COMMENTARY: Motorcyclist: Irony and Tragedy – Motorist: Victim of Travesty

Wrecked motorbike on Dickenson Bay Street

By Rawlston Pompey

In the life of man, there were to be as many trials, as there were to be tribulations. Moreover, there were to be seen as many intrigues, as there were to be ‘Irony and Tragedy.’ What were to be held to confidentiality, trust and privacy, were never to be exposed to publicity. Looked at from the perspective of the motoring public, Law enforcers could make as many motorists ‘Victims of Travesty, as they could influence the mind of the citizenry. Based upon their actions or omissions; their deeds or misdeeds, they could cause the gullible and those susceptible to deception, believe falsehood to be truth. Some could also make even the most intelligent feel the innocent is guilty.


The ‘Speed; Force; and Impact’ on contact with the ‘Wrangler Jeep,’ speak to a devastating end to an apparent ‘Charmed Life’ of Police motorcyclist, ‘Corporal Robert Dyer’ [October 3, 2023]. The clearly irrefutable contributing factors reportedly left; (a) ‘An irreparable mangled-wreck of his personal black motorcycle; and (b) The non-surgical amputation of a rather ‘Bad-Lucked Left Foot.’ Seemingly, bedeviled by motorcycling adversities, the ‘Left Foot’ was reportedly fractured in a previous vehicular traffic accident. That which was then seen by the motoring public, was an apparent indiscrete overtaking maneuver of gross recklessness that had brought painful consequences [June 9, 2021]. 


Certain deaths have not only been long anticipated by Parliament, but specifically aimed at allowing a ‘Coroner and a 5-member Jury’ to inquire into the circumstances surrounding tragic and ‘Unnatural Deaths.’ The Law has made it sufficiently clear for the student body of the ‘Baptist Academy’ to understand that in ‘Unnatural Death,’ Coroner’s Inquisitions’ shall be held. Without a shadow of doubt, the death of the deceased motorcyclist, ‘Corporal of Police Robert Dyer’ vividly makes the point. 


The ‘Coroner’s Inquisition,’ as opposed to the closed-door ‘Heads of Police Service and Traffic Department’ as the sole decision-makers, was often preferred for its ‘Independence and Transparency.’ This allows for more ventilation of the circumstances touching the ‘Unnatural Death’ of a person. It particularly allows for a more informed determination of either; (i) ‘A verdict of culpability; or (b) Misadventure.’ Those with a deep sense of duty and service to humanity need no advice in guiding their actions or omissions, conduct by the Oath of office.’


A tragic vehicular accident that may have been the subject of a ‘Coroner’s Inquisition’ to be presided over by the assigned ‘District ‘B’ Coroner,’ appeared to have turned unexpectedly bizarre. To all, apparent evil intent and purposes, it took a mysterious U-turn to criminal ‘Prosecution.’ When the female motorist was slapped with the offence; ‘Causing Death By Dangerous Driving,’ such offence completely wrested a statutory-imposed duty from the ‘Her Worship, District Coroner Nagio Emmanuel-Edwards’ in holding a ‘Coroners Inquisition.’ Though not necessarily for want of procedural knowledge, bearing her own ‘Cross,’ and given certain developments, ‘Her Worship,’ appears well-positioned to take a deep sigh of relief.


The ‘Vehicles and Road Traffic Act’ states; ‘Any person who drives a motor vehicle on a road; (i) ‘Recklessly: or (ii) At a speed; or (iii) In a manner that is dangerous to the public, having regard to all the circumstances of the case, including; (a) ‘The nature; (b) Condition; (c) Use of the road; and (d) The amount of traffic which is actually, or reasonably be expected to be on the road, commits an offence’ [VRTA: Chapter 460: Section 55]. That which requires ‘Evidence of Fact’ are; (i) ‘Manner; and (ii) Speed.’ The others are inferentially subjective. Given these, it shall now be asked; ‘Just why the motorcycling community of enthusiasts continue to show signs of decreasing?’


Frequently, ‘Billy-Goatish’ courses of actions were taken by those with little time for reading and research and before investigations were completed. Guided by research into; (a) ‘Coroner’s Inquisitions; and (b) The ‘Prosecutable Offence’ of ‘Causing Death By Dangerous Driving,’ a procedural mindset may very well have been established as to have left an indelible impression on the minds of those concerned with the administration of justice. Those that may have been so affected include; (i) ‘Law enforcement; (ii) Public prosecutors; (iii) The Magistracy; (iv) The Judiciary; and (v) Coroners.’


Though not necessarily, ‘Billy-Goatish,’ the hastily initiated arrest upon a female motorist, ‘Cuban national, Dayneri Ferrer Vincent-Urlwin 28,’ could very well be so referred. The arrest was clearly ‘Unlawful,’ as neither; (i) The Traffic Commissioner; (ii) The Senior Traffic officer; nor (iii) The Fatal accident investigator’ had witnessed; (a) ‘The manner of driving; and (b) The speed the motorcyclist and motorist were travelling, let alone witnessing the deadly vehicular accident.’ This has made the point on ‘Billy- Goatish’ courses of action. Procedurally, a ‘Warrant in the First Instance’ duly issued by the ‘Magistracy’ may have sufficed. 


Such has always been the preferred ‘Professional Practice.’ By then, the issuing ‘Magistrate’ may grill the investigator on the evidence so far obtained. Though not necessarily their responsibility, functional cooperation dictates some form of inquisitiveness. Thus, a ‘Magistrate may also enquire whether or not the ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has seen or perused the ‘Case File.’ When a junior officer was assigned to conduct investigation into the tragic death of ‘Corporal Robert Dyer,’ that in, and of itself appeared to have been ‘Fatal,’ but only to the extent, it may have been a ‘Mistake.’  


Given the investigators, first experience, there was reported to have been grave ‘Procedural Confusion.’ It reportedly started with a voluntary requested-visitation to the ‘Parham Police Station’ [October 11, 2023]. Thorough investigation by the astute ‘Fatal Accident Investigators,’ may assist in ascertaining just who may have been driving recklessly or dangerously at the time of the fatal vehicular accident. Instructively, one day after the deceased motorcyclist, ‘Robert Dyer’ was peacefully laid to rest, before the unfortunate, but distressed motorist could say; ‘May his soul rest in peace,’ her own soul came under ‘Prosecutorial Torment.


The surviving motorist was reportedly slapped with the offence; ‘Causing Death By Dangerous Driving’ offence’ [Loop: October 12, 2023]. With some degree of certainty, that which shall now be said is that a mindset on such a ‘Prosecution’ appears poised to have turned ‘Bizarre.’ prosecutors.  That which was unearthed during research states; ‘A charge of ‘Dangerous or Careless Driving’ in which the circumstances involved the death of a person should not be tried by the Court before the inquest upon such death is completed’ [V/Lex: 1952: R v Beresford: Criminal Appeal: R 143]. 


The civic-minded educators and student body of most educational institutions now knows that; ‘A Coroner, within whose District the dead body of a person is lying, may issue his/her ‘Warrant’ for the purpose of inquiring into the death of that person, hold an inquest on the body, if satisfied that; ‘The death was caused by an accident, arising out of the use of a vehicle in a street or public highway’ [Coroners Act: Chapter 105: Section 12 (2) (d)]. While there may have been other intervening factors, ‘Coroners’ appeared to have been made non-functional or functionally incompetent. 


This was often seen as evident when Law enforcers sought to place some deaths before Courts of ‘Criminal Jurisdiction,’ while some ‘Tragic Killings’ appeared to have been conveniently left to die ‘Investigative Deaths.’ Supporting such assertions, has been the case of ‘Bendals resident, Mannie James 43.’  In this particular case, the residents of the ‘Grays/Green’ community have witnessed the apparent cold-blooded gunning down of the deceased. That which was known was that the deceased was hotly-pursued by persons identified with the ‘Military and Police.’ 


The citizenry has seen it in live and living color on social media; while nationals in the ‘Diaspora’ will have been apprised of it through various news portals. Such killing from actual professional practice and knowledge, speaks to the heinous crime of ‘MURDER’ [July 31, 2023]. For whatever reasons, criminal investigators appeared to have lost sight of the classification of such a heartless and senseless killing. The ‘Coroners’ themselves may find it inescapable from ‘Coroner’s Inquisition Blame’ for the static and untenable state of affairs and the spate of ‘Suspect Police Killings.’ They appeared not to have insisted on expeditious investigation and promptitude of submission of related ‘Coroner’s Inquest Files.’


Compliant with ‘Bail Conditions;’(i) ‘The sum of EC$50, 000: (ii) Two sureties; (iii) Surrendering of Travel Documents: and (iv) To report three times weekly to the ‘Parham Police Station.’ That which ‘Fatal Accident’ investigators appeared to have been in apparent woeful need, knowledge of the provisions contained in the ‘Coroners Act.’ Likened to dozens said to be pending, most appear not to know that the enactment provides for ‘Coroner’s Inquisition’ into two rather gruesome and deadly vehicular accidents. The list, inexhaustive, now includes Police motorcyclists ‘Corporals Clarence Cameron and Robert Dyer.’ Incidentally, years apart, both have suddenly and tragically met their demise.’ 


In an apparent ‘Twisted Version of Events,’ a news portal reported; ‘Dayneri Ferrer Vincent-Urlwin is said to have been behind the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler that collided with Dyer’s motorcycle, resulting in the officer’s tragic death.’ Then contradictorily, at a subsequent paragraph, the reporter has it; ‘Dyer was reportedly travelling from East to West on the Sir Sidney Walling Highway when he collided with the Jeep that was travelling in the opposite direction’ [Latrishka Thomas: Observer Media: Paragraph 4: October 13, 2023]. 


Whether or not contradictory or confusing, this appeared to have been the correct version of event. Yet to ‘Traffic Commissioner, Atlee Rodney QPM,’ and assigned ‘Head of the Traffic Department, Superintendent Elson Quammie,’ they appeared to have seen the ‘Fatal Vehicular Accident’ through lenses, where the citizenry only saw ‘Travesty of Justice.’ Even as the personality of both officers speaks to an attitude of affability, as it affects rationality and logicality, they seemed not to have been properly informed of the motorcyclist’s maneuverability on the public highway. 


Though none shall refer to these goodly officers as ‘Billy-Goats,’ that which appeared not to have captured the attention or imagination of ‘Traffic Commissioner Atlee Rodney QPM and assigned Senior Traffic Officer, Superintendent Elson Quammie,’ may have been an apparent ‘Damning Paragraph’ in the news report. For the benefit of information and investigation, it states; ‘Reports further state that the female defendant (Dayneri Ferrer Vincent-Urlwin) was turning right into Lunar Park when she collided with the policeman, who had just overtaken some vehicles’ [Observer Media: Paragraph 5]. Inferences might reasonably be drawn of the speed and the deceased manner of driving.


The vehicle, running high on a residential concrete fence, reportedly struck a utility pole, thereby severing it in some three places. Now, some two years later, his colleague and ‘Police Outrider, Corporal Robert Dyer,’ tragically succumbed to injuries sustained in a vehicular accident on the ‘Sir Sydney Walling Highway’ [October 5, 2023]. Speaking to his personal knowledge of the deceased officer/motorcyclist was his apparent friend and colleague,’ ‘Corporal of Police Brendan Sutherland.’ He succinctly described him as; ‘Easy-going and has a passion for motorcycling’ [ANR: September 4, 2023]. 


At a suspected speed capable of being likened to the transatlantic ‘Air France-Supersonic Concord Jetliner’ [June 21, 1976], his ‘Suzuki Swift’ motorcar reportedly veered off the Highway to ‘All Saints’ and surrounding communities. Striking a roadside culvert, it reportedly became airborne. The man-made flying objects that were to be lifted off the face of the Earth to fly skyward, are aircrafts. Among such are the financially-troubled; ‘LIAT-1974: Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force Airwing; Defunct Antigua Airways; and the apparent dangerously flirtatious commercial airline called ‘Air Peace.’ 


In the case of ‘Corporal Clarence Cameron,’ he was reportedly violently thrown from the vehicle upon impact. He reportedly left behind a helpless and seriously injured female passenger. [The Caribbean Alert: August 5, 2021]. Eventually, she was extricated and rescued by the ‘Jaws of Life.’ Ironically, the lifesaving gadget was operated by his fellow-colleagues in the ‘Antigua and Barbuda Fire and Rescue Services.’ As has been well known to humans, both were sorrowfully and grievingly laid to rest peacefully beneath the ‘Earth’s fiery and dangerous surface. 


Whether or not it was simply a fad or just fascination, two fine motorcyclists that seemed to have been deeply committed to assigned ‘Police Outriding Duties,’ tragically came to their untimely deaths. The first to have irresistibly gave up the bodily ghost, yet in ‘Sorrowful Peace’ was ‘Corporal of Police, Clarence Cameron.’ The deadly vehicular accident, left behind a seriously injured female passenger. These officers no longer exist to enjoy the apparent ‘Thrill of Speed’ or to experience the often avoidable silly, bruising and deadly spills. They shall remain in the memory of those they knew, and those that knew them, under a shining light.


That which reportedly left an indelible impression on the minds of the bereaved, were the circumstances of death and bodily injuries painlessly sustained That which no register, neither of ‘Births nor Deaths’ will ever reflect, are that both not only hit the road and died instantaneously. Seemingly, the bereaved family of ‘Corporal Robert Dyer’ has commemorated the crash site with two wooden crosses. One was adorned with a metal ‘Crest’ and weather-resistant flowers. Observably, there were disposable candle holders, while, assumedly, motorcycle enthusiasts have left at the immediate crash site graphics of tire impressions of the figure ‘8’ [October 17, 2023]. While over time, the elements may obliterate them, their invisible presence shall still be felt. 


It would appear that a peculiar course of action may have been taken, respecting the ‘Mangled remains of the crashed motorcycle of the deceased, Corporal Robert Dyer.’ Instructively, defying ‘Funeral Rites,’ yet perhaps most fittingly, apparently under a ‘Veil of Administrative Secrecy,’ that which was reportedly occupying rank-and-file discussions was the accompaniment with the mortal remains of ‘Corporal Robert Dyer.’ Should it not be confirmed, then it begs two fundamental questions; (i) ‘Where is the motorcycle; and (ii) Why was the Court-recognized ‘Expert Motor Vehicle Examiner, Lancelot James,’ not professionally-called upon to examine both vehicles?’ 


Not infrequently, well-positioned and well-placed personnel shall not be deemed reckless not to know. There are some things they shall not know. Organizationally, while some occurrences may speak to ‘Sinister Plots,’ some often necessitated complete secrecy.’ When a handful of organizational members was observed lingering around the ‘Public Cemetery’ under cover of darkness, they could not have been waiting to see if deceased Corporal of Police, Robert Dyer’ would have emerged from ‘Tomb.’ If anything, the cemetery-lingering funeral party’ may simply have waited in anticipation to hear him thanking them for acceding to his last wish, and their continued pledge of continued loyalty. 


Privilege information and the confirmed absence of the mangled motorcycle from the area it originally occupied has not only provoked certain discussions, but also ‘Pregnant with Suspicion.’ Those with enquiring minds, appeared to have been left in a quandary. Seniors of the upper echelon of the Police Service’ were either tight-lipped or ignorant. Then among the junior officers, though many may have been left dumb-founded, yet speculations were rife. So was the and imagination, said to be still running ‘Wild with Suspicion.’ It was narrowly, but scandalously whispered that mere days before the burial of the remains of ‘Corporal Robert Dyer, the ‘mangled remains of the motorcycle’ reportedly disappeared from the ‘American Road Police Headquarters.’ Though unconfirmed, such had prompted internal curiosity. 


In all the speculations, dependent upon certain stages, advanced or otherwise, though an unlikely occurrence, such could either be ‘Sanctioned’ by; (a) ‘The sole authority, District Coroner, Nagio Emmanuel-Edwards, and likened to the body of the deceased, having been also viewed by a 5-member Jury: or (b) Traffic Commissioner, Atlee Rodney QPM; or with the ‘Coroner’s Inquest’ been wrested from the ‘District Coroner;’ then possibly, on the prosecutorial advice of; (c) Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Shannon Jones-Gittens.’ From professional knowledge, only one of these persons may have so authorized.


Had the mangled remains of the motorcycle been released to bereaved families, the sanctioning or authorizing body run the risk of being seen as extending favor and affection to persons known or unknown. This may then give the uncanny appearance of inconsistency, particularly, as the operable ‘Wrangler Jeep’s seizure, speaks to deprivation of its legitimate use by its owners. The funeral cortege saw an adorned ‘Flag-Draped Casket.’ Assumedly, it contained only the ‘one-legged body remains of, ‘and ‘severed leg’ of ‘Corporal Robert Dyer’ as the cortege slowly marched to the ‘St. John’s Public Cemetery (SJPC)’ [October 10, 2023].


That which the ‘Senior Traffic officer’ had dismissed, was that the ‘Mangled remains of the motorcycle’ was buried beneath the specially-constructed tomb’ [October 15, 2023]. Should, its whereabouts be officially confirmed, then ‘Man and Motorcycle’ would have been sharing ‘one Grave and one Tomb.’ Research has revealed that to the best of his knowledge and belief, ‘Traffic Superintendent Elson Quammie’ confirmed that only; (a) ‘The Body; and (b) Detached Leg’ were placed in the casket and laid to rest in the Tomb [October 10, 2023].


If insisted, it may be the first time that a body will be exhumed within this jurisdiction. Such authority resides only with the assigned ‘District Coroner.’ However, buried or buried not, these clearly beloved and service-oriented ‘Corporals of Police,’ seemingly threw ‘Caution to the Wind. In a prosecution, the two most critical ‘Evidential Elements’ that shall be ‘factually adduced to constitute ‘Dangerous Driving,’ (i) ‘Speed; and (ii) Manner.’ Oral evidence given to the ‘Fatal Accidents’ investigators without other corroborative evidence, may prove difficult to any public prosecutor.


While it shall not be said that the ‘Traffic Commissioner and assigned Senior Traffic officer’ may have harbored illusions, none shall have qualms over the citizenry’s desirability for both to match their thinking with thoughts rationally guided by the ‘Spirit of Discernment.’ This shall be backed-up with professional knowledge, competence and investigative ability. Clearly, both appeared to have, instead seen the motorist ‘crashing’ into the motorcyclist. That which shall have been most evident to even the incompetent ‘Traffic Accident Investigators,’ was clearly not only the maneuver by the female motorist, but more particularly, the apparent dare-devil motorcycling exploits of the deceased motorcyclist. 


Then adding to his untimely demise, may have been an apparent blatantly gross ‘Administrative Negligence.’ A local news portal provided insights into a previous serious vehicular accident. The officer, then driving a Police-assigned motorcycle reportedly attempted to overtake a ‘Rig’ reportedly hauling a 40- foot goods metal container, at the ‘Lady Newgent Junction’ [June 9, 2020]. Naturally, the motorcyclist was said to have been driving at reasonably high speed to get ahead of the ‘Rig and Container. The news report revealed; ‘The truck driver, making a right turn when the officer allegedly tried to overtake and collided with the truck’ [Observer Media: June 9, 2021]. 


Though painful, yet fortuitously, ‘Corporal Robert Dyer’ reportedly sustained a ‘Fractured Left Leg.’ [ANR: September 5, 2020]. Motorists saw him equally as dangerous to other road users as he may have been to himself. The news portal reported that he was rushed to the then ‘Mount St. John Medical Center (MSJMC), now ‘Sir Lester Bird Medical Center (SLBMC)’ [ABN: June 9, 2020]. Assumedly seized of such knowledge, it saw the apparent ‘Charmed Life’ motorcyclist being availed of prosecutorial immunity. Some three years later, the luckless officer, seemingly with an apparent affinity for motorcycle, died instantly at the immediate entrance to the ‘Lunar Park’ fenced, but an ungated community’ [Loop Updated: October 13, 2023]. 


The ‘Left Leg’ was reportedly completely ‘Severed’ from the knee. Incidentally, in the first instance, when the deceased may have been prosecutorally sanctioned for the traffic violation,’ he appeared to have been given complete ‘Immunity.’ This might necessarily prompt suggestion that no sanction was to be imposed against law enforcers that have been publicly observed ‘Flouting the law with Impunity.’ Incidentally, that which had bedeviled scores of motorists had been the apparent terrifying and overly-abused ‘Powers of Arrest,’ for the ‘Ticketable ‘Fixed Penalty Offence,’ of running the ‘Red Traffic Signal Light.’


It shall never be seen by the observant and curious citizen that those who enforce Law as ignoring or flouting such law by deliberately side-stepping perfectly legally-provided ‘Procedural Guidelines,’ to do special favors or to bring avoidable harm to, and upon the law-abiding and innocent. Certain courses of action by agents of the ‘State’ often speak to the ‘Corruptible state of Affairs’ in some State-run institutions. It was seen within the Judiciary, Magistracy and Law enforcement agencies. 


Parliament anticipated certain professional behavior by law enforcers. The ‘Oath’ guiding such behavior states; ‘As a member of the Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, I will well and truly serve Our Sovereign King without; (a) ‘Favor or affection; (b) Malice or ill-will; and (c) To the best of my knowledge and skill, I will discharge all the duties thereof, faithfully according to Law’ [Police Act: Chapter 330: Section 17]. These officers reportedly lived by this ‘Oath.’ They shall remain in the prayers, thoughts and memory of those they knew and loved them, as well as those that knew them, worked and socialized with, and wished them well.


Erratically, overzealous, egoistic and unsupervised, and seemingly encouraged by their ‘Superiors and the Magistracy,’ arresting officers, hiding under the guise of eliminating ‘Dangerous Driving’ from the roadway, likened to untethered raging ‘Spanish Bulls,’ went on the rampage, gouging motorists. One, include a quiet-spoken practicing attorney. For instance, in cases where the law authorized only the ‘Traffic Commissioner to ‘Suspend Driver’s Licence,’ the ‘Magistracy’ reportedly usurped such power [VRTA: Chapter 460: Section 70]. Even for minor ‘Fender bender vehicular accidents,’ many motorists reportedly felt the ‘Wielding Power of Abuse.’


Those familiar with ‘Law and Justice’ should know that there are knowledgeable citizens that understand the concept called ‘Perverting the Course of Justice.’ This was known to have occurred when the ‘Corrupt and Unscrupulous’ law enforcement officers chose to do the unexpected and unthinkable. Seemingly, traffic investigator ‘Police Constable Brendon Sutherland’ expected no tarnished reputation, neither of himself, nor of the ‘Police Service’ as a whole. 


Those with a deep sense of duty, service to humanity and protection of the innocent and weak against the strong influences of society, shall guide their actions or omissions, conduct and utterances by ‘The Oath’ that states; ‘As a member of the Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, I will well and truly serve Our Sovereign King without; (a) ‘Favor or affection; (b) Malice or ill-will; and (c) To the best of my knowledge and skill, I will discharge all the duties thereof, faithfully according to Law’ [Police Act: Chapter 330: Section 17]. 


In the instant case, there appeared to have been some ‘Fundamentally Troubling’ issues. Foremost may have been the most important investigative questions; (i) ‘Why were the circumstances surrounding the vehicular accidental death of ‘Corporal Robert Dyer’ not left to the independence and transparency of a ‘Coroner’s Inquest? and (ii)’ Why was the originally-assigned traffic accident investigator, ‘Constable Sutherland’ requested to be relieved of the investigation?’ Still, there were other fundamentals of great importance. For instance, while persons close to the investigation appear peculiarly or particularly tight-lipped, the inquisitive citizen and curious among Law enforcers have asked; (i) ‘Why was the motorcycle ‘Licensing and Insurance’ status not regularized to legitimize and facilitate its use on the public highway.


 Then there will have been the question; (ii) ‘What provisions then, and now, exist for compensatory considerations in the event of personal injuries, property damage or loss resulting from the use of such vehicle?’ Given the statutory provision that all ‘Unnatural Deaths,’ no matter how tragic’ shall first be reported to the ‘District Coroner; (iii) ‘What may have informed the decision not to submit an ‘Inquest Case File’ to the District Coroner?’ Moreover; (iv) What may have informed the decision to dispose of the remains of the motorcycle before arrest and institution of the criminal prosecution for the offence; ‘Causing Death by Dangerous Driving?’ 


It was to the knowledge of ‘Law enforcers’ that only the ‘DPP’ shall consider the appropriateness in instituting criminal proceedings. Undoubtedly, it may not only have been an ill-conceived initiative, but also a most ridiculous, dastardly and apparent self-serving legislative amendment to the ‘Police Act’ [Chapter 330: Sections 22 and 31]. Likened to the ‘Virtue of a Female’s Virginity,’ it effectively deprived Law enforcers, from ‘Constable to Commissioner of Police’ of their fundamental duties to initiate criminal proceedings independently against society’s lawless citizens. That which remains factually known to all a sundry, has been the no parliamentary amendments for the restoration of ‘Legislative Authority’ in the ‘Act’ that defines the ‘Duties and Functions’ of members of the long established ‘Police Service.’


Thus; (a) ‘Instituting criminal proceedings; and (b) Filing of Criminal ‘Complaints Without Oath,’ though made an exception in the ‘Tinkered Amendment’ to the Criminal Prosecution Service Act (CPSA)’ [No.28 of 2017], while such legislative gesture may have brought comfort to fools, but certainly not independence to members of the ‘Police Service.’ This has been the statutory enactment that has virtually stripped every Law enforcer of their independence and duties in; (a) ‘Filing Complaints’ before the Magistrate’s Court; and (b) Prosecuting Summary offences’ as previously provided to the ‘Commissioner of Police’ and every enlisted and currently serving member’ [Police Act: Chapter 330: Sections: 6].


Not infrequently, the ‘Malaise of Tardiness’ and impotence observed in some public institutions as well as in some ‘State’ agencies, appears to have been taken on the appearance of an endemic. Disturbingly, this were to be seen in divers’ places, including those of the administration and dispensation of justice. Law enforcers, that has a sense of ‘Loyalty to Justice,’ and not influenced by the environment, but guided by professional ethics. They too, shall be forever mindful of the lingering and expected dangers on the roadway. Those starved for scruples and guided by the corruptible influences of the environment, will be seen as unmindful of the concept, ‘Serve and Protect.’ Whether or not they may be seen as servants of the people, will be dependent upon the things they do under ‘Phony Pretext’ [Paul Quin: OMG] of rendering service to the nation.







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