COMMENTARY: Enough Is Enough

Audley Phillip

By Audley Phillip

Socialist leaders believe that they have a lifetime right to power and in a region where we value everyone’s right to choose the government that they want through regular free and fair elections, I am appalled that CARICOM is still clinging their hopes on Nicholas Maduro, even after such flawed elections that has kept him in power. 

It is almost a foregone conclusion that Maduro would not be much of a factor in any new arrangements in Venezuela.  The sooner he recognizes this, the better it is for himself and his country.  Amid worsening economic conditions  that have devastated the Venezuelan people and only recently,   countrywide power outages that have made an already bad situation worse, it is inconceivable that our regional leaders can continue to support Maduro.

  I was heartened to read recently a call from the St. Lucia’s Prime Minister, Mr Allan Chastanet  for “Fresh, Free & Fair” elections in Venezuela,  though once again it  highlights just how fragmented the regional body Caricom is.    Agreements are made at Caricom and days later different heads come out with their own position.   The stance of the regional body of non-intervention, non-interference has really been nothing but a naïve diplomatic position with little teeth to support it. The plight of the Venezuelan people is becoming more and more desperate everyday.

The migration of Venezuelans to many of the Southern Caribbean islands is fast becoming a burden for them with drugs and violence seeping across their borders.  Countries like Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Grenada and St.Lucia are already on record complaining about the negative effects the migration have had on their countries.  I believe it is only a matter of time that regional leaders come to the realization that their wait and see stance and their non-intervention, non-interference position is not helping the ordinary Venezuelan.

The United States has already signaled it’s intention to punish countries who do not support their efforts to bring about a regime change in Venezuela.  Whilst I do not concur with the United States and it’s strong arm and bulling tactic in an effort to get countries to side with them, the writing is clearly on the wall for Maduro and I believe that he stands a better chance to exit the stage now, alive, than if he waits around and continue to frustrate efforts to push him out.  Leaders MUST know when to leave.

 Caricom and others need to get Maduro to understand and accept that its time to go.  He might still be able to save some face and live a fairly peaceful and comfortable life if he agrees to accept asylum and live in  some country that is willing to take him and his army of followers. Caricom cannot continue to protect one man whilst a nation of people suffers. It is time that Caricom calls on Maduro to go so that Venezuela can breathe and  fresh, free and fair elections called.

I therefore salute the Prime Minister of St. Lucia on his bold move  to call for fresh, free and fair elections  and I urge the community of countries to rally around this call.



  1. I hope when naturally disasters and other horrific events are occurring in Antigua, the government will continue to say please non-interference. I hope they will tell other countries not to help like they are telling the people of Venezuela who are in tyranny, chaos, starving and in this horrible dictatorship.

    We need to harden our hearts and let some people feel and then we can go back to our preaching and spreading of love. Some people can only learn from experience.

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