Colin James, CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, brings the warmth on a Toronto tour


The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority (ABTA), has just concluded a successful week of marketing and media activations in Toronto Canada.

CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, Colin C. James joined Canada’s Director of Tourism (ag) Tameka Wharton and the other members of the ABTA Canadian team to support their efforts on an intense 4 days of broad media and trade promotions.  


This was planned with a focus on strengthening partnerships, reaffirming Antigua and Barbuda’s affection and commitment for the Canadian market, while simultaneously exposing the destination to a huge swathe of Canadian consumers. 

James attended a series of special events and met with key representatives from the travel industry who all reported strong growth in business to Antigua 
and Barbuda as a direct result of the sterling marketing efforts of the ABTA Team in Canada. 


It was a distinct pleasure to once again return to Canada for what turned out to be an incredible week, filled with both familiar faces and new friends,” said the Tourism Authority CEO.

“Canada continues to be one of Antigua and Barbuda’s most important markets, and I was pleased to have the opportunity to share all of the exciting news coming out of our destination as we look ahead to a strong Winter travel season.” 


The weeks activities included attending important meetings with key tour operators like Air Canada Vacations, Sunwing, TravelBrands and WestJet.

This winter will see flights returning to prepandemic levels with a flight from Canada every day of the week during the busy winter season. 

The destination 
also announced its new strategic partnership with Ensemble, a major travel consortium with decades of experience and thousands of travel advisors throughout Canada and the US.

This arrangement provides Antigua and Barbuda with a new marketing channel that is a direct fit with its high-end properties.  

An engaging fireside chat event, jointly hosted by the ABTA and Ensemble drew media and attendees from diverse stakeholder groups, including trade professionals, agency owners, and travel advisors.  


CEO James was consistent in his messaging at each appearance, highlighting the robust calendar of events that make up Antigua and Barbuda’s ongoing ‘Year of Wellness’.

Speaking to the latest statistics, James noted that 2023 visitor arrivals from Canada had already reached 17,780 by the end of June – eclipsing 2022’s figure by 164% percent and representing a return to near pre-pandemic levels.

Incredibly, Canada’s year to date (YTD) growth was over 100 per cent higher than the next closest market, speaking to the exploding popularity of the destination with Canadians. 


Notably, James was also interviewed live on the breakfast show of CP24, which is Canada’s premier English language speciality news channel with an audience of over one million viewers each day. 


Other media interviews were held with Jewel 88.5 FM, MNI Media, Dreamscapes as well as travel trade publications such as Canadian Travel Press, Open Jaw, Travelweek and Travel Industry Today.

Every opportunity was used to share the many virtues of Antigua and Barbuda and a few exciting announcements of the new or renovated hotel product for the upcoming season and the exciting events on the tourism calendar for 2024. 

The destination’s new “And” campaign, which espoused Antigua and Barbuda’s unique selling point: the distinct charms of both islands, coming together into one cohesive experience was widely promoted and well received. 

CEO James also took pride in sharing the remarkable accomplishment of the recent Virgin Galactic space launch, which saw an Antiguan and Barbudan mother-daughter duo become the first people of Caribbean origin and Antigua
 and Barbuda nationals to visit space.

This feat as well as the amazing rowing accomplishments of the Team Antigua Island Girls has put an unprecedented media spotlight on the destination. 

The ABTA Canadian team is committed to continue building on the momentum and the growth experienced so far this year, which from all indications is on track for delivering a strong result form our 3rd largest source market by year end.

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  1. What an amazing opportunity for ABLP’S Colin James 🇦🇬 to speak to his Canadian 🇨🇦 counterpart on removing/relaxing the Visa restrictions on visiting Antiguans.


    • Hey Brixtonion welcome home. This is what good governance is all about. Be part of the Gaston Browne vision. Making Antigua and Barbuda an Economic Powerhouse. You must notice that Colin was hired under the UPP directly handpicked by Harold Lovell, but while under the UPP he never had any success. In fact, he was constantly fighting with the USA Director of Tourism Mrs. Derede Samuel Whitlock. She claimed at one time that Colin knew nothing about marketing. And thanks to Gaston Browne who said he will not replace Colin, Colin starts to produce and showed what he was made of. I remember an internal fight between Lennox Weston and Gaston over what to do about Derede Samuel Whitlock. Because Lennox felt he owed the family a favor because the father was his good old teacher. Anyway, thanks to Gaston Browne once again for standing up for Colin. He couldn’t perform under the UPP, but he excelled under the ABLP. He has won many regional awards since.


    Very happy that BRIXTONIAN now wake up and supporting something under Gaston Browne administration. Way to BRIXTONIAN.

  3. This is what the Tourism Guest Levy is making possible. Antigua and Barbuda can now spend marketing dollars.

    • Good day @ GILES and From The Sideline, you have no idea about the meaning of IRONY.

      My ironic words, regarding Colin James has obviously gone way over your simplistic heads.

      Here, let me help you both out with the definition of IRONY from the dictionary:

      “The use of IRONY shows the contrast or INCONGRUITY between how things appear and how they are in reality”.

      Always remember guys, de higher de monkey climb de more he show he tail … 😁

      • When will you stop working for a SENATE SEAT? BRIXTONIAN was once a nember of ABLP. He did not get what He wanted so He jumped ship to UPP. How can anyone trust an OPPORTUNIST as BRIXTONIAN ? He is a TRAITOR. Noone in UPP trust Him .You are a BROKEN man.looking for a FREE ride. DUMB ASS.

      • BRIXTONIAN..You are correct , the more you echo your STUPID narratives the more We see your TAIL as the monkey.

      • Brixtonian what the heart is full of the mouth runeth over. Don’t be ashamed to have been exposed your true feelings. Many have jump ship overtime. The latest as you know is Dwayne George. Learn from them and take the courageous step. Cum in to this yah. ABLP is taking Antigua and Barbuda to the Next Level of Development

        • Here’s an apt quote to our current trials and tribulations, for you to numbskulls that perfectly explains why Antigua & Barbuda has been in the DOLDRUMS after 40 years of ABLP’S Birdism and Browneism.


          “As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred of the vulnerable, then the powerful can do as they please; and those who survive will be left to contemplate the outcome” ~ Noam Chomsky

          ABLP current approach well highlighted!

          Makes you THINK, doesn’t it @ From The Sideline and GILES?

          Oh wait!!! INDEPENDENT thought isn’t your thing – my bad!

          Brixtonian always thinking outside the box as per usual …

          • … and by the way, if Colin James DOES manage to get the Canadian government to RESCIND visa entry for travelling Antiguans, then I’ll accept that it wasn’t more talks about talks – as per usual – with ABLP politicians – BUT AGAIN, I VERY MUCH DOUBT IT!

  4. Sidelines all you been doing is kissing ass yet the same ABLP reject you. You will never be anything in that party so keep singing. Dwayne George and Baba got what you wish you had . You can’t even get a complimentary ticket to the annual Gala . The only level you and the party going to is a lower level.

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