COMMENTARY: Modern Day Soap Opera Involving Politics, Police, a child and Warring Parents.  

Audley Phillip

…by Audley Phillip

Modern Day Soap Opera Involving Politics, Police, a child and Warring Parents.  


I am sure we all remembered the soap operas which kept women in particular glued to their television in the early days of these drama series on television in Antigua.    Love of Life, Secret Storm, Days of our Lives, As the World Turns and more,  were some of the more memorable ones.  

In recent times, we have watched  one such real life drama portrayed before our very eyes,  which ought to be sorted out not in the court of public opinion  but in a court of law. And while the parents argue and fight, it is the child that would be most affected by all this theatrical entertainment and comedy. 

The trouble is, the police could not have shown up at the Politicians  house unless a report was made to them. And as Police officers, they have a right and an obligation to take every complaint made to them seriously and to investigate and resolve any incidence of domestic violence as they see fit. 

 There are obviously serious custody issues that have to be looked at and resolved here. Unless a  court of law  so determined, NO FATHER can take it upon himself to assume custody of a child without the consent of the mother.  This clearly never happened here, hence the intervention of the police.

What’s the Difference Between Legal Custody and Physical Custody?

There are two types of custody: legal custody and physical custody. In almost all cases both of the custody types are shared between the parents. Legal custody involves decision making regarding the child’s life while physical custody deals with daily caretaking of the child.


What Is Legal Custody?

Legal custody gives the parent the ability to make decisions for the child. A parent with legal custody of a child has the right to make decisions about the child’s medical care, schooling and education, and religious upbringing.

What Is Joint Legal Custody?

Typically, parents might have joint legal custody, which means that the parents must share in decision making regarding the child and that the parents have equal rights to the child’s medical and education needs.

Joint legal custody, unlike physical custody, has nothing to do with where the child lives. The significance of frequently awarding joint legal custody is that the parent who has visitation rights or secondary physical custody of the child cannot be cut out of the decision-making process regarding any major issues involving the child.


What Is Physical Custody?

Physical custody gives the parent the right and obligation to take care of the child on a daily basis. Physical custody allows the parent to have the right for the child to live with him or her.

Typically, there is one parent designated as the primary physical custodian and the other parent receives secondary physical custody.

After all this fight and hostility, the child’s well being and overall situation must still be sorted out. There is nothing worse than when parents are at war over custody of a child and this war spills over into the public domain. What we are witnessing here today is a modern day soap opera involving politics, police, a child and warring parents.

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  1. Why is now she wants to assume custody of the child that has been living with the father for this
    along period of time. Mamawat sit down and leave d man continue to care for his child.

  2. Children hate to witness and hear waring parents. It can only create mental issues for them in the not too distant future.

    This former ABLP politician acts like he’s above the law like the rest of our politicians.

    However, the tides turning, and in the meantime lock him up!


      • I agree with you 100% they had no right without a court order and the man had his paperwork and they refused to look at it.

    • @Brix… Little boy everything for you is politics … People like u wear the name political whore with pride … Election is over u still in opposition just chill… U can be call out to easily .. that’s a bitch whore behavior..

  3. Audley- Don’t you think it best you first apologize to Jonas? Your comment yesterday basically hung him before you heard /saw the full story. You claimed politics had changed him into a beast. Please note unless someone life is in danger, the police have no right to trespass on a property without a warrant. It was also evident from the video making the rounds that they were not on the job, but instead doing a friend a favor. This was a civil matter, hence up to the court to make a decision, court did not send the police on that mission

    Audley Phillip February 24, 2023 At 8:34 am

    It is so sad! Politics have a way of changing normally humble people. From someone who was very humble, Christian minded and family oriented to this. What a shame! Men must be careful of what they do because these ills have a way of coming back to haunt them. When you destroy your family for a little fun and frolic, the little fun and frolic will continue to destroy you. It is regrettable and sad but was in the works.

    • Tenman, I stand by my story. The police have an obligation to investigate any incident that is reported to them. It is obvious that they were acting on a report made my the child’s mother. Whatever the merits of the report, the police were duty bound to respond. What should have been a cordial and civilized conversation especially from former senior Minister with responsibility for gender and children matters turned into a hostile, aggressive and militant one, thanks to the former Minister. It is a good thing that the whole incident was recorded because no one would have believed the police version of it. That the former Minister was prepared to go in and arm himself with his “piece” in order to rebuff the police was regrettable and escalated the matter beyond where it needed to be. If this was me or you, we would have been looked up for the weekend and taken before the magistrate this coming week. This was a domestic incident but we should expect more from our leaders, past, present and future. We cannot normalize that sort of behaviour and call it ok.

      • @Audley Phllip,
        I am in full agreement 🤝 with your comments, which is well narrated.

        I am no fan of our broken police services. However, I do believe that at times the police is put in impossible situations. You have aptly mentioned that the police has a duty to investigate complaints made to them.

        The Police didn’t call at Jonas home to deliberately get into an altercation with the ex honourable gentleman, infact the video shows that it was Jonas who escalated the situation by not cooperating with the police.

        Jonas is not at liberty to make threats in the manner that he did to the police irrespective whether the police had a warrant or not, additionally, they did not call at his property to conduct a search, but rather to ascertain the facts.

        A minor was involved, therefore the police had a duty of care to ensure the minor’s safety, the police did not call at his property to settle dispute between
        Jonas’ ex mistress and himself.

        Jonas uncooperative and unhinged behaviour prompted the Police to take the action that was taken and in my mind it did not go far enough, as the police should have got a warrant to confiscate his gun, as clearly the man is unhinged and out of control and presented as a potential risk to the public.

        In light of his current behaviour, the Police should refer the matter to social services and an application should be made for the child to be removed from his care and sanctioned him with supervised access, as undoubtedly Jonas explosive behaviour would have traumatised the minor.

  4. Mr jonas family isnt the first family to go through this. Ive witness this on numerus occassions, while growing up and now in the job that i do. Both, jonas and police was wrong here. Jonas should of given over the child to the mother if he doesnt have legal custody and both police and jonas should of tried harder to prevent this from exalating infront of the child….. and why the hell did they share this video, that disgust me, that video should be shown in the courts…. come on be professionals, leave shit like that for civilians. In my view the officer was taunting the man as well… thats my view

    • @Antiguan woman
      I agree with you, the video should not have gone viral as a minor was involved and his face and name was made public. I am sure the distribution of that video may have legal ramifications.

  5. There’s a Game Show by the name of #BULLSHIT where you can win up to a million dollars by lying.
    Soaps Operas from Dallas to the Young & The Restless to Days of Our Lives are all #BULLSHIT too.
    Comparing what has transpired between these adults (#REALITY) is also #BULLSHIT, due to the serious nature of what will transpire, has transpired and is transpiring because of ADULTS BULLSHIT behaviors.

    A lot of BULLSHIT have being normalized in the Nation’s Culture…


    …Just role the cameras!
    …You don’t need no script
    …Since, all of this #BULLSHIT
    …is reality and do exists!
    …unlike Soap Operas
    …scripted and presented by #actors!

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

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