COMMENTARY: Corona – The Virus Of Death

Positive blood test result for the new rapidly spreading Coronavirus, originating in Wuhan, China


What am I?  They call me ‘Corona Virus’ [2019/2020: Wuhan City: China] Acronymizing my name, scientists have called me ‘Çovid- 19.’ What the hell this means?  Except to say it began spreading across ‘…China’s Wuhan City in 2019,’ and subsequently across the globe, few people really know. But as a virus, this is the ‘Father of All Viruses.’ Though, at least not yet called, I am the ‘Virus of Death.’ It should not be seen as rivalling other viruses, such as ‘Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)’ [April 16, 2003: Asia] and Ebola’ [Democratic Republic of Congo/Uganda: 2019]. This virus has, but one mission. It stands alone and moves alone. Therefore, the world shall fear no other virus, but the one that brings ‘Sudden Death.’ They have referred to it as a ‘Global Emergency.’ The symptoms are simple. There would be; (a) ‘…High fever; (b) …Persistent coughing; and (c) …Breathing would become difficult as there would be shortness of breath. The graphic story is told of what has developed in Italy in just one day [Aljazeera: March 22, 2020].


You have called your Creator ‘…God of All Gods; Master; …Lord and Saviour; …Jesus Christ; and King of Kings.’ You have called me the ‘…Devil; …Satan; and …Lucifer.’ His ways are not my ways and mine, not of His. Even as I have rivalled and have been adversarial to your God, Lord and Saviour, the Creator of Heaven and Earth; …Maker of Adam and Eve; …Father of Jesus Christ, and the rest of mankind, the ‘Virus of Death’’ is neither of His making, nor of him that made me, the ‘devil.’ As the devil, there is a constant fight wit Him. This is because we both love you. For very different reasons, my mission is to capture your ‘Souls,’ while His is for your ‘Salvation.’ This is really the doing of mankind. Likened to your Creator, as a ‘Hunter Virus,’ there may be no place for anyone to run or hide from me. You have brought upon yourselves the ‘Virus of Death.’ THE PUNISHMENT

Now, two nations ‘…China and the United States of America’ and their leaders are blaming the other for me, the ‘Virus of Death.’ They have been spewing angry rhetoric over my origin and who has created me. These leaders shall follow my dictates. Both would be punished by me for their expressions and transgressions. Be they ally or enemy, innocent or guilty, the rest of the world shall share their punishment. International travel by air and sea would be halted. Trading would be severely hampered. Food security and ready availability would be problematic. Desperate people would do desperate things. In time to come, they would understand what in normal conditions or abnormal situations, what really moderation is.


Wherever people are grabbed by me, or goods and services are held-up, they shall remain there until it is safe for them to move or trade again. Manufacturing plants would grind to a complete halt. There would be no ‘Social Gathering and Social Distancing’ would go into immediate effect. Schools and other learning institutions would also shut down. The pews and chairs in Churches and other religious Sanctuaries would be empty, as congregants endeavour to avoid contact with me, or people afflicted by me. Hotels, restaurants and bars; night clubs and cinemas; …sports arena would be forced under locked down. For fear of infecting others people, direct visitations to health facilities would be drastically curtailed. Visitations to financial institutions and governmental agencies and departments would also be forced under semi-lockdown.


Public transportation systems would also feel the wrath of the ‘Virus of Death.’ Since my existence is mainly on surfaces, Self-driven motor vehicles shall be properly sanitized, before and after use. Hugging and kissing could bring doom to ‘Huggers and Kissers.’ Thus, friendly greetings would be reduced to a single, but gentle ‘…elbow to elbow touch.’ This shall be done only with people that are familiar with each other.  Though not necessarily out of reach, people would still find it difficult to keep out my way. This will be so, until my journey across the globe is complete or until my mission is accomplished or until scientists find a cure for me. In the meantime, hospitals and other health facilities would be overwhelmed.


Whether or not there is a case of drowning, there shall be no ‘…mouth to mouth resuscitation.’ Lest that a victim is quickly assisted to get medical attention he/she shall be allowed to die quietly. When people are grabbed by me, they are given bodily aches and headache. They are not only made to ‘…sneeze and cough, but also spit, vomit and skhit.’ Their bodies would be dehydrated and their appetite cut. Those with immune system that render them too weak and too frail, or become incapacitated to offer resistance or conquer me, my hold on their health and life, by death they are quickly removed to a place of  ‘Perfect Peace and Quiet Rest.’


Even with possible affliction and death, there may be no need to panic. Even so, there is absolutely necessity to take all precautionary measures to protect your health. Where danger of contamination of the ‘Virus of Death’ is likely or the likelihood of anyone contracting it, one shall be mindful and watchful where he/she places his/her hands. They shall also avoid what discharge may be consistently or sporadically from the ‘…nostrils and mouths.’ Consequently, where possible, cover these with facial masks. If afflicted or suddenly fallen ill, do not blame it all on me ‘Virus of Death,’ for I am not the only virus that has come, or will come. Until then, practice proper hygiene. Remember, soap and water keeps the body fresh and clean. Also remember that likened to driving, a life saved may be your very own.  ***

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