CNN VIDEO: PM says U.S have “an obligation to assist us”


Antigua & Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne said that “borrowing is not a sustainable solution” toward economic recovery from the pandemic.

Instead he called on the U.S. to help, saying that as one of the biggest economies on the planet, “they have an obligation to assist us.”

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  1. Why is the trump wannabe speaking to this trump psycofant on CNN who peddles nonsense daily and don’t believe in mask wearing?

  2. The U.S. Ambassador questioned the country closeness with China and I read on this very news outlet that you said “NOBODY CAN TELL US WHO OUR FRIENDS CAN BE” now you’re telling that same country they should help you . The U.S.might very well tell you GO KICK ROCKS ! Karma is a strange thing but for the good of the country I hope all goes well.

    • So unless we dance to the tune of the USA we cannot request any assistance from them? If that is the case we might have stayed under British rule. Cause it would simply mean we are not independent to decide who our friends are. I remember or motto. Friends of ALL enimy of NONE. We cannot afford to have any.
      But you suggets the USA should dictate who our friends are. So any enimy of the USA is automatically our friend. You know what made Switserland play such an important diplomatic role in the world? Coutries that did not have diplomatic relationship with ech other communicated through the Swiss diplomatic corp. They have avoided many wars this way. Many negotiations between rifling parties they were in the middle. The USA can start by paying us what the WTO has granted to us and that would be a start. and stop showing their muscles because they know Antigua has no muscles in whatever way to do anything about it. But the world should be run by law and not by muscles. Economic or Military. If it was the about the law of the strongest which we see in the jungle we would not need the UN. It is the UN convention that give small countries like ours a voice to speak independently and have a vote like any other country. (Sorry Barbuda you are not an independent state. You belong to Antigua. So you cannot go to the UN)

      • FROM THE SIDELINE again you are spinning the issue to suit your own ends. Nobody is saying that Antigua and Barbuda cannot request assistance from the US or any other country. What Gaston Browne has said is that the US is obligated to give us assistance. Neither the US or any other country in the world is obligated to give us any damn thing. Please note that and stop trying to rationalize everything your boy Gaston says.

        • Tabor you what. You are consitant in the manner in which you show your hatred for this man. I’ve asked you once to reveal the truth. I mean you really think the Pm made a slip of the tongue when he said that? Eve if he did does that really brings out the hatred in you. Tell you what, why not ask the PM directly why he said “obligated” and let him answer you. I cannot tell you what and why he did say that. But one thing I know the USA is a country that is the leader in the world. And as the saying goes,”to whom much is given much is expected”. This may be one of the reason for him to say that. And I’ not spinning. Simply try to find the reasons for you.
          I also know the USA owes us hundreds of million from the case we won against them at the WTO. And that they are obligated to pay us. But they chose to be wrong and strong, and bully us as much as they can. I mean if we live in this world were might is right than God help the little ones like us. We are totally at their mercy.
          You think the rest of the world that traded in the African people and used them as slaves for hundreds of years, you think they aren’t obligted to assist us. And would notice the PM was talking not just about Antigua and Barbuda, he was champion the cause of the entire Caribbean. But that aside. Don’t you agree reperation is a must. Even Germany was obligated to pay Israel millions in compensation because of what they did to the Jews during WWII.
          Listen knowing this PM. He doesn’t use words loosly. He is always well thought what he says. He’s been a politician for a long time and understand that your words can be used against you.
          The Caribbean is entitle to assistance from all these countries even if it was only because of the slave trade.
          But also because they gave us independence and handed us an empty Treasury. So we are not on a level plying field. And because of all these things they have also exploited us, knowing we were broke and they are keeping us broke.

        • Has Antigua and Barbuda become an overseas territory of the United States of America? I thought independence was gained from Great Britain in November 1, 1981. Gaston needs to get down off his white horse and plug the arteries that have been bleeding the government and economic resources of Antigua and Barbuda. Too many instances of mismanagement to mention here. I’m sure the public are aware. He should be saying to his cabinet that they have a duty to assist. I’ll leave it at that!

        • Sidelines: As the Father of my Children.I am obligated to help them in times of need.However,when my children become adults.In as much as I would help them.They are obligated to help themselves.Gaston Browne saying the USA is obligated to assists us.That does not wash with me.I have paid in the 37% tax brackets here in the USA.Into the Federal Government coffers.I file my Taxes and get nothing refunded to me.So why should my tax paying dollars be given to Antigua to be squandered by Gaston Browne.A country that made over EC$ 800 million per year for the past 6 years.In addition they collected over EC$2 billions in the selling of Antigua and Barbuda Passports.What did the spender do with all that dough?He had all types of concerts.That you people thought were free.That was a damn lie.The USA is obligated to its Citizens and those whom resides and work here.It is also obligated to its Territories and no one else.Repeat,no one else.Gaston Browne is condescending and abrasive.Then he wants to come crying on stinking CNN. Grow a pair Gaston.

    • Taking all this Chinese money is going to backfire. They do not have our interests at heart and will not hesitate to pounce when we are down. COVID, their gift, has decimated our economy and made us ripe for the taking.
      Time to stop trying to go after easy money and put the work in by wooing reputable investors when they approach. Nothing is too small!! You create a relationship then build on it. These guys love to talk millions and billions then end up eating crap along with poor us after poor decision making

  3. Antigua’s leaders have never built anything. They BEG and BORROW instead of doing the real work necessary to develop a country. The people better wake up and stop selling out their country for turkeys and hams and a few of crumbs from the table.

    In Antigua the people are given two choices, LEFTIST LABOR OR LEFTIST LABOR.
    What has their socialist leadership gotten you in the 39 years since Independence?

  4. 2014 Antigua will become an ECONOMICAL POWERHOUSE!!! Through the years Jimmy Cliff – Give A Little, Take A Little and now 2020 Covid-19 pandemic in a short space during the early months WE ARE BROKE! Money nar circulate….Merica u must help….

  5. If the PM was managing the finances and economy competently, he wouldn’t need to go on tv begging for handouts. He just stood up in parliament and admitted that the ALP government employees thousands of people we don’t need to sit around and do nothing and now he on tv begging the white smaddy for money.

  6. This just really proves that ALLLL the countries in the world that TOTALLY depend on Tourism MUST start moving away. I am not saying to not have tourism as a source of revenue and income but it is not sustainable. All the Caribbean seem to want to do is build more and more hotels! We had the financial crash a few years ago, now it’s COVID. Soon we will start suffering the effects of climate change on tourism.

    All the big countries do is set the Caribbean countries against each other. We only remember CARICOM when we want something otherwise if Me me me and I, I, I. Come on Caribbean, band together, COME together and stop acting like crabs in a bucket!

      • Well if Barbados can do $300 million despite COVID can you imagine what we as a country can do if we put our minds to it?

      • You’re joking aren’t you?
        Anytime an entrepreneur comes up with a good business idea here in Antigua and then creates a successful business out of it, some minister eventually swoops in and takes it over for themselves! I’ve head this story happening many times before.

        If we want Antigua to get better then perhaps we need to rid ourselves of the main problem…

  7. Come on Caribbean!! Open your eyes!!! All the big countries do is use us for their gain and leave us with no choice but to come begging!! Need examples? Look at big businesses like Scotia, RBC, CIBC that raped us for decades and when the profits dwindled, packed up and wanted to leave us high and dry. Need more? Our past Gaming industry!! FATCA!!

    How long will we support big businesses while letting our own small local business suffer and die? How many of us shop at large chain grocery stores, while bypassing our roadside vendors and village shops?

    Come on 2021 is upon us. It’s time that we start looking out for our own and telling these rapist that we won’t come begging for handouts!

    I will make anyone a bet in 2021 that when we start supporting our own and we become more self sufficient that the big countries will just find YET another way to keep us down. The thing is though….we put down ourselves so why not expect it from outsiders right? ONE LOVE EVERYONE..ONE LOVE!

  8. Whenever things get back to normal 1. We really need to stop depending on tourism…..2. The government need to chill with the sticky bandit moves cause they wont always get time to replace as covid has proven….

  9. Know it’s a long shot…..however between politicians and cronies both past and current administrations (can’t come to terms to use cap letter to their titles) who have become millionaires through government agencies and “pay to play” monies that investors give under the take and in Brown paper bags. They can now GIVE BACK a little to the Treasury to assist in paying government’s obligations to the citizenry……Is that too much to ask? the Treasury can implement a “NO QUESTIOS ASK” policy in which they set up a drop box and have the contributors drop off some of those brown paper bags with whatever monies they want to give back we wouldn’t need to be on TV de-meaning the country.

  10. I predict that even after Baby Trump/the Hitler wannabe has boarded a plane to take him and his family to a greater life using your resources and your send off, even after he has left you all in deep doo-doo without a pot to piss in, you would still be extolling his virtues and wishing him the best. Even after he has destroyed your livelihood and has abandoned you, you would still be saying what a great leader he is. Even after he has left you to tough it out as servants to the Chinese and the Syrians.
    You people are sick.
    The man steals from you, lies to you, disparages you, belittles you, and you still think he is the greatest thing on two legs. He told the CNN man that he went to the IMF. Straight face. Good god, didn’t even that make you stop and ask yourself why he was lying?
    And all you comics out there who are still waiting for WTO money. Don’t you think that the US knows all about what Gaston is doing in this little place? And how bad he is for his people? Do you think the US would give him one single cent of that money?
    As a born Antiguan, I am very ashame of my homeland. I wish there was no Covid so I could go and live somewhere else. What is happening here is not right. It is not natural. This man and his minions have spread a blanket of evil over the land, and we are doomed. He just told the police that they have to work until they are 65 to start to get pension. Some of them have been in the force since late teens and really looked forward to going home after long service. They cannot function well anymore, and they too know that. Can you imagine how demoralized they are, and the bad effect that can have on their performance going forward? Think they don’t know that their they have to compete with LIAT and deluxe cinema for any money they should get?
    Stupes. Sucking my teeth. S-M-F-T.

    • Not only that these a$$holes mocked the idea of returning some of your tax dollars to you as stimulus during a worldwide crisis

      I’m not even Antiguan. I know nothing of your other political parties. But it couldnt be more obvious how these people are screwing the whole lot of you royally?

      How do you think this dude got rich? I listened to that Asot Michael recording the other day. Asot Michael wants $2 million and a car for his mother. You better believe each and every one of these “leaders” has had many similar conversations with people they are accepting bribes from.

      This is the standard operating procedure of your leaders. They are selling off your country to the highest briber. That’s how these folks got wealthy.

      These bleep bleep bleeps won’t even protect your lives during a pandemic.

      I’m angrier than most of you and I get to leave here whenever I choose.

      • Who owns the best supermarkets?

        Who owns the best real estate?

        Who owns the power company?

        It’s not native-born Antiguans. That’s for sure.

        Who does it benefit to let thousands of potentially diseased tourists into your country without restriction?

        Certainly not really benefiting the minimum wage workers as much as it is the millionaires and billionaires that your leaders sold you out to.

        Why do you accept this treatment in your own country?

      • “Exactly” grate comments but they’ll never do anything or care in Antigua it’s either red or blue not what’s right it’s almost Trumplike running the country Draconian style

  11. This clown wouldn’t have to go on CNN and beg other countries for help if he wasn’t:

    A. Robbing the country blind by selling it off to the highest briber

    B. Completely mismanaging how this country is run

    The absolute refusal to institute sensible COVID protocols is a perfect example of how incompetent this man is.

  12. Two terms them set for good, free water light full pension ,but they want to increase the retirement age for the police to 65.
    A government that cares!For who? That need to be adress put taking it to parliament would be a circus act. All not in favor say I , the I’s havent

  13. It’s really sad to read some of these comments… The thing that should stand out, is that Antigua really doesn’t have anything other than a begging bowl that comes out in times of need. Independence should have taken us down a road that gave us something to build on, but we’re still too short sighted to recognise that. Governments, that should have taken us forward, with forward thinking and forward vision, have just taken money to line their pockets, and yet we continue to alllow them to do so. We have sun and land as natural resources, but yet make nothing of them. Still happy to use tourism as our saviour. Something that realistically only lines the pockets of a few corporate bigwigs, and those within goverment who can grab money for projects without people knowing about it.

    Does the USA need us? Wake up! The answer is no!!!!! Like the British, they have used, abused and moved on. Does China need us? Well, at the moment until they have enough others to use for land security or whatever purpose they see fit for us. Their money goes a long way with ABLP, and they’re getting more than enough for it.

    You all see how you’re being treated, but still don’t do anything about it because you’re so manipulated by politics. The first political view you need to start with is you as people. Put aside Labor and UPP, and think about what benefits the people as a whole. If ever a revolution was needed, it’s in Antigua, but you’re all too ignorant to see it. Dazzled by a few charms come election time!

    The USA only helps those that can help them! That’s the nature of the beast, and you better wake the hell up if you think otherwise!!!

  14. @My Island
    Indepence only profit the politicians in the caribbean countries,we independent but sell off everything to outsiders one big hypocrisy

  15. Covid-19 has really unearthed the shallow beds of self haters who seem beside themselves in glee as they relish the destruction of their own little acre on planet earth. A shallow bed indeed! Even in the face of alien enemies openly and boldly plotting our downfall, our nigga-minded descendants of house slaves and their wannabe base still cower in fear and dread in “massa’s” presence. Of course the US owes Antigua big time. For a seat at the foot of massa’s table these shallow bed denizens would conveniently forget that the US owes this country hundreds of millions of US dollars and they must be reminded in every forum that presents itself. That is what sound leadership demands, not giving in to spineless “people” who would rather pelt pebbles from behind rocks. The more these traitors dribble their hate the more convinced I am that they should never, ever become the dominant voice in Antigua and should be branded for life as traitors of this country.

    • People like you are the reason why the government of this country will do what they want to do………The United States does not need Antigua, they won’t give us a cent if they don’t feel like and the reality of it all is we simply cannot do anything about it….Ur in the wild and need a box match to light a fire but the reality is you aint gonna find no matches but all around you can find branches, flint and quartz rocks to make a fire…You gonna sit crying that I NEED A BOX OF MATCHES or are u gonna atleast try to make a fire using the material around you…When the government mismanage funds they always pull a rabbit from a hat with what ever revenue they can quickly generate even if it means under the table crooked activities but COVID had put a spoke in the corruption machines wheel ……

  16. Tik Tok. Gaston you and your gang 14 time is up. You and that cabinet are not up to the task of skillfully governing Antigua and Barbuda. In time of famine and drought on the economy. A true and tried leader knows how to navigate the financial headwinds they are facing. Call the election and let’s see who get “licks in the tail.”

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