COMMENTARY: Pandemonium In Pointe

Pointe Protest

By Rawlston Pompey

There are two things about change. By nature, as the Earth revolves around the Sun. Scientists asserted that the Earth rotates every 24 hours and makes a complete revolution every 365 days. From these assertions, change is constant. By nature, even when it was necessary, humans have resisted change. Many had taken the position to either ‘…reject or oppose or to resort to protestations that had often led to combative confrontation.’ It continues to be the human experience that history has often mimics past occurrences. Though these ‘…Mimicking Acts of History’ are not necessarily of the same circumstance or gravity or brings similar consequences, they have left embedded on the minds of many, painful and haunting memories.


This commentary looks at the circumstances that had reportedly triggered a protest in the ‘…Pointe/Booby Alley Community, as to have, (a) ‘…Invited a heavy uniformed-Police presence, including the clearly ill-advised presence of then Acting Commissioner of Police Everton Jeffers; (b) …the forced presence of a formally-attired Prime Minister Gaston Browne, who incidentally is the constituency and parliamentary representative; and (c) …it looks at experiences and situations in Poland and Jamaica.’  For a working understanding, it speaks to the ‘…Illegal occupation of land,’ where as opposed to ownership, only the ‘…occupied space is claimed as a right so to do.’ In the absence of a ‘…Land Certificate,’ there can be no claim to ownership’ [Wikipedia].


For lawful occupation of any land-private/public, this requires a ‘…Judicial Eviction Order.’ Conversely, squatting on State-owned land, squatters may be forcibly removed by State agents.’ Such is not the function of Law enforcement, which role is confined to maintaining law and order by preventing ‘…Breaches of the Peace.’ It has been the illegal occupation that has been problematic, particularly in attempting to eject squatters. This is further complicated by the Common law recognition of ‘…Squatters Rights– (only of occupation). Not only has squatting has been declared a universal problem, but also a phenomenon found in many ‘…inner-city communities.’ These densely populated communities have seen ‘…clustered shacks’ popping up almost overnight. Such situation was known to have posed serious hazards to health, safety and wellness of other people. Moreover, these situations are compounded by lack of, or proper sanitation amenities. Diseases of one kind or another were known to have afflicted entire families or communities, becoming the gravest of concerns to public health officials and governments.


Those concerning police and fire officials have been ‘…crime and violence and the often destructive and deadly fires.’ Not infrequently the ‘…careless use of fire’ had resulted in multiple structures being razed, leaving in its wake death and destruction. It was for these primary reasons that Governments often embark upon initiatives to transform life in depressed communities. Research has shown that in Poland, ‘…all hell broke loose’ when residents of the ‘…Warsaw Ghetto’ started an uprising against ‘…Deportation and Displacement.’ The able-bodied ‘…Ghetto population of men’ had, but one resolve ‘…Fighting to Death’ [April 19, 1943]. Lightly armed with pistols, they reportedly fought a desperate battle with the superior German Armed Force (Army) in a desperate bid to remain and reside at the only living space they knew. They knew they had to contend with an unmatched war-machine with incomparable fire power. Even so, they showed bravery and exceptional courage.


The invincibility of the Polish Army was evident by its ‘…heavily armed personnel; …combatively and tactically well-trained; …highly motivated and had been mercilessly brutal and deadly.’ Militarily, there are two methods in fighting, conventional and unconventional. As combative objectives often dictate, the military reportedly ‘…Razed the Ghetto,’ bringing a fiery end to the resistance with complete destruction of the Ghetto [The Times of Israel: May 2, 2019]. The experience of residents of the ‘…Tivoli Gardens Armed Confrontation’ [Jamaica], though for different reasons, yet in some respects mimics the ‘…Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.’ Wikipedia statistics speak to ‘…9 German military personnel injured and deportation of some 11, 200 Squatters. Most had reportedly run from ‘…Gun and man-made fires.’ The recent unfolding events in the ‘…Pointe/Booby Alley Community,’ bear no similarities.


Some seventy six years later, although not of the same consequences, residents of the ‘…Pointe/Booby Alley Community,’ had bonded together in ‘…Communal Solidarity,’ it was not necessarily due to their apparent worsening ‘…socio-economic conditions,’ but clearly against ‘…decision to re-locate the dwellers.’ They felt morally obliged to resist any such attempts. Far removed from that which occurred in the Jamaican community between the Police/Military that left ‘…fatalities of 73 people dead and 35 injured’ [May 23-25, 2010]. Over-zealous media personnel had described the developments in the Pointe/Booby Alley ‘as a mini riot. Had there been such incident, Prime Minister Gaston Browne would not only have breached the enamored security protocol associated with the office of Prime Minister by calculatedly risking his personal safety. Security personnel know that his personal safety is contingent upon their lives.


Likened to a dormant volcano, far beneath the surface, audible whispers suggested a perceived discriminatory act against the ‘…Sharon Roberts family.’ As a consequence, the residents showed a resolve in taking a stance that speaks to defiance.’ Likened to an unintended or deliberate intrusion on the hive of honey bees, scores of residents converged upon the area. They came in support of a family who were then poised to be relocated to Hand Street Villa. Speculations were rife that certain community activists and/or political operatives were behind the agitation. The parliamentary representative, quickly identified and apportioned blame to ‘Alister Thomas,’ associated with ‘…Community Activism’; …radio talk show host ‘Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watt,’ associated with ‘…Movementeerism,’ while opposition political leader ‘Harold Lovell’ was accused of ‘…Politicization.’


It has been a natural tendency of humans to vent their feelings on people who got into their way. And has been universally known, the wrath of the discontented often descended upon Law enforcement. As the agency for social control and as first responders to crisis, personnel invariably feel the angry effects of those to be confronted. When the ‘…Queen’s Peace and the ‘…Rule of Law,’ seemingly came under threat by public disorder, a contingent of non-visibly armed personnel was hastily dispatched to ‘…Booby Alley’ where something other than coffee was brewing. Aggravated by their presence and/or intervention appeared to have provoked incensed feelings and hostility, transformed into a verbal wrath. When cool heads failed to prevail, and vision became blurred or role as ‘…Peace-Makers’ is shifted to an aggressive mode, the expected is inevitable. Video footage showed that personnel were sucked into a situation they had not created.


The Pointe/Booby Alley community is said to occupy a land area of some ‘…3.45 Acres.’ There are some 105 structures, mostly wooden dwelling-houses and a Church building. The structures include three of permanency to the soil– (i) ‘…the Bethel Anglican Church; (ii) …the Wynter’s family building; and (iii) the long-standing ‘…Shaw and Massa Steven’s family house and Destin’s family dwelling and commercial Center.’ The other buildings are wooden-chattels.’ As obtained in most global Ghetto communities, the people are ‘…disproportionately poor and under severe financial pressure.’ Living conditions are often shocking and life for many is full of miseries. In many respects it is sustained on vices and actions bordering or identified with criminality. Though it has not always been the case, as evident on the South American continent, specifically the ‘…strife-torn nation of Venezuela,’ it has been the power of the people that often guided ‘…Governance of, for, and by the people’ [1863: Abraham Lincoln: Gettysburg Address]. This may also have been the guiding principle for Prime Minister Gaston Browne.


Though not so nationally regarded as a ‘…slum-dwellers paradise’ within the city limits of St. John’s,’ most of the residents were said to have welcomed the suggestion of the ‘…Pointe/Booby Alley community transformation with the construction of block of housing apartments . After decades of residential occupation, where some of the brightest leaders have emerged from ‘…Indigence to Affluence and Prominence,’ there may be a battle for that which is universally known as ‘…Squatters Rights.’ The authorities had long ear-marked the area for the ‘…construction of a modern housing complex.’ thus transforming it into a ‘…model and economically vibrant community.’ The removal of one of the houses was said to be the starting point of clearing the ‘…Booby Alley’ cluster of wooden chattels. Residents had been put on early notice of the planned development for the area.


There were two ‘…Notable Parliamentarians,’ Donald Halstead’ [1971-1976] and ‘…Henderson ‘Hendy Simon [1984-1994]. There was great admiration and respect for these two parliamentarians. Both leaders, now deceased had been very much engaged in the life of the community. The latter, a Civil Engineer and Mathematician in his private and official capacity, had made available his ‘…expertise; …skills; …time and energies’ in imparting knowledge to underprivileged and receptive members of the community [1984-1994]. The former had removed Carnival from its Antigua Recreation Ground (ARG) home, carrying with it the three top competitive positions, ‘…First; …Second and Third.’ This had prompted the song, ‘…Carnival in Pointe.’ With no positions to go to Willikies, he sang, ‘…Everything Gone Down Pointe’ [Dean of Calypso: Sir Rupert Philo: Mighty Swallow].’ Those that wanted a ‘…joint,’ often found themselves in Pointe. Donald Halstead underwent and successfully completed legal studies. He earned the ‘…Legal Certificate Education (LEC). He was accorded the right to practice within the jurisdictions of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC).


The Pointe/Booby Alley community was also known when a notorious group called by the short acronym ‘…S.P. or ‘…Special Police’ were appointed and functioned parallel to the national Police [1971-1976]. The ‘S.P’s as a group had not only exhibited ‘fearlessness,’ operating with impunity and sometimes lawlessly, as to have injected fear in those that had crossed their path. Subsequently, a young generation of Youth emerged with reputational notoriety. This was evidenced by a penchant for violence. The members were all attired in ‘…red clothing, including red bandanas,’ earning the name ‘…Red Shirt Gang.’ Though they may not have been ‘…gangsters or had engaged in gangsterism,’ both former Prime Minister Baldwin Spence and present Prime Minister Gaston Browne had taunted each other about such group in their respective constituencies. Even so, the groups had not allowed their wrath to be visited upon each other. It was their constituency representative, Gaston Browne that had guided its members away from ‘…acts of violence; …possible self-destruction; …criminal prosecutions and institutional residency.’ Eventually, the group faded out of existence.


There have also been several notable ‘…Community Members.’ Those in privileged positions had shown exceptional acumen, business-wise. They have all exerted some form of influence on, or had played some significant part in the life of the community. There have been the household names of ‘…Samuel ‘Papa Seta’ Destin; …Brownie’s Bakery and Jerry Aska.’ There was also a community member, ‘…Sidney ‘Base-Note’ Thomas.’ He was said to have been a ‘…highly respected and astute political strategist.’ It should provoke little surprise that his son Alister Thomas, had taken to ‘…community and political activism.’ Today, a name that is identifiable with community development is that of Luther Lee. These members, in their own special way, have all made immense contributions to the life of the community.


Whatever misgivings residents may have had, prompting protestations, in comparison to the shanty town-like community called ‘…Sufferer’s Heights’ [Jamaican], with ‘…improvised-housing of corrugated metal; …wood and cardboard boxes[Wikipedia], Booby Alley’ appeared different. Even with its clustered, mostly wooden tenements, it is far from being likened to, or called a ‘…Shanty Town.’ However, with ‘…Government asserting that it has acquired the land from private entities for a modern residential community development, the status of most of the residents might now be that of squatters. It could hardly be said that it was the invisible presence of ‘God’ that had caused residents of the ‘…Booby Alley,’ an inner depressed community to make (a) …their voices collectively heard; (b) …actions seen; and (c) …mood and concerns understood; and overwhelming presence felt.’ It became sufficiently clear that the residents were not only showing ‘…communal solidarity to a distraught family,’ but also to themselves for that which had ominously looms. Reasonable inferences may have been drawn that ‘…Indigence and Wretchedness’ have often guided decisions with the index fingers.


Life in the ‘…Pointe and Booby Alley’ community, bears no uniqueness to other global depressed communities. Members of these communities are often connected with the same sets of circumstances; …faced the same challenges associated with ‘…Indigence and Squatting.’ Only people who have experienced, ‘…Life in the Ghetto,’ could attest to the ‘…unavoidable challenges; the inescapable adversities, as well as the trials and tribulations.’ Singing to the experience of ghetto living was legendary ‘…Rock and Roll’ singer Elvis Presley. How he saw such life could be best understood from the lyrical content of the song, ‘…In the Ghetto’ [1969: You Tube]. Most of the residents appeared ill-positioned to realize their dreams of financial empowerment. That which shall be factored here, is undoubtedly, under education or lack of it. This has been a major stumbling block to many residents with aspirations. In spite of their lowly positions, the residents have been demonstrating cohesiveness and the spirit of resilience.


Ghettos are often characterized as places of ‘…indigence, over-populated, loose morals, gangsterism and miseries.’ In the Ghetto, it is not only ‘…survival of the fittest,’ but also devising ‘…Survival Strategies.’ Such has been the sociologists view of what laws enacted for social control defines as ‘…Crime. Seeming moved by compassion, Rock and Roll artist Elvis Presley sang, ‘…On a cold and gray Chicago morn; …A poor little baby child is born; …And his mama cries;’Cause if there is one thing she doesn’t need; …It’s another hungry mouth to feed; …In the Ghetto.’’ In today’s ghetto communities, it is not about ‘…hand-to-hand combat,’ but vicious gun battles, either among ‘…Ghetto rats,’ or between the Security Forces. Invariably, the rats are trapped; some mortally wounded and some seriously and painfully wounded. Conscious of the likely daily ‘…plight and tragedies,’ associated with life ‘…In the Ghetto.’ The artist further sings, ‘…And his hunger burns; …So he starts to roam the streets at night; …And he learns to steal and he learns how to fight.’


While mothers cried and struggled to make ends meet, the ‘…Little Black Boy’ often finds himself on the streets where unfortunately, he is faced with the harsh realities of life and decisions he made that had often ended tragically. It was social commentator and a ‘…former Art and Multicultural Minister Winston ‘Gypsy’ Peters [1997: Trinidad and Tobago], who graphically summed up the tragic end of the ‘…Little Black Boy.’ The artist sings, ‘…The boy went to school and came out a Dunce; …Now he can’t get work, and he can’t get job; …So he decide to steal and he decide to rob; …But little Black boy couldn’t last long at all; … The police put a bullet through his duncy head-skull’ [Trinidad Guardian: September 5, 2011]. This has recently been the tragic end to the life of a ‘14 year-old student’ who allegedly attempted to rob a Liquor Store and was reportedly shot in the‘…head, chest and abdomen’ [Trinidad Guardian; May 6, 2019]. The head may not have been ‘…duncy,’ but the alleged act seemed to have suggested so.


The residents of the bay-front community of ‘…Pointe’ have seen it as a ‘…development-neglected community.’ Located just on the peripheral shorelines of the city of St. John’s and sandwiched between the ‘…St. John’s Port at the Deep Water Harbour’ and the commercial center of the capital, it has been home to some 105 families. There is an inner-city community nationally known as ‘…Booby Alley.’ Some have it that before human residential occupation, the area was home to the ‘…sea-bird called ‘…Booby.’ When humans forced them to change their natural habitat, it was said to have become a hive of activities. Such were said to have been associated with ‘…boot-legging’ or smuggling, mostly of spirit and tobacco.’ Interestingly, the name then was ‘…Booze Alley’ [Paddy Simon: Grio-historian]. Though there was no longer a place for nesting the sea-bird, migration from the rural communities saw many ‘…residential squatters’ occupying small spaces. Subsequently, the name ‘…Booby Alley’ was adopted.


In spite of its indigence, of equal significance to the ‘…social, educational and cultural development’ of the community, residents have seen gradual infrastructural developments. They would have seen the ‘…Pointe Wharf; …Pointe School; …a modern Fisheries Complex and home to the Steel-bands-Hell’s Gate and Harmonites.’ In his capacity as constituency representative his ‘…Vision and Intention’ for the community, seemingly in order of priority are, (a) …Improvement in the quality of residential life; (b) …Providing employment opportunities for financial self-empowerment; and most of all, (c) …Changing the aesthetics by transforming the area into a modern housing block.’ These have all been among the elections promises that ultimately resulted in the overwhelming electoral mandate given to the constituency representative and his administration.


Somehow, the relationship, though not necessarily worryingly strained with the constituents, appeared to have developed into one of ‘…uncertainty; …suspicion and fear.’ They will also have seen that which a former resident had described as ‘…opaque development and business expansion in the community, while their status and quality of life remain unchanged.’ Lest it might be otherwise construed or misconstrued, such ‘…development and expansion’ though identifiable with a single family, appear not to have been starved for capital or legitimacy. In keeping abreast with ‘…Technological Advancement’ and activities associated with socialization, there is ‘…Pointe FM-99.1; …Pointe Restaurants; and Pointe Night Clubs,’ where members of the community with sufficient disposable income, may resort to unwind after a hard day’s work where at ‘Xcape,’ the stresses of life, though temporary, might be danced away.


Whether or not, residents were agitated or misunderstood ‘…Government’s intention’ for modernizing the housing stock in the ‘…Pointe/Booby Alley Community,’ irrespective of such intention, disgruntled members had mobilized themselves into protestation. It all begun in the early morning hours of Friday, April 12, 2019. Pandemonium broke out in Booby Alley, an inner-residential community in the Pointe area.  Seen through an unusual ‘…Flurry of Movement,’ residents seemingly move to anger, gathered and piled up debris of inoperable and discarded appliance, old beds and other debris, luckily neglected for disposal at the ‘…Cooks Dumpsby the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA). Ideally suited to their purpose, the residents effectively used the neglected waste for barricade and messaging. For instance, the immediate entrance to the ‘…Sharon Roberts family residence was blocked’ as residents thronged the roadway. Even so, they may not only have acted against active efforts to clear the area, but also against the declared intention of Government to increase the housing stock by constructing a modern housing block for the residents.’


Seemingly urged by empathy or instantaneous pent-up feelings, an irate resident/protester, directing a ‘…Message of Wrath’ to the constituency representative, sprayed on a discarded mattress, ‘…Gaston Browne must go now’ [ANR: April 19, 2019]. Incidentally, barring sensationalism and public alarm, it was far from what overzealous media personnel had reported as a ‘…Mini riot.’ No hell had broken loose in Booby Alley.’ Moreover, though noisy uttering was audible, the atmosphere was not fumigated with the non-lethal effects of tear-gas. Neither was the area littered with expended canisters or rubber bullets.’ Riotous conduct, as everyone, except media personnel, knows, are often developments that often be associated with the ‘…throwing of Molotov cocktail or missiles; …burning of tires, debris or buildings; …looting and/or running gun-battles with the deployed Security forces. Only the ‘…Civil authority,’ including then acting Commissioner of Police, Everton Jeffers was present.


The residents are clearly not what the name suggests, let alone being called ‘…rioters.’ While there may have been prior notice and awareness of the impending governmental move, residents appeared to have been incensed when attempts were made to ‘…disconnect the electricity supply to the dwelling house of Sharon Roberts,’ thereby shocking the constituency and parliamentary representative Gaston Browne, into dismay and disbelief. He identified the family at the center of the controversy as not only the beneficiary of a ‘…wooden tenement,’ but also one that was considered a humanitarian gesture by his Government.’ Seemingly not unduly perturbed, reacting to his constituents ‘…unannounced, unexpected and unexplained mobilization,’ he described the family’s then enduring conditions as one of ‘…Squalor.’ Such had been seen as the primary reason for a ‘…Gesture of Good Will.’


Incidentally, it was ‘…his administration and their Government’ that had funded the housing initiative called the ‘…Home Advancement Programme for the Indigent (HAPI).’ Funds were provided from the public purse, while labor-skilled/unskilled was provided from those in residence at the nation’s over-crowded penal institution. Brainchild of the initiative was said to have been Veldon Ragguette, a Senior Sergeant and serving member of the Police Service. It was said to have been an initiative that came out of a feeding programme he had named ‘…Ragguette-Adopt a Family.’ He was nationally recognized and awarded him the ‘…Order of Princely Heritage’ (OH) [November 2017] for his love of humanity through social services to the indigent. Eventually, changed to ‘…HAPI,’ he was made Director of the new initiative, sanctioned by Cabinet, with oversight by the ‘…Ministry of Social Transformation.’


Apart from that initiative, the Government had unveiled a clearly ambitious ‘…Housing Plan.’ When it was given public disclosure, it had generated intense public discussions. Whether or not a specified number of houses were to be constructed in the ‘…Pointe/Booby Alley community,’ or residents had believed that a ‘…Camel could go through the eye of a needle’ [KJV: Matthew 19: 24], the electorate believed that ‘…500 houses could be built in 500 days.’ This was contingent upon electoral support of the candidacy of those vying for elected-office. Irrespective of ‘…realism or imaginative figmentation,’ the proposition appeared to have resonated with the electorate. Expectations were high and eventually, these were reflected in the outcome of the election. The results a showed lop-sidedness, with the humiliating defeat of opposition candidate Wilmoth Daniel and the ‘…incumbent Baldwin Spencer administration’ [Elections: June 12, 2014].


Whether or not the residents had been fed ‘misinformation’ or they had been influenced into a mood that invariably speaks to ‘agitation,’ come hell or high water, they had shown a steely-resolve in making a distinction between (a) ‘…Governmental authority; (b) …Law enforcement authority; and (c) …Power of the people.’ At a hastily organized ‘…Town Hall Meeting’ [April 20, 2019], while the constituency and parliamentary representative may not necessarily have sung ‘…Abide with Me’ and residents may not have actually sung, the lyrical contents of two songs suggested what the residents were all saying. The first of these songs, ‘…I ‘m Sorry; …So Sorry,’ suggested that the protesting residents had said ‘…I was such a fool; …Please accept my apology’ [1960: Brenda Lee: You Tube]. Even as they were not considered ‘simpletons,’ their constituency representative had read their minds as easily as he had read the ‘…First Scripture Lesson’ to commemorate the life and time of a ‘…fallen and faithful comrade, Henderson ‘Hendy’ Simon’ [ABS TV: April 25, 2019].


The protesting residents appeared to have regained their mental faculties as to have better emotional control. This provided for better understanding of the issues that may have been so starved for explanations and/or resolutions. Common sense was allowed to prevailed as to have enabled them to see their parliamentary representative as ‘…an Angel of Goodness.’ Though not in actuality, to themselves they may have quietly visited the lyrical content of the song ‘… My Angel Baby; …I love you; ….I really do.’ With him responding, ‘…I am doing this for you.’ Many may have been saying, ‘…It’s like heaven being here with you; …You are like an angel, too good to be true.’ Further responding, they would have been saying, ‘… I love you Angel Baby; …I do; …Please never leave me blue and alone; …I am sure you will come back home; …I love you; …I do’ [1960: Rosie and the Originals: You Tube].


Whatever had provoked the wrath of the ‘…Pointe/Booby Alley’ residents as to have conditioned their minds to harbor reservation of the move to relocate the dwelling house of a neighbor they had shown a resolve in thwarting the efforts of those charged with a mission. They saw their mobilization as a communal show of strength, power and solidarity with, and support of a householder no more positionally- privileged than the rest of the community. With shared feelings and commonality of positions that speak to unchecked social decline and financial stagnancy, due to poverty, many residents have been no more advanced from the harrowing position of indigence and the troubling state of squalor and wretchedness.’ Though they are hoping for improvement in the quality of life and transformation of the community, they have shown no further hostile intention or discontent with the state of ‘…housing; …lack of sanitation facilities; …under or unemployment; and lack of disposable income.’ Even so, many are optimistic and expectations remain high. Whatever might now be rolling over in the mind of their constituency representative, likened to ‘…an irregular heartbeat,’ he may just have been shown something not consistent with flattering.

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  1. It seems as if those in their big cushy houses are OK for Booby Alley to remain in its squalor as long as it suits them politically. I guess Gaston must go because he is striving to improve the lot of his people.

  2. We hear a lot about building housing in Pointe, but have we been told who will own the houses and responsible for their maintenance. If they are rental units, will the government be the landlord? If the government is the landlord within a few years we will back to a ghetto situation as we know the government’s record in maintaining their properties. Saw the proposed plan for what could be upper and lower units but has anyone consider who would be responsible for a leaking roof? I have seen government projects for poor people in Jamaica and Nassau and no one would believe these were government projects with what the owners have done with them. The difference here is that the governments built cheap two bedroom houses on sufficient land to allow the owners to expand later. Check public housing apartments anywhere in the world and check how many people want to live in them because of their rundown condition.
    One wonders how much planning and thought went into the proposed Booby Alley development.

  3. Mr. Pompey. It seem like you really have too much time on your hand. Retirement is not easy I guess. You need something constructive to do. Like some community policing. Assist neighbourhood youth to stay on the right path. I mean to call a little protest that was so calm that it didn’t even cause the riot police to be out, to call that a “Pandemonium” is absurd. Either you didn’t really grasp the meaning of the word or you just wanted to make a mountain out of a mole hill.
    wild uproar or unrestrained disorder; tumult or chaos.
    a place or scene of riotous uproar or utter chaos.
    the abode of all the demons. hell.

    • I mean Mr. Pompey may I suggest you use your time to write some crime novels based on your experience as police officer. It may bring you some wealth and I know you should have enough stories that you can tell.


    Novels for ‘…wealth creation! Naaahhh!

    Commentaries- costs ‘…time, energy, bills,’ but ‘gratis.’ Simply to edify.

    Ask the ‘…Antigua Sun; …Caribarena; …News Pages; …The Antiguan or even …ANR.’
    Not about money-making. Never crossed my thoughts.

    If you did write a novel, will most certainly buy me a few and ‘…share your knowledge with others.’

    My friend, ‘From The Sideline,’ you have been following my contributions way back to the days of ‘…Caribarena.’

    You have been reasonable in critiquing what you have read.

    However, is the little word ‘…Pandemonium’ you have seen, read and understood?
    Sure you have gleaned ‘…much more than one word.’

    Let that not be so as to be seen as ‘…Running Riot With Ignorance.’

    Urge you to visit and read paragraph …Message of Wrath’ to see if your comments are consistent with that which is contained therein.

    Could not be impolite with sarcasm. Would never ‘…Sideline’ you. Will forever be my friend.

    • Mr. Pompey the best way for you to edify the people is to write books/novels. Those that people will read not only today but for years to come. Writing an opinion piece is just that ‘your opinion’ and people like me will challenge that every step of the way. Especially in this particular instance. I know you love writing and that is why I suggest to you to channel your energy and your talent in an area that will benefits many especially our youth. And as an ex top cop you sure would have a wealth of experience and stories to tell. If in the process you do not want to create wealth, no problem, just donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice.


    My Friend Sideline, do not write or give ‘…Opinions,’ only commentaries on actual happenings and strictly facts.
    In this commentary, ‘…the facts are indisputable.’

    True, but no wealth creation; …No donation Sides.

    Would like you to visit ‘…Observer news, March 30, 2012: Panorama competition results. You will be fascinated by the Headline.
    O.K. Sides.

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