Treachery’ saw the Chairman and membership positions of former Assistant Commissioner of Police and Chairman, ‘Phillip N. Isaac.’ Appointed by the Governor General, His Excellency Sir Rodney Errey Lawrence Williams KCGN, GCMG as Chairman, before he could start any fight with those that often ‘brawl,’ he received an official call.


Believing that he may have being invited to the ‘Governor General’s Ball,’ little did he know that ‘Cabinet’ would have decided his fate. His membership on, and chairmanship of the ‘Commission’ had been so ‘Cannibalized’ to an empty chair. [2014-2018].  Though it had usurped the ‘Governor General’s powers of appointment and disappointment,’ the then Chairman, decided not to be drawn into a brawl, saw the ‘Cabinet’ made him bawl [CO: 1981: Section 104]. Likened to a Cock fowl, ‘Cabinet’ reportedly clipped wings, stripped feathers and broke legs and all.


The ‘Commission’ was not without a clique of members. It was not only frictional, but also factional. Some appointed for their ‘Comradeship,’ were said to have been as; (i) ‘…Obnoxious; (ii) …Infectious; (iii) …Dangerous; and (iv) …Deadly’ as the ‘Coronavirus-19 Pandemic.’ Likened to the ‘La Soufriere Volcano’ [SVG: ANR: April 9, 2021], it was reported that there were often quiet ‘grumbling and rumbling.’ Its effects may have been felt by ‘former Chairman, retired Assistant Commissioner Philip N. Isaac.’ He had no seismic instruments. Before he could say, ‘Claudette,’ though he was not known for tobacco smoking, he was asking the membership for ‘Cigarette.’


In most democracies, respect for the ‘Law’ means respect for its enforcement in democratic societies. The effective enforcement makes for relative order to be maintained, ensuring orderly or civilize behavior and citizen-compliance.’ Lack of respect for the Law, have been the source of much friction, contention, chaos and confusion. To understand the concept ‘Law,’ for a working definition, is to know that; (i) ‘…A rule of conduct made by a superior or law-making machinery- ‘Parliament;’ (ii) …By which an inferior (people) is bound to obey.’ It follows that where acts or omissions, negligence or gross recklessness’ have been observed or detected, there is peril of consequences and pain of punishment.


In civil society, the ‘Judiciary,’ commands and compels the respect of the lawless. Respect for the ‘Judiciary’ therefore,means respect for the very institution that shall not only safeguard and protect the principles of democracy, but also the ‘Fundamental rights of the individual.’ It may have been for these very reasons, that among the ‘Founding Constitution Principles,’ is one that speaks to; (i) ‘Assertion; and (ii) …Recognition.’ There may be no justifiable reasons that members of the ‘Police Service Commission,’ shall seek to cause horrors to any member of the ‘Police Service,’ simply because such member seeks the protection of the ‘Judiciary.’


The collective punishing attitude of the apparent non-meritorious- appointed membership of the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC)’ that now more than ever, appears; (a) ‘…Utterly incompetent; and (b) …Pathetically dysfunctional.’ It has given ‘former Commissioner of Police, Wendell Glenroy Robinson’ good reasons to kneel and pray. An administration Police or otherwise, shall never be seen as using or employing the ‘Judiciary’ to; (a) …Frustrate; (b) …Humiliate; (c) …Repress; or (d) … Any Commission, be it; (i) ‘…Labour; (ii) …Public; or (iii) …Police’ to exact egregious punishment upon any of its citizens.


Neither shall it suffer any ‘Law Firm’ or any association thereof, to fleece resources not sufficiently flowing into the ‘National Treasury’ for expending on non-essentials, or to provided enrichment or aggrandizement to wealthy intellectuals. Neither shall any administration encourage, facilitate, abide, tolerate or counsel or aid any governmental agencies, departments or Statutory Bodies to expend public funds simply to ‘Exact Punishment,’ upon police officers, Government employees or other members of the wider society.


This was never envisaged by the author of the ‘National Anthem, Sir Novelle Richards.’ He purposefully penned; ‘…Fair Antigua and Barbuda; …Ever striving and …Ever seeking’ [Sir Novel Richards: 1917-1986]. Sadly, these appeared not to have been; (i) …Sufficiently learned; (ii) …Fully understood; (iii) …Deeply appreciated; or (iv) …Intensely internalized, as to be so engraved upon the hearts of members of the ‘Commission.’ Instead, these two phrases have always been seen as being derailed by those ‘Ever Seeking’ and ‘Ever willing’ to perpetrate egregious or victimizing acts or victimize those for whatever reasons, they despised. The effect has been the ‘Retardation of Progress.’


It is instructive to note that there have been three (3) ‘former Senior Police officers; (i) ‘…Deputy Commissioner of Police; (ii) …Superintendent; and (iii) …Inspector of Police.’ They were among his ‘Former Colleagues. Happily, or unhappily, they have each been; (a) ‘…Mandatorily or voluntarily retired; (b) …Have been the recipients of their ‘Full Retirement Benefits;’ and (c) …Hold a salaried- privileged position serving on the ‘Commission.’ Given these truths, whether acted ‘connivingly, misguidedly, environmentally influenced or legally advised,’ that which they have collectively exacted upon him, ‘Wendell Glenroy Robinson’ in removing him from office without his benefits, made the membership appeared to be minions of the ‘Wicked Devil.’


Now, having ‘served in the Police Service for thirty-two (32) years,’ today, ‘April 5, 2021,’ he found himself a sad man being systemically driven down a ‘Dark Tunnel of Despair.’ A rather mindboggling ‘Press Statement’ recently published at this news portal, speaks to nothing but sheer hypocrisy. It states; ‘…The Police Service Commission acknowledges the important and indispensable role of the Court in the delivery of justice to persons who are aggrieved by the decisions of public authorities [ANR: March 29, 2021]. Many have questioned the ‘Commission’s sincerity, as for ‘Three Grueling Years,’ under the chairmanship of practicing attorney and former Acting Judge’ [BVI: 2008], it has been most vindictive and oppressive to certain members of the Police Service. These words aptly describe the experiences of ‘former Commissioner of Police Wendell Robinson.’


None may deny that Chairman of the ‘Police Service Commission, Kelvin John’ is of ‘sound memory and discretion. He is honest and boast an impeccable character. As a result of the recently unfavorable ‘Judgment’ delivered against the Kelvin John-chaired, seven (7) members ‘Police Service Commission for; (a) ‘Wrongful Suspension and (b) Wrongful Dismissal from office, ‘Wendell Robinson, Barrister-at-law’ may now have been well-position to received his ‘Service Benefits. The unfavorable ‘Court Decision’ was due to ill-advisedly applied disciplinary regulations against him.


A ‘Press Statement,’ purportedly authored by ‘Chairman Kelvin John’ shall have been of grave concern to every rank-and-file member. The ‘Commission’s Application’ to the ‘Judiciary’ for a ‘Stay of Execution’ of ‘an Administrative Order,’ intended to for the ‘State’ to discharge its fiduciary responsibility to a ‘Court-declared; (i) ‘…Wrongful Suspension; (ii) …Wrongful Dismissal,’ speaks more to vengeance of its membership, than of the ‘State’ or the ‘Supreme Being-God,’ so constitutionally acknowledged by the people’ CO: 1981: Principle: ‘A’]. Sir Novelle never envisaged that any person, including Police officers shall resort to the ‘Judiciary’ to make ‘Claims of Benefits legitimately accrued for 32 years of Law enforcement Service’ to the nation.


Had ‘Sir Gerald A. Watt KCN, QC and Dr. David Dorsett’ tuned into his brother’s ‘God’s First Radio’ [102. 9 FM], to get a ‘Biblical Perspective’ on the ‘Stay of Execution,’ they may certainly hear ‘William ‘Will’ Dorsett’ say; ‘…Those are the very words of the Devil, uttered from the lips of one of his dangerous disciples.’ Even as the ‘Suspension and Dismissal’ have been judicially declared unlawful, likened to the successful launch into Space of the ‘Russian Sputnik Satellite’ [1962], commanded by a dog named ‘Rover’ that never returned to earth, and likened to aggrieved ‘former Commissioner Truehart Smith OM, QPM,’ who was never ordered to resume his duties, the same situation now confronts dismissed Commissioner Wendell Robinson.’ Now, with ‘Sir Gerald’s Law Firm’ in a reversed position, representing the ‘Kelvin John-Chaired, 7-member ‘Commission,’ he may professionally argue that his ‘Law Firm’ had done what was required of it to do ‘Then,’ and doing ‘Now,’ what it has been, or being paid to do.


It shall never be said that the ‘Attorney General and Staff of legal officers ‘Then,’ were far more knowledgeable and competent than the ‘Principal Legal Adviser to the Government’ and legal officers ‘Now.’ The inferred intention of the ‘Commission’ is to cause ‘Visitation’ by the ‘Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC) upon another ‘High Court Judge Decision’ by ‘Her Ladyship Ann Marie Smith.’ Though they were attorneys-at-law, likened to practicing attorney Kelvin John, present Chairman, ‘Terrence Small and Charlesworth Browne,’ were not the ‘Legal Advisers’ to the ‘Commission.’ Legal Advice,’ was readily available, easily accessible and obtainable at the ‘Ministry of Legal Affairs.’


The ‘Blunder-Making Commission,’ appeared to have been misdirected or misguided. It was evident that the membership had an estranged relationship with knowledge of the ‘Police Disciplinary Regulations.’ Thus, this may have been responsible for the members being perceived by the ‘Judiciary as making; (i) ‘…Irrational and unintelligible; (ii) …Uninformed; and (iii) …Senseless decisions.’ Consequent upon these, they have left many personnel within the Police and Fire Services frustrated and demoralized by their ‘victimizing and discriminatory attitude.’ Those so victimized cautions the ‘Commission’ that; ‘…Heaven has no rage; …Like love to hatred turned; and …Hell has no fury, like a woman scorned’ [William Congreve, Poet: 1697]. The Scripture also warns those that may ‘forsake their own mercy’[Jonah 2: 8].


The Constitution declares that; (i) ‘…The Law symbolizes the public conscience; (ii) …Every citizen owes to it an undivided allegiance; and (iii) …The State is subject to the Law’ [CO: 1981]. Though not directly suggestive of oppressive behavior, addressing the ‘Improper Application’ of the ‘Police Disciplinary Regulations’ to Commissioner Wendell Robinson,’ ‘Justice Peter Gordon Smith’ observed that the ‘Commission and its Attorney’ appeared not to have been sufficiently au fait with the Regulations.’


His Lordship was adamant that the ‘Commission’ may ensure that there were Regulations to address inappropriate conduct by Senior officers within the ‘Police Service.’ Refusing to be hoodwinked and recognizing the ‘Legal Deficiencies’ as they affect ‘Disciplinary Regulations’ to address inappropriate conduct by officers above the rank of ‘Inspector of Police,’ he wrote that ‘Grade Six Students at the Holy Trinity School’ and ‘Princess Peace’ may understand that; ‘…It could mean that the Legislature intends a different regime for the disciplining of senior officers’ [ANUHCV: 2018/0202: Para 28].


In their exuberance and anxieties in ‘Exacting Vengeance’ upon ‘former Commissioner Wendell Robinson,’ there appeared to have been no end to the ‘Comedy Sequel.’ Making three Superintendents of Police ‘Comedians of CARICOM IMPACS,’ the Commission appointed; (i) ‘…A Guyanese; (ii) …Trinidadian; and (iii) …Barbadian Special Constables.’ They were caused to prepare and serve ‘Disciplinary charges of ‘Discreditable Conduct’ upon him. These were reportedly done under ‘Police Discipline Regulations’ statutorily provided for the specific ranks; (i) ‘…Inspector: (ii) …Senior Sergeant; (iii) …Sergeant; (iv) …Corporal; and (v) …Constable’ [PDR: Sections 4 & 5: Police Act: Chapter 330].


The ‘Judiciary,’ mindful of man propensity to perpetrate evil, as well as the plight of the hapless, ‘Judicial officers’ have almost always accord proper judicial rationalization to decisions that appeared ‘Starved of Justification’ or considered so grossly perverse or viewed as disguisedly acrimonious thus, nullified and void such decisions. Finally, ‘Justice Smith’suggested the promulgation of ‘Regulations by the ‘Police Service Commission’ for the disciplining of police officers under its powers’ [Para 30]. It is no exaggeration to say that its irrational decisions have forced several officers to litigate against the ‘Commission.’


The contentions have been in search social of justice, promotion and/or accrued benefits. This was when ‘State Agencies and Agents,’ has turned the nation into a ‘Litigious and Unfair State.’ The victimizing behavior of the ‘Police Service Commission’ that has brought its members ‘Litigious Notoriety.’ An administration shall never be seen as using or employing the ‘Judiciary’ to; (a) …Frustrate; (b) …Humiliate; (c) …Repress; or (d) … Any Commission, be it; (i) ‘…Labour; …Public or Police’ to exact egregious punishment upon any of its citizens. Neither shall it suffer any law firm or any association thereof to fleece resources not sufficiently within the national Treasury for enrichment or aggrandizement. Neither shall any administration, encourage, facilitate, abide, nor tolerate nor counsel or aid any governmental agencies, departments or bodies to…….


The open dissent and blatant defiance to perfectly rationalized and reasonably determined ‘Judicial Decisions,’ appears to have placed the ‘Ministry of Legal Affairs’ in a position, either to be seen as impotent or ‘collusively supportive’ of the ‘Commission’s dastardly behavior toward this particular arm of Government. It behooves serving members to pay keen attention to these developments. No serving member shall be so naïve as to ‘Harbor Illusions’ that the ‘Commission’will be litigating on their behalf.


The open dissent and blatant defiance to perfectly rationalized and reasonably determined ‘Judicial Decisions,’ appears to have placed the ‘Ministry of Legal Affairs’ in a position, either to be seen as impotent or ‘collusively supportive’ of the ‘Commission’s dastardly behavior toward this particular arm of Government. It behooves serving members to pay keen attention to these developments. No serving member shall be so naïve as to ‘Harbor Illusions’ that the ‘Commission’will be litigating on their behalf.


The ‘Attitude and Mentality’ of some among the membership of this ‘Commission’ appear so ‘politically driven to be so vindictively and decisionally brutal to police personnel serving the nation, speak to a body of persons, with hearts of evil and venom on their tongues, have caused rank and file members to be more fearful of their membership, than of the ‘Covid-19 Pandemic.’ Without a shadow of doubt, has caused to some people total embarrassment, while to a goodly number of Police officers ‘Endless Horrors.’


A reasonable man shall know that a woman in her ‘Capacity as Wife,’ savoring the enjoyment and protection of communication between ‘Spouses,’ may pose certain questions to her husband. In the case of ‘Wife Maria Browne,’ she may have jestingly asked; ‘…Honey, why are there so many idiots serving on the Police Service Commission (PSC)?’ Himself a provocative and prolific user of ‘colorfully descriptive language,’ may momentarily pause before responding. Displaying a coy, yet endearing smile while availing himself of ‘Special Dispensation’ for physical distancing protocol, gently placing his arms around her shoulders, could never have meant anything that had not crossed her mind. Cuddling and delivering an endearing ‘cheeky kiss,’ he may have softly whispered; ‘Darling, sometimes that happens when ‘Square Pegs are placed in Round holes.’  Thus, some fruitless trees shall be fell.


She may still have been worried over the way the ‘Police Service Commission’ was handling the ‘Wendell Robinson Dismissal without Benefits. He may also have retorted; ‘There have been sufficient problems in; (a) ‘…Managing the Covid-19 Pandemic; and (b) …Sourcing more Vaccines and finding money for Salaries and money to pay pensioners.’These are much more troubling than worrying over the ‘Commission and Kelvin John; …They have ‘Cutie’ and ‘Gerry’ to give the Chairman legal advice.’ Giving a cautionary word, he may also have said; Reveal nothing we have discussed in the privacy of our home, neither to the Chairman, nor members on the ‘Commission. They shall know that‘…Time is longer than rope.’


Acting in the capacity of ‘Acting Judge of the ‘Eastern Caribbean Court (ECSC}, slipped into the ‘…Dark Recesses of the Mind.’ Thus, he may have inadvertently overlooked the fundamental Case, ‘Berenice Freeman v Public Service Commission (PSC) et al.’ Presiding in this particular case and making specific Orders for benefits for ‘Forced Retirement’ from the ‘British Virgin Islands Public Service,’ Acting Judge, His Lordship Kelvin John’ would have done justice, not only to the Claimant, but also to his ‘Sense of reasoning and judgment. In his dicta, he wrote inter alia; (i) ‘…It is hereby declared that the recommendation by the Public Service Commission (PSC) to the Governor to retire the Claimant in the public interest is unlawful; and (ii)The Governor’s acceptance and decision to retire the Claimant is unlawful, and so declared’ [Paragraph 130]. From developments in the ‘Wendell Robinson v Police Service Commission et al’ [ANUHCV: 2018/0202], Case, his sense of reasoning and judgment, appeared to have deserted his senses, if not intellect. ***


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  1. Pompey you are a real character. Give some thought to writing calypso. Doubt there is anyone looking at the PSC vs former Comish matter, who is not of the opinion that they have bungled this whole matter. Making it worse is they still continue digging. No doubt soon they will find they are actually digging their own graves (that part with Gaston and Maria had me bawling)


      Some thought went into it ‘…TEN.’

      As ‘…Cabinet Minister,’ she has to address him as ‘…Mr. Prime Minister.’

      As ‘…Wife to her husband,’ any question might be asked.

      Husband, got to be nice to his wife.

      Nice answer from husband.

      What was said in the privacy of home, not to be revealed.

    • I Read this discourse and i wonder when will this Legal Proceedings will End?. I studied Law in England, a first year Law student can solve this matter. So many Legal Luminaries on this caes and no end in sight. What went wrong …. Hon Cutie Benjamin taugth Macbeth and Robinson ‘A’ level Law before we went off to England. Somebody must step in to stop the flow of scarce 💰💰💲💲💲 in this Legal Battle. It is clear as day the Treasury will pay. This Legal Rambling, an ‘A’ Law student can solve it…. it is clear as Day light. Many of you know Robinson long- winded in Legal matters. ROBINSON as Police Constable, before going to Law school, represents Police officers for free in Diciplinary matter… he knows the Dicipilinary code like the Back of his hand. Its time for this this to End!! This is my View.

  2. Well said,well done, Pompey.

    @Macbeth George:In my opinion.If the PSC had to pay out their side pockets.This matter would have been over a long,long,garling time ago.The Lawyers are being paid from the Treasury of Antigua and Barbuda.So it would not end until Gaston Browne steps in and say enough.

  3. Pompey tries to sound so intelligent in his ridiculously long diatribes and just sounds like a retard. A man desperate for attention! Please stop! Nobody is reading all this bullshit.


      Can’t stop anyone from ‘…Griping.’

      Sometimes baby also ‘Gripes.’

      That is often seen in ‘…pampers.’

      With adults, from their ‘…mouths.’

      Can say, though, that some time ago a ‘Baboon’ that had escaped from ‘ African Zoo,’ said exactly what that which is written here.

      There is a difference, though.

      The ‘Baboon’ wrote, ‘…Do not be surprised if other Baboons mimic this ‘Baboon’ and say the same thing, too.

      Well said ‘Babs.’ Well said.

      Leave the ‘…Bullshit’ [Last line of ‘Mike’s comment], alone.

      Watch TV.

  4. I enjoyed reading your piece, justice shall prevail for my uncle……my forever role model. No matter what they say and do we have your back uncle.


      It is all right there, ‘…Kris.’

      Wickedness in their hearts.

      Poured out upon former Commissioner Robinson.

      Believe he should be paid his ‘…Service Benefits’ for the ‘…32 years’ served in Law Enforcement.

      Don’t you think so Kris?

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