COMMENTARY: Treacherously Luring And Nabbing Ray John




Third only to (i) ‘Acquisitive greed; and (ii) Pleasure,’ though not necessarily next of kin, man’s greatest delight, has been the destruction of his brother and sister. Looked at from criminal prosecutions, those charged with such responsibility, have invariably, shown scant regard to ‘Law and the Constitutional guarantees. These are looked at from the perspectives of; (a) Law: (b) Fair and impartial trial; and(c) The administration of justice.


The ‘Constitution Order’ guarantees and guides, for non-bias, independent and fair criminal trials. Yet, not infrequently, these were seen as being ‘Religiously Ignored.’ The chief culprits, being the vain-glory; (a) ‘Criminal Prosecutors; or (b) The procedural and evidential unfamiliarity of ‘Criminal Assize Judges.’ For instance, two provisions state; (i) ‘Every accused person shall enjoy the constitutional ‘Right of Innocence; while (ii) Every indicted person shall be provided with; ‘Facilities to examine in person the prosecution witnesses’ [CO: 1981: Section 15].


The public institutions that were often subjected to public scrutiny. The ‘Police Service and Criminal Prosecutions Service (CPS) and the Courts’ have been among the institutions that have been constantly placed under the radar of concerned and law-abiding citizens. Whether for civil litigation, adjudication or criminal prosecution, these systems have been seen by the citizenry, as being pregnant with practices, bordering corruption. In the case of ‘Law enforcement,’ notwithstanding any perceptions, none shall seek to exploit, possible administrative weaknesses or deficiencies; nor the investigative ignorance of any personnel appointed to act in the capacity of ‘Commissioner of Police.’


Failure in recognizing the guiding principle of ‘Natural Justice,’ or to fully understand and appreciate their; (a) ‘Judicial status as Judges; (b) Role and function; and (c) The concept called ‘Administration of Justice,’ has often been seen leading to travesties. Judges could only be seen through their independence and impartiality by dispensing justice fairly and rationally. Given the reported urgings of the ‘Chief Justice, Her Ladyship, Dame Janice M. Pereira DBE’ for ‘Dispensing with the Jury System,’ it begs the question; ‘What may have been the ‘Judges’ moral, ethical and legal understanding of the principle called; ‘Separation of Powers?’


This ‘Featured Article,’ is comprehensive. Those with scant regard to literacy, may leave it alone. Nonetheless, it is ‘Dedicated’ to a few men of honor, principle and strength of character. In some quarters, their rationalized views on the vexed ‘Mode of Trial,’ have been welcomed. Those seen to have been endowed with ‘Reason,’ and guided by the dictates of their Conscience,’ have been identified as; (i) ‘His Lordship, Justice Thomas W. Astaphan; and legal practitioners; (i) Leon ‘Chaku’ Symister; (ii) Charlesworth Tabor,’ as well as other ‘Legal practitioners at the ‘Criminal Assizes.’


To all intents and purposes, these appeared obvious in the aborted in the ‘Ray John/Shakema Charles Judge Alone Trial’ [March 5, 2024]. The ‘Blatant Breaches’ appeared to have been observed in the; (i) Non-compliant with ‘Pre-trial and prosecutorial formalities; along with (ii) Adjudication and evidential breaches, when ‘Absent key prosecution witnesses ‘Fictionally-Legalized Depositions,’ were permitted to be read into evidence. This appeared to have been in clear breach of the constitutional provision that speaks to; ‘Facilities to examine in person the prosecution witnesses’ [CO: 1981: Section 15 (2) (e)].


Whether by administrative glitch, inadvertence; ignorance; or professional incompetence, ‘Criminal Justice’ and the ‘Judge Alone Trial,’ appeared to have suffered a devastating blow. Additionally, it had experienced a serious prosecutorial setback. A striking team, comprising of two formidable Defence Attorneys; (i) ‘Hugh Marshall Jr.; and (ii) Michael Archibald.’ They had taken the ‘Defensive Fight’ to; (a) The ‘Criminal Prosecutions Service (CPS), Principal prosecutor; and (b) Adjudicator.’ By any stretch of imagination, they had found these attorneys, convincingly knowledgeable, focused and defensively adroit.


Not infrequently, citizens have seen the three ‘Branches of Government’ through its agenda; Agents; and Agencies,’ supposedly working in the interest of the nation. Functionally, in small-island States, there have been no demarcation lines for ‘Legislative and policy-making bodies. There was no such concept or principle as; ‘Separation of Powers.’ Today, the citizens will have seen as the most dreaded ‘Branches,’ have been; (i) ‘The Legislature; and (ii) The Judiciary.’  The ‘Executive Branch,’ has been often seen as in control of these ‘Branches.’


Likened to the silent objectors, they will have seen at best, the ‘Judge Alone Trial’ as hypocrisy, and at worst, the ‘Legislature’ making ‘Mockery of the Justices’ [CP(TJA)A: No.8 of 2021: Section 7]. Still, it was neither the ‘Legislature,’ nor the ‘Mockery,’ that had caused the ‘Trial’ to be aborted.  The enactment has not only placed the ‘Judiciary and Judges’ under strict ‘State Control,’ but also subserviently-bonded with the two most dangerous ‘Branches of Governance; (a) ‘The Legislature; and (b) The Executive.’


The enactment has empowered ‘Judges’ to function as ‘Jury of Peers’ of a person mandatorily committed to stand trial at the ‘Criminal Assizes,’ or those opting to be so tried by a ‘Judge’ without ‘Jury.’ This ‘Branch’ decides upon both; (i) ‘Administrative; and (ii) Legislative Policies.’ Slave to the ‘Executive’ has been the ‘Legislature.’ Rational or irrational, this ‘Branch’ gives ‘Executive Policies,’ legal effect, while the apparent ‘Culturally-slavish Judiciary,’ interprets the ‘Mischiefs Aimed by Parliament.’


Equally as much as it has been within the ‘Police Service, citizens will have also seen as many ‘Crass; Crocks and Cretins’ within the institutions for ‘Criminal Justice.’ These terms, as they relate to the system for ‘Social Control,’ speak to the troubling issue of the ‘Abuse of Power and courses of action taken outside the ‘Realm of Law.’ The citizenry, most affected by indigency and illiteracy, were widely seen as the ones being often victimized by such abuse.


As it affects ‘Acquisitive Crimes,’ the author’s professional Law enforcement view, has always been; ‘Outside of ‘Human Greed,’ and except forced by ‘Absolute Necessity,’ that has invariably influenced scant regard to respect for ‘Law,’ there may be no way of legitimately ‘earning’ anything, but through the acquisition of knowledge.’ Since ‘Knowledge is Power,’ none shall be given ‘Power and Position’ without ‘Knowledge.’


Guided by the ‘Constitution Order,’ no ‘Statute Law’ shall be seen as being at variance with the ‘5-Founding Constitutional Principles,’ or inconsistent with the ‘Constitution.’ Civic-mindedly, if it means ‘Empowerment,’ then learning shall be the ‘First Order of Knowledge.’ The Civic-minded and advocacy group, ‘ABCRE,’ advises; ‘Know your Constitution, earn your ‘Freedom.’ Dedicated to ‘ABCRE.’


It appeared that when ‘Parliamentarians’ subjected legal practitioner ‘Harold Lovell et al,’ to deprivation of ‘Right to Jury Trial,’ they may not have remembered the constitutional provision that speaks to ‘Supreme Law.’ This provision states; (a) ‘The Constitution is the ‘Supreme Law of Antigua and Barbuda; (b) If any other Law is inconsistent with this Constitution; (c) This Constitution shall prevail; and (d) To the extent of the inconsistency, the other Law shall be void’ [CO: 1981: Section 2]. It appears that it is not only sufficient to know this, but to cause visitations by the ‘Judiciary,’ when ‘Inconsistencies’ were observed.


The deprivation of the right to ‘Trial by Jury of Peers’ could see many accused persons harboring grievances of being denied ‘Natural Justice.’ The jurisprudence within the ‘Commonwealth Community, recognizes this principle as the ‘Right to be heard.’ Conventionally, it allows for lay-persons indicted for acts of criminality, to be heard by a ‘Jury’ reasonably considered to be their peers. Impliedly, the ‘Legislators’ have said to ‘Judges; ‘We have enacted the ‘Criminal Proceedings (Trial by Judge Alone) Act,’ and as Judges, it is expedient that as ‘Judge and Jury,’ you shall enforce the provisions contained therein.


As it affects ‘Decisions’ of ‘Judges’ in ‘Juryless Trials,’ looking at the ‘Legislative Branch of Governance,’ it has impliedly said to ‘Criminal Prosecutors; (i) ‘There are some people that have been accused of ‘Fraudulently Converting’ certain Government property to their own use; (ii) You shall try them without a ‘Jury; (iii) Their innocence or guilt resides with you.’ Then the ‘Legislators’ have said to the ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP);’ (iv) You shall prosecute on behalf of the public through the ‘Criminal Prosecutions Service (CPS).’


The ‘Legislators’ continued; (v) ‘Any ‘Judge’ that found any accused person; (a) ‘Not Guilty; or (b) Ruled No Case to Answer,’ you shall ‘Appeal’ such decisions [Section 9]. Now, contrary to the views reportedly expressed by ‘Chief Justice, Her Ladyship, Dame Janice Pereira DBE,’ this ‘Mode of Trial’ appears far more inefficient and time consuming, than with ‘Trial by Jury.’ Compounding these, has been an apparent ‘Grossly Inefficient Appellate Process.’


For instance, while ‘Appellate Notices’ were reportedly filed by the ‘DPP,’ documentation necessary to prompt timely ‘Appellate Fixtures’ for hearing, were either not filed, or not served on the eagerly expected respondents. On a short list, for ‘Rulings Unfavorable to the DPP,’ those that have been in ‘Want of ‘Appellate Hearings,’ have been; (i) ‘The Wilmoth Daniels; (ii) Harold Lovells; (iii) Harry Josiahs; and (iv) Jacqui Quinns.’ They had indictments filed against them for alleged public indiscretions [2014].


Incidentally, the ‘DPP’ who prosecutes on behalf the public, has reportedly filed and served ‘Criminal Appeals Notices.’ Disconcertingly, the ‘Respondents,’ has seen no follow-through with the ‘Filing’ of the pertinent documentation. Such process was a pre-requisite in facilitating a ‘Fixtured Hearing’ by the ‘Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC).’ Some ten years after, there has been no prosecutorial closure. Likened to the respondents, there have reportedly been scores of others, that have experienced ‘Inordinate Systemic Trial Delays.’


The widely reported ‘Ray John and Shakema Charles Trial,’ has been a Case that appeared to have been afflicted by an apparent malady of ‘Systemic-Trial Delays.’ Instructively, the aborted ‘Judge Alone Trial,’ began some ‘six years after’ being jointly-indicted on ‘Conspiracy to Commit Passport Forgery’ [2018 to 2024]. It could be said without contradiction, that the apparent staff-wearied and/or a seemingly overwhelmed office of the ‘DPP,’ might very well be need or yearning for an injected thrust of; (a) ‘Prosecutorial; and (b) Appellate energy.’


That said, not for the first time the ‘Judiciary’ and its affiliate institutions and systems, concerned with the ‘Administration of Justice’ have all come under public scrutiny. General public will have seen persons holding ‘Privilege Positions’ in some institutions as functionally impotent. Yet, many have been seen continuously exhibiting performances bordering ‘Mediocrity to Incompetency. ‘Those charged with collective responsibility, have all heard the incessant public cries. These, however, have been vainless. There has been little respite to those affected by courses of action, or decisions considered adverse to the public interests.


As it affects ‘criminal prosecutions, it has never been the duty of accused persons to prove their innocence. Thus, ‘Trial Judges,’ possessing the requisite adjudicating skills. are judicially-bound ensure that ‘Criminal Prosecutors,’ adduce evidence that goes ‘Beyond Reasonable Doubt.’ Such shall be capable of bringing about ‘Guilt or Innocence.’ That which may have evaded the knowledge of ‘Her Ladyship’ may have been the constitutional provision that commands the ‘State’ and its ‘Criminal Prosecutors’ to subject themselves to the ‘Dictates of Law.’


Interestingly, this nation’s ‘Jurisprudence’ has not only been derived from ‘British Jurisprudence,’ but also a credible ‘Universal Judicial Practice.’ Research has shown that in; (a) England; and (b) Wales,’ As it relates to trial at the ‘Criminal Assizes,’ for offences with an imposable ‘Custodial Sentence’ exceeding ‘Six Months,’ the accused person enjoys and reserves the right to ‘Trial by Jury’ [Wikipedia]. Even with the optional ‘Judge Alone Mode of Trial,’ for Cases not listed in the ‘Schedule,’ every accused person reserves the right to be tried by a ‘Jury of Peers.’


Mindful of the fundamental rights and liberties of the individual, ‘His Lordship,’ in boldness, yet holding contrary views, discouraged its adaptation in other regional jurisdictions. His Lordship saw the ‘Unconventional Mode of Trial,’ as moving backward into ‘Judicial History.’ Moreover, the learned Justice not only saw this ‘Mode of Trial’ as depriving accused persons against electing to be so tried, but as ‘Travesty-Prone.’ This was when he urged public administrators and the citizens of the ‘Commonwealth of Dominica,’ not to support such ‘Mode of Trial’ [Loop: July 21, 2023].


A ‘Chief Justice,’ whether or not, on or vying for extended tenure, shall know that; (a) The ‘Judiciary; and (b) Judge Alone Mode of Trial,’ have seen several ‘State-rejected ‘Jury-Judge-Decisions.’  Had ‘Her Ladyship,’ visited this jurisdiction to ascertain the efficiency and effectiveness of this ‘Mode of Trial,’ the learned ‘Dame, Janice Pereira,’ may have understood ‘His Lordship, Justice Thomas W. R. Astaphan Rationale.’ He supports no advocacy for such ‘Mode of Trial’ to be widely practiced within the ‘Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC) Jurisdictions.’


Even without reading this commentary, ‘Judges’ shall know that they have been ‘Legislatively Programmed’ to function as ‘Jury of Peers’ of accused persons, in ‘Criminal Assize Trials’ that; (a) ‘They have singularly conducted; (b) Being ‘Judges’ of Facts: (c) Judges of Law: (d) Entertaining legal submissions; (e) Entertaining objections on admissibility or inadmissibility of evidence; (f) Holding Voir dire; and (f) Making informed judicial rulings or over-rulings’ [Section 7: Criminal Proceedings (Trial by Judge Alone) Act: No. 8 of 2021].



Justices that feigned ignorance of knowledge that: ‘Judges represent the State and ‘Arm of Governance,’ through the ‘Judiciary,’ are, in fact; (i) ‘Functionaries of State; while (ii) Juries are Peers of the accused.’ They cannot represent the Judiciary and the Society. They run the risk of being seen more as ‘Squares’ than Peers.’ Being appointed representatives of the ‘Judicial Arm of Governance,’ appeared to have made them functionally-subservient.


The eminent and most venerable ‘Justice,’ appeared more in touch with that obtains in ‘ECSC Jurisdictions,’ more than many of his counterparts. Rationalizing his position, he posited that; (a) ‘The Judicial system is a democratic one; (b) The Criminal Justice System cannot work without the Jury; (c) That Jurors are the most important part of the system; (d) Jurors represent the community; and (e) No Judge can represent the community.’ The ‘Learned Justice,’ exercising a fundamental right of free speech, remains undaunted and Unchallenged.’


To lay persons, ‘Judges’ have never been seen as ‘ordinary people.’ Institutionally, intellectually and socially, they have been isolated from the average person in the society. They are not considered indigent. They are monthly-remunerated professionals. Neither do they reside in depressed communities, or on the periphery of City dwellers. In fact, with ‘Law Degrees’ behind their names, they are considered among the ‘Intellectual Elites.’ Thus, it may befuddle minds to harbor beliefs, that when ‘Judges’ sit at ‘Judicial Bar’ as; (a) ‘Members of the Judiciary; and (b) As a ‘Branch of Government,’ they represent the interest of the community.


Given the respectability accorded their judicial status, practice and customs, stretching the imagination beyond the ‘Court Room,’ should a ‘Judge’ be seen somewhere in a ‘Cozy Corner,’ with the noblest of intentions, yet socializing, know that such ‘Judge’ could never be considered to have been socializing with his/her ‘Peers.’ Should a ‘Judge’ be seen fraternizing in public, or seen at a community ‘Bar,’ know that such ‘Judge,’ could never be said to be seeking to ‘Bridge the Social Gap’ between the ‘Judiciary’ and members of the community. Be it socially or intellectually, they ‘Judges’ are not ‘Peers’ of anyone, neither at the ‘Judicial Bar,’ nor a ‘Pool Bar.’


Ever since the enactment took operational effect, street discussions; quiet Court Room whispers and open media debates continue to rage on. The end of the ‘Covid-19 Pandemic,’ heard members of the legal fraternity, as well as one member of the Judiciary,’ advocating its repeal and urging non-adaptation of the contentious and vexatious ‘Juryless Mode of Trial.’ The very status and judicial functions, have not only ‘Insulated’ their ‘Lordship and Ladyship,’ but also ‘Isolated’ them from members of the wider community. Such had been societally- recognized, long before the fictionalized status of ‘Jury.’


Except television programming and street commotions, and except businessman ‘Eugene Matthew ‘Mighty Sparrow,’ very few people may have witnessed real life ‘Court Room Dramas.’ If there was to be anything called ‘Fiasco,’ this may not even have been observed at the ‘Sports complex called ‘Yasco,’ nor at ‘EP Chet Green’s’ Liberta-business complex called ‘Ya-So-So.’ Though not necessarily a ‘Fiasco, in the ‘Ray John/Shakema Charles Conspiracy Trial,’ general public now know that a ‘Judge Alone Trial,’ was seen as ‘Farce’ [March 5, 2024].


There have been reports of ‘Dramatic Confusion,’ as there were; (a) ‘Legal objections; (b) Submissions; and (c) Over-rulings’ in the ‘Ray John/Shakema Charles Trial.’ An apparent administrative glitch and prosecutorial blunder, were said to have been the cause. Neither the accused, nor ‘Defence Attorneys; (i) ‘Hugh Marshall Jr; and (ii) Michael Archibald’ pulled of a stunning trick on the ‘Court.’ Submitting and advancing jurisdictional arguments to ‘Eminent Criminal Assize Judge, His Lordship, Justice Tunde Ademola Bakre,’ may have been likened to ‘Rolling Thunder.’


Prosecutorally, in the ‘Judge Alone Trial of; (i) ‘Assistant Superintendent of Police, Ray John; and (ii) Passport office employee, Shakema Charles,’ it appeared that the ‘Statutory Pre-Trial Formalities’ were never completed. The Law stipulates that ‘Accused’ persons shall; (a) ‘Fill in, sign with their Attorneys also signing; (b) File with the ‘High Court Registrar’ the ‘Consent Confirmation Certificates; and (c) Serve Copies on the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)’ [CPTJAA: No.8 of 2021: Sections 5].


More fundamentally, the ‘Modes of Trial’ that shall be put to the accused persons are; (i) ‘Judge and Jury; and (ii) Judge Alone.’ Then; (ii) ‘The Court shall make an Order as to ‘Mode elected; and (iii) Hold ‘Case Management Conference.’ This ‘Formality’ allows for; ‘All parties to carefully consider whether or not the contents of a ‘Witness Deposition,’ are agreed upon, in which case the physical attendance of a witness at trial, will ordinarily be unnecessary’ [Section 12 (7)]. Defence Attorneys, ‘Hugh Marshall Jr.; and (ii) Michael Archbald’ appeared to have been well familiar with the provisions.


Clearly, the ‘Defence Attorneys’ appeared to have been ‘Knowledgeably Prepared.’ That which ‘Court officials and Criminal Prosecutions Service Prosecutors,’ appeared not to have shown familiarity were; (a) ‘At the first hearing after an indictment has been filed, the ‘Trial Judge’ shall inform the accused person that he/she may elect to be tried by; (a) ‘Judge and Jury: or (b) By a Judge sitting without a Jury; and (c) The Court shall make an Order for the accused persons to be so tried’ [CP(TJA) Act: Sections 5 (2) and (4)]. Jurisdictionally, the ‘Trial’ was ruled a nullity [March 5, 2024].


In complete stillness of ‘Court No. 2,’ the ‘Judge Alone Trial’ was presided over by ‘Trial Judge, His Lordship, Justice Tunde Ademola Bakre.’ On trial were two- jointly-indicted co-conspirators; (i) Ray John; and Shakema Charles.’ They sat pensively in a state of quietude. Yet with expected ‘Unease and Uncertainty,’ they listened as the ‘Conspiracy Trial’ continued. Half-way through the proceedings, thunder rolled; The earth tremored, and unnervingly, the ‘Halls of Justice’ shook.


Though jolted, the ‘His Lordship,’ evidently unfamiliar with the enactment, never sought to bring the ‘Judiciary’ into disrepute. He listened attentively to legal and counter-legal submissions. The latter were advanced by ‘Acting Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Shannon Jones-Gittens.’ The ‘Criminal Prosecutor’ appeared to have unpreparedly ventured on a ‘Prosecutorial Escapade,’ that had posed grave difficulties in navigating. Likened to an aircraft in flight, she had encountered as much ‘Legal Turbulence,’ occasioned by the ‘Defence Team.’


Though not necessarily the language of ‘His Lordship,’ conceding on legal arguments advanced by the ‘Defence Team,’ and taking ‘Judicial Notice of Points of Law,’ that the criminal proceedings of; (a) ‘Prosecution; and (b) Adjudication,’ were not compliant with the ‘Act,’ the ‘Court’ on its own volition, proceeded on a 48-hour adjournment.’ Then upon resumption, and guided by ‘Legal Prudence,’ and the statutory provisions contained in the related enactment, ‘His Lordship,’ nullified the half-completed ‘Judge Alone Trial.’


The legal arguments advanced by the ‘Defence Team,’ appeared to have overwhelmed the thinking of the ‘His Lordship.’ Less obvious, yet for better understanding of the provisions, the ‘Trial Judge,’ sought to navigate his way through the enactment. The ‘Court’ was forced to take ‘Judicial Notice’ of the non-compliant with the ‘Pre-Trial Formalities,’ and wisely nullified the half-way trial. Forced to give favorable consideration to a ‘Non-Jurisdictional Submission,’ likened to an unwanted pregnancy the trial was aborted [March 5, 2024].


The ‘Defence,’ in magnitudinally seismic terms, as for; (a) ‘Earth; and (b) As with the once economic state of the nation, the ‘Submissions’ may have been equated to a ‘Category-5’ [Finance Minister: Harold Lovell: 2004 – 2014]. The ‘Scales of Justice,’ were seen to have ‘Tilted Towards Travesty.’ This was when two of three ‘Fictionalized Depositions of potential witnesses for the Prosecution, either for; (i) ‘Lonzel Jones; (ii) Geraldo James; or (iii) Ezra Lampkin-Cruickshank,’ were permitted to be read into the proceedings by ‘Woman Sergeant, Virlica Chatham.’


Intriguingly, the ‘Legislators’ have identified some ’26-Statutes (A-Z).’ These provide for persons indicted for an indictable offence, shall be tried by a ‘Judge Alone’ [Section 4]. Such persons are not required to fill in, and file with the ‘High Court Registrar,’ and serve a copy of the ‘Consent Confirmation Certificate’ on the ‘Director of Public Prosecutions’ [Section 5].  This has not been the case for the jointly-indicted co-conspiracy accused, ‘Ray John and Shakema Charles.’ The ‘Legal Troubles’ of the ‘Accused’ began when the nation’s television and radio stations, sensationally broke the news [ABS: Tv/Radio: April 14, 2018].


The ‘Legal Troubles’ of the ‘Accused’ began when the nation’s television and radio stations, sensationally broke the news [ABS: Tv/Radio: April 14, 2018]. Even so, it came from the officially-authored ‘STRATCOM Police Press Release.’ It states; ‘The Police have now charged; (i) ‘Ray Anthony John 47; and (ii) Yvonne Nickie 63 with 5 counts of ‘Conspiracy to Forge Antigua and Barbuda Passport and (iii); John was also charged with ‘Larceny.’ The allegation was that they have ‘Conspired to Forge Passports.’ Yet to be proved at trial, such allegation appeared potentially injurious to the nation’s ‘Citizen by Investment Programme (CIP),’ and by extension, derivative economic benefits.


The accused, ‘Ray Anthony Dexter John,’ possesses no; (a) ‘Law; or (b) Pastoral Degrees.’ As a crime-fighter, he was as ‘Street-Smart.’ He has always been seen as dedicated to Law enforcement. He showed a resolve in keeping in check, those that have been disruptive to society. He was feared by those with the intention to disrupt community life, as they sought to dispossess the defenceless, hapless and vulnerable citizens. That which; (i) ‘High Court Registrar, Cecile Hill’ possess was a legitimately-earned Law Degree; (ii) That which Deputy High Court Registrar, Kayode O’Marde possess, was a ‘Law Degree.’


Likened to those that shall interface with the ‘Judiciary,’ that which ‘Acting Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), and Head of the ‘Criminal Prosecutions Service (CPS), Shannon Jones-Gittens, possess, was also a ‘Law Degree.’ Whether or not, it was the ‘Street Smartness or Methodologies’ used in his crime fighting exploits, though no ‘heat’ was generated from ‘Brownie’s Bread and Pastry Ovens,’ robbers kept far away. Criminals feared the name ‘Ray John,’ than they were fearful of a ‘Doberman.’


Loved and despised, still, he was appreciated and revered by the overwhelming, but silent majority. He had traversed where even ‘Angels’ feared. Yet for a small minority, they wanted the ‘Wrath of God and Man’ to descend upon him. Those were the ones, mostly seen as ‘Blissed in Ignorance.’ His no-nonsense-approach to crime-fighting, was incomparable. He had brought peace of mind and ‘Hope for Tomorrow.’ Likened to members of the wider society, many within the ‘Police Service,’ had not the slightest clue of his right to the constitutional ‘Presumption of Innocence’ [CO: 1981: Section 15].


Even so, it came from the officially-authored ‘STRATCOM Police Press Release.’ It states; ‘The Police have now charged; (i) ‘Ray Anthony John 47; and (ii) Yvonne Nickie 63 with 5 counts of ‘Conspiracy to Forge Antigua and Barbuda Passport and (iii); John was also charged with ‘Larceny.’ The allegation was that they have ‘Conspired to Forge Passports.’ Yet to be proved at trial, such allegation appeared potentially injurious to the nation’s ‘Citizen by Investment Programme (CIP).’


Most importantly, will have been, not only the impact on ‘Derivative Economic Benefits,’ but also on foreign travel. That which was at stake was the integrity of the nation’s sought-after travel document.’ Consequently, members of the international community, will have been monitoring the developments with keen interest. From these perspectives, it would have been considered both naïve to harbor other thoughts, and irresponsible not to be seen as initiating actions that seek to protect the integrity of an unconventional revenue stream.


Respecting ‘Judge Alone Mode of Trial,’ outside their conventional role, there were those that still hold the view, that the legislative initiative was an intellectually silly initiative. That which ‘Judges’ may now see or reckless not to have known, was that they have been ‘Legislatively Exploited.’ Even sillier, would be the ‘Judges’ that continue to harbor belief that they are ‘Peers’ of accused person.


This shall be the juncture where the leadership of the ‘Police Service’ shall have been looked at in both; (i) ‘Spiritually; (ii) Secularly.’ That which shall be understood, is that ‘Police Services’ are not, and has never been ‘Seminaries.’ From a ‘Secular Perspective,’ and ‘Without Prejudice,’ no ‘Church Pastor’ shall be a ‘Commissioner of Police.’ Conversely, no ‘Commissioner of Police,’ shall be a ‘Church Pastor.’


None may serve ‘God,’ and should they become angry with ‘Him,’ he/she run to ‘Idolize Satan.’ Universally, it was never known that ‘Church Pastors’ ever managed ‘Police Services.’ That which was known was that on the ‘Pulpit,’ the ‘Spiritualists were not only known as ‘Pastors’ of some Faith,’ but also ‘Preachers’ of the Gospel.’ That which the ‘Spiritualists’ shall know is that there shall be no ‘Divided Allegiance,’ between God and the devil. Law enforcers that became ‘Spiritualists and Church Pastors,’ whether in or out of uniform,’ their professional calling remains ‘Law Enforcement.’


Secularly, in service-oriented organizations as ‘Police Services,’ there are the ‘Commissioners of Police.’ Situationally, irrespective of competence, an officer trusted by the environment, might be appointed in an ‘Acting’ position to be Commissioner.’ Among the membership are usually ‘Men of Cloth.’ They are supposedly representatives of ‘God.’ In the ‘Uniform,’ they are Law enforcers. Many are not only seen as ‘Treacherous and Evil,’ but also wicked as the devil.


This has not been the case of ‘Deeper Life Church Pastor and Acting Commissioner of Police, Everton Jeffers.’ As a ‘Spiritualist,’ he appears ‘Spiritually-Squeaky-Clean.’ There was evidence of admirable qualities. Morally and ethically, he was expected to do that which was right and just. Anything evil, or so given the appearance, he was expected to shun it. In his several tenures of ‘Acting Commissioner of Police,’ and in religious capacity as Church Pastor, ‘Everton Jeffers’ may have seen the ‘Good; Bad; Ugly; and Indifferent.’


It has been the suggestion that no matter the denomination or how white may be the ‘Pastoral Gown,’ no ‘Police Service’ should be led by ‘Church Pastors.’ In the case of the latter, infrequently, that which they were called upon to preach to congregations, was never the preaching to secular organizations. While it may not necessarily have been a ‘Lord-Inspired Prayer,’ and not the ‘Prayer’ of previously indicted and recently arrested accused ‘Ray John’ for allegedly ‘Receiving 21- System Infilling Passport Patches’ [March 15, 2024].


While most ‘Church Pastors,’ were known to have acquitted themselves spiritually-well, many were known to have been a shade eviler, than the devil. The calling and functions of; (a) ‘Church Pastor; and (b) Commissioner of Police,’ are clearly not the same. Scripturally, those professing ‘Christianity’ or dressed up in ‘Holy Cloth,’ appear more useful in bringing ‘Edification to the Polce Service,’ particularly, those grievously affected by; (a) ‘Cronyism; (b) Nepotism; (c) Insularity; and (d) Systemic victimization.’


Many ‘Church Pastors,’ were said to have committed ‘Egregious Secular Acts’ against congregants and by extension, the ‘Christian and ‘Secular’ communities. The Case of ‘‘Assistant Superintendent of Police, ‘Ray John,’ vividly makes the point.  Inescapably, set-up for the snatch from the premises of the ‘High Court of Justice,’ effortlessly, after being nabbed, he was scurried off to the ‘Langford-headquartered Serious Crime Unit (SCU).’


That which ‘Acting Commissioner, Everton Jeffers’ may have gravely lacked, may have been an ability in understanding that ‘criminal prosecution was conducted in the ‘Court Rooms,’ while the ‘Gospel’ was preached from ‘Church Pulpits’ or in ‘Open-air’ gatherings. In a suspected deceitful organized wait at the ‘High Court of Justice,’ with the inconspicuous presence of ‘three Subordinate Police officers and apparent delayed-arrival of their superior ‘an Assistant Superintendent,’ were all it took for ‘Treacherously Nabbing Ray John.’


The methodologies, used saw the entrapping of the ‘Gazetted Police officer.’ Had it been for reasons unrelated to an act of criminality, the ‘Assistant Superintendent’ may very well not complain of being held against his will. It was for no other reason, but an allegation that he had ‘Receiving Stolen Property of 217 Passport Patches’ [2018]. That which may be troubling to ‘Crown Prosecutors,’ may be proving the principal statutory offence of Larceny’ and that ‘Ray John received them from the thief’ [Chapter 241].


This could never have occurred without; (a) ‘The pre-planned knowledge; and (b) operational concurrence of ‘Church Pastor/Acting Commissioner of Police, Everton Jeffers.’ Given the stress often associated with the functions of ‘Police officers,’ invariably, they were in constant need of ‘Spiritual Respite.’ Where a ‘Police Chaplainry,’ so exists in a ‘Police Service,’ and where out of expediency, more than professional competency, ‘Church Pastor/Gazetted Police officers’ appear more suited for the ‘Police Chaplainry,’ than being entrusted with managerial positions.


It has been a provoked response by those that shall be punished for ‘Organizational Treachery.’ This was said to be a ‘Prayer’ for justice and fair play. ‘Forgive them not ‘Lord,’ for they know exactly what they have done; Punish them for their treacherous behavior and acts of evil.’ In some secular organizations, there were no members more dangerous than those holding dual-positions. In the ‘Faith-based organizations, they are; (i) ‘The Church Leaders and Pastors.’ Que-Sera-Sera.’


Here, it shall be said that no ‘Police Service’ shall ever be used as a ‘façade’ in covering-up, neither administrative or prosecutorial blunders by ‘Heads’ of any public institution. This will have occurred when an apparent ‘Chamber-Incubated Sinister Plot,’ hatched like chickens under hens. Guided by the investigative theory of ‘Connivance and organizational treachery, the dispatched ‘Letter’ not only saw the arrest of ‘Assistant Superintendent Ray John,’ but also the hatching of a career-destructive plot.


For the ‘Accused,’ when a ‘Letter’ reportedly dispatched from the office of ‘Acting Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Shannon Jones-Gittens’ and directed to ‘Acting Commissioner of Police, Everton Jeffers,’ it meant that more adversities shall descend upon the accused. That was the day the individual ‘Liberty’ of a member of the ‘Police Service and ‘Passport office employee’ was placed in ‘Further Jeopardy.’ Clearly, for purposes not of ‘Good Fortune,’ their troubles multiplied.


Whether or not it was so, that which had left the ‘DPP,’ in ‘Prosecutorial Purgatory,’ was the ‘Judge Alone Trial’ of ‘Assistant Superintendent of Police, Ray Anthony Dexter John and co-accused, Shakema Charles.’ Consequent upon; (a) ‘The aborted trial, due to scant regard to the ‘Pre-Trial Formalities’ as stipulated in the enactment; and (b) Quashing of the indictments,’ that seemed to have triggered peculiar investigative developments. The ‘High Court Records’ shall show, inter alia; (a) ‘Filed Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS) Indictments; (b) Assigned Judge Alone Trial to His Lordship, Justice Tunde Ademola Bakre.’


The Records shall also show that; (c) ‘Acting Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Shannon Jones-Gittens,’ actively conducted the criminal prosecution. The records shall further show that ‘Defence Attorneys Hugh Marshall Jr. and Michael Archibald,’ appeared respectively for the jointly-indicted accused. Properly kept. the ‘Records’ shall show ‘Filed Indictments’ for; (i) ‘Larceny; and (ii) Conspiracy to Forge Passport,’ against a fourth ‘Co-accused, ‘Lonzel Jones.’ Guided by the several ‘Agency Records,’ they shall show that; (a) ‘He was never arrested; (b)


Moreover, no ‘Record’ will ever show that he had faced committal proceedings before a Magistrate; (c) Ever served with copies of the Indictments; (d) Ever subjected to ‘Bail Conditionalities; and (e) Never subjected to the jurisdiction of the ‘Criminal Assize Court’ [2018-2024]. The records shall further show a rather ‘Peculiar Entry,’ in which a second female was; (i) ‘Jointly-Arrested; (ii) Charged; and (iii) Committed, but to all intents and purposes, had been; (iv) Dis-jointed from the Indictments, by discontinuance by the ‘Acting DPP.’ Lest the mind be energized by not too wayward thinking, this has been an exercisable discretionary power by the


An apparent ‘Corruptible and Sinister Plot’ saw him being ‘Called to the ‘High Court of Justice.’ He unsuspectingly responded for the purposes of repossessing ‘Bail Conditionalities’ of; (i) ‘EC$20, 000, the Cash component of the ‘EC$50, 000; and (ii) His Passport.’ These were ordered to be deposited and surrendered to secure ‘Bail’ [March 15, 2024]. Then news broke of his arrest. It had not only reverberated across the nation, but also rocked the ‘Police Service.’


The recent developments in the ‘Ray John/Shakema Charles Case,’ no ‘Court Records’ will reveal the ‘Court official’ that invited them for the purpose of retrieving the listed property. That which an ‘Outgoing Correspondence Record,’ (if any), at the Office of ‘Acting Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Shannon Jones-Gittens’ may show, was a ‘Letter’ purportedly authored by her to Acting Commissioner of Police, and Church Pastor, Everton Jeffers.’ That which was professionally and administratively known, was an active ‘Official Incoming Correspondence Record.’


Barring deliberateness, or inefficiency; or gross negligence, the official ‘Correspondence Records’ shall reflect an entry of a ‘Letter’ received at kept at the ‘American Road Police Headquarters.’ Such would have been received at the ‘Commissioner’s Secretariat.’ In breach of official-communications-protocol, it suggested a ‘Thickened Plot.’ That which it may not reflect were ‘two Carbon Copies.’ These were reportedly addressed to; (a) ‘Figure Head of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Assistant Commissioner; and (b) Head of the Serious Crime Unit (SCU).’


Influenced by the contents of a ‘Letter,’ and at the behest of ‘Heads of other Agencies,’ two ‘Gazetted Police officers and a Subordinate Police officer,’ appeared to have done their biddings.’  This as research has shown, resulted from a clandestine operation conducted at the premises of ‘High Court of Justice.’ Having responded to a call by unidentified ‘High Court Officials, ‘Ray John’ was ‘Unsuspectedly Nabbed.’ The methodology used, was not only ‘Organizationally Treacherous,’ but also corrupt, as it appeared devious and deceptive’ [March 15, 2024].


Privilege information speaks to ‘Carbon Copies’ reportedly surreptitiously slipped into the hands of; (i) ‘Assistant Commissioner of Police, Clifton; and another ‘Subordinate’ rank; (b) Law-degreed, and among the few proficient ‘Gazetted Police officers, Assistant Superintendent of Police Kelvin Thompson.’ The dispatches necessarily meant; (a) ‘Exploitation of the professional ignorance of the ‘Church Pastor/Acting Commissioner; and (b) Further discomfiture to the embattled ‘Assistant Superintendent Ray John and co-accused, Shakema Charles.’


Scanty information suggested a ‘Move in Desperation’ on the part of ‘Acting Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Shannon Jones-Gittens.’ Thus, in ensuring that the criminal proceedings surrounding the ‘Conspiracy to Commit Passport Forgery,’ was kept ‘Prosecutorally-Active,’ it required collaboration with ‘High Court officials and Acting Commissioner of Police, Everton Jeffers. Seemingly, ‘Passport Authorities’ appeared to have belatedly discovered that some ‘217-Multi-Layered System Infilling Passport Patches.’


Seemingly, as well, these may have been missing sometime in ‘October 2014. Seemingly, they harbored no suspicions that the accused ‘Ray John’ had ‘Received’ them [March 15, 2024]. As the Accused were subjected to ‘Further Indignities,’ there were other options to ‘Criminal Prosecutions Service (CPS),’ and Principal legal officer, the Acting Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)’ could easily have exercised Powers,’ resident in the office. Such empowers the ‘DPP’ to ‘institute criminal proceedings against any person and against any Law’ [CO: 1981: Section 88].


It appeared that the ‘Court’ may have misguided or misdirected itself, thereby made a grave adjudicating error in ‘Quashing the Criminal Indictments.’ Factually, where there was no ‘Jurisdiction,’ no authority resides in any Trial Judge to ‘Quash any indictment filed by the ‘DPP.’ In the instant trial there was absolutely no ‘Jurisdiction’ as shall have been seen by (i) ‘High Court Registrar, Cecile Hill; (ii) DPP Shannon Jones-Gittens; and (iii) The then newly-appointed one-month, innocent and unfamiliar ‘Trial Judge, Justice Tunde Ademola Bakre.’


Ensuring that the ‘Facts’ are correctly presented, privilege information revealed this ‘Indictment Quashing Certificate’ that states; ‘I Kayode O’Marde, Deputy High Court Registrar certified that the indictments have been ‘Quashed’ By Justice Tunde Bakre and the accused have been discharged’ [March 11, 2024].  No ‘Law Degree’ was needed that if a ‘Trial Judge; (i) ‘Has no jurisdiction to try an Indictment; (ii) Such Judge shall have no


Clearly led to believe that the ‘Indictments were Quashed,’ by ‘Judge Alone Trial Judge, His Lordship, Justice Tunde Ademola Bakre,’ the Accused were made to experience ‘More Trials and Tribulations.’ The unexpected change of circumstance, came some six (6) years later. They were belatedly Arrest’ for allegedly ‘Receiving 217-System Infilling Passport Patches’ [April 13, 2018].


From a professional perspective, when property, as in the instant case ‘Documents’ were reported stolen, evidence shall show that such ‘Documents’ were found in the possession of an accused person. The ‘Practice Directions’ handed down to inferior Courts’ shall guide the understanding of ‘Trial Judges’ that ‘Reasonable Suspicion’ shall exist. This allows for adjudicators to conclude that the accused that was found in possession of the stolen property, was either; (a) ‘The ‘Thief;’ or (b) The ‘Receiver.’


Then there is the evidential hurdle of ‘Recent Possession.’ Not even in ‘Kangaroo Courts,’ could it be considered that from ‘2014 to 2024,’ the accused ‘Recently Possess’ the stolen property. A ‘DPP’ could face prosecutorial embarrassment,’ should he/she not evidentially-positioned to prove that the property was in fact, stolen. Evidentially, fundamental to a successful prosecution is that; ‘The stolen property was found in possession of the accused shortly after.’


Though this was open to; ‘Rebuttal,’ there shall be evidence that could reasonably satisfy a ‘Jury’ and the ‘Presumption’ that the ‘Accused either; (a) ‘Stole;’ or (b) Receive the Stolen Property.’ Moreover, there shall be sufficient evidence to strengthen the ‘Presumption’ on the length of time between the ‘Stealing’ and Possession.’ Additional evidence is also required to show that; (i) ‘The accused knew or believed that the property was so obtained.’


The arrest of the ‘Accused for Receiving Stolen Documents,’ appeared to have exposed ‘Professional Ignorance’ in (i) ‘Church Pastor/Acting Commissioner Everton Jeffers; (ii) Assistant Commissioner Clifton Cabral; (iii) Assistant Superintendent Kelvin Thompson; and (iv) The docile arresting officer, Woman Sergeant Virlica Chatham.’ The Prosecution shall further adduce evidence to show that; (v) ‘The accused made no enquiries into the property suspected to have been acquired in circumstances which would put an ordinary person on enquiry; and (vi) The accused dishonestly received the property in circumstances it was received.’


Given previous assignment as ‘Commandant of then Langford Police Training School,’ the ‘Acting Commissioner’ shall have been better-positioned to guide his Subordinates. There were the ‘Basic Procedural Rudiments’ before depriving citizens of their individual liberties. Sorrily, they appeared not to have known that no ‘Power of Arrest’ resided with them. That which no ‘Church Pastor’ has ever read from the ‘Scriptures,’ are the ways accused persons might be compelled to ‘Submit to the Court’s Jurisdiction.’


In the instant case, no matter how daft or cretinous, no law enforcer could ever say they know not of a situational arrest that may be affected; (a) ‘On ‘View; or (ii) Reasonable suspicion.’ Then there were the alternatives, including; (a) ‘The issuance of a ‘Warrant in the First Instance;’ or (b) By Summons duly-issued by a Magistrate.’ Clearly, the practice in ‘Spiritualism,’ shall have reminded the ‘Acting Commissioner’ of the behavior of; (i) ‘Judas Iscariot; and (ii) The deceptive exploits of the wicked wench ‘Delilah’ [Judges: 16: 4].


They shall have known that the issuance of ‘Warrants and Summons,’ is most applicable to; (iii) A ‘Charge of a Third Person.’ This was particularly so, where; (a) They had not viewed the Accused committed an offence; (b) Where they had no reason to harbor suspicion; and (c) Where the Charge was ‘Not well-founded.’ In litigious proceedings, it begs the vexed question; ‘Could either of these; (i) ‘Gazetted officers; and (ii) The Subordinate Police officer’ convince a ‘Constitutional Court’ that they had ‘Reasonable Suspicions’ on the Accused from ‘2018 to 2024’ of committing the offence ‘Receiving Stolen Property?’


Instructively, ‘Ray John’ was reportedly invited to the ‘High Court of Justice’ to retrieve and re-possess; (i) ‘Their Passports; and (ii) Cash component of; EC$20, 000,’ Somehow; (i) ‘Acting Commissioner of Police Everton Jeffers; (ii) Assistant Superintendent of Police Kelvin Thompson; and (iii) Arresting officer, Woman Sergeant of Police Virlica Chatham’ knew that the jointly-indicted accused were to be called to retrieve; (a) Their Passports; and (b) The EC$20, 000 Cash Component of the EC$50, 000.’ These were previously ‘High Court-ordered Bail Conditionalities.’ Interestingly, the ‘Unlawful Arrest’ of the said ‘Accused,’ saw no ‘STRATCOM Press Release’ [March 15, 2024].’


Subsequently, both accused ‘Ray John and Shakema Charles’ were whisked off to the ’Magistracy.’ Both appeared before ‘His Worship, Conliffe Clarke’ on a new, ‘Six Years Later Charge’ of ‘Receiving some 217 System Infilling Passport Patches.’ This could be saying that; (i) ‘The ‘Commissioner of Police; (ii) Head of CID: (iii) Head of Serious Crime Unit (SCU); (iv) The Arresting Woman Sergeant; and (v) The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP),’ have all fallen asleep.


The accused were granted bail with ‘Conditionalities of; (a) ‘EC$4, 500; and (b) Twice-weekly reporting to a Police Station’ [March 15, 2024]. Though not necessarily in magnitude and gravity, it shall be recorded for posterity, that one of the most ‘Deceitful Ploys’ and ‘Act of Treachery’ ever to have been pulled off by three members of the ‘Police Service.’ The week-end saw the ‘nabbing’ of a ‘Gazetted Police officer,’ by a ‘Subordinate Police officer.’ This speaks to an unprecedented ploy in apprehending the Senior officer, reportedly following a rather unusual ‘Letter’ being dispatched to the office of ‘Commissioner of Police.’


Their individual liberties were dependent upon meeting these conditionalities. Custody knowledge of ‘Bail Conditionalities’ is not necessarily limited to; (i) ‘The ‘DPP, Shannon Jones-Gittens;’ (ii) High Court Registrar Cecile Hill; and (iii) Deputy Registrar Kayode O’Marde.’ The latter are the authorities to allow for re-possession by accused-depositors. Consequent upon and invitation for retrieval of the ‘Bail Conditionalities’ from ‘High Court officials,’ in wait for the nab was said to be Woman Sergeant Virlica Chatham.’


That which bears ‘Testament of Complicity, was the apparent high level of secrecy and confidentiality of the contents of the ‘Letters.’ The contents, intended for, wend its way to the assigned investigator ‘Woman Sergeant Virlica Chatham.’ From a professional ‘Investigative Theories,’ it may have led to ‘collusion between the offices of; (i) ‘The Director of Public Prosecutions; (ii) Commissioner of Police; and (iii) High Court Registrar.’ The question is; ‘How did ‘Investigators Know?’


Logic dictates this possibility; ‘The embarrassing prosecutorial blunder’ needed to be deflected. Thus, the accused shall be arrested on something, or anything. The Acting Commissioner shall devise some strategy; while the docility of ‘ASP Thompson and Sergeant Chatham’ shall be exploited to full advantage. High Court officials, be it; (a) ‘The Registrar; or (b) The Deputy Registrar, as ‘Custodians of High Court’s Bail Conditionalities of; (i) ‘Cash-Component of EC$ 20, 000; and (ii) Passports’ were to be the ‘Lure Baits.’


There shall be (i) ‘A small contingent of personnel was to be inconspicuous at the ‘High Court; (ii) The accused ‘Ray John’ shall be unsuspectedly lured into the ‘High Court Trap;’ and (viii) There shall be an appointed time when the accused shall be invited to re-possess the ‘Cash Component and Travel Documents.’ These, without a shadow of doubt, and without sophistication, were all that was necessary in achieving the objective.’


The ‘Judiciary,’ with its carefully selected and appointed cadre of eminent ‘Judges,’ shall never be seen as being exploitably used. Neither shall they be seen exhibiting servile-like docility and subserviency to any legislative whim and fancy. The only ‘Branch of Governance’ that was preached by the ‘Chief Justice’ as the ‘Bastion of Hope,’ was the ‘Judiciary and its Courts; (i) ‘First Instance; (ii) Intermediate; and (iii) Apex.’ Thus, no ‘Trial Judge’ needs any reminder of the legal principle they call ‘Natural Justice.’  ***


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