Cocaine Found in Car at Jolly Harbour


Cocaine Found in Car at Jolly Harbour

Three men are in police custody assisting with an ongoing investigation after they were found with 2 kilos of cocaine in their possession.

On Monday 25th April, around 11:15 am, the Narcotics Department conducted a drug operation at Jolly Harbour and found the illegal substance hidden inside a car owned by a 36yr old man of Buckleys.

Two other male suspects were also arrested and taken into custody.

The vehicle was sized and taken to Police Headquarters. The drug carries a street value of EC$62,000.00

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  1. If I came into Antigua and someone picked me up at the Airport. That person is pulled over for speeding. The Police decided to search the car and found illicit drugs. Would I be arrested along with the person that picked me up?

    • You should consider drinking some of that red kool aid you always label peole with. I thought you were indeed a smart cookie given how you are quick to bash opinions that differ to yours.

    • @RKA they will lock up your dumb ass and send you back to meriKKKa where black men continue to be gunned down for the color of their skin.

  2. See how easy it is to get you bright people to respond to a dumb person. Now who sounds DUMBER,my question or your responses. All of you Gaston Browne Labor Party, supporters. Please make sure the garden is well fortified to keep out that BILLY GOAT.

    • see how easy it is for a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE, a CONVICTED KILLER and a CONVICTED FRAUDSTER to be embraced by the UPP and given the SPOTLIGHT to throw stone from dem glass house and to rob Joanne Massiah, Shawn nicholas and richard lewis of their rightful places in the UPP???? keep out those CONVICTS!!!!

  3. What were the charges against a Member of Parliament of the GBLP? He was charge and arrested in a matter of a lady. Yes,he was found to be not guilty in the Court. Does that mean he was not guilty of what the lady alleged? That lady should get a new Lawyer and appeal that verdict to a Higher Court in the Caribbean,then if needed Privy Council.ALP,ABLP,GBLP, their members of Parliament could do no wrong in Antigua. It was will to them by PAPA. He used our monies and bought the lands and willed it to the Labor Party. It sure seems that way.

    • Ask the 🐍🐍🐍 and UPP Shadow Minister of Agriculture when he going back to GRENADA!!!

      Ian Magic Hughes is your best Campaign Manger and Radio Host/SPOKESMAN.

  4. Drug Dealers. I really wonder what could be so profitable in our small Island society that they would risk all of this. Antigua must be a transition harbour. Where tourist come to be used as drug mules to take it back to North America, (USA and Canada) or Europe.
    But I do think we should give them very harsh sentences. At the same time what are we doing to bring awareness to our youth, not to get involved in this shady illegal business, trying to make a fast buck. Easy come is easy gone.
    I’m also concerned about the use of drugs amongst our youth. This social illness will rob our country of a generation of good healthy citizens to come. It is destroying our children. Makeda you should write about that. And not just criticize. Offer solutions like mentor programs.

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