COMMENTARY: Dr. Quack Say – No Foul Play



Dr. Quack Say – No Foul Play

Rawlston Pompey

When the nation recently sings; ‘Gird your loin and join the battle,’ it was not only about a war ‘against fear; hate and poverty,’ but primarily in commemoration of the nation’s political independence from ‘British colonialism’ [National Anthem: November 1, 1981]. When it joined the world community in commemorating the ‘War Dead,’ such was in remembrance of two ‘World Wars.’ These wars saw unwilling men being compulsorily drafted into the military in fighting, dying and missing for the ‘Masters of Colonialism.’ At the end of these wars, many had sacrificially perished or have been declared; ‘Missing in Action’ [1914-1918: 1939-1945].


That which followed were these; (i) The captured had been exchanged; (ii) The wounded had their wounds dressed; (iii) The dead had been buried; (iv) The remains of the ‘Missing’ had been sought; while(v) Statues have been erected; and Poppies being sold’ The war no more, and they perish no more. Among the supposed causes, were said to be; (a) ‘Curtailing the spread of certain philosophical ideologies by certain world leaders; (b) Ending the genocidal atrocities being perpetrated against certain people; and (c) ‘Saving Humanity’ from total destruction. The Scripture continues to speak to ‘Reality and Rumors.’ There shall be no alarm’ [NIV: Matthew 24: 6-]. These speak to the ‘Birth of Pain’ and the beginning of human suffering.


In fact, these invasive, deadly and destructive ‘Acts of War,’ were as necessary as many being fought today. Among many important reasons, and in many respects, they were intended to protect sovereignty and safeguard nations. On the ‘Menacing Effects of Crime,’ while Law enforcement reportedly pushed up their chest and speak glibly that there has been a dip in crime, the citizens, in their hapless and defenceless mode, continue to experience the ‘Menacing Effects of Crime.’ Daily and nightly, many have been inescapable victims. The citizenry has a contrary view to those in shocking denial. The overwhelming majority continues to see a spike.


For this discussion, it was considered important to look at the situation respecting; (a) ‘Missing teenagers; (b) The youths; (c) Mature adults; and (d) Apparent dementia-affected and unsupervised senior citizens.’ It looks at; (i) ‘The run-aways: (ii) The youths suspectedly caught-up, and sucked into a hostile environment; and (iii) The walk-aways and their traceless disappearances.’ More specifically, it looks at; (a) ‘The apparent outmoded; outdated and over-used law enforcement non-basis conclusions when bodies are discovered. It has been seen that even in partial or advanced stage of decomposition, ‘Quacky Officers’ may either disclose; (i) ‘No foul play suspected; or (iii) No marks of violence.’ These appeared evident in two recently disseminated social and mainstream media ‘Press Releases.’ Dedicated to those in need of ‘Care and Protection.’


Likened to the scriptural ‘Salt and Savor’ for taste, the concept ‘Protect and Serve,’ appears to have lost their meaning. This has been the agency that was charged with many responsibilities, foremost protecting and serving the citizens; Maintaining the peace and good order, through the ‘Rule of Law.’ None shall disagree that in this era of great trials and tribulations, adversity and tragedy, law enforcement is needed more than ever. In times of adversity, affected and anxious families looked to Law enforcement, not only for protection and service, but primarily for answers and leadership.


This was viewed from the perspective of the ‘Missing Persons Syndrome,’ and the apparent lack of interest or inability, or lack of commitment or resolve by Law enforcement in helping families in being re-united with those that have gone missing. It shall incense no ill-feelings, nor provoke no apathy and wrath in venturing to look at what the Scripture edifies and curiously, but deliberately asks; ‘Ye are the salt of the Earth; If the salt has lost its savour, wherewith shall it be salted’ [KJV: Matthew 5: 13]. Apply to Law enforcement, it might reasonably be asked; (a) ‘Has Law enforcement a resolve in bringing some measure of respite to the anxious and grieving families? (b) What more might be done in bringing closure in the ‘Missing Persons Reports?’


Still, all shall not agree that mediocrity in Law enforcement shall be accepted in modern society. When Law enforcement; (i) ‘Prematurely jumped to conclusion; and (ii) Neglect to conduct formal, meaningful and thorough investigation into the discovery of lifeless human bodies, they may have allowed a ‘Possible Crime of Murder’ to go unsolved. The case of an unidentified former Fort Road resident makes the point. Researching online for this commentary, a news portal reported; ‘The Police say they do not suspect foul play in the badly decomposed body was found in the city.’


One shudders to think that given what ‘Police’ reportedly claimed to have known; (i) ‘No formal investigations were conducted; (ii) No Post mortem examination may have been performed to determine possible ‘Causes of Death; and (iii) No Coroner’s Inquest touching his death was held. Still, most troubling, has been the reasons reported by a popularly-followed news portal. It states; ‘According to the Police, the 37-year-old Fort Road resident is a known vagrant, who suffered from mental illness. [Observer Media: October 13, 2017]. Professionally, though not so asked, but these represent serious omissions of the kind capable of being described as ‘Gross Negligence.’


More recently, a ‘Press Releasee,’ purportedly issued by Police ‘Strategic Communications’ unit- ‘STRATCOM,’ for public information, and perhaps indirectly to the family, appeared ‘Far from Strategic.’ It might very well be seen as a ‘Comedy of Errors;’ (i) ‘Not sensitizing general public; and (ii) ‘Prematurely suggesting that; ‘Preliminary findings by the Police indicate that murder is not suspected at this stage’ [Observer Media: November 7, 2023]. In fact, the contents of a ‘Press Release,’ such as this one, should have been causing families and loved ones, unnecessary, but added grief and unnecessary anxiety.


Moreover, families may just have harbored unnerving feelings and thoughts of hopelessness, as to be left in a state of perplexity. Though it may have been out of human curiosity, much credit shall be accorded to the unidentified female farmer. Seemingly, exhibiting keener ‘Powers of Observation,’ than may not necessarily have resided in some Law enforcers, it led to the discovery of a motor vehicle. It was reportedly parked at the edge of surface-water ‘Pot Works Dam’ for a suspiciously long period of time. Inquisitively, bravely, yet cautiously, the lone female farmer advanced


Though not necessarily in military war, several innocent citizens have been reported ‘Missing.’ Most harrowingly, have been those families that have seen loved ones ‘Disappeared without a Trace.’ The experiences of several families and social and mainstream media reports, support these irrefutable assertions. Clearly ‘Statistically Troubling,’ among the several persons reported missing, includes; (i) ‘Ayana Christian 21 [December 23, 1999]: (ii) Anisha Millett 14 (deceased-body recovered-Devil’s Bridge) [July 9, 2012]; (iii) Keri-Ann Joshua 24; January 12, 2013]; (iv) Vincia James 26 [April 7, 2017; (v) Roman Mussabekov [May 15, 2017].


In the ‘Last Four Years,’ Law enforcement shall have observed the disturbing trend. They shall have records of the ‘Traceless Disappearance’ of ; ‘(vi) Juvere Christopher 20’s (Son of serving female Police officer) [February 25, 2019]; (vii) Senior citizen Hyacinth Gage74 [May 7, 2019]; (viii) Deshawn Devonte Joseph 17 [July 12, 2019]: (ix) Kevon ‘Sardis’ Bailey 26 [September 22, 2020]; (x) Jerkeem Jackson 16 [November 28, 2021]: (xi) Shamar Harrigan 19 November 14, 2022]; (xii) Kevin Millett Jr. 18 [March 17, 2023]; (xiii) Noah Hurst 24 [April 13, 2023]; (xiv) Senior citizens Steadman Christian 60’s [August 3, 2023]; and (xv) Winston ‘Mohammed’ Charles 76 [August 27, 2023].


Should; (a) ‘Missing persons record exists; (b) Record showing conduct or progress of investigation updated; and (c) Files opened,’ they shall disclose the identity of those officially reported ‘Missing and Vanished.’ Such records and files may indicate when tragedy struck the ‘Jermain Simon’s and Ayana Christian’s families.’ Both overseas students, reportedly returned home to join their respective family for; (i) ‘The Christmas celebration-1999; and (ii) ‘Dawn of the ‘New Millenium.’


Incidentally, long before these ‘Traceless Disappearances, on a night out in the city with student companion ‘Jermain Simon 20’s,’ Ayana Christian 21,’ fate had worked against them. Mere days before ‘Christmas 1999,’ the vehicle was reportedly abandoned and found at the ‘Jabberwock Beach.’ Both appeared to have been kidnapped. Then exhibiting ‘Insensitivity and Recklessness,’ an inept Law enforcer wrongly assumed that she may have gone on a rendezvous, thereby spending the night at a luxury resort. Mere hours later, Law enforcement realized that tragedy had struck. This was when the male’s body was discovered stuffed in the trunk of her vehicle.


His family, though overwhelmed by grief, had the opportunity in seeing him being laid to rest. For the ‘Everette Christian’ family, they have, and continue to live through the harrowing and nightmarish’ experience of her ‘Traceless Disappearance.’ Though legal closure might be brought on the ‘Presumption of Death,’ through a ‘Coroner’s Inquisition,’ it will bring no solace to her family. As with ‘Spouses,’ a husband or wife that has not heard or communicated with each other for ‘seven years,’ a spouse may seek through the Courts to dissolve the marriage.


Lack of communication between the ‘Missing and the Living,’ often guided Courts. In recent years, the increasing number of ‘Missing Person Reports,’ not only appears to have reached the threshold of alarm, but also to a great many citizens, it has reached the point of to be seen as a matter of grave national concern. In a life of tragedy and trauma, and with the inevitability of sorrow and grief that follow death, no family shall be left more horrified and distressed by ‘Law enforcement Press Releases’ that borders insensitivity. It should be considered an act of inexcusable stupidity, when Law enforcers treat with incivility and triviality, any such report.


In the case of ‘Missing Loved Ones’ and whereabouts were not immediately known, they are distressed. Then as the minutes grew into hours, days, weeks, months and years, the feelings become eerie, while hope dissipates.  Then there are the horrible thoughts of those that may have been subjected to; (a) ‘Forcible kidnapping; and (b) Possible torturous, painful or painless deaths. In all these, the focus of attention has been placed upon Law enforcement.  Law enforcers lacking a ‘Sense of Seriousness,’ shall be professionally refreshed.


None shall deny that the situation regarding ‘Missing Persons,’ has now reached the disturbing point of ‘Grave Community Concern.’ Equally as disquieting, have been the gruesome ‘stumbled-upon bodies’ of persons that may or may not have been reported missing. Some of the bodies were reportedly identified, while others either too far advanced; (a) ‘In a state of decomposition; and (b) Were burnt beyond recognition’ that without forensic aid, remain unidentified, unclaimed and unburied, or without certain completed formalities, secretly laid to rest.


From the perspective of criminality, that which an apparent small minority of Law enforcers appear not to have known there has been certain ‘Presumptions.’ Constitutionally, there has been; (a) ‘That of innocence; (b) In the commission of, and trial for a crime; and (c) In the investigation of certain deaths.’ Those skilled in criminal investigations may not only rely on theorizing, but may also harbor presumptions of a crime being committed until the contrary is proved.’ These are neither shared with social media, nor general public.


For instance, even when the ‘Causes of Death’ were not known, in the cases of bodies being discovered, such presumption not only guides an investigative understanding that a crime may have been committed, but also there may be more than one perpetrator. These shall be disproved only by a ‘Medical History,’ (if any), as is required to be provided by previously or last known attending physicians of the deceased to ‘Law enforcement and Coroners.’ Such often reveals, inter alia; (a) Known medical conditions; or (b) Consequent upon a post mortem examination, the professional findings of a Pathologist’ that determines the ‘Causes of Death.’


Except for possible ‘Routine Speculation,’ there may have been no medical guidance or professional basis for reaching conclusions such as; (i) ‘Suspected suicide; and (ii) No suspicion of murder. Thus, be it sudden or tragic; natural or unnatural death, without investigative knowledge being professionally guided by these experts as to the ‘Causes of Death,’ it has been considered speculatively dangerous for members of Police Services to remove from their thoughts that no criminal act has been perpetrated.

  1. QUACK

It shall provoke no apathy in asserting that deployment or assignment of personnel within most Police Services,’ were either determined by the evident demoralizing practices of some Police Service Commissions (PSC).’ These are widely known factors that have been responsible for as many ‘Ducks,’ as there are ‘Quacks’ in regional Police Services. Most were positioned and assigned responsibilities, well beyond their capacity and professional competency. Then there were the intervening or intrusive influences of the environment.’


Those that are familiar with criminal investigations, know of the investigative principle. This principle informs that where deaths may have occurred in ‘Mysterious Circumstances.’ When a news portal reported the horrifying discovery through an equally horrifying ‘STRATCOM Press Release,’ rightly or wrongly, the ‘Head’ of this unit may easily have been referred to as; ‘Dr. Quack.’  When a news portal quoted from a source, formal or informal, that the investigative approach suggested the treatment as a ‘Suicidal Death,’ then the Police ‘Strategic Communications (STRATCOM)’ unit, was itself showing that it may have been ‘Suicidally Quacky.’


When adversity come upon families or tragedy strikes, none may deny the trauma being experienced by those that have lost loved ones. While investigation is really not about harboring ‘Pre-conceived Ideas,’ reasonable suspicion of; (a) ‘Foul-Play; and (b) Murder,’ often guides the astute criminal investigators in rationally theorizing strategies and approaches to the investigation. It allows for making informed decisions that may enable the investigator to make assessments and reach reasonable conclusions.


Then the ‘Hapless,’ fearful, sorrowful and grief-stricken families cried for help. As shock waves reverberated across the communities, the members mindful of similar experiences, though not necessarily in significant numbers, bonded together to assist each other. These are universal phenomena, felt and experienced right here in the beautiful, peaceful, sun-drenched twin-island 108-square mile nation of ‘Antigua and Barbuda.’ While several of the ‘Missing and Traceless Disappearances’ may have been lost to tragedy, with unforbidden consequences, all have been committed to ‘Living Memory’ of those left to grieve.


Respecting the ‘Teens,’ many have reportedly run away from families. Then within a week to nine days, they safely wend their way back to their dwellings. The teenaged experience appears not to have been the same as those of the youth, mature adults and senior citizens. Several have reportedly disappeared from communities without a trace. As may have been discerned, many youths that have reached the ‘Age of Majority’ (18 years), often seemed to have been caught up in a hostile and dangerous environment. Professionally speaking, such environment rarely speaks to an appreciation for peaceful co-existence and harmonious relations among youths. There is antagonism, hostility and rivalry, as there is violence. That which was often evident has been retaliatory shootings and tragic deaths.


As it affects apparent troubled and recalcitrant teens, often out of neglect, desperation and frustration, many seemed to have found ways to escape from these ‘Miseries.’ The other likely issues, may have stemmed from want of love and; chronic child abuse; and pent-up feelings, possibly due to personal home-grown discontentment; peer pressure; school; and that obtained in the environment.’ These were predominantly known issues that have seriously impacted teen life and young adults. Most either for want of personal space, freedom and liberty, simply took ‘Time-Out,’ thus venturing into a dangerous and engulfing society.


A teen that was reported missing was identified as ‘Raffiqua Philip 13’ [October 31, 2023]. Likened to the others, whatever may have been their teen troubles or fond desires, wholesome or unwholesome, it appears that only a concerted parental, community and institutionalized approach, secular and religious, aided by non-regimental strategies may influence meaningful ‘Attitudinal and Behavioral Change.’ That which shall be understood, is that sentimentality and vexatious acts of brutality, have never solved teenaged-issues. Except there was an enabling environment, and that it was conducive to such change, then society shall know that there will be as many ‘Teenage truancy and unwanted pregnancy,’ as there are potholes on the road through the ‘Buckley’s’ community.’


Unlike the ‘Traceless Disappearances,’ though certainty was never guaranteed, the optimists always felt, that given the ‘Prodigal Son Syndrome’ [KJV: Luke 15: 11], the restless or ’Psychologically-Troubled Teens,’ were most likely to return home to their loved ones. Recent partial statistics have shown that many teens that may have taken ‘Time Out,’ have since returned to their respective homes. These include; (i) ‘Tezean Morance 14 [June 16, 2023]; (ii) Melissa Williams 15’ [June 24, 2023]; (iii) Summer Glo Lake 13, [August 6, 2023]; and (iii) Alicia Grayman 17, [October 28, 2023]: and (iv) Raffiqua Philip 13]. These appear to be at the most vulnerable stage of their individual life.


Most parents and responsible citizens appeared to have been driven to the point of ‘Hopelessness and Despair.’ Lives have been shattered, and many parents have been left dismayed, perplexed and distraught. Incidentally, Law enforcement, the State’s agency for social control, was frequently seen more for its incompetence and ineffectiveness, more than for its efficiency and usefulness to the citizenry. This agency of the ‘State’ was more often seen as; (a) ‘Under-resourced; or (b) Inadequately equipped; and (c) In want of professional training.’ Notwithstanding, even with a demoralized membership, the overwhelming majority, seems committed to their ‘Chosen Profession.’


In the case of a ‘Body,’ in spite of the associated challenges, the ‘Collaborative Efforts’ of families, communities and members of the farming community, that which Law enforcers appeared to have confined themselves, was simply await a call of a discovery of a body, or a residence where a ‘Runaway Teen’ was seen, visit and take possession of a body or a possible or extended crime scene. After the compulsory, but initial intervention, there has been a deafening silence. Consequently, distress and distraught families, and by extension, general public, anxiously, yet in ‘Grieving Futility,’ impatiently listens and frantically waits for follow-up reports on the progress of investigations.


None may deny the profound commitment and resolve of, and invaluable contribution made, and continue to be made by social activist and social media personality, ’Mary John.’ Through her ‘Social Activism,’ voluntarily and single-handedly, she has helped many ‘Teenage Runaways’ back into homes that may have been less than stable. Even with an environment that may have been seen as conducive to ‘Teenage Rebellion,’ choiceless, she has caused many ‘Runaways’ to be re-united with their families. Her efforts seemed beyond comparison to the apparent ineffective institutionalized agencies.


It matters not what they are officially called, they are seen as merely ‘The Interventionists.’ Their individual and collective efforts have not been sufficiently felt. They are; (a) ‘The Welfare Division and Truant officers; Youth Affairs; and Youth Units.’ Though she may never be accorded the privilege and honor to exhibit a graceful walk down a red carpet at ‘an Award Ceremony,’ she has shown a steely resolve in helping the disadvantaged teenagers. Unsupported by a scientific poll to test the mind of the nation,’ it was, put to a female national for a response to a possible nomination of an award for her services to humanity.’ One was indeed provided. Whether or not it was a matter of ‘Jest or Seriousness,’ she responded most candidly.


The response was; ‘It was much easier for a ‘Cloned Dog’ to visit; (a) ‘Cabinet; (b) Parliament; and (c) Government House or a Ponzi scheme to be given an award, than an activist to be honored in this country’ [November 10, 2023]. Incidentally, the State’s machinery has prosecutorial consequences dangling just above the head, not for a crime of dishonesty, but for an alleged electronic violation. Though the constitutional principle provides for the right to the ‘Presumption of Innocence’ [CO: 1981: Section 15], the victimizing culture and discriminatory practices of the ‘Princes and Princesses of Virtue,’ stood in militation against any such recommendation.


Now, taken outside the domain of ‘Award Ceremony,’ the recent ‘Declaration of Intent,’ by ‘Dame Sherese (Washington Bramble)’ in vying for a seat in Parliament,’ may also stimulate ambitious interest for the social activist. Dame Sherese, also a social media personality, appears in no better position than ‘Mary John.’ The ‘Dame’ also has a ‘Dangling Gavel’ just above her highlighted head of hair. Whether or not this declarant possesses the same qualities and intellect, ‘Hansard’ shall show only two distinguished ‘Dames.’ It will show: (i) ‘Senate President Hazlyn Francis; and (ii) House Speaker, D. Gisele Isaac’ [2004-2014]. Given Dame Sherese’s declaration, ‘Hansard’ could very well show the third, but unofficial ‘Dame’ [ANR: November 7, 2023].


That which has been traumatic to many families, has been those that may have walked away from home, and perhaps, for certain medical conditions, many appeared to have lost their sense of direction. Seemingly experienced directional difficulties due to a diminished sense of direction, many appeared to have wandered off into seldom traversed dense vegetation. Consequent upon which, many appeared unable to have negotiated their way out, and back to their safe dwellings. These have been the apparent unsupervised or unattended ‘Walk-Aways.’


This may not necessarily have been the case of ‘Mock Pond Resident, Gwendolyn Williams 49.’ With reasonable promptitude, family members were said to have officially reported the deceased missing. The incident of her disappearance was reported to have occurred some five days after the national celebrations of ‘Political Independence’ [November 6, 2023]. As has often been religiously done, Law enforcement was known to have alerted general public, with an appeal to the citizenry for assistance. Though they shall not be held responsible for the ‘Demise of the Deceased,’ it was obvious that ‘Law enforcement’ may have been guilty of a ‘Serious Functional Lapse,’ not doing so.


In the instant case, a Police STRATCOM-issued ‘Press Release,’ informed general public of the discovery of the body of the ‘Mock Pond- All Saints’ resident. Such appeared to have created more distrust and disgust, than of welcoming information. The media-disseminated ‘releasee, clearly ill-advised, hastily prepared, thoughtlessly and insensitively, suggested that the deceased may have been a ‘Felon of Herself.’ Indirectly, they have ruled out a homicide, thus, approaching her demise as a ‘Suicide.’


As it relates to ‘Missing Person’s Report,’ it appears more of a ‘Myth’ than ‘Reality’ when such report shall be officially made to Law enforcement.’ There has been no legislative guide when a report shall be made. As obtained in other global jurisdictions, there are specially-established agencies, some governmental and some non-governmental that are available to receive such reports, and where necessary make referrals to Law enforcement. For instance, as obtained in the United Kingdom, such report can be made to the ‘Metropolitan Police within twenty-four (24) hours.


It shall be seen as mindboggling when trained Law enforcers were allowed to commit prostitution upon the region’s ‘Police Services.’ These prostitutes never wish to respond to the ‘Call of Duty.’ Most does not wish to hour the uniforms. Place them in an office outside of ‘Law enforcement Duties,’ all they see is prestige and the novelty of being seen as a ‘White-Collar Worker.’ Now, given the seriousness of the situation with ‘Missing Persons, secondment; mis-assigned or poorly deployed, appear inconsistent with the ‘Oath office’ and counter-productive. From a leadership perspective, in Law enforcement, the human resource shall always be used productively and for the common good.


Whether or not they dislike it, they shall ‘Function According to Law,’ and not necessarily to their whim and fancy; fond desires; or the ‘Good Graces’ of those positioned to wield power and authority. It should now be seen as being more productive for the reportedly well-trained ‘Search and Rescue’ Corporal of Police, Anderson Tuitt’ on secondment at the ‘National office of Disaster Services (NODS)’ to be engaged otherwise. With his professional expertise, a team headed and led by him, should augur well for the good of the nation. Thus, it would make better sense utilizing his specialized training than simply waiting on the seasonal hurricanes or flash-flood warming to respond to citizens experiencing weather trouble.


It has been proven that this period this period of time is not only critical to; (i) ‘Successful search and rescue; but also: (ii) Life and death.’ That which is of vital importance is knowledge of the behavioral traits of persons, as they affect, inter alia; (a) ‘Routine movements and route from home to workplaces and vice versa; (b) Places of resort; (c) Family; friends or associates; (d) Lengthy or short absences; (e) Mode and frequency of communication with home or family.’ Though seemingly trite or mundane, these have often provided useful hints to both Law enforcement and ‘Search and Rescue Teams (SART).’


The Case of many ‘Missing Persons,’ but more specifically-New Winthropes resident, ‘Vincia James’ vividly makes the point’ [Friday, April 7, 2017: 1991-2017]. Family members knew the ‘Routine and Movement’ of the 26-year-old single mother of one child. They knew she left her residence and in fact reported and left her Old Parham Road workplace. But two things no one knows; (i) ‘Where she went or may have been taken; and (ii) Her whereabouts.’



Given the discovery of lifeless bodies, as that of ‘Gwendolyn Williams’ and the pre-mature speculation that ‘Murder’ was not considered, for the elimination of speculations, and to guide criminal investigators, the ‘Coroner’s Act’ provides procedural guidance for a death where a body is found.’ Except ‘Press Liaison officers’ remain hell-bent on ‘Speculations,’ the ‘Act’ specify; that where; ‘Reasonable suspicion exists that any person is criminally responsible for such death,’ such was to be properly investigated [Laws of Antigua and Barbuda: Coroners Act: Chapter 105: Section 2].


The persons that guide the ‘Investigative Thinking’ of Law enforcement, and more specifically, ‘Coroners,’ as it affects the holding of ‘Coroner’s Inquests,’ are; (i) ‘The District Medical officers; and (ii) The Pathologists.’ It is certainly, not the solicited or unsolicited opinions of ‘Police Press Releases.’ The ‘Function’ as statutorily imposed upon Government-assigned ‘Medical officers’ states; ‘The District Medical Officer ‘SHALL’ view, and if necessary, for the purposes of this Act, make a post mortem examination of the unburied body of any deceased person within the district.’ Given provisions contained in the ‘Coroner’s Act,’ none may say that Parliament never anticipated that some deaths may occur in ‘State institutions. These include; (a) ‘His Majesty’s Prison (HMP): and (b) Hospitals -Medical and Psychiatric’ [CA: Section 7].


As a matter of public interest, transparency; accountability; and most importantly; ‘LIABILITY’ for any deliberate ‘Act or Omission.’ Thus, it shall never be seen that within the confines of these institutions, it is equally or far more dangerous than outside in the wider society. Therefore, Parliament’s anticipation and the public expectations, shall show no variance. Therefore, they expect formal, thorough and proper investigations to be conducted with promptitude. The investigations shall include; ‘Post Mortem Examinations’ to be performed on such body.’ As it affects the ‘Runaway Teens and the ‘Walkaway Seniors,’ the citizenry, expects that Law enforcement shall take the lead role; (a) ‘In Search and Rescue; and (b) Body recovery when elapsed time suggests sorrow and grief. The most, and widely reported cases of; (i) ‘Ayana Christian; (ii) Vincia James; (iii) Keri-Ann Joshua: and (iv) Hyacinth Gage,’ as well as the other ‘Traceless Male Disappearances, vividly make the point for ‘R

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  1. Mr. Pompey, great points. You know the sad part is, when I was reading your great points, I immediately started to think, “but we all know this is Antigua”. I literally accepted this is how things are in Antigua and we should not expect any better.

    That hurts that I thought that. It hurts what you (Mr. Pompey) is saying is not the norm but the problems you highlighted are.

    National security board but no experts with advance degree in any related fields. Police force with none of the folks at the helm with any related advance degree in any social science field.

    And the locals are too ignorant, dumb and brained washed into politics to see the ministers of governments (upp and ablp) cares nothing for their wellbeing to provide them with the best that is truly available.

    Thank you for writing Mr. Pompey, it is sad no one will listen anytime soon.

    This is a must-read article that puts the spotlight on this: “As a matter of public interest, transparency, accountability; and most importantly; ‘LIABILITY’ for any deliberate ‘Act or Omission’. Thus, it shall never be seen that within the confines of these institutions, it is equally or far more dangerous than outside in the wider society.”

    “A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

    “History is not everything, but it is a starting point. History is a clock that people use to tell their political and cultural time of day. It is a compass they use to find themselves on the map of human geography. It tells them where they are but, more importantly, WHAT THEY MUST BE.”

    Let us interact with humility, grace, honesty, good intentions! ….Be nice to each other!

    Save our Humanity, Save our Youths, Save our Environment, Save our Soil!!!
    Be safe and well!


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