COMMENTARY: Suspension Without End – Awe Men

Former Police Commissioner Robinson


This commentary looks at the latter. None shall deny that ‘…Suspension From Duty’ often took its toll upon, (a) …the mental well-being of persons, particularly when the suspended saw no imminent end to (b) …the agony of waiting; (c) …gripping frustration and uncertainty; and (d) …attendant inconvenience and unbearable hardship experienced.’ Firstly, this commentary looks at the experiences of two female government employees who have been jointly charged criminally.’ It also looks at the ‘…lengthy Suspension of Commissioner of Police Wendell Robinson and the impact the lengthy non-resolution might be having on (i) …Leadership of the Police Service; (ii) …Impact on personnel; (iii) …Morale and Discipline.’ For many accused persons, there appears to be no end in sight for their trials. It therefore, looks at the ‘…Judicial System’ and what has been widely seen as ‘…inordinate delays in bringing trials to timely closure.’


It has been the universal saying that the ‘…Longest rope has an end.’ In spite of varying lengths, this is irrefutably true. Conversely, the longest race has an end. Even organizational association has an end. Testament of this will have evident when the ‘…organizational membership of Joanne Massiah’ apparently came to a bitter end.’ What of ‘…15 Grammes of the decriminalized vegetable substance?’ Puffers say two puffs of smoke and it ends. That which appears not to have an immediate end, especially for people accused of committing criminal acts, is trial. Interestingly, even if only temporary, war has an end and so are some love affairs and marital unions. Moreover, even the Lord’s Prayer has an end. This is pronounced by the word ‘Amen.’


It is undeniable that ‘…Human Nature and Human Conduct’ more frequently influence societal and/or organizational change. It has also been the experience that some ‘…career positions’ have been dramatically blown away by ‘…Winds of Change.’ Though visually challenged, international singing idol ‘…Stevie Wonder’ appeared to have visualized situations that may impact the lives of humans. This might reasonably be inferred from these lines, as he asked, ‘…How many years can a mountain exist; …Before it’s washed to the sea; …How many years can a man exist; …Before he’s allowed to be free’ [Blowing In the Wind: 1966]. If nothing else, Stevie Wonder saw where the answers lie and where things can possibly go wrong. This is consistent with ‘…Murphy’s Law,’ that states, ‘…Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.’


The same is true of life. Death often intervened, either to end suffering and pain, or reckless living. Thus, as far as longevity is concerned, it matters not the ‘…gender, age, creed, color, race or gender,’ humans must die. Whether poverty-stricken or basking in affluence and luxurious living, death shall visit upon the quick. Though there have been countless others, and not necessarily for these reasons, it had visited upon two national heroes, ‘…Sir Vere and Sir George.’ More recently, it had visited upon a faithful son of the soil Henderson ‘Hendy’ Simon. Not sure what messages from the people of ‘…Booby Alley’ had given him to take to them. Well, it really does not matter; ‘…they done dead ah ready.’ Some people, however, will escape it, but only for a little while. A few have conquered it. For instance, when it attempted to remove former parliamentarian ‘…Dr. Jacqui Quinn’ from governance, that she may not have to say anything about ‘…Nen-Nen,’ but instead ‘…rest comfortably and peacefully, seemingly by ‘…Divine Intervention, she had courageously resisted and conquered it.


At death, human attitudes and behaviors; …practices and indulgence and afflictions die; even pain and suffering, broken hearts, miseries, sorrow and grief. Scripturally, man has been appointed to live for ‘…three scores and ten years.’ Mathematically, barring tragedy or other natural short-circuited causes, this means ‘…Longevity of 70 years.’ But God in his infinite wisdom and mercy says that if ‘…humans would worship, obey and serve Him; ….take care of their health; …refrain from doing evil to his fellowmen; …live good and in peace and harmony with them, He will prolong their lives. Those that appeared to have lived according to ‘…God’s Will’ had lived to become centenarians. Many have lived far beyond the ‘…lengthy five score years.’ Clearly, it comes down to how people respond to the ‘…Word of God,’ and of great importance, ‘…the treatment meted out to humanity.’ Even such treatment shall end.


Likened to everything else, the longest concert has an end. And here is where this commentary begins. When Climatologists ‘…Dale Destin and Lorne Simon’ reported yearly predictions of that which nature may descend upon the nation, people are not only forced into making the necessary preparations for the possibility of its destructive wrath, but also go take themselves to the altar to pray. At the end of which, all say, ‘Amen.’ Most recently, citizens were caught in two minds. Some will have been praying for rain, while others would have been hoping that no rain fell. Those wishing for the prolonged spell of hot and rainless weather to cease, offered ‘…Heavenly Prayers.’ Those hoping to be entertained by man wanted a rain-free concert. Seemingly, they got both. Most citizens, with deep appreciation for the showers of blessing, would have been singing ‘…Send Down the Rain,’ and ended a prayer with the word, ‘Amen.’


There were welcomed showers, as well as those to be entertained had a rain-free ‘…Play it out Concert.’ Those that were freely entertained not only gave thanks to Prime Minister Gaston Browne, but also Environment Minister Molwyn Joseph [June 1, 2019]. Those that had their cisterns and other catchments replenished to capacity, may all have been saying, ‘…Glory Be to God in the Highest.’ Even with the falling rain, there was nothing to compare with that which ‘Noah’ had experienced with his Ark.’ Hence, it was boldly announced that the concert was on, and did go on. Had it been like the ‘…Days of Noah,’ instead of the ‘…Sir Vivian Richards’ Cricket Stadium,’ many would have been trying frantically, yet in futility to get into ‘…Noah’s Ark.’


At the stage of infancy and early ‘…Childhood Education,’ children are taught the ‘…Lord’s Prayer.’  At the end of repeating that prayer, all are required to say, ‘…Amen.’ Children that learned the Lord’s Prayer at school, when asked by parents or guardians what they were taught by the teacher, most would remember the binding and reassuring word, ‘Amen.’ Just as men’s hearts sometimes failed them for fear, so too many who are confused with the words ‘…Amen and Awe Men.’ Congregationally, a prayer for ‘…peace or to end strife and war, hunger and human suffering,’ often ends responsively, ‘…Lord Hear My Prayer.’ In adulthood, the mature also offer words of prayer for other reasons; ‘…good health and long life; …love and peace; …happiness and contentment; …from harm and danger; …good and God-fearing husbands or wives; …strong bonds in marriage; …well-behaved children and stable families and communal-friendly neighbors.’ Many people within the society would have been so blessed, while others would have been spiritually blessed.


Likened to change in lifestyles, mood and attitude or in the weather pattern and global warming, blamed on man’s behavior with plastics,’ these blessings often come with terrible prices. Invariably, relationships become strained and have either been ended with ‘…tragic circumstances and grief.’ Undoubtedly, these reflect the harsh realities of life. Though it was not always for the love of it, but primarily for human need, has been that which had, invariably caused humans serious problems, ‘Money.’ There are many other things that have brought ‘…unbearable pain and chronic suffering’ on the hapless and innocent. There are indignities resulting from imposed degradation and deprivation of liberty, through faulty judgment, invariably influenced by acrimony and subserviency. There is also frustration and miseries that have seen many people sunken into despair.’ Even so, these are all part of the ‘…Human Experience.’ Thus, only those that have experienced these know and felt them.


As it affects the ‘…Judicial System,’ it shall be sufficiently understood that there may be a number of factors that may cause some trials to be delayed. Many are known within judicial circles as inter alia, (a) ‘…Volume of work; (b) …Shortage of Judicial officers; (c) …Inadequacy of, or Court facilities that were evidently starved for refurbishment; and (d) …proper Case Management.’ Then outside of the Judiciary, are often reports of (i) ‘…Environmental influences and/or interferences; and (ii) …Chronic professional incompetence.’ These were often compounded by apparent ‘…selective prosecutions and law enforcement tardiness with follow-up investigations after arrests. These have been international phenomenon.


Liken the scenario of ‘…No Beginning in Sight’ to criminal trials some seem to have no end. The cases of ‘…former Executive Secretary to the Board of Education (BOE) D. Giselle Isaac; …former Finance Minister Harold Lovell; ….former Health Minister Wilmoth Daniel and former Education Minister Jacqui Quinn’ make the point. As much as they may have talked of ‘…pending criminal indictments of ‘…Larceny; …Fraudulent Conversion; and Corruption in Public Office [Caribbean Life: June 16, 2016], not for hell could they enter the ‘…Prisoner’s Dock,’ even to answer ‘…Not Guilty, Mi Lord.’ Hence, former Health Minister cannot say to the Jury, ‘…The darn bus belongs to me.’


For two female Government employees and head of the nation’s Police Service, Commissioner of Police Wendell Glenroy Robinson, though for very clearly different reasons, their lengthy ‘…Suspension from Duty’ [December 15, 2015 & April 5, 2018] could never be referenced with the scriptural word ‘Amen.’ Neither could it be accorded references with the religious words, ‘…Hallelujah or Thanks and Praises to the Lord.’ The ‘…Lord has not yet Come to determine and appropriately inflict punishment upon those seen or had behaved ‘…ruthless; …heartless; …evil; …wicked and vindictive.’ Not sure how scriptural sins might be dealt with by the Lord, whether punishments shall run ‘…consecutively or concurrently or everlastingly.’ But sure that one of these is most likely to be applied, and it seems most likely to be the latter.


The aforementioned former public officers are not alone in their prosecutorial miseries. Likened to many others awaiting criminal trials, and the mental and psychological impact on their well-being, these two females may have been given good reasons to feel that not only that they have been the ‘…Victims of Circumstance,’ but also of ‘…Police Incompetence.’ This may have been further compounded by that which they have viewed as ‘…systemic Court delays’ in having their cases tried before the Judiciary. On apparent ‘…ill-advised; …misguided; …misdirected; or trumped up criminal charges of ‘…Fraud and Conspiracy to Commit Fraud,’ it defies professional logic that these two females had electronically infiltrated a ‘…certain Commercial Bank in a certain regional jurisdiction.’


The irony, if not stupidity of it was after ‘…money transactions were allegedly conducted at an ATM in Kingstown and electronically sent, and credited to a genuine account in another regional State, wended its way to this jurisdiction. Interestingly, not that the proceeds were not dispatched through a corresponding bank, but through a money transfer entity. Then either out of ‘…Ignorance or Incompetence,’ the two female Government employees were arrested and charged with committing these offences in ‘…Magisterial District A,’ in the Parish of St. John, Antigua and Barbuda.’ Such misinformation appeared to have caught (i) …Vetting officers within the Police department; (ii) …Committal Magistrates; and (iii) …Indictment officers within the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), off guard.


Agonizingly on suspension far in excess of four years and subsisting on a quarter of a salary bordering meagerness, can reasonably be likened to constitutional declaration of ‘…Cruel and Inhuman Treatment’ [CO: 1981 Even as these accused are anxious to see closure brought to end their ordeal, they ar more concerned over the inordinately log wait to take the stand. Given these facts and frightening scenarios, it can be justifiably argued that those that make administrative decisions for disciplinary control and those subjecting them to such lengthy delays, run the risk of being accused of bringing, ‘…Awe To Men.’ It is important to provide a referencing definition of the word ‘…Awe.’ An online dictionary defines it as, ‘…Feeling of reverential respect, mixed with fear and wonder.’


A congregant approaching the ‘…Throne of Grace,’ to confess his iniquities to humanity, would have done so reverently. He/she might still ‘…wonder’ what may happen, and might be ‘…fearful’ that he/she might be heading to hell. It is still a long shot off, ‘…until the King Comes.’ Unrelated to their official secretarial duties, ‘…two female Government employees had been suspended from performing such duties. It begs the question, ‘…Is the Police Service charged with responsibility for crimes allegedly committed in other regional jurisdictions? At least one criminal investigator believes that he does. Not only in the eyes of a properly directed Jury, but also in the eyes of the public, such officer could easily be seen as making ‘…An Awful Fool’ of himself.


Respecting subsistence the situations faced by them might be likened to Amanda Eller 35, who reportedly consciously wandered off in the ‘…Hawaiian forest’ for a close-up look at nature and ran into difficulties losing the cardinal points. She reportedly survived only on ‘…wild berries; …guavas and water’ [CBS: May 28, 2019]. She needed no money to shop as there were no shops or stores in that part of the wooded area she had wandered. But even facing danger in the forest,’ such was incomparable in duration of time that reportedly lasted for ‘…seventeen days,’ in comparison to the over ‘…Four Grueling Years,’ anxiously waiting for ‘…Jury trial before the High Court of Justice.’ The regional and stated jurisdictions where the offences were alleged to have been committed appeared to have fooled everyone concerned. Even so, the witness statements contained in the Police File, perused properly, shall have alerted those concerned with the Case File, that no bank or customers in Antigua and Barbuda were victims of ‘…an Electronic Bank Fraud.’


In the current disciplinary fiasco involving (i) …Commissioner of Police Wendell Robinson; (ii) …his subordinates; and (iii) …the Police Service Commission (PSC), appears to have been dangling in mid air like a positionally stabled satellite. The only difference is that it communicates no signals to anyone viewing its position. Since his judicially-determined ‘…illegal Suspension from Office,’ unlike the respective ‘…Grueling Four Year’ experienced by the two female Government employees, Commissioner Wendell Robinson may not necessarily be unduly perturbed over the Police Service Commission’s apparent indecisiveness in bringing closure to the disciplinary matter. Now, should answers be needed as to the way forward, it might be useful to play the Stevie Wonder song, ‘…Blowing in the Wind’ [You Tube].


While the body may very well have done or doing something, the deafening silence for an apparent ‘…Grueling One Year Wait,’ seems to suggest that the body has fallen into an unending state of lassitude. Then while Acting Commissioner Atlee Rodney might be enjoying an apparent ‘…Charmed Tenure,’ there must be moments filled with ‘…uncertainties and anxieties.’ Now, with an awkward situational position and clearly and inescapably sandwiched between ‘…his superior and the Police Service Commission,’ with no immediacy of resolution and no permanency and/or security of tenure, it must be psychologically troubling to the ‘…well-intentioned, loyal and deeply committed Gazetted Police officer.’


However, likened to the ‘…two suspended female government employees,’ though he continues to enjoy remuneration and associated benefits, it could not be reasonably said that he is happy non-functioning Commissioner. Accused of ‘…inappropriate sexual advances,’ his ‘…Suspension from office’ by the Police Service Commission (PSC) [April 5, 2018], not only saw the Judiciary visited upon the body, but also appeared full of intrigues. Led by a brilliant Chairman Kelvin John, an attorney-at-law with professional a legal private practice; strengthened by a short stint as ‘…Acting Judge with the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC),’ the constitutional body appeared to have found itself in a state of ‘…Perplexity and Uncertainty.’ There was deafening silence and hesitation to act on the part of the six-member Police Service Commission. Then there were meetings with officials who had no control and could not lawfully instruct its members, whether ‘…collectively or individually’ as to the way they shall perform their constitutional functions.


Then either a ‘…push or shove,’ the body suspended him from office, pending investigations into the allegations it had received from members subordinate to him. Intended to prove no justification for the action taken against by the Police Service Commission, he sought Judicial Review. The Court then looked at two critical issues and gave acute considerations to (i) ‘…the Principle of Natural Justice’ where he was not given an opportunity to be heard; and (ii) …Regulations and procedures governing investigations into disciplinary matters involving the ranks from ‘…Constable to Inspector.’ These were followed by ‘…hired ‘…regional police officers, appointed as ‘…Special Constables’ (of inferior ranks). What was even more intriguing was that the Police Service Commission that had received the Complaints and suspended Commissioner Wendell Robinson, appeared to have abdicated its responsibilities and foisted such responsibilities upon his ‘…Deputy Atlee Rodney.’ Consequentially, the body had appointed him in the capacity of ‘…Acting Commissioner of Police’ [April 5, 2019].


When the investigations were completed‘…two of the three appointed Special Constables’ had slapped charges of ‘…Discreditable Conduct’ against the substantive holder of the office of Commissioner. Likened to a boxer floored to the canvas and saved by the bell, ‘…a missed flight out of Barbados’ prevented further disciplinary charges being slapped against him by his subordinate through the third ‘…Special Constable.’ Then by the time the Judge who had presided in the Judicial Review proceedings, and instantaneously as the gavel came down on the Court’s desk, with sheer ‘…Blunderous Speed,’ another ‘…Letter of Suspension’ was served upon the embattled Commissioner of Police, Wendell Robinson. That which may also have been seen as intriguing was that, since he was first suspended from office, he was not informed, neither verbally nor documentary that the suspension was lifted and that he should return to take up his post as the substantive holder of that post. Moreover, there were no formal written directions to Acting Commissioner Atley Rodney to hand over the Police Service to his superior.


As the disciplinary situation remains unresolved, there are certain fundamentals that require official attention. There is the question of (a) ‘…Leadership; (b) …Administrative and operational effectiveness; (c) …morale of the personnel,’ particularly as it affects the ‘…upward mobility’ of those appointed to act in positions above their substantive ranks and those that have demonstrated commitment and devotion to duty in areas of professional competence.  There may be no doubt that a clearly defined directional organizational path is needed for inter alia, ‘…enhanced professional efficiency and greater effective disciplinary control of those with a propensity towards engaging in roguish behavior. These areas, as those continuing to manage or had managed organizations know are not only critical stabilizing factors, but also essential to effective ‘…superintendence; …command and control.’ While certain issues are currently under judicial consideration, the Judiciary must never be seen as showing callous or scant regard to the ‘…fundamental rights, freedoms and liberties of the individual,’ and more particularly, to the ‘…Rule of Law.  It begs the question, ‘…When will the disciplinary situation end? Respecting accused persons awaiting trials, given the universal legal maxim that states, ‘…Justice delayed is justice denied,’ for those awaiting trial, it shall accord them some urgency in causing matters for adjudication, end. Thus, it shall endeavor, particularly those indicted, to get respite from the apparent systemic delays that causes ‘…nagging psychological harm, trauma, anxieties and uncertainties.’ The Court, therefore, shall endeavor to promote the Judiciary as the ‘…Bastion of Hope.’

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  1. I haven’t even seen Mr. Wendel Robinson buying gas or shopping for groceries. Is he even on island or is he under house arrest? Wasn’t his top-notch lawyer supposed to have him reinstated swiftly? Lawyer John and the PSC …what is the latest update?

      • Oh that’s great to hear. He is setting a good example for those police officers who are in bad physical shape and can no longer chase down criminals on foot. Hopefully the Hon. AG will take a page out of his book and follow suit.

  2. Mr Robinson can bring this ordeal to an end by simply filing a motion before the labour court for constructive dismissal.

    This is not rocket science…..

    Hon Chet Green quite recently said that lady that has a matter before the court is back on the job because there is nothing in law preventing her from reporting for duty, he also said she was innocent until proven guilty.

    Same government Mr Robinson can go to the court and site that case as why there is nothing barring him from returning to work.

    Policy for one is policy for all…..

    • Didn’t he take them to court won them and was suspended again pending the diciplinary charges?? Its been over a year already why the hell are we wasting of tax dollars paying 2 comissioners?? Just do the damn trial already and get it over with. If he is guilty fire his ass and if he is not guilty reinstate him and move him out of the police force….SMDH I swear these people…..

  3. Mr. Pompey really does overdo the use of quotation marks and bold font. What is the purpose of those being used every other word? Makes his writing difficult to read or understand.


      Not sure you comprehend or even appreciate the gravamen of what is written here- real life difficulties with ‘…Suspension from work, hardship and inordinate delays in Court trials’ for some people.

      But all that is seen is ‘…quotation marks.’

      Believe you are highly intelligent, but still pray that God gives you greater wisdom and understanding.

      See if you can comprehend what ‘…Melchisedec, SMDH and Hmmmmmm,’ understood or saying.

      There was once a prompt on radio and television when people were urged to get ‘…Tested for HIV and AIDS.’

      A male voice was heard saying, ‘…I can’t get Aids.’ He showed resistance to being tested and total ignorance to what he faces engaging in ‘…unprotected sexual activity.’

      Another male voice was heard saying ‘…Stupid talk is stupid talk.’

      This commentary could never be said to be, or seen as ‘…Stupid talk.’

      Now with all that is written in this commentary, see what might be discerned from this comment.

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