COMMENTARY: Ashworth Azille – Relinquishing the Presidency



Though not necessarily for the same reasons as the ‘Royal Couple,’ the conscious decisions
taken by ‘Ashworth Azille’ in ‘Relinquishing the Presidency’ of two educational organizations, have in some way brought ‘Shock and Awe’ to the nation [April 20, 2020].

Though the decisions may have brought some discomfiture, the sudden developments are all part of the harsh realities of life. These often come with certain privileged positions.

Even so, acting in the identified capacity, ‘Ashworth Azille’ harbored no feelings of apathy and displayed ‘no rancor.’ This commentary seeks to provide insights into that which is obtained in most representative organizations.

It has been to societal knowledge, as it has been to organizational knowledge that ‘Necessity knows no obstacle.’ This indirectly speaks to the oft-spoken expression that ‘…No man is indispensable.’ If it were not so ‘former Agriculture Minister Dean Jonas’ may not have been shocked into grievous disbelief. Conversely, ‘No man shall be so humiliated’ to the extent of affronting his ‘dignity’ as to cause him ‘despair and mental agony.’ If it were not so, ‘former Tourism Minister Asot Michael’ may not have been left ‘horror-stricken.’ That which is to be borne in mind is that every day brings its own ‘Fortune and Misfortune.’ Thus, irrespective of affluence, social or positional status, while people may have their own ‘qualms,’ know that ‘What is to happen will happen’ [Murphy’s Law].

Relate these scenarios to the organization called the ‘Antigua and Barbuda Union of Teachers
(A&BUT).’ As in other organizations, there comes a time for; (i) ‘Inclusion and resignation; (ii) …Isolation and/or Ostracization; and (iii) …Organizational Transformation.’ These are never in harmony with ‘organizational rapture.’ No Sah! These speak to the predictable and
unpredictable nature of man. It has been to the knowledge that the membership of the various organizations, have inter alia, ‘…high ideals; …expectations and aspirations.’

Whatever is ‘Man’s Desire,’ even with ‘Dangling Consequences,’ it would be seen that; (a) ‘…Battles would be waged; (b) …Obstacles would be removed; (c) …Mountains climbed; and (d) …Rivers would be crossed’ in accessing or obtaining or achieving it.

From this position, theorists have looked at certain ‘Behavioral Peculiarities’ in man. The most notable has been the ‘unpredictable nature of man.’ Psychologists have argued that whatever energizes the ‘Id’ (mind) often drives the ‘Ego (self).’ The individual so endowed with ‘Reason and Conscience’ and possesses a ‘strong will power,’ is usually well-positioned to discern possible developments, and so better positioned to make informed decisions. For the former President (A&BCUT & CUT), Ashworth Azille,’ if it can be so described, the ‘Noise and Nonsense,’ are now behind him. He now has adequacy of time to concentrate on more gratifying undertakings-family-wise and education.

Slightly digressing; whether in an organization or in the wider society, humans are prepared to do almost anything. This has been so, even when consequences were precariously dangling. This speaks to a point on ‘Human Behavior’ and the sometimes predictable or unpredictable nature of man. There are two primary ‘Characteristics in Humans.’ Theorists have posited that both have long gone beyond theories. Firstly, ‘man is universally known to be a ‘…Social animal.’

Secondly, man is also known to be a ‘…Wanting animal.’ These are all part of the everyday
‘human experiences.’

Everyone, by now, shall have been aware of the deadly ‘Virus,’ health Scientists and medical officers have called ‘…Corona Infectious Disease or Corvid-19.’ It has not only reduced world populations, but also brought about drastic changes to ‘Human socialization.’ Social scientists, on the other hand, speak to ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.’ Among these critical needs is ‘Companionship.’ Given a virus-threat to the national health, the ‘Eustace ‘Tiko’ Lake-led 9- member CBH Board,’ says none of that until the spread or containment of the ‘Lethal Virus’ was sufficiently brought under control. This may have been understood by the experiences of a certain ‘Curfew violators.’

Apply these concepts to the wider society, it would be seen that; (a) …Man must socialize; and (b) …Man must want something.’ Looked at from the currency of the situation, man will do almost anything for ‘socialization.’ Reasonable inferences may have been drawn that even when it was restricted, (i) …the defendant wanted to socialize; and (ii) …He wanted some darn thing.’

Social media contributor ‘Ras Smood,’ once called some darn thing, ‘Punani,’ whatever that
means. Should have cooked up some darn thing at home and call it ‘Punani.’

Undoubtedly, the ‘biker/curfew breaker’ may have been totally confused with the terms, (a)
…Coffee break; and (b) …Curfew Break.’ Not quite sure what the hell he may have been
‘Wishing’ for, but seemingly becoming ‘Itchy,’ he set off on his bicycle. A run of ‘Bad Luck
Struck’ to the ‘Curfew Breaker’ and seemingly stopped the ‘Itching.’ He never got to her
residence, and never got what he may have ‘wanted.’

Whether or not his taste buds had called for the famous ‘Suzie’s Hot Sauce’ or ‘…Sarah Piper’s Hot Sauce’ or some other darn ‘non-peppery sauce,’ his mind may have been transfixed upon something. Given the currency of the situation, every citizen shall know that there are, ‘Choices’ as there are the ‘Inevitability of Consequences.’ Eventually these were manifested. ‘With restrictive measures resembling that associated with ‘domesticated animals,’ the unfolding events continue to show changes, either for the worst or hardship, misery and despair.

As fate would have it, before arriving at his destination, he was intercepted by members of the ‘Security Forces.’ He may have advised himself that ‘under cover of darkness,’ the prudent thing to do, was ‘concealing himself’ from any vehicular lights, whether approaching from the front or at the rear. The ‘curfew violator’ was slapped a magisterially imposed, but clearly

‘Unlawful Fixed Penalty of $5, 000.’ This has resulted from the ‘Eustace ‘Tiko’ Lake-led
Central Board of Health (CBH) ‘9-member Board Curfew Regulations’[Statutory Instrument:
Nos. 16 & 27 of 2020: Section 177: Public Health Act: Chapter 353].

Starved of a justifiable reason, he was arrested and slapped with a ‘Curfew Charge.’ Guess he thought he would get away ‘lightly,’ the darn fool ‘pleaded guilty.’ In his explanation to ‘Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh,’ he ‘truthfully,’ told her that he was ‘riding his bicycle to visit his girlfriend’ [April 20, 2020]. Well, if he wanted to ‘Beat the Heat,’ wherever he was feeling it, he may have ‘fetched a darn bucket of cold water and bathed his body in it.’

Adding to his misery, without getting a bottle of ‘Sarah Piper’s Hot Sauce,’ he was made to pay the hefty fine. Dedicated to the memory of a good friend, ‘Timothy ‘Tim’ Payne [April 25, 2020: House of Payne]. Here ends the digression.

Not infrequently in the life of a man/woman, there comes a time when he/she shall sit privately and quietly to give careful considerations to particular developments in their lives. Conversely, they shall do the same regarding the ‘professionally-privileged positions’ that were seen to have enviously become the burning desire of a ‘Treacherous Few.’ Invariably, those that ‘feigned loyalty’ have often been seen as being complicit with others in committing acts, capable of being described as, ‘Organizational Treachery.’ Connivingly, some members have been exploited into ‘scheming and planning’ to bring about the demise or downfall of others. With these truths, none may ‘Harbor Illusions’ of what obtains in ‘organizational leadership.’ Additionally, nonemay entertain ‘figment of imagination.’

Whatever man’s ‘desperate and wicked little heart desires,’ invariably, with resoluteness and determination, either by himself or with multitudes, that he often sets himself out to achieve. This has always been part of the culture of many organizations. Though not necessarily for reasons of expediency, very consciously a ‘man/woman’ shall plan his/her next move, or chart a particular course of his destiny. Consequently, he shall; (a) ‘…Move forward; (b) …Move inward; or (c) …Move outward.’ When those who follow become antagonistic to a leader, just as that leader ‘…Come in Peace,’ he shall also ‘…Go in Peace.’

At this juncture, it is given clearly to understand, that these are neither the expressed views; …harbored or scripted, nor shared thoughts of ‘…Principal of the Clare Hall Secondary School (CHSS), Ashworth Azille.’ Suffice it to say that nothing is more important or gratifying to an individual who is conscious of the behavior of his organization, than ‘gracefully stepping aside.’

This is particularly so, when the ‘Voices of Dissent’ have been so incessant and loud, as to have shaken the ‘Walls of Jericho.’ The self-decided act of removing ones-self from organizational positions that speak to prestige, has not only been known to have brought discomfiture to the relinquishing individual, but was also known to have brought woe to those ‘yearning or hungry for, and to wield power and exercise authority,’ either influenced by docility or driven by ‘egoistic stupidity.’

One month shy of seven years as ‘President of the Antigua and Barbuda Union of Teachers
(A&BUT),’ and nine months helming the ‘Presidency’ of the ‘Caribbean Union of Teachers,’
by resignation, ‘Ashworth Azille’ abruptly ended the ‘two-year tenure of such Presidency’
[April 20, 2020]. Given the duration of his ‘Presidential Stewardship,’ it could never be truly
said that he had; (a) ‘…Misrepresented; (b) …Poorly represented; or (c) …Grossly neglected the interest of the organization; or (d) …There existed fractious relations between the President and members of the Executive.’ For it would beg the logical question, ‘…Why allow a President to preside over the affairs of an organization with no interest or concern for its membership?’

Organizationally, that which remains undisputed is that there is nothing more constant than
change. Invariably, some positions have become the envy of the overly ambitious individuals, who often show clearly an intention to embark upon a ‘Selfish Pursuit.’ There are often cliques; …strife-makers; …newsmongers; …saboteurs; and …opportunists.’

‘Many are often the ‘unseen under-currents of the sea,’ rising up with billowing and dangerous waves when churned up. These may be likened to ‘bad organization’s viruses.’ Viewed from another perspective, as principle often dictates or professional ethics demands, leaders cognizance of the fact that they are seen as no longer ‘Fit the Vision’ of the organizations they lead, shall without becoming verbally confrontational, relinquish all ‘Privileged Positions’ in which they have faithfully and devotedly served.

As they relate to ‘Ashworth Azille,’ in the ‘Enviable,’ yet ‘Unenviable Positions,’ his were the
responsibilities for articulation and delivery of the organizations messages. Additionally, his was the responsibility to deliver that which the membership may have seen as practicable approaches to building their capacity, ‘professionally and financially.’ Failing which, he would have faced mountains of criticisms for the way he had acquitted himself or handled or addressed matters or issues pertinent to the growth and development of his organization. Such criticisms would have come from; (i) …Fellow-educators; (ii) …Parent and Teachers Associations; (iii) …Governing education authorities, and by extension the governing administrations; and (iv) …Members of the wider society.’

Likened to everything under the Sun, there comes a time when an organization’s leader shall take an unprecedented stand; or an action or a decision that ‘marvels’ even the ‘Devil.’ Yet the leader at the helm of an organization shall know that he is not indispensable. That which often brings awareness is the emergence of ‘Prospective or Potential Leaders’ to vie for positions on the ‘Executive.’ There is internal organizational turmoil, often allowing for ‘all hell breaks loose.’

This is the time when individuals ‘play the Devil,’ and join forces to ‘fight with the Devil.’
Those playing with the ‘Devil,’ shall pay the ‘Devil.’ Those fighting with the ‘Devil,’ shall be
treated as the ‘Devil.’

This may not necessarily have been the case in the dramatic developments when ‘A&BUT”
President, Ashworth Azille’ unceremoniously removed himself from the ‘Presidency’ without
advancing a notice or warning. Research has suggested that in recent times the ‘Executive’ had limited their attention to their ‘President’ to his ‘professional educational competence and administrative skills.’ Some members saw his ‘Presidential stewardship’ as being affected by that which they had, rightly or wrongly, described as; ‘…inertia to organizational issues;
…inattentiveness to matters that required urgency and decisive leadership.’

These have not only provoked consternation, but also the verbal ‘Wrath of the Executive,’ as discontent was becoming rife at that level. As ‘an educator; …principal and former president of the ‘…Antigua and Barbuda Union of Teachers (A&BUT),’ and ‘…Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT), Ashworth Azille,’ believed that under his watch, elements adverse to his stewardship shall not be left to their own devices or to develop agendas that found ‘disharmony’ with his ‘presidential mandate,’ or ‘variant’ to the ‘Core Values’ of the organization. To the organization’s leader, when confidence reposed in him by those he led, served and represented at forums befitting his ‘positional status,’ waned, it was not optional in waging war against those so declaring it against him. His best and only option was ‘Quitting the Presidency.’

Even so, a leader shall know that ‘Longevity of Tenure’ is primarily dependent upon ‘Effective Leadership.’ He shall know that such might be lengthened by the ‘effective use of his negotiating skills.’ Moreover, he shall know that his ability to make his membership smile all the way to salaries-assigned financial institutions, speaks to his commitment to resolutely champion the cause of his organization. Such leader would be reckless not to know what are the primary objectives of negotiations be they; (i) ‘…security of tenure; (ii) …increased remuneration; (iii) …conditions of service; (iv) …professional development; (v) …upward mobility; (vi) …vacation/Sick leave; and (vii) …other fringed benefits.’ These are universally known to have been purposefully designed to achieve organizational goals, as well as to achieve that which meets and satisfies the ‘…needs and reasonable expectations’ of the organization’s membership.

In his professional career as ‘…educator and Principal,’ he would have experienced his fair
share of ‘professional misgivings and organizational challenges.’ Holding the simultaneous
positions of President of the two ‘representative educational bodies,’ reasonable inferences
might be drawn that his lot may not have been easy. ‘Given the ‘behavior’ of his organization and ‘ill-omened attitude’ of the membership, ‘Ashworth Azille,’ with superiority of intellect, may have been guided by the ‘Spirit of Discernment.’ Such spirit may have provided an understanding, that it shall not be presumptuous of any leader that where ‘smoke is seen, food is always cooking.’ No Sah! Frequently, it is a ‘Fire of Destruction.’

For twenty years he embarked upon an educational career. In the primary positions of being educator and national ‘Union of Teachers’ President (A&BUT), the challenges would have been; (a) …Great; (ii) …His battles would have been countless; while (iii) …His victories would have been negligible. ‘In that time, he appeared to have acquitted himself exceedingly well.

Clearly ‘Blessed and highly Favored,’ he held the position of ‘President. He has now seen two organizational walls collapsed. Positionally, he has been ‘Depleted’ by two. That which remains intact are; (i) ‘…His family; and (ii) …His professional career as an educator.’

It is universally known that every organization has its own culture. It has often been the
‘Cultural aspects’ that have always been the root cause of ‘organizational problems.’ Not
infrequently, those in leadership positions were either called upon to do the ‘Unthinkable’ or the ‘Impossible.’ Just as ‘Bad Viruses’ have changed ‘human socialization,’ so too have ‘Bad
Experiences’ that continue to change every sphere of human and working relations. Invariably, the leadership has found itself at variance with the ‘Core Values’ of the organization and that which is seen through the ‘lens of expediency.’ His leadership appeared ‘wedged’ between himself and his ‘Executive.’

Likened to the ‘Chicken meat in a hamburger,’ as educator and President ‘Ashworth Azille’
would have been ‘Sandwiched’ between ‘parents/guardians and student bodies.’ Conversely, in his capacity as ‘President’ of the ‘Teachers Union,’ he would have been awkwardly ‘Sandwiched’ between the ‘membership of his organization and the policy-makers.’ Similarly, in the capacity of the ‘Caribbean Presidency,’ he would have been further ‘Sandwiched’ between the collective and ‘envisioned educational approaches by educators’ and the ‘overall policy-directives’ of the national and regional education authorities.

Being so tightly wedged, there may have been very little opportunity to escape the wrath of a membership. Professionally, his ‘Name’ bears great significance to professional development and educational advancement. It specifically speaks to an association with the radio/television educational programme, ‘Science Quiz.’ He has been moderator of this programme for several years. Reputationally, the ‘Name Ashworth Azille,’ is associated with scruples. It speaks to an exceptionally high standard of moral and ethical behavior and respectability. This may have been evident by his ‘Integrity in Public Life.’

In every representative organization, it is either ‘Time to Lead’ or ‘Time to Leave.’ In these
organizations, ‘potential leaders’ often emerge from within the membership. Frequently, they have made their intention demonstrably clear their ambition to lead. Invariably, it signals the ‘Time to Leave.’ The ‘assertive members’ often endeavor to oust those seen as ‘displaying ‘lassitude or attitude,’ viewed as inimical to the interest of the organization and to a greater extent, that of the welfare of the membership. This is the point at which the membership tells leaders to see themselves as having outlived their usefulness and/or effectiveness. Equally as much as many have been seen as indifferent, others have been openly or secretly waging war against their leaders. These are natural organizational phenomenon.

Doubled-position holder of ‘President’ of the national and regional Teachers’ Union and
‘…Principal of the Clare Hall Secondary School (CHSS),’ Ashworth Azille’ has called it a day.
Seemingly, for ‘Ashworth Azille,’ to have removed himself from the ‘Presidency’ of the two
important educational organizations, outside his organization many people would have been left ‘…astounded; …Parent/Teacher Association members would have been ‘thunderstruck;’ while counterparts across the region, ‘flabbergasted.’ Just what the hell are these words Dr. Colin Greene? [Principal: Princess Margaret Secondary School]. Resolute with his decision, he reportedly showed no ‘…Keenness in soothing the hearts of his executive; or …Seeking to calm frayed nerves of agitators; or …Appeased the minds of the disgruntled.’ Such has often been a principled stance taken when ominously, the writing on the wall explicitly reads, ‘…Go Now;
…Go Now.’

The ‘Name Ashworth Azille,’ is well known throughout the region. Nationally, it is a household ‘Name’ well known among the teaching fraternity, as it has been known to student bodies across the ‘Leeward Islands.’ It speaks to an educator who possesses a good sense of purpose and responsibility. Moreover, it is a ‘Name’ with ‘Professional Familiarity’ to parents and guardians and ironically, to a ‘Punishing Membership.’ Given the mood of the ‘Executive,’ the educator would have known that confidence reposed in him had been waning. An organization’s leader shall know that the ‘Longevity of Tenure’ lies not in how well he articulates, but to whom, and how frequently he communicates.

This is particularly so, in times of crises where decisive leadership was of paramount importance in addressing critical organizational issues. Attempting to eliminate ‘Public Speculations’ and to dispel what may have been seen as thoughts of (i) …Negativity; (ii) …Unfounded and/or (iii) …Unsubstantiated rumors.’ He spoke openly and candidly of inter alia; (a) …The Voices of dissent; (b) …Disgruntled membership with his stewardship; and (c) …Personal sacrifices of family time;’ and (d) …His commitment and conviction to continue in his professional career to impart his knowledge, thereby pouring his energies where they are most needed.’

Those with an understanding of their organizations shall know that these discussions not only represent the ‘Culture’ of some organizations, but also the behavioral pattern of some of their members. Consequent upon these, he appeared to have been well-positioned to make the ‘…ultimate, yet well-informed decisions.’ For ‘Ashworth Azille,’ his resignation marked the end of two ‘Chapters of Stewardship.’ That which is widely known of him is that he has ‘distinguished himself in a professional career that speaks to gratification.’ That which shall be relied upon is his commitment to the education system and a willingness to impart knowledge to students. Whatever may have been his ‘Cardinal Sins,’ they have not been identified and publicly revealed. For now, ‘…Long live the name Ashworth Azille; …Long live his professional career; …Long live the Educators; …Long live the Presidency; and …Long live the Teachers’ Union.’ ***

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  1. Oh please! I know that we are all under curfew but does this relegate us to having to watch and listen to this boring,, verbose “analyst” as he/she intellectually masturbates????(I recently learned this expression, and it is so applicable in this case!). Mr Azille, rise above the demonic fray that seemingly arouses queer passions in some. You have made a sterling contribution to your profession locally and regionally. God bless you going forward.

    • He felt he was being pushed into a direction that he did not agree with. Former UK PM, David Cameron, felt the same in terms of the vote to leave the EU. They both made the decision that its best to leave since they did feel they were the best persons to lead considering the new direction demanded. Sadly there are persons who do not understand that with leadership comes the responsibility not to be reckless. Like Pompey, I wish him all the best in his future endeavors. He happens to be someone I suspect whose future is bright (parliament)


    Reflections of a ‘warped mind’.
    Suggestions of an immoral practice.
    Nothing to do with this ‘Featured Commentary’.

  3. I always knew that it would be the “don’t touch me money” cry that would make those comatosed teachers see you for real. BTW, wonder which constituency you would be wearing the red for?

  4. Online education is what’s required now, in the Nation! As, someone in those positions, of authority that you keep mentioning, over and over, and what was his role, in preparing and or advocating for, Online Education from K to University?

    Pompey, by the way, you keep mentioning, that the “law” now being used, by law enforcement and the Courts, to arrest, charge, prosecute and convict an individual, for breaking the imposed curfew, is not constitutional. Then, why are those being charged, still pleading “guilty?”
    Where is the Legal Fraternity on this one?
    Where is the ACC – Antigua, Christian Council on this one?

    I, do understand, the need and necessity for the curfew; however, to be allowing this to continue, without opposition is sliding down a slippery slope.
    Even, Charlesworth Tabor, is of the opinion, that it unconstitutional…but, then again Rastafari knows, how those types of draconian laws work!

    ….”punani, punani!”
    ….man a run fram sweet, sweet punani!
    ….’cause, inna dem dayz Yah kno!
    ….non money, a flow!
    …only, enuff fu pay wifey
    …and, de cable Bill fram Flow.

  5. Ras Smood what do you mean even Charlesworth Tabor knows the law is unconstitutional 😂? I was the first to say so. Anyway, nothing can be done at this time. The Magistrates will continue to do their work and find curfew breakers guilty. A person found guilty will have to challenge the Magistrates decision at the Court of Appeal. That is how the process works. Until a law is challenged it remains on the book as a valid law.

  6. Of course, something can be done. As, you stated, “A person found guilty will have to challenge the Magistrates decision at the Court of Appeal.”
    Mr. Tabor, I know that, you have some Pro Bono time, on your schedule for the next several months, since, things are slow for attorneys, as well. How about, you along with several of your colleagues, get together and assist some of those, “found guilty,” by a Law which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    Hey, you never know; some Parliamentary seats are won or lost by, just a few votes! Just saying….


    • @Charlesworth Tabor, with all due respect, I don’t want to be correct. I want to be FAIR, and no matter the circumstances, Our laws must be fair, as well.

      Precedence, and history have learned us, that, if we allow processes such as what is happening when laws like these are enacted, the poor and less fortunate, always, always bear the brunt of these draconian laws; and, once these laws are left unabated, leaders tend to use the same premise, of said law(s), to further their own agendas.

      I am 100% × 100% positive, neither yourself, or any of your colleagues, of the legal fraternity; the members of parliament, the law enforcement officers(judges to police officers), would not want to be arrested, charged, prosecuted and CONVICTED, under a law which is deemed, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, by it’s very nature!


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